Конспект урока «Family Happiness. What Is It Like?» по английскому языку для 10 класса

План – конспект урока по теме:

« Family Happiness. What Is It Like? »

по УМК В.П. Кузовлева

10 класс

Учитель английского языка МОУ СОШ №35 г. Саранска,

Республики Мордовия

Горбатова Александра Петровна.

Саранск 2010

Задача урока: Закрепить навыки устной речи о семье и семейном счастье.

Цель урока: подготовка к монологическим высказываниям о семейном счастье, её ценностях, взаимоотношениях между членами семьи и родственниками.

Воспитательные задачи:

развивать чувство долга и высокой ответственности между членами семьи и родственниками.

Оснащение урока:

Компьютер, видеопроектор, визитки, карточки для ролевой игры.

Ход урока:

1.Организационный момент:

Today we'll speak about our families & the family happiness. I think that nowadays it is a great problem to be a happy family because of many not so easy problems. We seldom think whose descendants we are, our parents not so often open the family albums, read old letters & diaries.

Today we'll try to discuss this difficult but interesting theme. Let's prove that the Russian statement «Иван, не помнящий родства» does not belong to our families.

2. Фонетическая зарядка:

Listen to me & repeat these proverbs after me. I think they are interesting. ( на слайде написаны пословицы):

1. East or West, Home is best. (В гостях - хорошо, а дома – лучше)

2. Home, sweet home. ( Дом - мой милый дом.)

3. As the baker – so the buns? As the farther – so the son. (Яблочки от яблони далеко не падают.)

4. Like father – like son. (Каков отецтаков и сын.)

5. There is no place like home. (Милее родного дома нет ничего.)

6. There is a black sheep in every flock . (У каждой семьи есть свои недостатки)

3.Речевая зарядка

And now say which of these proverbs you will mention if you speak about the members of your family. ( спросить учащихся, используя клише).

I am sure that

4. Проверка выполнения домашнего задания.

I asked some pupils to prepare the information about your family portraits. Introduce your family traditions in short, please.

5.Закрепление изученного материала

1. a) And now guess who is who?

1. My brother's child is my... (nephew)

2. My sister's daughter is my... (niece)

3. My father's brother is my... (uncle)

4. The children born at the same time of the same mother are ... (twins)

b) сестра твоей мамы (aunt)

брат твоего отца (uncle)

папа твоей мамы ( grandfather)

мама твоей мамы (grandmother)

сын твоей мамы (brother)

дочь папиной сестры (cousin)

сын моей сестры (nephew)

бабушка твоей бабушки (grand grandmother)

Ролевая игра

Now I want you to interview a Russian family. They are the Orlovs. Come here 2 pupils, please. (раздать визитки, распределить роли). You are the mother of this family and you are the farther. Imagine, please, that it is a well- known Russian-family. And you are the journalists (остальным в классе) of the Russian newspaper «Moscow News ». Please, interview them. Ask questions about their names, ages, hobbies, occupations, family customs and traditions, favourite sports etc.

Использовать информацию из карточек.

Alexander Orlov

Age: 40

Date of birth: 18.10.1950

Place of birth: Saransk, Mordovia

Occupation: a manager in the shop

Favourite sports: boxing & tennis

Hobbies: making up a family tree & taking photos of the relatives

Telephone: 725568

Maria Orlova:

Date of birth: 10.08.1956

Place of birth: Ardatov, Mordovia

Occupation: a doctor of the private hospital

Hobbies: music & dancing

Favourite sports: tennis & figure-skating

Family traditions: celebrating holidays and spending outdoors with relatives together

6. На слайде даются утверждения.

A) Read these statements & say which of them unite the members of the family & make them friendly, strong unit & which do not unite.

1. Going on trips ( hikes ) together.

2. Discussing all the family plans together.

3. Visiting museums, theatres, exhibitions & exchang opinions about them.

4. Showing no interest in what the others like.

5. Helping each other in everything.

6. Remaining indifferent to what happens to the other members of the family.

7. Sharing the same joys & troubles.

8. Being on good terms with all your relatives.

9. Running household & managing family budget together.

10. Showing our love, kind-heartedness attention in everyday life.

11. Being no place for selfishness together.

12. Creating the family happiness together.

13. Understanding & consideration for others are very important in family relationships.

14. Keeping your granny's birthday I inviting all your relatives on your mother's & farther's side.

B) And now, say, please, what unites our families. Сделать вывод.

7. Now let's read & translate the following items (на слайде).

If there is right in the soul

There is beauty in the in the person.

If there is beauty in the person.

There will be harmony in the home.

If there is harmony in the home

There will be order in the nation.

If there is order in the nation

There will be peace in the world!

a) Translate it, please.

b) Do you like it? Why do not like it?

c) And what is a friendly family?

8) Выводы.

What should we do to unite the members of the family?

Should we follow the family traditions and the customs?

Should we be flexible and tolerant?

Should we trust each other?

Should we respect others if we want others` respect?

Say it in one sentence, please. ( спросить всех учащихся по «цепочке»).

9) Оценки за урок и их комментарий.

10) Homework: You are to make reports about the family happiness, using the statements & questions of this lesson.

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