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Change in the weather and climate in the world

Презентация на тему Change in the weather and climate in the world

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Change in the weather and climate in the world
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Changing weather and climate are variations in the Earth's climate as a whole or of its separate regions with the passage of time, resulting in a statistically reliable deviations of parameters of weather from the multiyear averages for the period of time from decades to millions of years. Take into account changes as the average values of weather parameters, and changes in the frequency of extreme weather events. The study of climate change engaged in science paleoclimatology.
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Factors of climate changes are caused by changes in the earth's atmosphere, the processes occurring in other parts of the world, such as the oceans, glaciers, as well as the effects associated with human activities. External processes that shape the climate are the changes of the solar radiation and the Earth's orbit.
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Change of weather and climate impacts on our planet now!
Слайд 5
The glaciers are melting
Слайд 6
Increased acidity of the oceans
Слайд 7
Or coral reefs will lose color
Слайд 8
The weather is becoming more severe
Слайд 9
The weather is becoming more severe
Слайд 10
Threat to the survival of small island
Слайд 11
Affects the livelihood of local residents
Слайд 12
Climate impact of all factors, both natural and anthropogenic, is a single value - radioactive heating of the atmosphere in W/m2. Volcanoes, glaciers, continental drift and drift of the Earth's poles are powerful natural processes affecting the Earth's climate. In the scale of several years volcanoes can play a major role. As a result of the eruption of the volcano Pinatubo in 1991 in the Philippines to a height of 35 km been abandoned so much ash that the average level of solar radiation decreased by 2.5 W/m2. However, these changes are not long term, the particles relatively quickly settle down. In the scale of thousands of years determining the climate of the process will be, probably, the slow movement from one of the glacial period to the next.
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24 October - the international day dedicated to the climate action.
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