Конспект урока «A Typical English House» по английскому языку для 5 класса

Тема урока «A Typical English House»

Дата 27.11.12

Класс 5 А


- развитие социокультурной компетенции учащихся через знакомство с организацией быта и уклада жизни английских семей.


  1. активизировать лексико-грамматический материал;

  2. формировать произносительные навыки;

  3. учить учащихся осмысленно воспринимать и дифференцировать информацию из

прочитанного и услышанного;

  1. развивать навыки монологической речи;

  2. развивать устойчивый интерес у учащихся к английскому языку и стране изучаемого языка через ознакомление со страноведческим материалом с использованием ИКТ технологии;

  3. развивать познавательный интерес у учащихся;

  4. развивать языковую догадку, внимание, память, мышление;

Речевой материал:

видеофрагмент Homes in Britain,

текст A Typical English House,


песня Home, sweet home

Оснащение урока:

Проектор, ноутбук, карточки-опоры.

Ход урока:

Этапы урока

Деятельность учителя

Деятельность учащихся

1.Организационный момент

Hello my dear friends! I am happy to see you again. How are you today? I'm fine. And you?

Who is on duty today?

What date is it today

What day of the week is it today?

Do you like Tuesday?

Hello! We are happy to see you too. We are fine, too.

P1 I’m on duty today.

It’s 27th November

It’s Tuesday.

P2 Yes, I like Tuesday. We have English and History on Tuesday.

2. Рефлексия

Exercise “Compliments”

Let’s play a game that is called “Compliments” Do you give compliments to your parents, friends, classmates?

I‘m sure it’s always nice to get compliments, but it’s necessary to say compliments too. Why? Saying good words make you and other people happy/

Let’s start our lesson with compliments.

Look at the screen. Here you can see some useful phrases that can help you.

I feel like happy/excited/glad/ to work with you.

I’m happy to that you are all my friends/classmates.

It’s nice to work with you.

I am happy because you’re my friend

because you’re so /honest/


Pupils’ answers:

I’m happy because you’re my friends.

3. Фонетическая и речевая зарядка.

3. Актуализация лексики по теме.

Power Point

VIRTUAL HOUSE Game http://www.bgfl.org/bgfl/custom/resources_ftp/client_ftp/teacher/community_lang/house/english/map.htm

Now, let’s pronounce correctly the words. Listen and repeat after me all together. I’m sure you like riddles, don’t you? Today I’ve some riddles for you.

(на экране загадки и ответы – картинки)


  1. It’s a place where we live in.

  2. It’s a room where people sleep.

  3. It’s a room where we cook and eat.

  4. It’s place where we can watch TV, read books and just have a rest after school and work.

  5. It’s a place where we take off our coats and shoes.

  6. It’s a room where we wash our hands and faces.

  7. It’s a place where we grow flowers and plants.

Учащиеся называют слова и повторяют за учителем.

Учащиеся смотрят на экран слушают загадки учителя и отгадывают загадки.

4. Сообщение темы и цели урока.

I think you are ready to say what is the theme of our lesson. Can anybody name the theme of our lesson today? That’s right. (Open the cards on the blackboard)

The theme of our lesson is





















We’ll learn some new and interesting information about English house, we’ll also learn to describe English and Russian Houses.

5. Введение и первичное закрепление нового материала

Listening for specific information

Power Point


1. Now let’s watch a short film Homes in Britain. Now you have seen a film, a presentation and now let’s check what you have remembered about the English house.

Task 1 Work in teams. The winner team is that who will do this task quick and correct. Mark the following statements False (F) or True (T).

  1. Traditional English houses have two floors.

  2. The bedrooms and bathrooms are usually downstairs on the ground floor.

  3. The kitchen and the hall are upstairs on the first floor.

  4. The sitting room is usually the largest room in the house. English people have a fire-place in the sitting room.

  5. Englishmen like to grow beautiful flowers in front of the houses.

Task 2 T: Now read the article about the English house and answer the following questions

A Typical English house

The British live in flats but a lot of people have their own houses. There are different kinds of homes in Britain: detached houses, semi-detached houses, block of flats, terraced houses, bungalows.

English people love old houses but they are very expensive.

What’s the typical English house?

The traditional English house has got two floors: the ground floor and the first floor. The sitting or living room, the dining room and the study are downstairs on the ground floor. The kitchen and the hall are downstairs too. There are two or three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs.

The living room is usually the largest room in the house. There is always a sofa, some chairs and armchairs in it. There is often a carpet on the floor. It makes the room comfortable. There is usually a fireplace in the living room. The English often spend evenings in the armchairs near the fireplace. They read books, watch TV, listen to music or just sit around and talk.

English people also like gardening. So you can see gardens in front or in the back of the house. There is usually a big garden with lots of beautiful flowers and plants in front of the house - it’s often called “front yard”. There is also a small garden with a swimming pool in the backyard.

Near the house you can often see a garage.

The English love their houses and often say:

East or West, home is best”,

There is no place like home”,

My home is my castle”.

T: Do you know these proverbs?

Task 3 Work in teams. Give the Russian equivalents.

  1. East or West, home is best”,

  2. There is no place like home”,

  3. My home is my castle”.

Task 4 Work in teams. Answer the questions. The team is the winner if it gets more correct answers.

  1. Where do many English families live?

  2. How many floors has the traditional English houses got?

  3. What rooms are usually upstairs?

  4. What rooms are usually downstairs?

  5. What is the largest room in the traditional English house?

  6. What do English people usually do in their sitting room?

  7. What do English people think of their homes?

Task 5 A letter from the British boy/girl.

T: I have received an email from the British girl Her name is Mary. She writes a letter to her grandmother about their new house. But Mary has made some mistakes in her letter, there are pictures instead of words. . Help her granny read the letter.

Now help Mary’s granny read the letter. Complete the missing words. Work in teams. The team is the winner if it does this task quicker and correct.

OK, thank you. Let’s check up your answers.

Pupils watch a video

Homes in Britain.

Учащиеся читают текст вслух. На слайдах текст с иллюстрациями.

Учащиеся в группах переводят пословицы

Учащиеся выполняют задания в командах.


Song Home, Sweet Home (on the screen)

I think it’s time to have a rest. Let’s sing a song.

Home, Sweet Home

I live in a beautiful house

I live with my family

We all are happy together

Because we are loving each other.

Home sweet home is a best place

To sleep, to eat, to do anything

And no matter about the price

Cause happiness can’t be bought.

Pupils sing a song

7. Закрепление изученного материала



Now, let’s play a game. Image you are realtors. Риэлторы – люди, занимающиеся покупкой и продажей домов. Each group should write an advertisement of one of these houses. You may use these words and your vocabulary. (Раздаю карточки и говорю, какой домик описывать) Are you ready? Lets begin.


It’s a …………………………(detached/semi-detached/bungalow/ terraced) house/ flat.

This ……….. is ……………. ( nice/big/ small/ modern/old/beautiful)

It has got ……………. rooms.

There is/are …………………………………. upstairs.

Downstairs there is/are…………………………….. .

The rooms are ……………………….. (big/light/comfortable)

Near the ….. there is a (big/small/beautiful) ……………

Each group gets a card with the picture and a model.

Are you ready? Listen to the advertisement of the 1st group. Listen attentively and try to guess the house. What house is it about? Is it right? I see that you are very creative pupils. (It was very interesting! Good for you! Thank you for your interesting advertisement!)

HOME Online Кроссворд (if we have some time) http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/quizzes/crosswords/home.shtml (инструкция)

Учащиеся получают картинки с карточками. В группах готовят рекламу.

8. Домашнее задание

Our lesson comes to the end. It’s time to write down your hometask. Describe a Typical Russian House (Каждый учащийся получает карточку –подсказку.

1. Where do the Russian live? They live in … 2. How many floors has a typical Russian house? A typical Russian house has … . 3. What room has the Russian house got? It has got……. . 4. What rooms are there on the ground floor? On the ground floor there is a/are … . 5. What rooms are there on the first floor? On the first floor there is a/are …

9. Рефлексия

Game ‘Round About”

It’s time to evaluate your work. Pease count your points that you have got today. So the winner is …..

Now let’s see how you are feeling now.

Throw the ball to your classmate and tell us how you are feeling now.

Useful phrases (on the screen)

I’m fine/not so bad/not so well/so-so/terrible/sleepy/excited.

I’m in a good/bad mood.

I feel like singing and dancing.

Учащиеся подсчитывают свои баллы.

Pupils’ answers

I’m fine/not so bad/not so well/so-so/terrible/sleepy/ excited.

I’m in a good/bad mood.

I feel like singing and dancing.

10. Подведение итогов

Our lesson is over. Let’s make a conclusion and say what we know and can do now.

Do you know the words o nthe topic “English Houses”?

Can you describe an English House?

Yes, you did a great job today. You were active, brilliant and bright. Your marks for the lesson are ….Thank you very much.

Yes, we do.

Yes, we can.

Здесь представлен конспект к уроку на тему «A Typical English House», который Вы можете бесплатно скачать на нашем сайте. Предмет конспекта: Английский язык (5 класс). Также здесь Вы можете найти дополнительные учебные материалы и презентации по данной теме, используя которые, Вы сможете еще больше заинтересовать аудиторию и преподнести еще больше полезной информации.

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