Конспект урока «My Favourite Subject» по английскому языку для 5 класса

КГУ «Средняя школа – комплекс национального возрождения №17»

Конспект интегрированного урока в 5 классе
«My Favourite Subject»


учитель английского языка

Степаненко Татьяна Сергеевна

г. Петропавловск

Theme: My favourite subject

Object : development of students’ communicative culture allowing them to talk about school subjects and nature.

Aims: 1. To revise the usage of learnt lexis and degrees of comparison;

2. to develop students’ skills of group work and pair work;

3. to bring up students’ respect to the nature of Kazakhstan.


Teacher’s activity

Students’ activity

I Classroom management

Good morning, students! I’m glad to see you!

Today we have unusual lesson and during our lesson you’ll get points. Each of you has a marks scale. Getting points you should put them on your marks scales and at the end of the lesson you’ll tell us your marks.

Good morning teacher! Good morning dear guest!

We’ll talk about your timetable and your favourite subjects.

II Warm-up


Now I propose you to guess the theme of our lesson.

(There is a picture of a diary at the blackboard)

Yes, right you are! We are going to talk about timetable. Look at it! In this timetable all days of the week are omitted. Put them on their places.

And when all words will be on their places you’ll be able to sing a song.

Some students have cards with day of the week. They stand and put the words to the proper place.

Sing “Days week Rap”

III Speaking


What subjects do you have on every day of the week?

What subjects are you good at?

Students in pairs think about their timetable and put the words on the black board in the right order. Tell about this day

IV Listening


Last week I asked students about their favourite subjects. I want to present you the result of my work. Listen to interview and guess the subject.

  1. At this lesson we read texts, speak, ask and answer questions, play games, sing songs. We talk a lot about British and American Culture.

You are right! It’s English

  1. At this lesson we draw and paint. We have papers and pencils. I like this lesson because I don’t need to read and count there. My favourite subject is Art

  2. At this lesson we write in our exercise-book and count. We learn different formulas. I like this subject because in future I want to be a banker. I like Math

  3. I like this lesson because I like to read a lot. At this lesson we learn poems and write compositions. My favourite subject is Literature and Kazakh Literature.

  4. At this lesson you don’t read and write. You run, jump in the Gym. And also we don’t need to wear school uniform.

I like Physical Education.

What is your favourite subject? Why?

Are you good at Russian? (Math\ English\ Kazakh\Natural science)

It’s nice, that you like Natural science and I propose you to talk about different climatic regions of Kazakhstan.

Listen to the interview and guessing

Tell about their favourite subjects.

VII Project work



You sit in groups. Each group has a name of the place you will describe. You should choose animals, plants and birds for you place. Name them in English and describe your place.


We worked with animals and plants of forests. Forest is a beautiful place.

Wolf, bear, fox, deer, hare, wild pig, squirrel, hedgehog, owl, woodpecker live in forest. Mushrooms, birch, dogrose, fir tree grow in forest.

Wolf and woodpecker are forests’ orderlies. Trees in forests are tall. Also you can see bushes of cherry and dogrose there. In the forest you can find strawberry and drupe.

Questions: What bushes can you see in the forests? Who are forests’ orderlies?


We worked with animals and plants of steppes. There are a lot of steppes in Kazakhstan. In the steppe you can meet gopher, mouse, hamster, eagle, bustard, saiga. Most of them are small and dark. It helps them to hide. Plants of steppes are grasses - sage, wormwood, bluebell, poppy, stipa, tulip. Steppes are wonderful in spring and summer.

Questions: When are steppes wonderful? Where do eagle and gopher live?

Domestic animals and plants

We worked with domestic animals. They are cow, dog, cat, horse, goat, sheep, pig, duck, hen. These animals do good for people. Cow milks, dog guards our home, hen lays, rabbit and sheep give us meet and fur.

Plants: cabbage, potato, carrot, beet, cucumber, tomato, peas, beans, corn.

We use them to cook, use as a medicine and source of vitamins

Questions: How do we use plants? What domestic animals do you know?

Welcome to present your posters.

Students select pictures with animals, birds and plants according their place. Stick pictures to the poster.

1 student sticks pictures, 2 students complete the text, 1 student makes up questions, 1 student prepares

VIII Grammar revision


I propose you to work in pairs. We’ll try to compare elephant, giraffe and monkey. Each pair has a card with some sentences. Find mistakes in every sentence and correct it. Cards

The giraffe is tallest of the three.

The giraffe is the tallest of the three.

  1. The giraffe is biger that the monkey.

  2. The heavyest animal of the three is the elephant.

  3. The animal with longer neck is the giraffe.

  4. The elephant is intelligenter than the giraffe.

  5. The monkey is the intelligentest of the three.

  6. The monkey is the better of the three at climbing trees.

  7. The elephant is badder than the monkey at climbing trees.

  8. The giraffe is more fast than the elephant.

  9. The elephant is the most slow.

  10. The giraffe is more thin that the elephant.

  11. The giraffe it more beautiful of three animals.

IX Home task

Project “My favourite subject”

X Feedback


At the end of our lesson I ask you to close your eyes and imagine that you are in a magic forest.

Прогулка по Волшебному лесу

"В одной далекой стране есть Волшебный лес Ему уже очень много лет. Он многое видел и очень многое знает. Тому, кто в него входит, он дает силу и мудрость. И сейчас мы входим в этот Волшебный лес В лесу свежо и хорошо. В лесу много полян с удивительными цветами и волшебными ягодами. Погуляйте по Волшебному лесу и найдите для себя самое лучшее место. Может быть, вы познакомитесь с птицами, может быть, вы познакомитесь с животными и другими обитателями Волшебного леса. А может быть, вы будете собирать ягоды или цветы. Что бы вы ни делали — Волшебный лес охраняет вас и дает вам силу…"

I wish you to be healthy and strong. А если вы вдруг почувствуете себя плохо, закройте глаза и представьте себе волшебный лес, и он обязательно подарит вам силы!

Students are sitting and listening.

XI Reflection


At the blackboard you can see all stages of our lesson. Going out you should stick a flower to the stage you liked most of all.

Our lesson is over! Good bye!

Going away students sticks flowers to the blackboard

Использованная литература и Интернет-ресурсы

  1. Rob Nicholas, Lena Ioannou Smash Grammar Extra 1Macmillan Hellas SA 2008

  2. www.youtube.com

  3. http://dou61balakovo.ucoz.ru

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