Конспект урока «Life & Living» по английскому языку

Lesson №29

Тема: «Life & Living»

Цель: расширение грамматических навыков


  1. развитие навыков распознавания и использования в речи инфинитива и -ing форм глагола;

  2. развитие умений ознакомительного и поискового чтения;

  3. развитие навыков распознавания и использования наречий too/enough


Ход урока

1. Орг.момент.

- Good morning students! I’m glad to see you! You may have a sit!

As usual we are going to start with tongue twister

Are our oars oak?

2. Постановка цели урока:

- Look at the blackboard and say what themes we’re going to revise.


  • Yes today we are going to speak about infinitive, infinitive without to & -ing form

3. - Let’s refer to the Grammar Reference Section to get more information about infinitives.

a) do ex.1 individually and then check your answers with the class;

like/love/prefer/don’t mind/can’t stand, etc. +-ing form (examples: dust mites like eating, they can’t stand living);

can/must/may/will, etc. +infinitive without to (examples: you may think, they can carry, cockroaches can live); look forward

to/have difficulty (in)/be used to + -ing form (examples: they have difficulty laying);

kind/sad/lucky/clever/glad, etc. + to-infinitive (examples: they are always glad to do); manage/ want/

expect/offer/help/promise, etc. + to-infinitive (examples: the only one who wants to be, vacuuming . helps to get rid of, don’t expect to getrid of)

let/make/hear/see/feel + infinitive without to (examples: don’t let them live).

- Now are going to do ex 2 p 30

Suggested answer key:

You will have difficulty in getting rid of cockroaches.

Cockroaches are glad to live in warm and

dark places. Dust mites like eating dead skin.

Cockroaches can carry diseases. Don’t let your

room get too warm as bedbugs lay eggs in warm

temperatures. Don’t expect cockroaches to die


4. - Fill in the gaps with the verbs in brackets in the correct form in ex 3 p 30. Then answer the questions Yes or No

Answer key

1 to get on

2 to help

3 doing

4 helping

5 playing

6 do

7 borrow

8 asking

9 having

10 to do

5. - Now you are going to do ex 4,5,6,7,9 individualy on sheet of paper and then pass it to me

Answer key

Ex 4

Ex 5

1 a) switching (recall), b) to switch (not forget)

1 A: to go, B: staying

2 a) drinking (do sth as an experiment), b) to open (made an attempt)

2 A: to do, B: doing

3 a) watching (finished action), b) to watch (interrupted what she was doing in order to do sth else);

3 A: to turn off, B: turning

4 a) talking (without stopping), b) to talk (proceeded)

4 A: to tell, B: worrying, to wait

5 A: fix, B: calling, fixing

Suggested answer key

Ex 6

Ex 7

I hate helping with the housework. I enjoy listening to music. I look forward to going shopping tomorrow. I can’t stand travelling by train. I can’t tidy my room today. I will visit my aunt on Sunday. My parents let me stay out late on Saturdays. I don’t mind walking the dog. I want to become a teacher. I like watching TV.

2 I avoid tidying my room.

3 I can’t stand washingthe dishes.

4 I usually avoid studying in my room.

5 I try to help my brother with his homework.

6 I don’t mind taking out the rubbish.

7 I can’t help playing video games.

8 I’d rather go to a friend’s house than stay at home.

9 I hatehelping with the gardening.

10 It’s not worth arguing with my brother; I never win.

6 - Please, pay attention to p 31. There is a theory box. Find out the main information and do ex 10.

Answer key:

2 James is clever enough to solve this problem.

3 I have enough money to buy this expensive watch.

4 They were too tired to stay awake during the film.

5 We’ve got enough food to give you some.

6 He spoke too fast for me to understand him.

7. Домашнее задание :Gr5-Gr 7.

8. Подведение итогов урока.

- Ok! Now tell me,please, what did you find out on our lesson?

Ss own answer

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