Конспект урока «Why don’t you get a job» по английскому языку

Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение Орловская средняя общеобразовательная школа №2

Учитель иностранных языков Дождикова А.И

Урок английского языка

Unit 3. “A job for life” Lesson 2 “Why don’t you get a job”

11 класс, УМК О.Л.Гроза «Новый миллениум»

Дидактическая цель урока:
предоставить учащимся возможность оценить свои возможности и предпочтения при выборе профессии


Речевая компетенция;

- развивать навыки монологической и диалогической речи по теме,

- используя оценочные суждения, кратко высказываться по проблеме,

Языковая компетенция:

- активизация употребления Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous.

Социокультурная компетенция:

- расширение знаний учащихся о мире профессий,

- развитие умений работать в команде.

Учебно-познавательная компетенция:

- развивать интеллектуальные способности учащихся,

- развивать умение выделять главное, сравнивать и анализировать,

I Оргмомент. Мобилизация школьников на работу.

II Речевая зарядка (слайд 3). Погружение обучающихся в коммуникативную среду.

1. What are the most popular jobs?

2. Why are they popular?

3. What are job requirements to some jobs?

4. Are definite skills and abilities needed to be successful in every job?

5. What would you like to get from your future job?

6. What is your ambition?

7. Are you ready to write a letter of application and a CV?

III Активизация навыков аудирования (слайд 4) с целью закрепления лексики предыдущего урока.

Listen to the definition of professions, guess and name them. Say what personal qualities are needed for them.

1. Someone who can count well and keeps the money records of a business.

2. Someone who makes walls with bricks.

3. Someone who designs clothes.

4. Someone who writes computer programs.

5. Someone who works at reception desk of a hotel.

6. Someone who gets cash or pays out money in a shop.

IV Проверка домашнего задания (слайд 5). Проверить уровень и глубину понимания текста.

T: Give full answers to the questions.

1. What position may affect the free time you have to spend ?

2. What position doesn’t require specific qualifications?

3. What is success in this career determined by?

4. What position requires an ability to control people?

5. What position involves a fixed period of training?

(ответы учащихся)

V Активизация употребления лексики по теме с последующим применением в речи.

  1. T: Say it in one word: (слайд 6)

to move someone to a more important job, position in a company (to promote);

money, usually added to pay as a reward for good work (bonus);

a period during each day or night when workers in a factory or hospital etc., are at work (shift);

the act of being in charge of a group of workers and being responsible for making sure that they do their work (supervision);

something that tests strength, skill or ability (challenge);

extra things such as luncheon vouchers or free medical insurance over and above basic pay (perks);

someone who is being trained for a job (trainee);

someone who has recently joined a group of people or organization (recruit).

  1. T: Complete the table with appropriate form (слайд 7 )

























  1. T: What should we take into consideration while choosing a profession? Is character important? I think, yes. We’ll play a psychological game which is called “a hot chair”. The game is simple. One of you will sit down on the chair, the others will speak honestly about his(her) traits of character. Then our psychologist will give her comments. (слайд 8)

Hot Chair game”

T: Who wants to be tested on the “hot chair”

Pupils speak in turn. E.g.

  • I think you are communicative and sociable.

  • In my opinion you are generous and flexible

  • I am sorry to say, but you are a bit lazy, you should be more hard- working

  • You are creative, but sometimes you are stubborn.

(После того, как учащиеся высказались по поводу характера своего одноклассника, ученик, выступающий в роли психолога, дает совет о том, какую профессию следует выбрать учащемуся).

Psychologist: I would advise you to become a … because you are…

VI Совершенствование лексико-грамматических навыков (слайд 9).

T.: Some people say that it is necessary to be well-educated to have success in future.

Read the text . Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line.

If you can do one thing (1) ------------- and many things

Well, you will have a chance to get a (2) ----------- and

Well-(3) ---------- job. It’s necessary to be a Jack of all trades and

to take an (4) ---------- part

in different (5) ----------, Olimpiads, seminars – not only in one subject.

Even if you are (6) ----------- good at languages, it is also necessary to test

(7) ----------- in maths, physics or

(8) ----------- . As you know, one of the most

Popular (9) ------------ is “knowledge is power”.

I’d like to enter a (10) ---------- institute or university.

I’d like and I’ll do my (11) ------- to enter one of the institutes or universities, which are (12) ------------ for their

(13) ----------- to provide a successful future by giving

Their students self- (14) ----------, a good academic background,

Profound (15) ------------ , and perhaps the most important thing –

(16) -------- contacts.


2. Promise

3. Pay

4. act

5. compete

6. particular

7. you

8. chemist



11 good




15. know

16. use

VII Организация групповой работы (слайд 10) с целью развития умения школьников работать в команде.

What is the starting point of your career?

VIII Обобщение грамматического материала (слайд 11).

T: Correct the sentences which are wrong: (слайд 12).

1. Ted didn’t have any problems with maths so far.

2. A lot of new professions appeared since the arrival computers.

3. He has always wanted to be something like a computer programmer.

4. I have dreamed of this occupation since my childhood.

5. I have just been writing a letter of application.

6. How have you been preparing for our conversation?

IX Обучение интерпретации текста (слайд 13).

Read the text, choose a title and render the text, adding some more details. Pictures will help you.

Terri, a high school senior, was going to a job interview, carrying her portfolio in a small briefcase. As she went along, she began daydreaming about what she would do once she got the job.

"I'll get the job as a secretary," thought she, "and I'll do such a good job that I'll be promoted to supervisor, then to manager of my department. Then the president will be so impressed that he'll promote me to Vice-President."

"Others will be jealous, but I don't care. I shall just order them back to work!" As she spoke, she waved her arm; her portfolio fell, and her papers were scattered everywhere. So she was late for her interview, and did not get the job.

So she had to go home and tell her mother what had occurred.

"Ah, my child," said the mother...

P: I’d use a proverb to give a title to the story. ” Do not count your chickens before they are hatched” suits best of all (слайд 14).

The plot of the story is as simple as life. A smart student called Terri was going to take a job interview. She was very ambitious and self-confident to expect failure. Her portfolio was creative and encouraging. All her abilities and skills were reflected in a dozen of VCs. Every day she discovered a new quality in herself which was followed by a new VC.

Her ability to dream was stronger than all the other features. Terri supposed herself to be a secretary, then, with help of promotion, the manager, the Vice-President … .

The result of her imagination was sad. She had been late for her interview and didn’t get a job.

Do not count your chickens before they are hatched” was her mother’s reply to daughters complaints.

X Подведение итогов урока. Предъявление д/з (слайд 15).

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