Конспект урока «Наши планы на будущее» по английскому языку для 10 класса

Муниципальное бюджетное образовательное учреждение

муниципального образования г.Нягань

«Общеобразовательная средняя школа №3»

Ханты-Мансийского автономного округа-Югры

Конспект урока по английскому языку

в 10 классе

«Наши планы на будущее»


учитель английского языка

Козлова Ирина Владимировна

г. Нягань


Урок английского языка по теме «Наши планы на будущее» для 10 класса


  1. Отработка в речи учащихся ранее введённой лексики

  2. Закрепление употребления грамматического материала (инфинитив, герундий, причастие)

  3. Развитие речевых умений (диалогическая и монологическая речь);

  4. Создание благоприятного психологического климата, способствующего формированию личности ребёнка.

Ход урока:

I. Орг. момент

Good morning, boys and girls! I am glad to see you today. Sit down. Say me please who is absent today.

Is everybody ready to start? I hope you’re all ready for your English lesson.

You remember that we discussed the problems of food fairs, healthy types of food, restaurants and cafes in the USA and in our country, favorite American and Russian dishes and your own recipes. We have been discussing the problems of business for about half a month.

And today, as a result of your work, you’ll have an opportunity to use your knowledge in new situations. The theme of our lesson is “Our Plans for Future”. Today we revise our grammar material and words. You will work in pairs and groups. Let’s start working.

II. Now I want to ask you some questions about business and businessmen.

What do you think about business and businessmen?

(– Running you own business is risky

– Many businesses end up in failure

– Running your own business involves great opportunities

– Working for yourself you do more

– Businessmen are free to do what they like.)

What must businessmen know?

(– To run a successful business, they have to know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

– They have to be strongly motivated

– They have to drive and stamina.)

III. Now I’ll give you same cards. Fill in the necessary words and expressions and dramatize the dialogues. We revise our grammar material and words and use them in new situations.

Think 2-3 minutes.

Работа с карточками (карточки есть в приложении)

IV. Now check your homework.

There are 4 families. And each family has own business.


  1. if you can give a name to your company

  2. if you prefer to be a sole owner or you’ll try to find partners

  3. if it is a family business, say what functions can be given to your relatives

  4. what makes you think your business is a success

  5. how large your company’s staff is

  6. what troubles you are going to meet

  7. if your business is a profitable one; etc.

Учащиеся рассказывают о семейном бизнесе и демонстрируют презентации (примерные рассказы – в приложении).


Does a family business unite the family?

I think you believe that family life is very important and try to keep up family traditions. I hope you will have good families.

V. Answer my questions, please

- Are there businessmen in our town?

- Do you know their surnames?

- Can you name any well-established companies working in our town?

VI. Listen to the text. And say “Who is the hero of this story”

Текст из учебного пособия I. Tarasova “Business Matters” (p.50-51)

How did people get from place to place in good old days? In the good old days there were no cars. Not even in the USA. Can you imagine North America without cars? This had to be changed. First cars were expensive. And this had to be changed too.

But one man knew what he had to do. He was a very talented young man. And in 1896 the streets of Detroit saw his first car. This was the first of many millions of cars which were later produced by his Motor Company.

This man went into the motor-car business in 1896. And in 1903 he founded the Motor Company. His company produced expensive cars, as other car manufacturers.

But soon his company produced all parts for cars. He had come to own forests and factories, coal and iron mines. His main idea was mass production of a good and simple car. Soon blueprints for the Model T were ready.

Price of his car dropped to $550. It $440 in 1915, and $290 in 1924. The man built an industrial empire.

But wealth was not his goal. He gave away much of it in charity. He built a hospital in Detroit. It had the highest standard of comfort.

Our hero was not only an automotive pioneer. He was also a businessman and most importantly he was charitable. (Ответ на вопросГенри Форд)


Are there many businessmen like Henry Ford? What makes him unique?

Pay attention, Ford was not only a businessman. He gave away much in charity. You are businessmen too. But nobody says about charity. It’s a pity.

VII. Our play “Guess Our Business”

I’ll give you cads. You will work in groups. Your group has own business. And the pupils of the class will try to guess the kind of business.

Учащиеся получают карточки с описание их бизнеса. Угадать нужно только с помощью различного рода наводящих вопросов. Таким образом проходит работа по развитию речевых навыков старшеклассников.

VIII. Подведение итогов

Dear friends! I’d like to thank you for your work. You were great! I hope you’ve learned much and perhaps will use your knowledge of English in the future.

I put you excellent and good marks.

What have we done today? – учащиеся высказывают своё мнение об уроке и подводятся итоги.

IX. Д/з

На подобных занятиях ребята проявляют высокую активность и самостоятельность, они имеют свободу выбора («семейного бизнеса», например, и объединения в группы по желанию). Атмосфера урока - деловой игры помогла раскрытию творческих способностей старшеклассников: свободное дружеское общение, взаимопомощь, возможность высказать свои идеи, мысли, задуматься о будущей профессии. Поддержка и одобрение учителя, роль которого сводилась лишь к ненавязчивому руководству, а также видимое удовлетворение от результатов работы по английскому языку, часто звучащий смех – всё это можно назвать благоприятным психологическим микроклиматом на уроке.


Образцы карточек для составления коротких диалогов

Full in the necessary words and expressions and dramatize the dialogues


To run business

To meet troubles

To compete

– Does your family help you to … your …?

– Certainly, my father is a senior manager.

– Is you business … large?

– Rather.

– Do you … any …?

– You see, to … with world-famous firms is a real struggle.


Long-term contract

To be worth


– Do you know anything about a … to build a high-speed railway between Moscow and St. Petersburg?

– Yes, certainly. This project … discussing.

– What … do you see in it?

– I suppose many countries are interested in this project. It is …

– Well, soon you’ll get to Moscow in 2 hours!

The terms and conditions


To sign

– Mr. Jones, let’s discuss … of our new contract.

– With pleasure. I find it very …

– Shall we … it tonight?

– All right!

To be in demand

To put a new product on the market

To produce

Top quality goods

– Hi, Henry, how’s life?

– OK, thank you. I hear your firm … sportswear?

– Yes, good sportswear … now and we … only …

– Are you planning to …?

– Possibly.

To compete

To be in the same line of business

To produce

To specialize in

– Everybody knows that “Puma”, “Adidas” and “Nike” … sportswear which can … on the world market.

– … your firm …?

– Yes, we … goods for children.

Примерное представление учащимися своих бизнес-проектов.

Производство безалкогольных напитков

Ученик 1. We run a soft drinks factory. It’s our family business. We have been in this business for a year only, so we are just beginners. Here are our relatives!

This is Mrs. Helen Petrova, our mother. She is at the head of our business. Meet Nadya – she is my sister. She is responsible for our production department. Let me introduce Julia, my cousin. She does the secretarial work. This is our sales manage Olga. And I’m Kate. I’m in charge of the accounts department.

Ученик 2. We believe we are energetic and efficient. We also have Marketing, Personnel, Research and Development, and Delivery department in our company. We produce ecologically pure juices and soft drinks. We use only high-quality ingredients. We take care of our customers and want to see them healthy. We employ highly qualified workers and we believe our factory will flourish.

Ученик 3. Look at our Trade Mark. (Показывает рекламу сока) Would you like to taste our best product?

Ученик 4. You see we are beginners, but we hope in future our firm will be one of the most profitable. We realize that we are going to meet different troubles. Evidently it will be a problem to put our product on the world market and so on. But we energy, taste and honesty will bring us success.

Кафе «Ваша мечта»

Ученик 1. There once lived a woman in our town, who cooked very well. She baked pies, cakes and bagels. They were very tasty. As you might have already guessed, that woman had wanted to open a café. The woman, our grandmother Прасковья Ивановна, lied in a house near the center of our town. So she opened her café near her house. She called the café “Your Dream”.

Ученик 2. Today their daughters and sons work together. Seva is the head of our company. Lena and Anya are cookers. Inna is a waiter and Yulya is a cleaner. Artem is in charge of the accounts department.

Ученик 3. We can cook crispy buns. Buns are made from flour, water, salt and a little bit of sugar. You can add any other ingredients you’d like, such us as raisins or blueberries. Buns are boiled and then baked in an oven. The perfect bun is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

Ученик 4. Buns are very good for you. They are fat and cholesterol free. They give you energy. But the thing about buns is that they taste good.

Ученик 5. Running a café is hard work. Our employers come to work at 6 o’clock in the morning. They continue cooking all day. They want our visitors to enjoy fresh, hot food at any time of the day.

Ученик 6. Our café is not big, but very comfortable. It is opened from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. We would like you to try our dishes. Please come visit our café.

Фирма электронных игрушек

Ученик 1. The name of our business enterprise is “Russian Electronics”. We believe it will be our family business, but we are going to find partners in different branches of industry and science. Our company’s staff is not big at present: 9-10 people. But if it flourishes, we’ll recruit more workers. As it is a family business, my brother, Victor, is at the head of it. My sister and I are manages, and Roman is responsible for the accounts department. Also we employ some engineers and workers.

Ученик 2. Now we’ll try to present our product. On the basis of the latest improvement and the newest technology we have designed our electronic dolls.

Our product offers potential customers a set of new qualities. To be more specific, our dolls are equipped with a new generation brain. They say some words, move in some directions, open and close eyes, clap the hands, chuckle, when a secret tickle-spot is touched.

Our toys are equipped with a thermometer and a timer, so they can tell the time and temperature. They are attractive toys. They are attractive toys. They operate from batteries.

Ученик 3. We hope our business will be a success and will bring us much profit, because more and more parents prefer to buy electronic toys for their children. For example, yesterday we sold dozen of toys.

Список использованных источников

1. Иностранные языки в школе.–2002.– №1, с.54-57.

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