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  • Образовательные:

    • семантизация лексики по теме «Рождество»;

    • ознакомление с аспектами иноязычной культуры в сфере традиций и обычаев празднования Рождества;

    • коммуникативно-речевое развитие учащихся через обобщение знаний о традициях празднования Рождества в Великобритании.

  • Воспитательные:

    • побуждение к активности на уроке;

    • воспитание  толерантности и чувства уважения к культуре и традициям  страны  изучаемого языка;

    • формирование положительного отношения к культуре англоязычных стран.

  • Развивающие:

    • развитие умения языковой догадки;

    • развитие логического мышления, памяти, внимания;

    • развитие умения анализировать, сравнивать, систематизировать на основе полученной информации.

1. Организационный момент

2. Сообщение целей урока

The theme of our lesson is Christmas in Great Britain.

Christmas is on the 25th of December.

It is the greatest holiday in Britain.

People began to celebrate Christmas many, many years ago. They began to decorate the evergreen tree and give presents to each other. They placed a large shining star at the top of the Christmas tree and many bright shining balls (red, blue, yellow, green, silver) from top to bottom. In Britain people have many interesting Christmas traditions.

Today we are going to talk about Christmas.

3. Cultural awareness.

1. Christmas Stockings.

In the evening of the 24th of December children hang their Christmas stockings on their beds or put them under the Christmas tree. Father Christmas (Santa Clause) puts presents into them. A Christmas stocking is not a real stocking. It is big and beautifully decorated.

stockings — чулки

Father Christmas — Рождественский Дед Мороз (так его называют в Британии: в Америке принято другое название Santa Claus);

real — настоящий beautifully — красиво

C:\Users\Кирилл\Desktop\Рождество фото\Christmas-Stockings-Best-HD-Wallpaper.jpg

2. Christmas Pudding.

Christmas pudding was first made many, many years ago. Now it is the highlight of Christmas dinner. Children often put holly on the pudding. Traditionally a coin is placed into the pudding. It brings good luck to a person who finds it.

pudding — пудинг (сладкий пирог; рождественский пудинг бывает обычно с изюмом и цукатами)

highlight — здесь самое главное угощение

holly — остролист (вечнозеленое растение с заостренными листьями и красными ягодками)

coin — монета

It brings good luck — Она приносит удачу

C:\Users\Кирилл\Desktop\Рождество фото\homemade-christmas-pudding-22376058 - копия.jpg

3. Holly.

Holly is an evergreen plant with sharp-pointed leaves and red berries. You know already that people put holly on Christmas pudding They also use holly to decorate their homes. It is a very old tradition Long ago people began to put holly in their homes during the dark cold winters. They liked to look at holly and think about the spring and the sun.

Sharp — pointed

leaves — заостренные листья

red berries — красные ягодки

to decorate — украшать

C:\Users\Кирилл\Desktop\Рождество фото\761p.jpg

4. Robin.

Many years ago postmen had bright red coats. They looked like robins. At Christmas they brought many Christmas cards. And people began to think about a robin as a Christmas bird. You can see it on almost every Christmas card.

robin — малиновка (птичка с красной грудкой)

looked like — были похожи

cards — открытки

C:\Users\Кирилл\Desktop\Рождество фото\american_robin_bird.jpg

5. Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve is on the 24th of December. On this day everybody is very busy

and in a hurry. Offices close at I o'clock, but shops stay open late.

On Christmas Eve children hang their Christmas stockings on their beds. They

wait for Father Christmas (Santa Claus) and other miracles.

everybody is very busy and in a hurry — все очень заняты и спешат

slay open late — открыты допоздна

miracles — чудеса

C:\Users\Кирилл\Desktop\Рождество фото\christmas_eve_by_mango84-d5hrhtr.jpg

6. Christmas Day.

Christmas Day is on the 25th of December. British people celebrate this holiday with big dinners. Children have much fun. They play under Christmas trees, find presents in their Christmas stockings, eat Christmas puddings,watch pantomimes. The grown-ups don't go to work on that day.

Christmas Day — день Рождества (25 декабря)

celebrate — празднуют

watch pantomimes — смотрят рождественские представления для детей

grown-ups — взрослые

C:\Users\Кирилл\Desktop\Рождество фото\Christmas-Day-4.jpg

7. Boxing Day.

Boxing Day comes after Christmas Day. It is on the 26th of December. People do not go to work on that day. They visit friends or go to the theatre. Everybody gives and receives Christmas cards and Christmas boxes.

C:\Users\Кирилл\Desktop\Рождество фото\Geschenke-2007.JPG

8. Christmas Tree.

Before Christians people place the evergreen tree (Christmas tree) in their homes. Children decorate the Christmas tree with tinsel, toys, shining balls and flags. They place a shining star at the top of the Christmas tree.

tinsel — блестки или мишура

C:\Users\Кирилл\Desktop\Рождество фото\christmas-tree-pics-0111.jpg

9. Candles and Crackers.

On Christmas Eve people like to light candles. If there are children in the family, they often have Christmas crackers. When you pull a cracker it makes a bang and inside there is usually a Christmas hat, a small toy and a piece of paper with a joke on it.

10. Father Christmas (Santa Claus).

You know already that Father Christmas (Santa Claus) comes into children's homes on Christmas Eve. He has a white beard and white and red clothes. He is always merry. They say he comes from the North Pole. He brings presents for the children.

merry — веселый

North Pole — Северный полюс

C:\Users\Кирилл\Desktop\Рождество фото\SantaClaus.jpeg

11. Waits.

Waits are a group of singers who sing carols. They sing carols, for example, in front of a Christmas tree. In small towns and villages waits often come and stand in front of the house and sing or play carols. They receive money for their singing or playing. They give the money to poor and old people.

waits — рождественский хор

carols — рождественские гимны

sing or play carols — поют гимны или разыгрывают сценки (на основе этих гимнов)

singing or playing — пение или игра


A carol is a Christmas song. People often sing carols on Christmas Eve in the streets or at home.

C:\Users\Кирилл\Desktop\Рождество фото\maxresdefault.jpg

12. Christmas Dinner.

This is the big dinner people eat on Christmas Day. You know already that they eat Christmas pudding for Christmas dinner, and that children put holly on the pudding. They also eat a turkey for Christmas dinner. The dinner ends with mince pies.

turkey— индейка

mince pies — сладкие пирожки

C:\Users\Кирилл\Desktop\Рождество фото\istock_000014793668_large.jpg

13. Christmas Card.

Every English family sends and receives many Christmas cards. Traditionally there is a robin on almost every card (and you know already that a robin is a Christmas bird). Sometimes there is a bunch of holly on the Christmas card. You can read on the card: "Merry Christmas!"

sends and receives — посылает и получает

Merry Christmas! — Счастливого Рождества!

C:\Users\Кирилл\Desktop\Рождество фото\Christmas.jpg

Choose the right answer


1.When is Christmas celebrated in Europe?

a. On the 24th of December;

b. On the I st of January;

с. On the 25th of December.

2. Do Russians celebrate that holiday?

a. yes;

b. no;

3.When do they celebrate it?

а. on the 26th of December;

b. on the 7th of January;

c. on the 13th of January.

4. Whose birthday is celebrated on Christmas?

a. Queen Elizabeth;

b. Jesus Christ;

c. William Shakespeare.

5. What country gave us the tradition to decorate the Christmas tree in Russia?

a. France;

b. England;

c. Germany.

6. Who introduced the tradition to decorate the Christmas tree in Russia?

a. Peter the Great.

b. King Henry VIII.

c. William the Conqueror.

7. When was the custom of decorating Christmas trees with candles and presents introduced in Britain?

a. After Queen Victoria married Prince Philip.

b. After Queen Victoria married Prince Albert.

c. After Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles.

8. Where does the most famous Christmas tree stand in London?

а. In Buckingham palace.

b. In the Tower of London.

c. In Trafalgar Square.

9.Whose present is it?

a. from the people of Norway.

b. from the people of Russia.

c. from the people of Scotland.

10. What do they call Father Frost in the west?

a. Frosty the Snowman.

b. Jingle Bells.

c. Santa Claus.

11. Where does he live?

a. in the Far North

b. at the North Pole.

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