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British writers

Урок английского языка для 9 класса по УМК «English 4» под ред. В.П. Кузовлева Урок разработан учителем английского языка МОУ СОШ №46 г. Белгорода Гончаровой Натальей Александровной

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Person’s life – history written be another autobiography life story biography 2. A person who likes reading most of all librarian book-worm reader 3. Who wrote about the adventure of a real man? R. Kipling D. Defoe R. Burns 4. How many detective stories did A. Christie write? 75 57 507 5. Literature is based on facts fiction a ghost story a dictionary 6. A book dealing with words arranged in alphabetical order reference book dictionary novel

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Answer the questions: Are you keen on reading? Does reading play an important role in your life? How much time do you devote to it? Do you read for pleasure or for information? Do you consider yourself to be well-read?

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Literature Club

Somerset W. Maugham is a British writer considered to be one of the best story writers in English.

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Questions for discussion

. What can teachers do to make teenagers read more? Phrases to use: to encourage the students interest; to give different tasks (to read stories, to retell stories, to learn poems by heart, to write compositions…); to persuade students; to tell about the books; to expand outlook, to make smb. thinking; to solve life problems; to learn more about the world.

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What can parents do to make teenagers read more? Phrases to use: to start a tradition; to discuss books; to make children read; to collect books at home; to persuade children with the help of proverbs: “Books are our best friends”; “Choose an author as you choose a friend”; “Treat books with care as good friends”.

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What can teenagers do to make themselves read more? Phrases to use: to play a great role in the development of the people’s values; to be well-informed; to enrich one’s intellect, outlook.

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