Конспект урока «School for tomorrow. What is it like?» по английскому языку для 11 класса

Открытый урок 11 класса на тему:

«School for tomorrow. What is it like?»


T: How long have you been learning at this school?

P1: For 10 years.

P2: Since the first form.

T: Every day you come to school, go along the corridors and enter the classrooms. You are the citizens of this school. How do you like it?




T: I see you like your school, but I think you’ll agree with me, that in such lovely place most of you have some problems. And today let’s have a talk about the school you’d like to have in the future, to feel more comfortable and to study with fewer difficulties.

(тема на доске).


T: And at first I offer you to listen to 5 speakers who are telling about their school. Try to understand what they’ll tell about their school life.

(Test 6) Аудирование

T: Is everything clear? What did they tell about?

P1: One of them hates double lessons. They are difficult and boring.

P2: All teachers give too much homework to do. That’s why they have to prepare for the lessons for the whole evening.

P3: Her favourite subject is Maths and she wants to become a Maths teacher.

P4: The fourth speaker is may be strange a bit, because she likes tests and exams.

P5: The last speaker is a newcomer, but she feels quite convenient.

T: Good of you. You were very attentive and what school problems have you got? Think it over for a minute.

P1: I hate getting up early in the morning.

P2: We have a lot of homework to do.

P3: We have to wear a school uniform.

T: I think only some of you wear the uniform.

P4: I don’t want to pass the exams.

P: But how will our teachers be able to check our knowledge?

P: I don’t know. Perhaps the tests only?

P: And I think it will be great to have a computer in every classroom. It would be easy to work at the lessons.

P: I suggest to have more modern youth magazines and books in our school library. Classical literature is not my cup of tea.

P: But you have a computer at home. You can use it.

P: But the computer is bad for my health.

P: And especially for our eyes.

P: And what about a school bus to travel around the country or just have picnics with our classmates.

P: It would be great!

P: As for me I’d prefer to have optional subjects from the fifth form, except compulsory subjects.


T: Excuse me for interrupting. You have a lot of ideas. I like all of them, but now I offer to watch the video. Try to understand what problem the girl has.

(клип о девочке)

T: Did you understand the problem? What is it?

P: She doesn’t want to go to school.

T: Perhaps some of you have the same problem too, don’t you?

P: I am one of them. Sometimes I don’t want to go to school at all.

T: Why?

P: When I’m ill I have to miss classes and I’m always afraid of bad marks.

P: Perhaps the solution of your problem is an electronic homework.

P: I don’t agree that the electronic homework is a good idea. Writing develops our hands. Besides, it’s almost impossible to define who has made the printed task. And in this case the special devices for solving this problem are necessary.

P: I think it will be great to have a school psychologist. The youth has got different personal problems when we can’t solve ourselves, and we can’t tell about them even to our parents or friends.


T: We have 3 groups and you had to prepare 3 presentations at home. Now the first group will tell us some words about our canteen. How can you imagine it in our “school for tomorrow”?

The second group will discuss the school uniform. And the third group. How do you imagine your educational process in the future?


P1: Our dining room should be transformed into cafeteria, there should be comfortable little tables with clothes and cosy atmosphere. The meal should be chosen by pupils under the menu. We think it should be good for our health to have more salads, fruit and vegetables.

P: One of the school breaks must be transformed into a dining break. It must be long enough, perhaps about an hour or so. Children shouldn’t eat anywhere except the canteen.

P: It irritates me when children eat in the corridors or in the classrooms too. We offer you to watch a short video about the canteen in our school.

(клип о столовой)

P: Do you like it? We don’t.

P2: We don’t like to wear a school uniform very much. It is very boring and not fashionable enough. Have a look at some models of possible design. We suppose you’ll agree with us, that these models are suitable for school and at the same time they are modern, beautiful and convenient of course. We can use it both: as a casual clothes and for some ceremonial cases.

P: And if you are completely against wearing the uniform, you must have an alternative to use only some elements from it which would be similar for all the students.

P3: And we dream about non traditional lessons. For example, fairy, flourishing trees or bushes, green grass, sitting teacher and students. It looks like a picnic, but it is one kind of usual lesson of the future. Teachers and students are good friends. Nobody shouts and swears.

P: subjects will be chosen by students. The culture and psychology will be studied besides compulsory subjects. The lessons won’t be boring. The homework will be carried out by pupils on the computers and sent to the teachers’ e-mail.

P: We also like to make presentations on different themes. We not only learn something new, but master our language at the same time. We’d like you to watch one of them.

Чудеса света.

Parents, teachers, government, everybody wants our population be well-bread, well-educated, culturally-developed and so on. (But their methods are not lucky and effective sometimes. Some of them send their children to very expensive private schools, the others use extreme physical methods of bringing-up.

One of the most effective ways of bringing children up is by means of art: architecture, painting, cinema, theatre, music. Our ancestry made everything for us we could bring this method to life.

They left the tremendous monuments, musical instruments, and real works of art in the form of unique pictures. And the aim of our parents is to wake in kid’s consciousness their belonging to the history. And only then children will be able to feel the taste of real life and the art will become the catalyst in their intellectual development.


T: You’ve told us about the educational side of your school life. And what about your rest? What do you need to have a rest between the lessons? I hope you haven’t forgotten to think about it at home.

P: The territory around our school is great but there is a real grassy waste ground behind our school, which could be transformed into a square for the rest of the pupils. There would be benches under the trees, flower beds and fountains.

P: And when the weather is fine it will be able to have snakes or just sit on the grass and listen to our players.

P: We offer to have a school radio which declares news, congratulations, and interesting facts from the school life. It would be an interesting innovation. The radio will sound between the classes and during the dining break we would prefer to listen to pleasant music.

T: What kind of music do you like?


T: Let’s have a rest then and listen to classical music if you are such fans.

P: And some more. We don’t mind about nature corner. I’ve heard it is very useful to watch fish and listening to birds singing to relax.

T: I’m delighted with your school model, but what do you think, what kind of pupils should study in such school? Let’s watch one more video.

(Старый клип о школе)

T: This film was a cult one some decades ago, but as I suppose, the problems are the same. What is the solution of the problems as you see it.

P: Strict behaviour regulations.

T: What rules can you suggest?

(Правила поведения на ноутбуке)

P: I’d like to add about people’s behaviour in the streets of our town:

1. I hate seeing people throwing the litter past the refuse bin

2. I find it rude, when people use foul language and spit in the streets

3. What drives me crazy is when people who are absolutely impolite with the strangers

4. And the absolutely worst is when teenagers ride their scooters and bikes in the extremely high speed and shout during their driving

T: I agree with you. But unfortunately we are pressed for time already.

To sum up, there are excellent words of the Soviet aircraft designer A. Tupolev “Beautiful plains fly well”. Today you’ve told a lot of good things about the school for tomorrow and about behaviour regulations. I think that everybody of you agree that everything starts from us. If a man is ready to change himself to the best, then he’ll want to see everything wonderful in his house, in his native town and in his country. You are our future generation and after today’s discussion I’m absolutely sure that life in Russia will become better. Thank you for your active work.


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