Конспект урока «Entertaining English» по английскому языку

Муниципальное общеобразовательное учреждение

«Средняя школа №12 с углубленным изучением отдельных предметов»

Урок на тему «Entertaining English»

(разработка внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку)

Учитель: Богданова Г.В.

Губкин -2012

Teacher: Dear friends!

Today we have a quiz Entertaining English” or “English for Fun and Profit”. We do hope you know English well and our quiz is going to be really the contest of erudites.

We invited the pupils of the ninth forms to take part in the competition. They form four teams. Each team has five members and a captain. Now let me introduce the captains to you:

  1. …… the captain of Team #1

  2. ……. the captain of Team #2

  3. ……. the captain of Team #3

  4. ……. the captain of Team #4

The scores of the teams will be recorded by our Jury. Let me introduce the members of our honorable Jury.

  1. ……..a Deputy Head of our school, a teacher of English.

  2. …….. a teacher of English.

  3. …… a student of the eleventh form, a winner of the town and regional Olympiads in the English language.

We have also invited some pupils. They will be our fans. Now let’s begin the competition. We wish you all and your captains good luck in the contest.

I. The Introduction of the Team

Teacher: To begin with, each captain must introduce his or her team, that is say its name and motto. Then he must explain why this or that motto was chosen by the team. Captains may get 5 points for this task, if the following principles are taken into account:

    1. The originality of the name and the motto;

    2. The design of the badges. By the way the badges and the mottos – one from each team- should be placed on the table of the Jury.

    3. And, of course, the explanation of the team’s name and the motto should be short and clear. The floor is given to the captain of Team #1 (Let us great them)

……Team #2

……Team #3

……Team #4

Teacher: Thank you, it was quite original. But we shall later hear what the members of the Jury have to say.

II. Warm-up “Let us choose a leader”

Teacher: While the members of the Jury are discussing the results of the introduction, lets turn to the second task. It is called “Let us choose a leader”. Now I’ll explain the rules of the task. I’ll ask you 10 questions. A team which will give more correct answers will be the leader of this game. The questions are easy and difficult at the same time. So be attentive, please!

  1. What is there between England and France? (the conjunction ‘and’)

The answer is not connected with geography of these two countries. You only should be attentive and quick- witted.

  1. Why are teeth like verbs? (because they are regular and irregular)

  1. Who speaks English, Russian, German and other languages? (an echo)

  1. What is there in the middle of the world? (the letter ‘r’)

  1. What is in a country, in a capital, in a city, but not in a town? (the letter ‘c.’

  1. What is the difference between definite and indefinite articles? (the prefix in) The answer is also not from the field of Grammar. It may seem strange but it’s a joke.

  1. What have nouns and pronouns in common? (the word ‘noun’)

  1. These to words teach you how to read, to write and to speak English. (English Grammar)

  1. This verb helps you to form the question in the Past Simple Tense. (the verb ‘did’)

  1. How many letters are there in the English alphabet? (26)

Thank you very much. Now, members of the Jury, could you possibly announce the results of the first contest? The floor is given to….

III. What? Where? When?

Teacher: The next contest is also meant for all members of the teams. The task is as follows: I’ll read four sentences to each team. Before the game starts I’ll give you cards of two colors- red and green. If the sentence is correct, you should show a green card, if the sentence is incorrect you are supposed to show a red card. After that one member of the team will give a correct and full answer. Don’t forget that every correct answer will give the team 2 points.

# of the team


Correct Answer


1. William Shakespeare was born in 1564 in London.

He was born in 1564 in Stratford- upon- Avon

2. Winston Churchill was a president of the USA.

He was the Prime- minister of Great Britain during the second World War.

3. Admiral Nelson was killed in 1805.

Correct answer

4. “Washington Post” is a newspaper printed in London.

It is a serious American newspaper printed in Washington, D.C.



1. Benjamin Britten and Henry Purcel were famous English painters.

They were famous English composers.

2. There were two Bronte sisters who are famous as British writers.

There were three of them: Ann, Charlotte and Emily.

3. Charles Dickens wrote “Pickwick Papers”, “Oliver Twist”, “David Copperfield”, “Great Expectations” and “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” was written by Lewis Carroll.

4. “Three Men in a Boat was written by Daniel Defoe”.

It was written by Jerome K. Jerome.


There were two catastrophes in London in the 17th century: the Great Plague in 1666 and the Great Fire in 1665.

The Great Plague was in 1665 and the Great Fire was in 1666.

2. The home town of the group “Beatles” was Edinburgh.

It was Liverpool.

3. Andrew Lloyd Webber is the author of “Cats” and “Phantom of the Opera”

Correct answer.

4.Halloween is celebrated on the fifth of November.

It is celebrated on the 31st of October.


1. John Lennon is considered to be the King of Rock.

Elvis Presley was.

2. The most favorite magazines of teenagers in Great Britain are “Vogue” and ‘Cosmopolitan”.

Big”, “Just 17”, “Shout”, “Mizz” are the famous and favorite magazines for teens in Great Britain.

3. Robert Burns is a famous English poet.

He was born in Scotland.

4. The most favorite food of the English people during Christmas are haggis and hot - cross buns.

Their favorite food is roast turkey and Christmas pudding.

And again we ask our honorable Jury to say a few words about the results of our game.

IV. Crossword “Do You Know English Grammar?”

Teacher: Now we want you to demonstrate your knowledge of English grammar. Some days ago you received a task to solve the crossword “Do You Know Grammar?” I think it’s time to see your results.

Before the game I took your cards and now the members of Jury will see which team is the best in this task. (See the crossword in the additional page).

V. Contest for Captains “Words in Plural”

Teacher: And we continue our game. It’s just the time to meet with our captains again. The task for the captains is as follows. I think it’s quite easy. The task is called “Words in Plural”. Every captain is receiving a card and a pencil. The card has 10 short sentences. In every sentence there is an unknown word which you should guess and write. Don’t forget that all the words begin with the letter ‘s’. I wish you good luck. Let’s start. (The teacher is reading the sentences very fast and the captains are listening to the sentences and writing the words).

  1. We like to sing s…..

  2. Do you go in for s….?

  3. In winter all the children take their s…. . and go to the skating- rinks.

  4. I like to walk along Gubkin S…..

  5. I like sugar and s…...

  6. You can see s …. in the sky at night.

  7. Put your cups on the s…….

  8. There are many lakes, rivers and s….. in Russia.

  9. April flowers follow after March s…..

  10. Where are my brown s….?

That’s all. Give me your cards and the Jury will check them and announce the results of the captain’s contests.

But first, dear Jury, can you tell us about the results of the home task of the teams. Do you remember that it was crossword “Do You Know Grammar?”

VI. Who Is Who?

Teacher: Now I’m going to give you the cards with the portraits of some outstanding people of the world. They are on my table. You are supposed to choose a card you like. You have to name a person and say some facts about his life. You are given 3 minutes to think it over.

Now take your cards and start preparing your answers. (The teams are receiving three portraits and getting ready for 3 minutes)

The time is up. The teams are supposed to be ready with the task. Who will be the first? You should say what the name of the man in the picture is and what he was famous for? (……..)

Thank you! I think you gave so much information for the jury’s discussion.

VI. Who Knows English Proverbs Better?

Teacher: The next contest will be connected with English and Russian proverbs.

It is called “Who Knows English Proverbs Better?” I’ll give each team an English proverb and you should give the Russian equivalent of it.

Team #1 - So many countries, so many customs. (У каждой пташки свои замашки)

Team #2 - When in Rome do as Romans do. (В чужой монастырь со своим уставом не ходят)

Team #3 – As you make your bed, so you must lie on it. (Как постелешь, так и поспишь/ Что посеешь, то и пожнешь)

Team # 4 – So many men, so many minds. (Сколько голов, столько и умов).

Now our game has come to an end I ask our Jury to announce the final results of the Quiz.

Jury: ( …….)

Our best congratulations to the Team # … and its captain. They are the winners in the contest. Let me present them with the Medal of Honor. I also present them with the Diploma of the Contest’s Winner.

Don’t worry if you are not the first. All people cannot be first.

Let me thank all the participants of the competition. Thank you and good- bye!

Crossword “Do You Know Grammar?”

Down: 2. An interrogative pronoun (Objective Case) 4. A preposition. 5. A modal verb. 8. Another modal verb. 11. A personal pronoun (3rd person) 12. A form of the verb to do. 14. An exclamation. 16. a form of the verb to be. 19. It may be made of bricks. (A rhyme to hall). 20. Neither he … I know what it is. 22. A possessive pronoun. 24. A form of the verb to be. 25. A preposition. 26. Everything and everybody. 27. A personal pronoun. 28. An adverb. (It is often used in questions). 29. You use this verb when you compare two things. 31. An interrogative pronoun. 34. A possessive pronoun (absolute form). 35. A personal pronoun.

Across: 1. A modal verb. 2. An interrogative pronoun. 3. An indefinite pronoun. (It means a little of, a few of) 5. This verb helps you to form future tenses. 6. A possessive pronoun. 7. An auxiliary verb. 9.An adverb. (He is not … old as his brother.) 10. The opposite of here. 13. A negotiation. 15. A form of the verb to have. 17. Not a beginning. 18. Infinitive of the verb is. 19. This verb helps you to form future tenses. 21. Not wrong. 23. This adverb is often used in questions. 27. Same as 27 down. 30. You will ….grammar if you learn it well. 32. A personal pronoun. 33. A conjunction.

Key: Down: 2. Whom. 4. To. 5. Should. 8. Must. 11. She. 12. Done. 14. Oh! 16. Are. 19. Wall. 20. No. 22. Their. 24. Is. 25. In. 26. All. 27. I. 28. Why. 29. Like. 31. What. 34. Ours. 35. We.

Across: 1. Would. 2. Who. 3. Some. 5. Shall. 6. Her. 7. Do. 9. So. 10 There. 13. Not. 15. Has. 17. End. 18. Be. 19. Will. 21. Right. 23. How. 27. I. 30. Know. 32. They. 33. Or.


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