- All about Youth Subculture, youth problems, friends and friendship

Конспект урока «All about Youth Subculture, youth problems, friends and friendship» по английскому языку для 10 класса

Нетрадиционный урок- полилог в 10 классе по теме

Satellite Link Moscow – Washington. “All about Youth Subculture, youth problems, friends and friendship.”


Задачи: 1. Познакомить учащихся с понятием « Молодёжная субкультура»

2. Развивать умения вести диалог – обмен мыслями.

3. Научить учащихся сравнивать и анализировать.

4.Воспитывать уважение к различным культурам.

5.Научить учащихся слушать собеседника и воспитывать умение работать в коллективе.

Оборудование: телевизор, магнитофон, баян, театральные костюмы, опорные структуры, лексические картины с видами Америки и Москвы.

План проведения.

Teacher - Hello, dear students and guests. We’re going to have some fun today. We’re going to practice Satellite Link- Moscow – Washington”. Everybody will have an opportunity to express his or her opinion. We’ll speak about friends and youth problems, if it easy to be young. I’ll hope you find something interesting and new for yourselves. At the beginning of your answer or question introduce yourself please.

Teacher- Everybody knows our life will be boring without friends. Friends are different, they look different, they have different personalities and sometimes we have problems with our friends. What is a friendship?

American Student ( A.S.): Friendship is a thing for two, three or four even more. Like a song that is made to sing, friendship is a doing thing. (Song « The more we get together”)

Teacher- And what kind of friend do you respect?

A.S: For me it’s a person, who stands for you till the end, a person who cares and a person who shares.

Teacher- Yes, you are right. And now we’ll listen to Russian students.

Russian student 1 ( R.S)- As for me a friend is a person who stick around you when you are falling down. A person who is fair.

R.S. – And someone who is always there. A friend betrays you never and a friend lasts forever.

Teacher- And do you make friends with old men?

R.S.- As for me, I do. My neighbor uncle Pete is 70 years old. He is kind- hearted man. He knows a lot of amusing things; he teaches me how to fish and to ride a horse.

Teacher- And now I’m sure that all of us have problems with your friends. Let’s speak about these problems.

A.S. - As you know, there are many newspapers and magazines where children write letters about their problems. And I want you to listen to one of such letters.

(Reads English article) - For example, Ben writes “I have a friend who is bullied at school. But I can’t tell my teacher because Miss Christy is not a person who can understand our problems. What should I do?

A.S. - Another girl writes “School is definitely not my favorite place. It’s a thing that I’m easily bored with and need a break from. Could you give me some advice?”

R.S. - We also have many magazines and newspapers where you can find letters from children. For example Masha writes “I go to a great school, but I’ve just started a new class and I have no one who I could play with. What would you advice?”

R.S.- Yes, bulling is a serious problem all over the world and in many countries.

You can hear and see such situations as: (Сценка)

  1. I don’t want to sit next to Ann. She’s ugly.

  2. Don’t touch Carol’s pen, you might get a disease.

  3. God! Her laugh is so annoying, man. Let’s beat her up after school or at the disco.

Teacher- Sounds like a scene from a film, don’t they?

A.S. - Yes, of course, you’re right. If someone takes a dislike to you, they make your life hell. It doesn’t matter if you’re fat or thin, pretty or ugly. But you must talk privately to an adult about your problems.

Teacher- And what is the next problem?

R.S.- I think that the next problem is parents- child conflicts. It is called a generation gap. But I’m sure that our parents are people whom we can trust.

R.S.- Our parents should understand one thing, that today children will become tomorrow’s society. So they should try to understand the child, they should find out about teens’ problems and help to solve them.

( Сценка. Мать гладит, дочь перебирает вещи. Мать даёт ей платье. )

M. - Will you go to the party?

D.- Yes, of course.

M.- Then, put this blouse.

D.- Oh, you really think I can wear it? I’m not nut!

M. – And do you think I won’t you to be pretty?

A.S.- There are so called “ Problem teenagers”, who take drugs and alcohol. A large number of teens use them very often. They are drug addicts. I don’t have such friends and I think that there should be special programmers to solve this problem. And you know about ten young people commit suicide every year because they’re victims of bulling.

( Сценка)

S.- You know a lot of people take drugs.

S.- What is it?

S.- Come on, Jane, you know. Try it. It’s really esciting!.

S.- I don’t really fancy doing it. It’s like this, you see. I know the destroying result of drug usage. ( runs away)

S.- Hey, Kid! What’s up? Where are you going? OK! Suit yourself! You must be nuts!

Teacher- You see? And what about gangs and violence?

A.S.- And as we know gangs, violence and drugs are issues which go hand in hand. And it is true, that sometimes American students shoot and kill their teachers and classmates.

A.S.- It’s very pity, but it is true, you are right.

Teacher- And now let’s speak about teenage pregnancy.

R.S.- As for me, I think it is also a serious problem. Children having children, teenage mothers and fathers can’t provide for their babies, because teenage parents don’t have adequate education and monetary to support babies.

A.S.- It is also necessary to address the problem of STDS ( Sexually Transmitted Disease), such as AIDS.

(Сценка танец» Жениха хотела»)

R.S.- I agree with you. Adults must take the time to hear our problems and solutions can be found to eliminate these problems.

Teacher- And now let’s speak about youth subculture. What is youth subculture?

R. S.- To my mind it is a part of general culture and a system of general value, traditions and customs. And there are different kinds of subculture: for youth, for old people, for national minorities, professional and criminal subculture.

A.S.- But they differ from general culture by language, view on life, manners, cloths, hair- cuts and so on. And narcomans, deaf- mute, down- and- outs, alone people, sportsmen and alcoholics have their own culture..

R.S.- As for youth subculture it has its own language, a special fashion, skill and a style of behavior. In the mid 60-s teenagers organized from districts different cultural groupings such as: rockers, hippies, bikers, hackers, mods, punks, raves, Goths, skin-heads and many others.

Teacher- Now let’s speak about hippies.

A.S.- As I know they appeared in 1960- 1970. Their ideals include love, peace, freedom of self- expression and nonconformity to society’s rules. Unfortunately if you have long hair and your jeans are old, drug sellers easily notice you. Drug sellers are used to wear a pain with bit and a couple of decorative chains.

R.S.- But I must notice that today hippies are more socially active. “ Everything that brings people together is good. Love is the most powerful thing that brings people together”.

( Song “ Believe me”)

Teacher- And what about punks?

A.S.- Today punks are part of American tourists scene. They were a mixture of art students, hippies and followers of fashion. They are fans of loud fast and tuneless music, which tried to shock with violent lyrics. To make their hair stiff they use everything.: hair get, sugar, toothpaste, oil, glue, soap, orange and lemon juice and even eggs.

A.S.- All punks like tearing jeans and jackets with safety pins, studs, bicycle chains, paper clips and so on.

( Scene)

S.1- Let’s color hair purple. It’s really fantastic.

S.2- I’d like to, but the thing is my parents are against it. I don’t want to argue with them.

Teacher- Well, and now we’ll speak about Goths.

R.S.- As far as I remember Goths appeared in the early 80-s and they are still rather popular. You can find Goths together as a small groups, very much isolated from other kids of the same age..

R.S.- I must notice that they are really interesting and can look really striking with their white skin and swept back hair. They like black color and differ from others by mystical things and wear silver decorations, often with religious significans.

A.S.- As I know another thing is that they have a rather negative view on life. Goth don’t like optimistic people, they are pessimistic and interested in death.

( Scene)

S1- Let’s go to the disco and then visit the club for teenagers.

S2- I don’t really to go there, well you see, I don’t like really that loud music and the reason is that I don’t like crowded places.

Teacher- And who wants to begin about skinheads?

R.S.- Skinheads in Russia wear very short hair. They prefer to wear heavy boots, jeans and listen to special kind of music.

R.S.- To my mind they are interested in politics. Skinheads in Russia hate teens who prefer rap-music because rap is sung mostly by black musicians.

Teacher- And it is very interesting to hear something new about bikers and motorizes.

A.S.- You know from one hand many teens write articles in newspapers and magazines. Let me read such a letter “ Dear Sir. I’m writing to protest against teenagers, who bring trouble to the city by choosing for their motor rules populated streets at most in appropriate time. These motorcyclists scare the late passers by racing- wildly through the city. According to statistics, the number of road accidents caused by night time motorcyclists had been steadily rising. I request that the matter can be investigated immediately.” ( Smith)

A.S.- But another article is “ Dear Sir, I am writing to support those teenagers who want to express themselves by having and riding motorbikes. If a bad ambition is to race about on a motorcycle, he should have an opportunity to this or and he should feel that grown-ups are supporting him. There should be youth clubs for lovers of motoring and competitions should be hold. These night-time rides of young people which a lot of people protest against, come from boredom and grown-ups indifference to them. I request that something can be done to help these teenagers. ( Brown)

Teacher- And what can our parents tell about their youth?

Father 1- We sang songs by guitar, banyan. WE liked to wear suits, dresses. And now we want to sing a song for you. ( A song “ Where can I find…)

Mother asks father. – And what do you like?

Father- And I like Brazil dances. ( a dance)

Teacher- And at last, is it easy to be young?

( Scene- Ученик склонил голову, а учитель отчитывает его)

- Learn well your grammar and never stammer,

Write well and neatly and sing most sweetly.

You, who are the oldest, you, who are the tallest,

Don’t you think you ought to help

The youngest and the smallest?

Take out of papers and the trash,

Or you don’t get no spending cash.

You aren’t goanna rock and roll no more,

Yakut- yak

Don’t talk back.

Подведение итогов.

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