Конспект урока «OH, THE LUCKY» по английскому языку


We are happy to congratulate you at our game “Oh, the lucky!”. Our game is for those who likes English, knows about the UK, its people and traditions. We wish you good luck! The player gets 10 questions. For each right answer he gets 1000 points. All in all, he can win 1 mln. The third and the sixth levels are not burnt. During the game a player can use

  1. The help of the audiences

  2. 50×50

  3.  –friend’s help


Arrange in the order from the smallest part to the largest one:

  1. England b) Wales c) Scotland d) Northern Ireland


  1. England is considered to be the Motherland of:

    1. golf

    2. football

    3. tennis

    4. hockey

  2. The symbol of Halloween is:

    1. a pumpkin

    2. a carrot

    3. a flower

    4. a fir-tree

  3. in Great Britain children go to school at the age of:

    1. 7

    2. 6

    3. 5

    4. 8

  4. The capital of Great Britain lies on:

    1. the Clyde

    2. the Thames

    3. the Avon

    4. the Severn

  1. The oldest university of Great Britain is in:

    1. Oxford

    2. Cambridge

    3. Leeds

    4. Birmingham

  2. What preposition is used with the days of the week:

    1. at

    2. on

    3. in

    4. to

  3. Choose the superlative form of the adjective good:

    1. better

    2. goodest

    3. the best

    4. best

  4. «Много работы» in English means:

    1. many works

    2. many work

    3. much work

    4. more work

  5. what would you say wishing somebody health:

    1. Keep well.

    2. Excuse me.

    3. Have a good time.

    4. Sorry, I must be going.

  6. Translate into English «только что встретили»:

    1. met

    2. have met

    3. will meet

    4. meet



Arrange in the order of celebrating these holidays during a year:

St. Valentine’s Day New Year’s Day Halloween Christmas

  1. The capital of Great Britain is:

    1. Washington

    2. London

    3. Liverpool

    4. Bristol

  2. How many letters are there in the English alphabet:

    1. 23

    2. 33

    3. 28

    4. 26

  3. The most popular pop group in the 1970s was:

    1. The Rolling Stones

    2. Pink Floyd

    3. The Beatles

    4. Led Zeppelin

  4. The symbol of Scotland is:

    1. a rose

    2. a daffodil

    3. a shamrock

    4. a thistle

  5. Say in English «У Ани есть…»

    1. Ann have

    2. Ann has

    3. Ann haves

    4. Ann is

  6. Choose the plural form for the word woman:

    1. woman’s

    2. women’s

    3. woman

    4. women

  7. Translate the word useful:

    1. Красивый

    2. Полезный

    3. Трудный

    4. Великий

  8. Use the right variant for 24 февраля:

    1. 24 February

    2. the 24 February

    3. the 24th of February

    4. February 24

  9. For the Future Simple we use:

    1. V1

    2. Shall V1

    3. Have V1

    4. V2

  10. How to say «поступить в институт»

    1. enter an institute

    2. enter to the institute

    3. enter into the institute

    4. enter in institute


Arrange the words in the order of attending first, second and so on:

High school Infant school Junior school Secondary school


  1. The Queen of the UK is:

    1. Mary Tudor

    2. Elizabeth II

    3. Elizabeth I

    4. Margaret

  2. The British are known as great lovers of:

    1. coffe

    2. tea

    3. juice

    4. hot chocolate

  3. The capital of Scotland is:

    1. Belfast

    2. Edinburgh

    3. London

    4. Manchester

  4. Who is not an Englishman:

    1. Charles Dickens

    2. Jack London

    3. Shakespeare

    4. Agatha Christie

  5. The highest mountain is in:

    1. England

    2. Scotland

    3. Wales

    4. Northern Ireland

  6. What preposition is used with the names of the seasons:

    1. in

    2. on

    3. at

    4. to

  1. Translate into English идти домой:

    1. go to the home

    2. come to the home

    3. to go home

    4. go in the home

  2. Translate into Russian somebody:

    1. кто-то

    2. что-то

    3. никто

    4. ничего

  3. Choose the Passive construction:

    1. have done

    2. were done

    3. did

    4. will do

  4. How to say «слишком трудный»:

    1. very difficult

    2. too difficult

    3. much difficult

    4. more difficult

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