Weather and climate of Belarus

Презентация на тему Weather and climate of Belarus

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Weather and climate of Belarus
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What is the climate of the weather ? Weather - is the state of the atmosphere in this location at a certain time or for a limited period of time (day, month, year). Climate - is the long-term patterns of weather, typical for the given area due to its geographical position.
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The Climate Of Belarus The Climate of Belarus is moderately continental. Is formed under the influence of air masses of the Atlantic ocean, is characterized by rainy ,cool summers , mild winter with frequent thaws, unstable weather in autumn and winter.
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The temperature of the air in Belarus The average temperature varies depending on regions of Belarus. In July the average temperature is from +17 C in the north to +18,5 C in the south. The average temperature in January ranges from-cent-4,5 per cent C in the south-west up to -8 C in the north-east. In some regions of Belarus temperature below zero is stored more than one-third of the year.
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Rainfall in Belarus On the territory of Belarus at an average annual rainfall is 600 to 700 mm of precipitation. 70% of precipitation in the form of rain falls in April-October. The number of snow days in Belarus, from 75 in the south-west up to 125 in the north-east. Maximum height of snow cover, respectively, from 15 to 30 cm.
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Best time to travel to Belarus For summer recreation favorable time period with daily average temperature above 15 C increase in the direction from the north-east to south-west - with 70-89 days in Poozerie up to 90-95 days in Central Belarus and 96-114 days in Polesie. For the winter holidays favorable period with temperatures ranging from -5 to -15 degrees C ranges from 30 days in the south-west of up to 60 days in the north-east, and in the cold of winter it can grow up to 130 days.
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Omens about the weather When the day was hot, stuffy and are increasing rapidly cumulus clouds, it portends a thunderstorm .
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Omens about the weather When the evening becomes bright red or purple color - it is to a deterioration in the weather.
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Omens about the weather If the smoke from the chimneys and from the fire rises straight up it portends good weather .
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