Тест «Test “The USA”» по английскому языку

Test “The USA”

  1. There are….. states in the United States of America.

a) 19 c) 50

b) 23 d) 48

2. The USA is washed by the…. in the west.

a) Black Sea c) Northern Sea

b) Japan Sea d) Pacific Ocean

3. About…. Million people live in the US.

a) 300 c) 450

b) 250 d) 180

4. The greatest river in the US is the…..

a) Amazon River c) Mississippi

b) Colorado d) Missouri

5. The…. is one of America’s main tourist attractions.

a) Grand Canyon c) Big Canyon

b) Grand River d) High Mountain

6. The United States sometimes called the….

a) “Old World” c) “Young World”

b) “New World” d) “Wild World”

7. ….., an American astronaut, the first man who stepped on the Moon in 1969.

a) Paul Me Courtney c) Bill Williams

b) Diesel Washington d) Neil Armstrong

8. The capital of US is … .

a) New York c) Washington

b) Los Angeles d) Seattle

9. The Congress is divided into two parts: the House of Representatives and the … .

a) Senate c) White Hall

b) Church d) Parliament

10. A senator’s term is … .

a) 6 months c) 10 years

b) 6 years d) 12years

11. A person who wants to become President must be at least … years old.

a) 45 c) 24

b) 18 d) 35

12. Americans vote for the president in … of every leap year.

a) January c) November

b) April d) December

13. A person who wants to become President must live in the US for at least … years before becoming President.

a) 10 c) 14

b) 20 d) 25

14. The … War lasted from 1861 till 1865.

a) World c) Cold

b) Big d) Civil

15. The first US President was … .

a) Columbus c) Abraham Lincoln

b) George Washington b) Bill Clinton

16. George Washington was born in … .

a) Virginia c) New York

b) Washington d) Hollywood

17. George Washington died in … .

a) 1799 c) 1810

b) 1750 d) 1814

18. Abraham Lincoln was the … President of the USA.

a) 2nd c) 11th

b) 7th d) 16th

19. Abraham grew up in the … .

a) South c) Middle West

b) Middle East d) North

20. Abraham Lincoln became the 16th American President in….

a) 1850 c) 1867

b) 1861 d) 1882

21. Abe Lincoln was a professional …..

a) lawyer c) teacher

b) story – teller d) military man

22. Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in ….

a) 1836 c) 1888

b) 1863 d) 1900

23. George Washington was born in a …..family.

a) artist’s c) painter’s

b) planter’s d) dancer’s

24.The first US President is known to all Americans as … .

a) “The Father of the Country” c) “The Father of the America”

b) “The Father of the Nation” d) “The Mother of the Nation”

25. In 1865 the …won the Civil War

a) North c) East

b) West d) South

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Ф.И.О автора: Шкварюк Алена Александровна. Место работы: МБОУ СОШ № 42 г. Ставрополя. Должность: учитель английского языка. FINAL TEST. 4TH FORM. ...

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