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Слайды презентации

Слайд 1
Major world religions 1)speak about religion 2)revise lexical material .
Слайд 2
Religion is any specific system of belief, often involving rituals, a code of ethics and philosophy of life .
Слайд 3
• 1. The government assured that there would be a rise in the country’s economy. • 2. Writing an essay requires quite a lot of time and effort. • 3. He asked for permission to join the party but the permission was not granted to him. • 4. It was only a harmless remark: I didn’t mean to hurt you. • The poor man was put to death by order of King. • 6. Scientists all over the world are looking for a cure for a cancer. • 7. The children looked at the great king with wonder and fear .
Слайд 4
Key: 1. claimed 2. Demand 3. Deny 4. Innocent 5. Sentence 6. Seek 7. Awe
Слайд 7
• Trust in the Lord and do good • Don’t kill • Don’t steal • Don’t bear false against your neighbor • Honor your mother and father • Don’t eat too much • Don’t envy

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