Конспект урока «Театр (Let’s go to the theatre)» по английскому языку для 5 класса

Открытый урок в 5 классе по теме «Театр».

Абрамова Ольга Владимировна

учитель английского языка

Тема урока: Театр(Let’s go to the theatre).

Тип урока: урок открытия нового знания.

Цель урока: организовать деятельность учащихся по формированию коммуникативных умений в ситуациях общения по теме «Театр».

Развивающий аспект:

- развитие коммуникативных навыков по теме;

- развитие активного познавательного интереса и кругозора обучающихся;

- формирование мотивации к изучению иностранного языка.

Образовательный аспект:

- развитие навыков говорения, чтения и аудирования по теме;

- приобретение опыта решения различных жизненных задач с помощью иностранного языка.

Воспитательный аспект:

- воспитание системы культурных ценностей (театральное искусство)

Задачи по формированию УУД:

предметные – инициировать действия учащихся по

- поиску информации о театральных представлениях;

- исследованию информации на театральных билетах;

- выявлению обоснования выбора спектакля.

метапредметные – способствовать развитию

- коммуникативных и творческих способностей учащихся;

- умения логично и аргументировано строить высказывание;

- умения высказывать собственное мнение и принимать иное;

- самостоятельных действий в учебной деятельности;

- воспринимать и осмысливать искусство театра не только как источник знаниевой, но и эмоциональной, духовно-нравственной, жизненной информации.

личностные – создать условия для

- критического осмысления окружающего мира и себя в нем;

- формирования личностно-значимого мотива для участия в устной коммуникативной деятельности;

- формирования потребности и способности к сотрудничеству при работе в парах, группах, коллективе;

-осознания возможностей самореализации средствами ИЯ.

познавательные – дать возможность учащимся

- извлекать информацию из текста;

- классифицировать факты, понятия, явления, выделять их существенные признаки;

- устанавливать последовательность действий для достижения цели.

регулятивные – помочь учащимся

- делать самостоятельные выводы о степени успешности выполненной работы;

- проводить самооценку собственных действий и поступков (рефлексию собственной деятельности).

Оборудование: учебник New Millennium English -5, презентация к уроку, раздаточный материал для работы в парах и группах, карточки для ролевой игры, театральный реквизит (театральный бинокль, программки, репертуар театров, театральные афиши и билеты, фото актеров и сцен из спектаклей), Рабочие тетради, аудиозапись к уроку, ноутбук, медиапроектор.

Ход урока.

  1. Topic introduction.

T: Hello, everybody! Glad to see you again. Take your seats, please. Let’s start our lesson.

T: Look at these objects. (shows some theatre objects to the class). Can you tell me what all these things have in common? What connects them together? Say only one word. Fantastic! You are absolutely right! It’s THEATRE. Did you guess what we are going to speak about? Yes, will speak about theatre. Let’s go to the theatre!

  1. Warm up.

T: We are going to learn some interesting and exciting things about theatre: kinds of theatres, famous theatres, how to invite and to buy tickets to the theatre.

T: But first I want you to answer my questions:

Have you ever been to the theatre?

What theatre or theatres have you been to?

How often do you go to the theatre?

Do you like to go there with your family or your friends?

Do you like acting?

Did you join any drama club or drama centre?

T: Well, I see most of you like theatre. It’s great!

  1. Main part.

T: A lot of people nowadays go to the theatre. Remember, ancient Greeks and Romans went to the theatre, like us, too. So, theatre is an old kind of art. It appeared… when? (2,500 years ago). What do you imagine when you think of a theatre? Just now you will work in 3 groups. I’ll give you some pieces of paper with words and phrases referring to the theatre. In 2 minutes you are to express your ideas what theatre is. We’ll see which group is the first to do the task.

(Words and phrases: theatre, actors and actresses, wear costumes, see different plays, special building\house, sing, dance.

A theatre is a special building \house where actors play, sing, dance and wear costumes. People can see different plays at the theatre).

T: Now let me see if you know any world famous theatres.

(Презентация “Famous Theatres” слайды 1-5).

Look at the slides and match the picture and the name of the theatre.

Well done! I suppose you know some theatres in our town. Do you know their names? (Puppet theatre, youth theatre, drama theatre).

By the way, children, would you like to be an actor or actress? Why? Why not?

T: I have 2 masks in my hands. Look at them, please. Are they different or alike? What feelings do they show? To know more about theatre and masks you will open your Workbooks at page 45 and read the text of exercise 3a. Before reading you’ll split into 3 groups again. Each group will have a special task. The first group will find some information about the first theatres in ancient Greece; the second - about actors; the third – about masks. You have 5 minutes to do your tasks.

T: So, you see masks were symbols for a theatre: tragedy (or sad) mask and comedy (or happy) mask. They were used to show happy or sad characters.

Let’s practice acting out sad and happy characters and read the dialogue “What’s on?” (ex.1a, p.92). It’s important HOW you say the words, not just WHAT WORDS you say.

Just remember an event from your life when you felt really sad (you lost or broke something, your dog ran away). Act out a dialogue as if it were a tragedy. OK.

Now remember a happy day in your life (you were given a nice present, you got a five in your test) and act out the same dialogue as a happy character.

T: You work very hard and I think you need to have a little rest.

(Физкультминутка с песней “If you are happy”).

T: Now read the theatre ads about what’s on at the theatre and choose the best play for each child. 3 minutes for you to do the task. (ex.2a, p.92).

T: Very good.

What about you? Would you like to see those plays? Work in pairs and invite your partner to see the play together (ex.2b, p.93).

T: Fine! You’ve chosen the play to see. I like your choice. What is the next thing to do? Oh, yes, of course, to buy tickets. Look at the pictures and the dialogue of ex.3a, p.93. You are at the box office. Look at the plan of the theatre and at the ticket. Help Max to complete the conversation with the information from the ticket. You work individually for 1 minute.

T: I see you are ready. Would you like to check the answers? Then listen to the conversation. OK. You’ve done the task correctly.

T: Now we are going to role play selling and buying tickets. You will try to sell and buy tickets yourselves. Let’s divide the class into A and B. Make pairs and get tickets. Find your role cards, read Task 1 in the corresponding card and start playing. Pupil A talks to pupil B and completes the ticket

4. Home task.

T: You were great! So, our lesson comes to an end. Your home task is:

  1. to choose a show and write a note to invite a friend (ex.4, p.93);

  2. to learn what’s on at our theatres next month (in groups);

  3. to find information to the question: What street in our town is named after one of the founders of the Moscow Art Academic Theatre? (K.Stanislavsky).

5. Evaluation.

T: You worked hard at the lesson. This work was interesting and useful for everybody. You have learned some information about theatre. What new things have you learned? Did you like the lesson? Who did the best to get a five at the lesson? Give your ideas.

( Possible answers: Now I know that\how…, I have learned…, Now I can…, etc.).

T: Thank you for the lesson, children. See you tomorrow. Good-bye!

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