Конспект урока «Natural World in Danger» по английскому языку для 6 класса

Natural World in Danger

Открытый урок «Природа вокруг нас…» 6-й класс

Цели урока: отработка лексики по теме; формирование навыков поискового чтения с целью извлечения конкретной информации; развитие памяти, внимания, быстроты реакции.

Оборудование: дополнительный текст «Polar bears»; карточки с лексическим заданием; карточки со словами.

Ход урока



Answer the questions

1. Where is it colder: at the Nord Pole or at the South Pole?

2. What colour are polar bears?

3. Are dolphins mammals or fish?


1. «An unusual dictation»

Refer the numbers of the words to the categories

1. Creatures:

2. Weather effects:

3. Places:

1. savannas

4. insects

7. rainforests

2. mammals

5. habitats

8. reptiles

3. mists

6. climatic changes

9. the greenhouse effect

Change your papers and check your partner's.

(1. Creatures: 2, 4 , 8

2. Weather effects: 3, 6 ,9

3. Places: 1, 5, 7)

2. «Odd one out!»

In each line of the words there is one word which doesn't go with others. Name this odd word and explain why it is odd. (card I)

heat, sunshine, mammal, shower

spiders, pigeons, bugs, flies

tigers, lions, sheep, bears

3. Look through the words and underline compound words (words made from two words put together). (card II)

extinct, species, endanger, damage, wildlife, habitat, destroy, cure, development, size, weight, cardboard, include, rainforest, mammal, insect.

4. Choose one word to the following definitions. Work in pairs.

a kind of animal no longer existing (extinct)

to cause danger to (endanger)

a group of plants and animals of the same kind (species)

a place where an animal or a plant is found (habitat)

an animal or being of some kind (creature)

to damage so much that it's completely ruined (destroy)

to make disease to go away by medical treatment (cure)

to put in with something else (include)

(One pupil reads out the words , the others check their answers)

5. Use the words to complete the sentences: (card III)

1. Many ______ of animals can become ______ in the near future.

2. Nowadays many scientists say that some chremicals can ______ human life.

3. Nelly's pig was a funny ______ , with short legs, small ears and not much hair on its skin.

4. Lakes and ponds are natural ______ for frogs.

5. How many stories does this book ______ ?

6. Don't worry, I will ______ your little rabbit.

7. Fires often ______ forests.

(Pupils read only the words.)

IV. READING: Polar bears

1. Pre-reading:

- What do you thing the text about?

Polar bears live in the Arctic, near the North Pole. Today, there are about 20000 polar bears all over the world. The polar bear is the largest bear on earth. They live for 25 – 30 years.

Mostly, polar bears spend their time out at sea and they are very good swimmers as well as being good runners. In 1998, a polar bear was the symbol of the Olympic Games in Canada. Polar bears hunt seals, fish and sea birds. In the summer, they like eating berries.

Although polar bears look nice and funny, they are dangerous and aggressive.

Global warming is very harmful for polar bears. It melts the ice in the Arctic very quickly and the polar bear is losing its home. Besides, people kill polar bears for its meat and fur. The WWF has announced 2013 to be year of the polar bear.

2. Look through the text and describe polar bears. Use the plan:

1. Where does it live?

2. What does it look like?

3. What does it eat?

4. Why is it in danger (or why is in an endangered animal)?


What did you learn at the lesson?

VI. HOMETASK: make a poster about one of the endangered animals.

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