Конспект урока «Eat well, feel great, look great» по английскому языку для 6 класса

УРОК ПО УЧЕБНИКУ «Английский в фокусе» 6 класс

Eat well, feel great, look great”

Тема урока: Здоровый образ жизни.

Тип урока - обобщение и систематизация знаний.


  • формирование понятия о здоровом питании;

  • развитие умений делать правильный и осознанный выбор в пользу здорового образа жизни;

  • воспитание культуры питания,

  • отработка и закрепление лексики по теме “Еда”



  • развивать способность осуществлять репродуктивные и продуктивные речевые действия,

  • развивать и использовать кратковременную память для передачи информации;

  • развивать умения для использования фоновых знаний;

  • развивать умения диалогической речи на основании прочитанного;

  • развивать умения детально воспринимать информацию на слух.


  • aктивизировать лексико-грамматические структуры в речи учащихся,

  • обобщить и систематизировать знания учащихся о временах Present Simple и Present Progressive;


  • воспитывать толерантность и умение работать в парах, слушать и понимать партнера,

  • стимулировать учащихся общаться, высказывать свои мысли на английском языке;

  • Воспитывать культуру питания, как составляющую здорового образа жизни.

Оборудование: лингафонный кабинет, программное обеспечение SONAKO STUDY – 1200(700).

Ход урока.

1. Начало урока. Warming

Приветствие учителя.

T. Good morning, dear children and our guests. I’m glad to see you at the lesson. How are you? Are you hungry now? Have you had breakfast today? What did you have for breakfast? Who usually cooks breakfast for you? Can you cook your breakfast yourself? Do you think Is it healthy?

PP: отвечают на вопросы, называют свои любимые блюда, делают выводы о полезности отдельных блюд и продуктов.

Look at the screen. We are going to watch a short video right now and I hope then you can guess the topic of our today’s lesson. Put on your headphones.

PP: учащиеся слушают вступительное слово учителя и просматривают видеоролик. http://yandex.ru/video/search?text=healthy%20food%20video%20makemegeneuis&where=all&filmId=GeeNVOgOUXI

Who can name our lesson? What are your suggestions? (Учащиеся высказывают свои предположения и версии).(открываю доску) Read, please the theme of our today’s lesson: “Eat well, feel great, look great” What does it mean?

Food is important. We eat when we are hungry, we cook special food for celebrations and Sunday family dinners, we like to hang out with friends and have snacks together.

But is everything we eat good for us? Food contains some very important things in it and we can’t live without them and be healthy.

2.Основная часть урока: Listening, acting the dialogue.

-When you are at the café or at the restaurant how do you choose the food? What does your choice depend on? Let’ listen to the dialogue (ex.4 p.89) Open the document, which is on your desktop. It is called dialogue 6 form. (разослать документ через опцию – задания для последующего редактирования)

Listen to the dialogue and follow the text.

Put on your headphones, please. Lets begin. ( Учащиеся слушают диалог в режиме «прослушивание» б, медиаисточник – аудиоплейер, затем режим работы: вид деятельности – «обсуждение»; медиаисточник – не определён; в группах по 3 человека составляют свой собственный.)

Now your task is to practice this dialogue and then make up your own one in groups of three. ( учитель прослушивает группы, поочерёдно подключаясь к ним)

Take off your headphones.

- What is healthy food?

On the blackboard you can see two expressions, who knows what they mean: a junk food junkie (a person who mostly eats unhealthy food)

a health food nut ( a person who mostly eat healthy food)

(The children should determine who is who.)

At first let’s listen to one of your dialogues. Go to the blackboard, please.(слушаем диалоги)

How can you name your classmates? Do you think their food is healthy or not? What about the restaurant where they have been?

3.Объяснение домашнего задания.

Your home task will be the next: pretend that you want to open your own restaurant and you should prepare the menu for it and the description of it. Look at the screen, you see here some steps to do it. (режим – «обучение», медиа-источник - компьютер преподавателя) You’ll get this document in your Net school as previously. Next time we are going to discuss your works and determine whose restaurant is healthier. (Приложение №1)

4.Физкультпауза: Зарядка на английском языке. Упражнения для глаз.

T. Now it’s time to have fun and to do some exercises. Imagine, you can see a tree with apples on it. Try to get them. They are so high. Stand up! Take them. You can’t do it? Raise your hands up! It’s so difficult to get the apples. Jump! Is there anything in your hands? Nothing? Jump once more. Now have a rest.

Don’t sit down. Close your eyes! Open your eyes! Screw up the eyes. Open them wide.

Turn your eyes to the left, turn your eyes to the right. Look up, look down! Make a circle with your eyes, in another direction.

Blink quickly several times.

Close your eyes! Relax. Open your eyes!

Take a pencil. Look at your pencil, now look at mine, and once more - at your pencil and at mine.

Touch your nose with a finger. Look at it. Take the finger away from the nose. Look at the finger. Touch the nose, take the finger away. Do it once more.

Well done. Sit down, please.

5.Обобщение и систематизация грамматического материала.

-Look through the dialogue again and tell me please which tenses are used here.(Учащиеся работают с открытым ранее документом) Read the examples and try to explain why this or that tense is used here.

Who can explain the difference between these two tenses?

Now be ready to receive the task for you, concerning these two tenses (present simple and present progressive)

You see the document in the window, save it on your desktop, open it, choose the right tense, underline it, don’t forget to write down the number of your computer and send it to me. (Приложение №2)

6.Подведение итогов урока (оценки).

Now you see the chat on your screen, I want you to write here your thoughts concerning our today’s lesson, the conclusion of it, welcome, do it.

Send it. Now you can see the variety on your screens, let’s choose the best one.

Express answers

  1. Assess our lesson – choose letters A,B, or C. A is the highest mark.

  2. Assess your work at the lesson, give marks for the lesson to yourselves. But before doing it answer the questions:

Were you active?

Did you understand everything?

Could you answer all the questions?

choose letters A,B, or C. A is the highest mark. Ok, I see. Ok, I see. Your marks are the following(explanation):

T. Thank you for the lesson. I hope it was interesting and useful. I see that you know much about healthy food. And I hope that you will continue taking care of your health in everyday life in future.

Have a nice day!!!

Приложение №1

How to Make a Restaurant Menu



Sketch a mock-up of the basic menu layout. You will probably want to limit initial designs to just categories, section titles, and relevant graphics. Here are big-picture issues for you to keep in mind:

    • Choose a color scheme that matches the style of the restaurant. For a fancy restaurant, dark colors will convey a sense of seriousness and professionalism. At a casual restaurant, warm, muted colors will look appropriately inviting. At a restaurant with a young clientele, bright colors will usually make the most sense..

    • Order your menu logically. Your menu should reflect the order in which people actually eat the dishes you offer. At an all-day establishment, this would be breakfast, lunch, appetizers, dinner, and then dessert. Traditionally, simple drinks (water, soda, tea) are listed last; specialty drinks (wines, cocktails) are usually on a separate list or an insert.

    • Visually break your menu into sections. You should either break up your categories of food using large, simple headings or, if you offer many items, by putting each on its own page. If you offer a large variety of foods, you may need main sections (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) and subsections (Fish, Poultry, Vegetarian, Pasta, Salads).


    List the food items and prices. The easiest way to do this is by writing columns (Food Item, Description, Price). Make sure there are a few economy dishes that are below the average price of the dishes as well as a few expensive specialty items.

      • Consider offering diet-specific dishes. Items specifically for vegetarians, vegans, kids, or people on low-calorie or heart-healthy diets will satisfy a greater variety of customers.

      • Consider offering specials during happy hour and for seniors, military personnel, and other groups. This can mean offering a discount on certain dishes at a certain time (preferably low-traffic times) or offering a smaller portion of a dish at a low price during that time.


      Describe each dish. The food items themselves should have descriptive titles. Ex: “Burger” doesn’t sound like much, but “Juicy Burger with Arugula and Horseradish Aioli” will get your readers’ attention. After that, include a brief description of all the ingredients in the dish. Ex: “Quarter-pound all-beef patty, grilled mushrooms, ripe tomatoes, and pepper jack or Swiss cheese on a bun.” It's also wise to make note (either with words or a symbol) if any of the following apply:

        • The dish is hotter/spicier than most of the other dishes on the menu.

        • The dish contains any ingredients to which some people are severely allergic (e.g. peanuts).

        1. Add photos with caution. Food photography is difficult. If you can afford to hire an excellent professional food photographer, the images may help make the food more appetizing.


        Select the final layout. Make sure the restaurant owner, manager and chef sign off on the design and content. Additionally, have someone who isn’t in the business give you their thoughts.

        Приложение №2

        Test 5. Present Simple or Present Continuous?

        1. Paul is good at tennis. He (plays/is playing) tennis very well.

        2. It’s very noisy – Suzy (listens/is listening) to rock music.

        3. Many birds (fly/are flying) south every summer.

        4. Most students (don’t smoke/aren’t smoking) these days.

        5. (Does Mr Black use/Is Mr Black using) the computer at the moment?

        6. Jack usually (goes/is going) to work on Saturdays.

        7. Dick isn’t at home now. He (helps/is helping) а student with his project.

        8. (Does it rain?/Is it raining?) No, look, it’s sunny.

        9. Cats (see/are seeing) very well in the dark.

        10. You look nice, Ann. (Do you wear/Are you wearing) а new dress?

        11. Japan (has/is having) many high mountains.

        12. Every morning John (gets up/is getting up) at 7.00.

        13. I’m sorry. I can’t help you at the moment. I (wash up/ am washing up).

        14. (Do you go/Are you going) to the theatre tonight?

        15. I (have/am having) а pain in my shoulder.

        16. Jerry often (paints/is painting) pictures of different animals.

        17. Derek is good at tennis but he (doesn’t play/isn’t playing) very often.

        18. She’s not ready – she (cooks/is cooking) dinner.

        19. (Do you always wear/Are you always wearing) glasses?

        20. Turn the TV off – nо one (watches/is watching) it!

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