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Let's travel to Australia (Путешествие в Австралию)

Презентация на тему Let's travel to Australia (Путешествие в Австралию)

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Australia Booking a trip At the airport Accommodation First impressions

урок "Let's travel to Australia"

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What do you know about Australia? (choose the right answer) 1.What is the capital of Australia? 1.Sydney 2.Melbourne 3.Canberra. 2.When did Europeans settle in Australia? 1.1488 2.1788 3.1901

3.Which city is Australia’s oldest and largest? 1.Sydney 2.Melbourne 3.Canberra. 4. Who are the Australian natives? 1.Eskimos 2.Aborigines 3.Indians 5. Who discovered Australia? 1.Christopher Columbus 2.Captain Cook 3.Lewis and Clark

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6.What is the official language in Australia? 1.French 2.German 3.English 7.What is the longest river in Australia? 1.Murrumbidgee 2.Murray 3.Darling 8.What is the highest mountain? 1.Kosciuszko 2.Townsend 3.Twynam

9.What animals can you see on the Australian coat of arms? 1.Kangaroo and Dingo 2.Koala and Parrot 3.Kangaroo and Emu 10. What are the national colours? 1.blue and white 2.green and gold 3.red and white.

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2. Make up the conversation between a travel agent and a client.

Booking a trip

1.You are going to travel to Australia

2.You are a travel agent Describe your plans

Try to find out about where the client would like to travel

Express your wishes about places

Suggest the most famous attractions

Ask about accommodation and rate for the room

Give the information all kind of accommodation and ask about visiting time

Take a decision and make a reservation

Take the order and say about feedback

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At the airport ( 3.what do the words mean?)

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Passenger: Excuse me. I’m flying to Australia. Which check-in desk should I go? You: Passenger: Pardon me? You: Passenger: I’m afraid not. You: Passenger: Yes, here it is. You: Passenger: Number six? You: Passenger: Along the corridor….and to the left. You: Passenger: thank you.

At the airport ( 4. Play the part)

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5. Complete the mind map Accommodation a good hotel cheap
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6.Fill the gaps with the words in the box. We visited Sydney on winter holidays. We stayed at a hotel with all__________ bathroom, TV, telephone and other things. We needed a________ room, but the hadn’t at that moment so we booked an_________ room. The hotel offered different kind of meals. We refused of _________, because we didn’t want to come to the hotel for every meal. During our trip all kind of transports were__________: taxi, boat, train, bus. We enjoyed boating. We saw the Opera House, went to the art gallery. We stayed at a campsite and tasted crocodile meat. It was really fantastic.

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1. It is home to the Australian government. The city was designed by American architect Walter Burley Griffin. The centrepiece of the city is the Parliament House, which was opened in 1988. 2. It is the oldest and largest city in Australia.You can see the Opera House and the harbour bridge. The city was the host the Olympic Games in 2000. 3.It is the capital of Victoria and the second city in Australia.The city was the host the Olympic Games in 1956. The population is over three million people. 4.It is the capital of the Northern Territory. It has tropical climate.Not far from this city Crocodile Dundee was filmed. 5. It is sacred place for the native Australians. It is the world’s biggest rock mass. It is always impressive, but never more so than during sunset.

First impressions 7.match the headlines with the texts

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1.1-3,2-2,3-1,4-2,5-2,6-3,7-2, 8-1,9-3,10-2. 3.1. where bags are checked for goods which shouldn’t bring into the country 2.where you show ticket and get a boarding card 3.piece of card with the name and seat number 4.where you sit and wait before you get on the plane 5. where you leave the airport building to get on a plane.

4.-What is your flight number? -Do you know your flight number? -Could I see your ticket? -Thank you. your flight number is 653. it is check-in desk number six. -Yes. It’s along the corridor, to the left. -Right 5.1.comfortable 2.clean 3.with all facilities 4.with good services 6.1-1,2-3,3-5,4-2,5-4 7.1. Canberra 2. Sydney 3.Melbourne 4. Darwin 5. Uluru

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Цели: -формирование страноведческой компетенции; -активизация познавательной деятельности; -совершенствование коммуникативной компетенции. Задачи: -оперировать лексическим материалом раздела; -совершенствовать навыки чтения; -формировать навыки диалогической речи; -обобщить страноведческий материал; -развивать мышление.

Цели и задачи
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