Конспект урока «Motto: Health is above Wealth» по английскому языку для 9 класса

Открытый урок английского языка в 9 классе по теме

«Здоровый образ жизни»

(проектная методика).

Motto: Health is above Wealth

Цель: развитие коммуникативных способностей обучающихся по теме «Здоровый образ жизни»

1. Учебный аспект: развивать речевого умения в диалогической и монологической форме;

(лексических навыков чтения и говорения); развитие детально воспринимать информацию на слух.

2. Развивающий аспект: развивать способности к сравнению, обобщению, к догадке на основе прослушанного, развитие способности осуществлять репродуктивные и продуктивные речевые действия.

3. Воспитательный аспект: продолжить формирование навыков здорового образа жизни и навыков здоровой диеты питания.

Тип урока : комбинированный с элементами проектной деятельности.

Оборудование: аудиозапись, таблицы, функциональные опоры, карточки, пословицы:

An apple a day keeps a doctor away.

Money can buy tonic, but not health.

Live not to eat, but eat to live.

Early to bed, early to rise

Keeps a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

I. Начало урока. Введение в тему, мотивация. (2-3 мин.)

T: Children, look at the slide! What do you think we are going to talk about when we look at it? (Учитель показывает коллаж, на котором расположены картинки, опираясь на которое можно говорить о ЗОЖ)

Ch: health and body care, sport, bad habits, good habits, daily life, etc.

T: What words and expressions we use speaking about this topic?

Ch: sport games, morning exercises, vitamins, health, to keep fit, healthy food, take a shower, to be in a good mood, to keep to a diet, positive emotions, smile , fruit, vegetables, dairy products, never smoke, never drink alcohol, to go in for sports, jogging.

T: Good for you.

2. Объявление темы и задач урока. (1 мин.)

T: So looking at these words, tell us what we are going to talk about. (Открытие названия темы на доске)

T: You are right. So today we have a discussion about a healthy lifestyle and now the tasks of our lesson. We will speak about three main things of a healthy lifestyle: about healthy food, sport and the positive emotions. During our lesson we are going to come to the main rules for keeping fit.

Teacher : The topic of our lesson today is Healthy Living Guide

3. Речевая зарядка.

The motto of our lesson is "Health is above wealth"

Do you agree with this proverb? What does it mean?

Student 1: It means that health is the dearest thing for a person.

Student 2: I think that we can buy many things but we can't buy health.

Teacher: Right you are. So, today we’ll talk about health and healthy living

guide. There are some proverbs about health. Look ……

Teacher: Dear students, please open your books at page 105 and say what bad habits is exercise 4 about.

Please using table of exercise 4 tell us what bad habits cause, make and affect

(Учащиеся приводят аргументы против вредных привычек согласно таблицы. Упр. 4.)

- Teacher: And now a task for you.

- Look at the board, please (на доске в два ряда расположены карточки, на которых записаны результаты влияния полезных и вредных привычек на здоровье человека).

- What do you see? Let us read.

- You are right. They are the results of good and bad habits.

Good Habits Bad

Teeth yellow

Beautiful smile

Speech unclear

White healthy teeth


Slim body

Losing social controls

Wonderful skin


Sport body



Smart appearance

Good memory

- What habits give such results?

- Find the mistakes in this scheme.[ski:m]

- Take these cards and place them on the blackboard opposite each result.

- Try to give full answer, please.

- For example, If you are smoking you will have yellow teeth (дети по очереди выходят к доске и прикрепляют карточку, выражающую полезную или вредную привычку напротив соответствующего результата).

- So, let us begin. One by one.

Student 1: Smoking causes a caugh, a headache and in the worst case cancer.

- It makes teeth yellow, hair smell, clothes smell, skin unhealthy.

- It’s true that smoking affects the health of the whole family, the people around you.

Student 2: I think that drinking alcohol causes a headache, heart disease, slow reactions and loss of memory.

- It makes skin unhealthy, speech unclear and brain centers sleep.

- Drinking affects the whole family, the people around a drinking person, one’s social controls.

Student 3: To my mind taking drugs is a very bad habit. It causes blood disease, brain disease, slow reactions, loss of memory and death.

- Taking drugs makes speech unclear, brain centres sleep.

- Of caurse it affects the whole family, the people around and one’s social controls.

Student 4: I feel sorry for people who take drugs, because it’s really a bad habit.

- Teacher: What measures should we take against bad habits?

Student 1: We should ban smoking at schools, in offices and on transport.

Student 2: Our authorities should ban cigarettes’ and alcohol’s ads on TV and radio.

Student 3: Our authorities should put into prison those who spread and sell drugs.

4. Аудирование.

- Let us continue our lesson and now you will listen short stories from`

- Before listening take these tables, please.















 Listening you must put “plus” opposite some ideas.

For example, doctor has said about vitamins. You must put “plus” opposite this idea.


Last year smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs received a lot of bad publicity in GB. We put into prison for taking drugs. Also we take money for smoking and drinking alcohol. Many companies have stopped smoking and drinking alcohol in their offices. There are special smoker`s carriadges on trains. Cigarette and drinking advertising is banned on TV and radio.


You must not have bad habits because it is so dangerous for our health. Make exercises, go in for sport, take vitamins, eat fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. I wish you to be healthy, wealthy and wise.


I am an Olympic champion. Sport is my life. It is very necessary for me to exercise my body constantly. Many times ago I said “no” any cigarettes, any drinking and drugs. Follow my example and be healthy.

- What has Judge ( doctor, sportsman) said about?

Teacher: Now, tell us, please, what you should do to be healthy. (Учащиеся рассказали о том, что дает им занятие спортом).

Student 1: We should do morning exercises regularly.

Student 2: Sport is important for our health.

Student 3: Sport makes us strong.

Student 4: Sport builds character.

Student 5: It teaches to win and to lose.

Student 6: More than that it teaches us about life.

Student 7: Besides it is a good way to meet people.

Student 8: At last sport teaches us to be disciplined.

Teacher: You' ve told us about the role of sport in our life,you know this proverb “An apple a day keeps a doctor away”. It’s a good English proverb. It says that a person should eat fruit and vegetables every day. Vitamins are very important for our health.

Teacher: Now, please, open your books at pg 118 and check your home task. (Проверьте домашнее задание упражнение 1 с. 118). Dear Students, lets find the right information about every kind of fruits, vegetables and berries. . (Учащиеся должны правильно выбрать информацию о целебных свойствах этих фруктов, овощей, и ягод)

Teacher: Dear Students, lets form three groups. Each group will create a page for our leaflet “Healthy Living Guide”

The 1st page will be “How to Look Great”( Which of the arguments will you use to convince your friends not to smoke or drink too much alcohol?)

Student 1: Dear classmates! Never smoke, because smoking is bad for your health.

Student 2: Dear boys! Don’t smoke, because it is smell affects the whole class.

Student 3: Dear friends! Never take drugs, it’s dangerous for you lives.

Student 4: Drinking alcohol causes heart and brain diseases, slow reactions and leads to degradation.

The 2nd page will be “Sport in Our Life”( Which of the arguments will you use to convince your friends to keep fit?)

To be healthy in your life,

Don’t forget to do all five,

Get up early, quick and bright,

Exercise with all your might.

In the morning jump and run,

Eat your breakfast you’ve done,

Train your body, train your brain,

And all bad habits pass away.

The 3rd page will be “Folk Medicine”( Which of the arguments will you use to convince your friends to be healthy using fruits and vegetables?) – используют упр.1 стр. 118

Teacher: Now each group gives the results of the work, all the rest listen attentively as this information will be used in our future work.

Thank you for your work. Well done. The lesson is over. Goodbye.


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