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IT’S A WONDERFUL PLANET WE LIVE ON Unit 1. Section 1. For the 8 th form students. To the book by M. Z. Biboletova Made by Valentine Ganzikova
Слайд 2
Phonetic drill Whether the weather be fine Or whether the weather be not, Whether the weather be cold Or whether the weather be hot, We’ll weather the weather Whatever the weather Whether we like It or not .
Слайд 3
Remember the words, then give the Russian equivalents • Achievement • beach • damage • disaster • drought • Earth • earthquake • exploration • flood • break • explore • launch • Hurricane • Moon • planet • pole • research • researcher • destroy • hurt • humid • miserable • stormy
Слайд 4
Name the words
Слайд 5
Phrases about weather Cloudy and sunny Sunny and hot Snowy and frosty; Stormy & windy
Слайд 6
After rain comes fine weather Good weather Lovely Nice Beautiful Wonderful Bad weather Terrible Awful Miserable
Слайд 7
It is raining cats and dogs
Слайд 8
Every cloud has a silver lining • Дословный перевод: «У каждой тучи есть своя серебряная под c тилка» • Соответствует : «Нет худа без добра»
Слайд 9
To everything there is a season • Всему свое время
Слайд 10
It never rains but it pours Дословно: «Дождь не идет, а льет». Соответствует: «Беда не приходит одна: сама идет и другую ведет» или «Идет беда – открывай ворота»
Слайд 11
One cloud is enough to eclipse the sun • Дословно: «Одного облака достаточно, чтобы затмить солнце» • Соответствует: «Ложка дегтя в бочке меда»
Слайд 12
How to write a letter to your English-speaking pen-friend Pyatigorsk Russia June 15, 2011 Dear Polly, I live in Russia. The weather is different there in different seasons. It is usually warm and even hot in summer. The sun shines brightly, the sky is blue, and it rains but not much. In autumn you can’t be sure of a warm day. The early autumn is usually warm, but then it is quite cold. The temperature is from 3 degrees below zero to 10 degrees above zero. Then winter comes and everything gets its white clothes. It is snowy, coldand even frosty. In early spring the weather is usually quite cold. It sometimes snows. Then there come warmer days. The sun begins shining more brightly. So, if you want to come to my country, be sure of the season you choose. Best wishes, Mary
Слайд 13
We’re a Part of the Universe The Universe is all space and everything that exists in it. A galaxy is a huge group of stars and planets. Space is a place far above the Earth where there is no air. Spaceship is a rocket or other vehicle that can travel in space. A planet is a round, large object that goes round a star. A galaxy is a huge group of stars and planets.
Слайд 14
There are 9 planets around the Sun 1. Mercury 6. Saturn 2. Venus 7. Uranus 3. Earth 8. Neptune 4. Mars 9.Pluto 5. Jupiter  THEY ARE
Слайд 15
The star group to which our system belongs is called the Milky Way
Слайд 16
Grammar discoveries: the Past Continuous Tense is used when we want to express the process of the action at a certain (period of) time in the past was + doing (playing, reading, …) were Words and prepositions helping to define the Tense: at 3 o’clock; from 5 to 7 o’clock; at that moment; when smb. came I was doing…
Слайд 17
Name the synonyms • A group of stars • A man or a woman • The world • To study • A spaceship • Large • Convenient • To examine carefully • A galaxy • A human being • The Universe • To explore • A starship • Huge • Suitable • To investigate
Слайд 18
Exploring Space
Слайд 19
Quiz: What do you know about exploring space? • Who first invented the idea of space rockets? • Who constructed the first spaceship? • Who was the first man to take a walk in space? • Who was the first woman in space? • Who was the first man on the Moon?
Слайд 20
Grammar Discoveries: the Present Perfect & the Present Perfect Continuous • Have/has + done (V3) – Present Perfect is used to say that something is completed. • Have/has + been + doing – Present Perfect Continuous is used to talk about actions which started in the past and continue up to the moment speaking
Слайд 21
“since” & “for” are prepositions often used in these Tenses SINCE (to mark the beginning of a period)  7 o’clock Halloween Friday morning they phoned October        F O R ( t o m a r k a p e r i o d o f t i m e ) a n h o u r a l o n g t i m e f o u r d a y s a g e s t w o m o n t h a y e a r
Слайд 22
Is the Earth a Dangerous place?
Слайд 24
DROUGHT & HUNGER are connected
Слайд 25
Choose the correct form: the Past Simple or the Past Continuous 1. The fire …(destroy) most of the buildings while he …(sleep). 2. When they ...(travel) around the country they …(see) a tornado. 3. The girl …(shake) with laughter when her mother …(come in) 4. It …(rain) heavily when she …(leave) the house.
Слайд 26
Grammar Discoveries: the Past Perfect Tense is used when we want to say about things that happened before the time in the past. had + done (V3) When we came she had already translated the text. He had phoned his friend before he left the office.
Слайд 27
Some more proverbs • While there is life, there is hope. – Пока живу – надеюсь. • All is well that ends well. – Все хорошо, что хорошо кончается. • A friend in need is a friend indeed. - Друзья познаются в беде. • God helps those who help themselves. – На бога надейся, а сам не плошай.
Слайд 28
This Earth Was Made for You & Me • The highest point - Mount Everest, 8,848 m above sea level •
Слайд 29
Challenger Deep, 11,034 m
Слайд 30
The longest river – the Nile 6,695 kilometres long. It is in Africa.
Слайд 31
The deepest lake – Lake Baikal Is situated in Russia, Asia; 1,620 metres deep.
Слайд 32
The largest lake – the Caspian Sea is in Russia, Asia; 371,000 square kilometres
Слайд 33
The largest ocean – the Pacific Ocean is 165,200,000 square kilometres
Слайд 34
The hottest place – Sahara Desert is in Africa, temperature up to +50 degrees
Слайд 35
Antarctica, the lowest t – 89,2 degrees C in July 1983
Слайд 36
The largest country in the world is Russia • 17,075 sq.km
Слайд 37
Grammar Revision

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