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PRESENTATION Учитель английского языка МБОУ СОШ № 7 г. Анапа Краснодарский край Павелко Татьяна Григорьена
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PROVERBS One always learns at his own expense The more man knows, the greater power he has He is lifeless who is faultless It`s never too late to learn
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TYPES OF SCHOOLS IN G B Under 5 (at 3-4) Primary schools (5 – 7 ) Infants At 5 Juniors At 7 read, write, arithmetic Geography , history, religion, a foreign language 1 2
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EXAM “A” LEVEL Exams “O”- LEVEL or GCSE 3 Continu e their study in the same school The Master`s degree
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Types of schools private schools COMPREHENSIVE (state schools) 250 ponds a term to 3000 pounds Education is free
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Agree or disagree
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Types of schools in Russia NURSERY SCHOOL Primary(el ementary) Secondary Private school (paid, optional) college lyceum 7- 10 11- 15 Optional, paid
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Educational system in Russia Educational system of Russia The first private schools, gymnasiums and lyceums, have already been founded in Moscow and St. Petersburg, in an attempt to revive the pre-1917 traditionals of Russian educational system with its high standards of excellence. Secondary education is mandatory in Russia. Children start school at the age of 6 and finish at 17. There are also “spacial” schools
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1.Education system in England is the same as in Russia. 2. Children go to the kindergarten at the age of 3 in Great Britain. 3. Primary school in Russia consists of infant and junior schools. 4. Children go to secondary school at the age of 10 in Russia and at 11 in Britain. 5. Children can enter University after secondary school in Britain. 6. Private schools are not very expensive. 7.Children have to go to primary school at 4 in Britain. ANSWER the questions about the system of education in Great Britain 1. What types of schools in Great Britain do you know? 2. At what age do children begin to go to school? 3. When do they leave school? 4. How many years do they learn at primary school? 5. Do schools in Britain have names or numbers? 6. Must children pay for their education? 7. Do they go to school from 5 till 16? 8.What can pupils do after graduating from secondary school? TRUE or FALSE
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Список использованной литературы 1.Учебник для 9 класса В.П. Кузовлев, Н.М. Лапа.- М.: Просвещение, 2006. 2. Краткий русско- английский фразеологический словарь.- СПб.: Издательство «Лань», 1998. Изображения: образование http://www.palleonn.com/img/images/00000626/ci_imgs/ 1-5_.jpg http://mega- travel.com.ua/upload/fck/image/91092_380.jpg Изображение совы http://newsfromweb.ru/images/news13/11912980.jpg Изображение учителя http://www.school2.kudymkar.ru/images/professor.png

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