- Видовременная система английского глагола

Тест «Видовременная система английского глагола» по английскому языку

Тесты по грамматике английского языка для школьников и абитуриентов.

Т. И. Борисенко, Т. В. Валентей


1. Видовременная система английского глагола

Тест 1

Выберите правильный вариант.

1 .When Mark arrived, the Johnsons______dinner, but

stopped in order to talk to him.

a) were having c) had been having

b) had d) was having

2. While Tom______a book, Marhta______TV.

a) was reading, watched c) was reading, was watching

b) read, watched d) read, was watching

3. The food that Ann is cooking in the kitchen______deli­cious.

a) is smelling c) smelt

b) smells d) will smell

4. We called our friends in London yesterday to tell them about the reunion that we______.

a) will plan c) plan

b) were planning d) have planned

5. Catherine is studying law at the university, and so______


a) is c) was

b) does d) were

6.1 feel terrible. I think I______to be sick.

a) will c) am going

b) go d) will be going

7. My colleagues usually______four days a week, and tills

week they______five days.

a) work, work c) are working, are working

b) are working, work d) work, are working

8. It______outside; 1 do not like to walk in such weather.

a) rains c) is raining

b) is rain d) is rained

9. I______a very difficult day tomorrow. I need to prepare

for the exam.

a) will have c) have

b) am having d) would have

10. At 10 o'clock in the morning on Wednesday Tom______

a delegation in the office.

a) will receive c) will be receiving

b) is receiving d) would receive

11. Although the sun was shining, it was still cold, because it ______hard for two hours.

a) had been raining c) had rained

b) was raining d) is raining

12. She______at the parcel long enough, before she______

that it was for her brother.

a) had been looking, had understood

b) had been looking, understood

c) was looking, understood

d) was looking, had understood

13.1_____to the cinema but my friend persuaded me to stay.

a) am not going c) did not go

b) was going d) had been going

14. We were good friends, we______each other for years.

a) had known c) were knowing

b) had knowing d) know

15. We were extremely tired at the end of the journey. We ______for more than 24 hours.

a) had travelled c) had been travelling

b) were travelling d) travel

16. How long______this book? How many pages of this


a) have you been reading, have you been reading

b) have you read, have you read

c) have you read, you read

d) have you been reading, have you read

17. We always go to Saint Petersburg for our holidays. We ______there for years.

a) have been going c) go

b) are going d) were going

18. I have lost my key again. I______things. I lose things

too often.

a) always lose c) have always lost

b) am always losing d) was always losing

19. The economic situation is already very bad and it______


a) is getting c) got

b) gets d) would be getting

20. What time______your friend______tomorrow?

a) will arrive c) will be arriving

b) is arrived d) will arriving

Тест 2

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. We______to the top of Holborn Hill before I______

that he was not smiling at all.

a) had got, knew c) were getting, knew

b) got, knew d) have got, have known

2. Turning from the Temple gate as soon as I______the

warning, I______my way to Fleet Street, and then______

to Covent Garden.

a) was reading, made, drove

b) have read, made, drove

c) had read, made, drove

d) read, made, drove

3. Seventy-seven detective novels and books of stories by

Agatha Christie______into every major language, and

her sales______in tens of millions.

a) are translated, are calculated

b) were translated, were calculated

c) have been translated, are calculated

d) had been translated, were calculated

4. In recent years, scientific and technological developments

______human life on our planet, as well as our views both

of ourselves as individuals in society and of the universe as a whole.

a) have drastically changed c) are drastically changing

b) drastically changed d) change drastically

5. Before we______from swimming in the river near the

camp, someone______our clothes, and we had to walk

back with our towels around us.

a) returned, stole c) were returning, stole

b) had returned, had stolen d) returned, had stolen

6. Our new neighbours______in Arizona for ten years be­fore moving to their present house.

a) had been living c) have been living

b) lived d) were living

7. We went into the house by a side door and the first thing 1

______was that the passages______all dark, and that

she______a candle burning there.

a) noticed, were, left

b) had noticed, had been, had left

c) noticed, were, had left

d) have noticed, were, had left

8. The sun______brightly all day on the roof of my attic,

and the room was warm.

a) was shining c) has shone

b) shone d) had been shining

9. Although the period that we call "the Renaissance" ______in Italy in the fourteenth century, this idea of re­birth in learning characterized other epochs in history in different parts of the world.

a) begins c) began

b) had begun d) will begin

10. Egyptians left no written accounts as to the execution of

mummification, so the scientists______to examine

mummies and establish their own theories.

a) had c) are having

b) have d) have had

11. In spite of the fact that it______all day long, the match

______and the stands were full of spectators.

a) had been raining, was not cancelled

b) rained, was not cancelled

c) was raining, has not cancelled

d) had rained, had not been cancelled

12. Many football fans claimed that after "Real FC"______

that important game it______no chance to win the


a) lost, had c) had lost, had

b) lose, has d) will lose, will have

13. I wish he______last Friday but his flight______be­cause of bad weather. If he______the next day I would

have brought him by car.

a) arrived, was cancelled, called

b) had arrived, was cancelled, had called

c) had arrived, had been cancelled, called

d) arrived, have cancelled, had called

14. After many long years of devoted and patient instruction,

the doctor______able to get the boy to clothe and feed

himself, recognize and utter a number of words, as well as write letters and form words.

a) was c) had been

b) has been d) were

15. At the first stages of the Industrial Revolution advertising ______a relatively straightforward means of announce­ment and communication and was used mainly to pro­mote novelties and fringe products which______un­known to the public.

a) had been, were c) was, were

b) had been, had been d) was being, were

16. Towards the end of the 19th century the larger companies

______more and more on mass advertising to promote

their new range of products. The market during this pe­riod ______by a small number of giant, conglomerate


a) relied, has been controlled

b) relied, had been controlled

c) were relying, has been controlled

d) relied, were controlled

17. To cater for the fitness boom of the 80s and provide the up-to-date facilities people want, over 1,500 private health and fitness clubs______during the past 15 years.

a) were built c) have been built

b) had been built d) will be built

18. In 1936 the British Broadcasting Corporation______to

provide a public radio service. Since then the BBC ______by the establishment of independent and com­mercial radio and television, which______the BBC's

broadcasting monopoly.

a) was established, was influenced, removed

b) was established, has been influenced, removed

c) was established, has been influenced, had removed

d) was established, had been influenced, removed

19. The Neolithic Age was a period of history which______

in approximately 6000 B.C. and______until 3000 B.C.

a) began, lasted c) began, was lasting

b) had begun, lasted d) had begun, had been lasting

20. A major problem in the construction of new buildings is that windows______while air conditioning systems

a) have been eliminated, have not been perfected

b) were eliminated, were not perfected

c) had been eliminated, had not been perfected

d) eliminate, are not perfected

Тест 3

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. - How long______you______?

— Since I was 17.

a) have been driving c) did drive

b) have driven d) do drive

2. She______always______in Moscow.

a) —, lives c) has been living

b) has lived d) has live

3. How long______you______Kate?

a) did know c) have known

b) have been knowing d) do known

4.1______here all my life.

a) have lived c) am living

b) have living d) live

5. Kate has lost her passport again, it is the second time this

a) happens c) happened

b) has happened d) is happening

6. Kate has been working here______.

a) since two years c) for two years

b) two years ago d) two years

7. The boy sitting next to me on the plane was nervous be­cause he______before.

a) has not flown c) had not flown

b) did not fly d) has not been flying

8.1______a lot but I don't any more.

a) was used to eat c) was eating

b) used to eat d) used to eating

9.______next week, so we can go somewhere.

a) I'm not working c) I don't work

b) I won't work d) I shall not work

10. We are late. The film______by the time we get to the


a) will be already started c) will already have started

b) will already start d) already will start

11. Don't worry______late tonight.

a) if I'll be c) when I'll be

b) if I am d) if I be

12. At first I thought I______the right thing, but I soon re­alized that I______a serious mistake.

a) did, made c) have done, have made

b) had done, had made d) did, had made

13.1 hope Kate is coming soon. I______for two hours.

a) am waiting c) had been waiting

b) have been waiting d) waited

14. At last Kate came. I______for two hours.

a) am waiting c) had been waiting

b) have been waiting d) was waiting

15. She is going on holiday. This time next week she______

on a beach or______in the sea.

a) is going to lay, swim

b) will be lying, swimming

c) will lie, swim

d) is lying, swimming

16. —______you______the post office when you're out?

- Probably. Why?

- I need to mail the letter. Could you do it for me?

a) are passing c) will be passing

b) are going to pass d) will pass

17. We______for a walk when it______raining.

a) will go, will stop c) are going, will stop

b) will go, stops d) go, stops

18. When you______in Moscow again, you must come and

see us.

a) will go c) are

b) will be d) are going

19. I'm going to read a lot of books while I______on holi­day.

a) am c) would be

b) will be d) am going to be

20. -______you______your car this evening?

— No. Do you want to borrow it?

a) will be using c) are used

b) will use d) do use

Тест 4

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Water______at 100 degrees.

a) boils с) will boil

b) is boiling d) will have been boiling

2. The weather hotter and hotter.

a) gets c) is getting

b) has been getting d) get

3. The first modern Olympics______in Athens more than a

hundred years ago.

a) were taking place c) have taken

b) took d) had taken

4. We______20 new buildings this year.

a) built c) had built

b) were building d) have built

5.1______always______if the service is bad in restaurants.

a) -, complain c) will be complaining

b) am complaining d) will complain

6. I______to the news on television at nine o'clock last


a) was listening c) have been listening

b) listened d) had been listening

7. After they______they cleared the table.

a) ate c) have eaten

b) had eaten d) were eating

8.1______for a whole hour!

a) am waiting c) have been waiting

b) was waiting d) had been waiting

9 I______John's mobile phone because I left mine at


a) use c) used

b) was using d) have been using

10. This juice______good.

a) is tasting c) has been tasting

b) tastes d) is being tasted

11. Long ago they______most houses out of wood.

a) built c) were building

b) have built d) had built

12. We still______life on other planets.

a) didn't discover c) won't discover

b) hadn't discovered d) haven't discovered

13.1______when my friend______.

a) slept, called

b) was sleeping, was calling

c) was sleeping, called

d) slept, was calling

14. Those potatoes______for an hour.

a) have been boiling c) are boiling

b) were boiling d) had been boiling

15. You______always______money!

a) —, borrow c) will borrow

b) has been borrowing d) are borrowing

16. They______for four hours before they______the top

of the mountain.

a) climbed, reached

b) had been climbing, reached

c) was climbing, reached

d) climbed, has been reaching

17.1 think it______a difficult game.

a) is going to be c) have been

b) will be d) had been

18.1______ to you ever again.

a) don't speak c) hasn't spoken

b) am not going to speak d) will have been spoken

19.1______him tomorrow, he is expecting my call.

a) phone c) am going to phone

b) am phoning d) will have phoned

20. The boat______the island on Friday.

a) is leaving c) is going to leave

b)leave d)leaves

Тест 5

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. His grandfather______from his job a year ago.

a) has retired c) retires

b) was retiring d) retired

2. The backpacker knew there was a lake because they ______ it earlier in the day.

a) have seen c) had seen

b) saw d) hadn't seen

3.______he______about the opera before?

a) had spoken c) has spoken

b) was speaking d) did speak

4. What time______it______?

a) did happen c) had happened

b) has happened d) was happening

5. Tomorrow at five he______football.

a) '11 play c) plays

b) '11 be playing d) play

6. This time last year he______in London.

a) lived c) '11 live

b) was living d) has lived

7 I______for you for more than one hour.

a) has waited c) was waiting

b) have been waiting d) was waited

8. He______it for an hour before I came.

a) have been doing c) had been doing

b) had been done d) did

9- —_____he already______the doctor by that time?

a) has seen c) was seeing

b) did see d) had seen

10. She______her work already.

a) hasn't finished c) finished

b) has finished d) is finished

11. When I______it______yesterday.

a) wake up, was raining c) woke up, was raining

b) woke up, rained d) 've woken up, was raining

12. Will you______the bank when you go out?

a) be passing c) have passed

b) pass d) to pass

13. Last night I______home at 11. I______supper and

then______to bed.

a) have come, had. went c) came, have had, went

b) came, had, went d) came, had, have gone

14. ______ you ______ many cities when you were in


a) did visit c) are visiting

b) have visited d) do visit

15. They______for 20 minutes when his mother came in.

a) talked c) have talked

b) were talking d) had been talking

16. The room looks very clean.______you______it?

a) Did, clean c) Have, cleaned

c) Do, clean d) Are, cleaning

17. Next year is my parents' tenth wedding anniversary. They ______married for 10 years.

a) have c) '11 have

b) are d) '11 have been

18. Next week he______to Paris on business.

a) is going c) goes

b) is going to go d) go

19. They______this article by 5 p.m. yesterday.

a) have translated c) had translated

b) translated d) had been translated

20. While he______tennis, he______his arm.

a) played, was hurting c) was playing, hurted

b) was playing, hurt d) played, hurt

21. This time next week he______in the Black Sea.

a) swim c) '11 swim

b) '11 be swimming d) swims

22. Last night I______in bed when suddenly the phone


a) read c) have read

b) were reading d) was reading

23. He______for Moscow by yesterday night.

a) had left c) has left

b) left d) was leaving

24. He______very fast when the accident______.

a) drove, happened

b) was driving, has happened

c) is driving, happened

d) was driving, happened

25. We______from her since June.

a) have heard c) had heard

b) haven't heard d) weren't hearing

Тест 6

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. She______her exam by two o'clock.

a) passed c) has passed

b) have passed d) had passed

2. A plate slipped out of my hands when I______the wash­ing up.

a) was doing c) had done

b) did d) was done

3. It's nine o'clock. The pupils______a lesson.

a) will be having c) have

b) are having d) have had

4. He______ill twice so far this year.

a) is c) was

b) has been d) is being

5. By summer you______English for two years.

a) '11 study c) '11 have been studying

b) have studied d) are studying

6. What______you______at this time yesterday?

a) was doing c) did do

b) have done d) were doing

7. We're late. The film______finished by the time we______

to the centre.

a) is finished, get

b) will be finished, '11 get

c) will have finished, get

d) finished, '11 get

8. The documents______by the time I come.

a) '11 have been typed c) '11 be typed

b) '11 have typed d) will be typing

9. Last year 1______ill only twice.

a) was c) am

b) have been d) has been

10. By the 8th of April my mother_______at school for

twenty years.

a) '11 work c) has worked

b) '11 be working d) '11 have been working

11.1______these sentences for one hour.

a) am writing c) have written

b) 've been writing d) was writing

12. We______it for half an hour when the teacher entered.

a) have discussed c) discussed

b) were discussing d) had been discussing

13. It______for three hours.

a) was snowing c) is snowing

b) snowed d) has been snowing

14. My sister learns French and she______very well.

a) does c) is doing

b) do d) did

15. My nephew is at college now, and my son______to col­lege next year.

a) is going c) '11 go

b) is going to go d) goes

16. His friend______two English articles into Russian.

a) translated c) has translated

b) have translated d) translates

17. They______us several telegrams lately.

a) send c) sent

b) 've sent d) are sending

18. Don't worry! The child______better.

a) get c) have got

b) gets d) is getting

19. He______under treatment for two months but there are

no signs of improvement.

a) 's been c) was

b) is d) is being

20. Doctor Ivanov______people for heart trouble.

a) is treating c) treats

b) has treated d) treat

21. This dictionary______much and is very valuable to me.

a) costed c) cost

b) is costing d) had cost

22.1 wonder why John______a job yet.

a) finds c) didn't find

b) hasn't found d) found

23. The company______now for building workers.

a) advertised c) was advertised

b) has advertised d) is advertising

24. The hard work______on his health.

a) tells c) is telling

b) is told d) was telling

25. Peter______up photography as a hobby.

a) took c) has taken

b) was taken d) takes

Тест 7

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Jack______down on his sofa and______about the day.

What a busy day it______ .

a) sat, thought, had been

b) was sitting, thought, had been

c) sat, thought, was

d) sat, was thinking, had been

2. This was his first night in his own flat. He______his en­tire life in his parents' home.

a) lived c) has lived

b) was living d) had lived

3. No wonder he was tired. He _______ up since six o'clock in the morning.

a) is c) had been

b) has been d) was

4.1 was furious because I______and missed the train.

a) had overslept c) have overslept

b) overslept d) haven't overslept

5. She was nervous because she______never______before.

a) has flown c) had flown

b) hasn't flown d) hadn't flown

6. Mary is disappointed because her son______exams.

a) failed c) fails

b) has failed d) had failed

7.1 didn't know his name. But I was sure I______him be­fore.

a) saw c) haven't seen

b) have seen d) had seen

8. Mike is a beggar now but he______always______poor.

a) was not c) hasn't been

b) hadn't been d) has been

9. When I got home I was hungry. I______anything to eat

all day.

a) haven't had c) have had

b) hadn't had d) had had

10. Jack wants a new job. He______in the same job for

three years.

a) has been c) is

b) was d) is being

11. He is broke. He______all his money on entertainment.

a) spent c) had spent

b) has spent d)spend

12. How much money______you______for your retire­ment?

a) do save c) have saved

b) are saving d) had saved

13. How long______he______his friend?

a) has known c) do know

b) had known d) is knowing

14. This is the first time I______bread with honey.

a) ate c) am eating

b) eat d) have eaten

15. What______. you______last night?

a) have done c) were doing

b) did do d) had done

16. He______his hair. He looks nice.

a) has cut c) is cutting

b) cut d) had cut

17. When______he______his hair cut?

a) has got c) did get

b) had got d) does get

18._____. you______Peter? - I______him yesterday.

a) did see, saw c) have seen, have seen

b) were seen, saw d) have seen, saw

19. He______at me and______into silence.

a) had looked, fell c) was looking, fell

b) looked, fell d) looked, had fallen

20. The train______just now.

a) leaves c) left

b) had left d) was leaving

21. We had many difficulties but we______them.

a) have overcome c) had overcome

b) overcame d) '11 overcome

22. We______their family for long.

a) knew c) have known

b) are knowing d) had known

23. She left for the South and I______her since.

a) didn't see c) hadn't seen

b) haven't seen d) don't see

24.1______the title of the book.

a) 've forgotten c) forgot

b) 'd forgotten d) am forgetting

25. Mary______French before she came to France.

a) learned c) has learned

b) was learning d) had learned

2. Модальные глаголы

Выберите правильный вариант.

Тест 1

-______(1) you retell this text in English right now?

- Unfortunately I______(2).______(3) to do this I

______(4) to repeat some words which I______(5).

a) b) c) d)

1can 1can 1. must 1. shall

2. can't 2. can't 2. can't 2. can't

3. to be able 3. be able 3. to be able 3. to be able

4. have 4. have 4. must 4. can

5. need- 5. need 5. can 5. need

Тест 2

He______(1) write in German, but he______(2) to

speak the language fluently. He______(3) to listen to many

tapes ______(4) to understand native speakers when he

______(5) to work in Germany.

a) b) c) d)

1. can 1. can 1. can 1. is able

2. isn't able 2. can't 2. isn't able 2. isn't able

3. '11 have 3. '11 have 3. '11 have 3. '11 have

4. to be able 4. to be able 4. to be able 4. to be able 5.'11 have 5. has 5. has 5. has

Тест 3

-______(1) I come in?

— No, you______(2) because the bell has already rung.

- Oh, I'm sorry.______(3) I go to the dean's office for


- No, you______(4). You______(5) join us after the


a) b) c) d)

1. shall l.may l.may 1. may

2. mustn't 2. must 2. mustn't 2. mustn't

3. shall 3. shall 3. shall 3. shall

4. needn't 4. needn't 4. need 4. needn't

5. may 5. may 5. may 5. may

Тест 4

If you______(1) to work much, you______(2) to go in

for sports. If you______(3) to go in for sports, you______(4)

become unfit. So, you______(5) decide what is better.

a) c)

1.'11 have 1. have

2. won't be able 2. won't be able

3. aren't able 3. aren't able

4. may 4. may

5. must 5. must

b) d) l.have l.have

2. aren't able 2. won't be able

3. aren't able 3. won't be able

4. may 4. may

5. must 5. must

Тест 5

My friend and I______(1) to do a part-time job______(2)

to make a trip to the Far East. But yesterday my friend said

he______(3) go there because he______(4) to look after

his sister who______(5) be seriously ill.

a) b)

1 must l.had

2. to be able 2. to be able

3. couldn't 3. couldn't

4. would have 4. would have

5. might 5. might

Тест 10

- The plane to Boston______(I) to take off in 15 min­utes. ______(2) you do me a favour? ______(3) I pass

through the Customs without checking my suitcase?

- I'm sorry you______(4). .Ml passengers______(5)

open their suitcases.

a) b) c) d)

l.is l.will l.is l.is

2. could 2. can 2. could 2. could

3. may З.тау 3. shall 3. may

4. may not 4. may not 4. may not 4. may

5. must 5. must 5. must 5. must

Тест 1 1

—______(1) you______(1) to go to work earlier yester­day?

- Yes, I did. But I was late because I______(2) get up on


- What about tomorrow?______(3) you______(3) to

wake up early again? I think I ______(4) because it

______(5) be a day off.

a) c)

1. do, have 1. did, have

2. couldn't 2. couldn't

3. will, have 3. do, have

4. must not 4. mustn't

5. may 5. may

b) d)

1. did, have 1. did, have

2. couldn't 2. couldn't

3. will, have 3. will, have

4. mustn't 4. must

5. may 5. has

Тест 1 2

- (1) I help you?

- Please, do. 1 ______(2) shut the door. The lock

______(3) be out of order. Yesterday I______(4) lock the

door either and I______(5) to ask for help.

a) b) c) d)

Lean Lean Lean Lean

2. can't 2. must 2. can't 2. am not able

3. must 3. must 3. should 3. should

4. couldn't 4. couldn't 4. could 4. couldn't

5. had 5. had 5. had 5. had

Тест 1 3

—______(1) you like some drink?

— Yes, please. I______(2) take a cup of coffee without

sugar. Doctors say I______(3) eat too much sugar. What is

worse I______(4) give up eating salty food. It is difficult be­cause I______(5) do without salt.

a) b) c) d)

1. would 1. would 1. would 1. would

2. have 2. will 2. will 2. will

3. mustn't З.сап 3. mustn't 3. mustn't

4. must 4. must 4. can 4. must

5. can't 5. can't 5. can't 5. can't

Тест 1 4

Dick (1) sing very well but he______(2) read

music. I think he ______(3) take the lessons of music

____(4) to read it. This______(5) help him to become a

Professional singer.

a) b) с) d)

1. is able 1 can 1. can 1. can

2. can't 2. can't 2. can't 2. need

3. should 3. ought 3. should 3. should

4. to be able 4. to be able 4. to be able 4. to be able

5. may 5. may 5. may 5. may

Тест 1 5

-______(1) I borrow your newspaper for a minute?

- Yes, you______(2). But you______(3) give it back to

me since 1______(4) it to wrap the bunch of flowers which

______(5) fade.

a) b) c) d)

l.may 1. shall l.may l.may

2. may . 2. may 2. should 2. may

3. must 3. must 3. need 3. must

4. need 4. need 4. must 4. '11 have

5. mustn't 5. mustn't 5. mustn't 5. mustn't

Тест 16

You (1)______to be respectful when you______(2) to

make a trip in Afganistan. And namely you______(3) greet

someone with the left hand. Besides you______(4) praise

any thing in your host's house because according to the old

custom they______(5) to give what you liked to you.

a) b) c) d)

l.must 1. ought bought 1. ought

2. have 2. have 2. must 2. have

3. mustn't 3. mustn't 3. shouldn't 3. needn't

4. shouldn't 4. shouldn't 4. mustn't 4. oughtn't

5. ought 5. ought 5. ought 5. ought

Тест 17

— I______(1) your help. Tomorrow I______(2) to go

away for a fortnight. My dog______(3) be fed twice a day.

- I'm sorry I______(4), but you______(5) ask some­body else to take care of your pet.

a) b) c) d)

l.need l.need l.need l.need

2. must 2. '11 have 2. '11 have 2. '11 have

3. must 3. must 3. needs 3. must

4. can't 4. can't 4. can't 4. couldn't

5. may 5. may 5. may 5. may

Тест 1 8

-______(1) you______(1) to study hard last week?

- Yes, I did. I______(2) to write the composition which

I______(3) to give my teacher today.

— I suppose you______(4) be in a hurry because the

teacher______(5) be ill.

a) b) c) d)

1. do, have 1. did, have 1. did, have 1. did, have

2. had 2. had 2. had 2. had

3. am 3. must 3. am 3. am

4. need not 4. need not 4. needed 4. need not

5. may 5. may 5. may 5. may

Тест 1 9

Yesterday I______(1) to do my homework late at night

because before I______(2) to go to the library to look

through some necessary material. Only then I______(3)

proceed to home assignments. I______(4) to do all of them,

since I was tired. But the other day I______(5) do every­thing early in the morning.

a) b) с) d)

l.must l.had l.had l.had

2. needed 2. need 2. needed 2. needed

3. could 3. could 3. could 3. couldn't

4. wasn't able 4. wasn't able 4. wasn't able 4. was able

5. could 5. could 5. could 5. could

Тест 2Oi

Today my elder brother______(1) to do a lot of things. I i

______(2) help him if I______(3) take his car. But he re-'

fused to give it to me. He thought he______(4) do on his

own instead of______(5) to pay fines for my bad driving

a) b) c) d)

l.has l.has l.has l.has

2. could 2. can 2. could 2. could

3. might 3. might 3. may 3. might

4. could 4. can 4.can 4. can

5. having 5. having 5. having 5. having

Тест 21

My friend______(1) understand that she______(2) read

a lot of books to pass her Literature exam, that she

______(3) to take in three days. I am sure she______(4) to

reread all the books she______(5).

a) b) c) d)

1. can't 1. can't 1. can't 1. can't

2. ought 2. must 2. must 2. must

3. '11 have 3. '11 have 3. has 3. '11 have

4. isn't able 4. isn't able 4. isn't able 4. isn't able

5. needs 5. needs 5. needs 5. need

Тест 22

If Dick______(1) start the revision period much earlier

he______(2) hope for better results. He______(3) to worry

about the shortage of time______(4) for thorough prepara­tions. I believe he______(5) take a more serious approach to

his studies.

a) c) 1can 1. could

2. might 2. might

3. didn't have 3. didn't have

4. needed 4. needed

5. should 5. should

b) d)

1. could 1. could

2. might 2. may

3. didn't have 3. didn't have

4. needed 4. needed

5. ought 5. should

Тест 23

-______(1) you explain this rule once again?

- No, I______(2) because I______(3) a lot of time to

introduce new grammar material. You all______(4) to be

very attentive. But at the end of the lesson I______(5) re­serve some time to clarify this rule.

a) b) c) d)

1. could 1can 1. could 1. could

2. can't 2. can't 2. mustn't 2. can't

3. need 3. need 3. need 3. need

4. ought 4. ought 4. ought 4. must

5. may 5. may 5. may 5. may

Тест 24

______(1) it be true that Mary______(2) to translate

into English such a difficult text? Besides she claimed that

she______(3) cope with it easily and______(4) like to

show her translation to me. But I put off our meeting because

I thought she______(5) have some time for correcting.

a) b) c) d)

l.can 1 can 1can 1can

2. can 2. was able 2. was able 2. was able

3. could 3. can 3. could 3. could

4. would 4. would 4. would 4. would

5. might 5. might 5. may 5. might

Тест 25

- I would like to know if he______(1) do what I wanted

him to do.

— I'm afraid he______(2) because he______(3) be very


— It is rather strange! So, if he______(4) my help I think

I______(5) to help him.

a) b) c) d)

1. could 1. is able 1. could 1. could

2. couldn't 2. couldn't 2. could 2. couldn't

3. might 3. might 3. might 3. might

4. needs 4. needs 4. needs 4. need

5. oughtn't 5. oughtn't 5. oughtn't 5. oughtn't

Тест 26

- I wonder if my son______(1) to stay after classes to­morrow in case he gets a bad mark?

- I'm sure he______(2) to do this because he______(3)

extra classes.

— I am of the same opinion. He______(4) to study more

______(5) to pass final exams.

a) b) c) d)

1. will have 1. will have 1. will have 1. has

2. has 2. has 2. must 2. has

3. needs 3. needs 3. needs 3. needs

4. ought 4. ought 4. ought 4. ought

5. can 5. to be able 5. to be able 5. to be able

Тест 27

— You______(1) rewrite this essay.

— Why______(2) I do it? I gave my essay to you last

week. You said it______(3) receive a good rating. So, I

______(4) repeat the same task and you______(5) make me

rewrite this essay.

a) b) c) d)

l.have 1. must l.must l.must

2. should 2. should 2. should 2. should

3. could 3. can 3. could 3. could

4. mustn't 4. mustn't 4. mustn't 4. don't have

5. shouldn't 5. shouldn't 5. shouldn't 5. shouldn't

Тест 28

- You ______(1) go in for sports, otherwise you

.______(2) produce a lot of weight. You______(3) start do­ing aerobics, for example.

- For the time being I______(4) to take up any sport

since I______(5) to work very much.

a) b) c) d)

1. should 1. ought 1. should 1. should

2. may 2. may 2. may 2. may

3. could 3. could 3. have 3. could

4. cannot 4. am not able 4. am not able 4. am not able

5. have 5. have 5. have 5. have

Тест 29

I______(1) understand why my girlfriend______(2) be

angry with me. I always do all I______(3) not to have a row

with her. She______(4) treat me like this because one day I

______(5) be offended.

a) b) c) d)

1. can't 1. can't 1can 1can

2. should 2. should 2. should 2. should

3. can 3. can 3. could 3. can

4. mustn't 4. doesn't have 4. mustn't 4. mustn't

5. may 5. may 5. may 5. may

Тест 3D

-______(1) I read the text?

- Please, do. You______(2) read it very attentively and

you_____(3) make a lot of mistakes. If you______(4) to

read it well, you______(5) to reread it tomorrow.

a) c)

1. shall 1. shall

2. have 2. must

3. shouldn't 3. shouldn't

4. aren't able 4, won't be able 5.'11 have 5.'11 have

b) d)

1. shall 1. shall

2. must 2. must

3. shouldn't 3. shouldn't

4. aren't able 4. aren't able 5.'11 have 5. have

Тест 31

Выберите правильный вариант.

1 We______see the lake from our bedroom window.

a) are able c) must

b) can d) might

2-______ you speak any foreign languages?

a) could c) must

b) can d) might

3.1 am afraid I______come to the party next week.

a) could not c) must not

b) cannot . d) might not

4. When we went to the forest, we______smell burning.

a) could c) must

b) can d) might

5. She spoke in a very low voice, but I______understand

what she said.

a) could c) must

b) can d) might

6.1 do not know when they will be here. They______arrive

at any time.

a) could c) must

b) can d) might

7.1 was so tired. I______sleep for a week.

a) could c) must

b) can d) might

8 We______have gone away if we had enough money.

a) could c) must

b) can d) might

9. You have been travelling all day. You______be tired.

a) could c) must

b) must to d) might

10. They have not lived here for very long. They______,

know many people.

a) could c) must not

b) should d) might

11. The phone rang but I did not hear it. I______have been


a) could c) must

b) may d) might

12. She passed me without speaking. She______have seen


a) could not c) should

b) cannot d) might not

13. - Why did not your sister answer the phone?

- She______have been asleep.

a) can c) must

b) should d) might'nt

14. - Why did Sarah miss meeting?

- She______have known about it.

a) should not c) must

b) should d) might not

15. Do not phone me at eight o'clock. I______be watching

the football match on TV.

a) could not c) should

b) can d) might

16. What time are you going? - Well, I am ready, so I______

go now.

a) could as well c) must as well

b) can as well d) might as well

17. She is a very nice person. You______meet her.

a) can c) must

b) are able d) have

18.1 have not phoned Ann for ages. I______phone her to­night.

a) could c) must

b) can d) have

19. He cannot come out with us this evening. He______to


a) could c) must

b) has d) might

20.1______get up early tomorrow, because my train leaves

at 7:30.

a) need c) must

b) have to d) might

21. We do not have much time. We______hurry.

a) should to c) must

b) have d) might to

22. When we are in the library, we______not make any noise.

a) could c) must

b) can d) might

23. You can come with me if you like but you______come if

you do not want.

a) could not c) must not

b) do not have d) might

24. She has been studying hard for the exam, so she______

pass it.

a) could b) should c) must d) might

25. It was a great party last night. You______have come.

a) could c) must

b) should d) might

Тест 32

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. John______speak three foreign languages.

a) can c) must

b) may d) has to

2. You______work hard at your English, if you want to

know it.

a) may c) should

b) must d) are to

3. Mary______be in this room. It is her voice.

a) must c) have to

b) should d) need

4. Everyone______obey the law.

a) should c) must

b) may d) can

5. Mary______have gone to bed earlier last night. She is

very tired today.

a) should c) have to

b) could d) must

6. You______worry about the party any more. I'll take care

of it.

a) don't need to c) needn't to

b) do need to d) need to

7. You______see a doctor.

a) need c) have

b) should d) may to

8. She has passed the exam. She______all last night.

a) can study c) must have studied

b) may have studied d) could have studied

9. The boss said that I______be at work at nine o'clock.

a) had to c) can

b) ought d) will be able to

10. Mary______close the window; it is getting cold.

a) had better to c) had better

b) would better d) should to

11. Children______play football in the streets.

a) can't c) don't need

b) have to d) are to

12.______use the phone, please?

a) Must I c) May I

b) Have I to d) Am I to

13. Kate missed the film last night, because she______work


a) had to c) could

b) can d) may

14. Michael______drive without headlights, it is forbidden.

a) mustn't c) shouldn't

b) have to d) need to

15. It is only ten a.m. She______at school now.

a) must be c) could be

b) should have been d) have be

16. Mary______pass the English exam yesterday, because

she fell ill with the Пи.

a) could c) didn't have to

b) mustn't d) wasn't able to

17. Jenny______go to Egypt this spring.

a) may c) will to

b) might to d) is

18. It is early spring now. Everybody______eat more fruits

and vegetables.

a) should c) can

b) shall d) may

19. This baby______walk in a few weeks.

a) will be able to c) can

b) will can d) need

20. Anna______worry, because this trip isn't risky at all.

a) needn't to c) not need

b) don't need d) needn't

21. You______go to school today, it is Sunday.

a) don't have to c) should

b) have to d) needn't to

22. John______Mary last night, she was sleeping.

a) shouldn't have called c) must to call

b) should have called d) can't to call

23. Everything is white. It______last night.

a) must snow c) must have snowed

b) should have snowed d) must have been snowed

24. Alex didn't do his homework, he______it.

a) can have done c) need have done

b) should have done d) ought have done

25. I'd better go to the cinema,______?

a) hadn't I c) didn't I

b) wouldn't I d) had I

Тест 33

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. My sight is getting worse. Next year, I am afraid, I______

read without glasses.

a) cannot c) could not

b) may not d) will not be able to

2. Police, firefighters, newspaper reporters and radio broad­casters ______work on holiday in the USA.

a) must c) might

b) could d) should

3.______you______get up early to meet the delegation at

the airport?

a) Did, have to c) Have, had to

b) Had, to d) Must, have to

4. Teenagers who commit crimes______be treated as adults

and sentenced to significant punishment.

a) would c) should

b) ought d) have

5. The Senate and the House of Representatives______ap­prove a bill for it to become a law.

a) had to c) was to

b) should d) must

6. When Frank was 13, he______run 100 metres in 15 sec­onds.

a) must c) can

b) could d) could have

7. Janet and Tom did not want to come with us at first time but in the end we______persuade them.

a) were able to c) might

b) should d) could have

8. The baseball match was cancelled last week. Craig______

anyway because he was ill.

a) must not play c) should not play

b) could not have played d) cannot play

9. You have got plenty of time. You______hurry.

a) must not c) need not

b) should not d) may not

10. According to the contract, the goods______at the port

at the end of the week.

a) will arrive c) should arrive

b) are to arrive d) could arrive

11. The dog started to bark loudly, it______traces.

a) can have found c) must find

b) may have found d) may find

12. There is a child sleeping in the next room. You______be

so noisy.

a) ought not c) have not to

b) should not d) do not have

13. Knock again. They______not have heard the first time.

a) was c) need

b) ought d) might

14. My friends______tomorrow in the cafe.

a) are to meet c) ought to meet

b) should meet d) were to meet

15.1 cannot find my umbrella: I have a feeling I______have

left it on the bus.

a) can c) might

b) ought d) may

16. You have been reading for four hours. This book______

very interesting.

a) must have been c) should be

b) can be d) might have been

17. From what you tell me it sounds as if he______to see a

doctor as soon as possible.

a) was able to c) should

b) ought d) must

18. James______take an educational course next Septem­ber. It is a required course.

a) has to c) might

b) may d) need

19. The dog behaves strangely. It______its master.

a) could lose c) should have lost

b) must lost d) must have lost

20.1 do not think you______go out without a raincoat on;

it looks like rain.

a) must c) should

b) ought d) need

21. My friends and I have been waiting for Kostia for a whole hour, and then we decided he______fishing without us.

a) must have gone c) should have gone

b) must go d) would go

22. My friend has a good gift for languages. He______an

excellent translator.

a) could become c) was able to become

b) could have become d) had to become

23. If Ann had called at his office at five o'clock yesterday, she______him there.

a) may have found c) can found

b) might have found d) could have found

24. Louise______have left her credit card behind when she

paid for the petrol.

a) ought c) had

b) should d) must

25. John______find any reason to refuse the invitation to

the party. So he accepted it.

a) could not c) must not

b) cannot d) might not

Тест 34

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. They must______. They have been working all day.

a) be tired c) to be tired

b) tired d) be tiring

2. You can't______after having such a big meal.

a) hunger c) be hungry

b) hungry d) to be hungry

3. She must______Ukrainian with such a surname.

a) to be c) be being

b) be d) -

4. They must______very satisfied after being graded highly.

a) to feel c) felt

b) be feeling d) feel

5. She can't______. It's after ten o'clock.

a) come c) have come

b) be coming d) to come

6. You must______! No one enjoys taking exams!

a) joke c) be joking

b) not joke d) not to joke

7. They can't______married! They are so different.

a) be getting c) to be getting

b) get d) to get

8. He______be ill because I've just spoken to him.

a) can c)should

b) must d) can't

9. His train______be late because it is always on time.

a) can c) shouldn't

b) can't d) ought

10. Не ______ want to miss the exam because he is


a) can't c) must

b) shouldn't d) can

11. - Where is Nick?

— I am not sure. He may______ the piano.

a) play c) be playing

b) have played d) be played

12. Look! She can't______to him. They had a row yester­day.

a) talk c) be talking

b) have talked d) to talk

13. What's that smell! My mother must______dinner.

a) cook c) be cooking

b) to cook d) to be cooking

14. His car is broken down. He______an accident.

a) must have c) should have had

b) must be having d) must have had

15. You look tanned. You______in Africa.

a) must have been c) need have been

b) must be d) can't have been

16. It is eight o'clock. They______soon.

a) can come c) must have come

b) should have come d) must be coming

17.1 am sure she______a holiday. She looks so healthy.

a) must have had c) should have had

b) should have d) can't have had

18.1 am sure he______a new car, because he is unemployed


a) must have bought c) might have bought

b) should have bought d) can't have bought

19. "Do you know where the Petrovs are?" "I think they ______to London."

a) should go c) must be going

b) could have gone d) may be going

20. The baby is looking for his mother. He______lost.

a) can't get c) mustn't have got

b) must get d) must have got

21. She is tired. She______on a long walk.

a) may be c) might have been

b) mightn't d) have been

22. She is wet. She______her umbrella.

a) must have forgotten c) should have forgotten

b) mustn't have forgotten d) must forget

23. He is so untidy. He______the bathroom much.

a) can't have used c) can have used

b) shouldn't have used d) must have used

24. They hate each other. They______in love.

a) can be c) can't be

b) may be d) can't have been

25. He loves her so much! He______her when she is away.

a) must have missed c) may have missed

b) must be missing d) can't have missed

3. Придаточные предложения условия и времени. Типы условных предложений

Тест 1

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Before you______, don't forget to lock the door.

a) are leaving c) leave

b) will leave d) shall leave

2. Please do not speak to anyone before the police______.

a) come c) '11 come

b) are coming d) came

3. His parents will be very glad if she______the university.

a) enter c) enters

b) '11 enter d) entered

4. When you______my brother, you______him.

a) '11 see, won't recognize c) saw, recognize

b) see, won't recognize d) '11 see, don't recognize

5. We won't discuss the matter until the headmaster______.

a) '11 arrive c) doesn't arrive

b) won't arrive d) arrives

6. If I______any help I______my friend.

a) need, '11 phone c) '11 need, phone

b) '11 need, '11 phone d) needed, '11 phone

7. Let's______before it______raining.

a) to go out, starts 'c) go out, '11 start

b) go out, starts d) going out, '11 start

8. I want to go shopping but if you______to come, you

a) want, need c) don't want, needn't

b) not want, needn't d) do want, needn't

9. If you______on this tram it'll take you to the downtown.

a) '11 get c) got

b) have got d) get

10. He______to the country tomorrow if the weather is


a) go c) '11 go

b) goes d) 'd go

11. You'll understand nothing unless you______the book


a) read c) don't read

b) won't read d) '11 read

12. You'll understand this rule after your teacher______it to


a) '11 explain c) explains

b) explain d) don't explain

13.1______the room till I see my brother.

a) '11 leave c) leave

b) shan't leave d) don't leave

14.1______at home till you______me up.

a) am, '11 ring c) '11 be, ring

b) is, ring d) '11 be, '11 ring

15. You______English fluently if you______hard.

a) speak, work c) '11 speak, work

b) speak, '11 work d) '11 speak, '11 work

16. He______for Moscow as soon as his father______.

a) '11 leave, arrive c) leave, '11 arrive

b) '11 leave, '11 arrive d) '11 leave, arrives

17. If I______my exams, my mother______me go to a


a) don't pass, won't let c) won't pass, let

b) won't pass, won't let d) won't pass, doesn't let

18. If he______well, he'll always be tired.

a) sleeps c) '11 sleep

b) doesn't sleep d) won't sleep

19. I'll feel really sorry for her if she____-__all the work

without any help.

a) has done c) does

b) did d) has to do

20. He'll be fired if he______improve his work.

a) doesn't c) won't

b) will d) has to

21. When I______short of money I ask my parents for help.

a) was c) is

b) are d) am

22. Don't trouble trouble until trouble______you.

a) '11 trouble c) troubles

b) won't trouble d) trouble

23. You'll have to make a speech in case the chairman ______late.

a) '11 be c) isn't

b) is d) won't be

24. We'll make a good progress in English provided we ______hard.

a) '11 study c) study

b) are studying d) won't study

25.1 don't know when they______.

a) '11 come c) came

b) come d) are coming

Тест 2

Выберите правильный вариант.

1 • If I _______ a million pounds, 1______it to the charity


a) won, would give c) had won, would give

b) won, would have given d) had won, would have given

2. Would you mind if I______your pen?

a) use c) have used

b) had used d) am using

3 . They looked at me as I______crazy.

a) were c) had been

b) was d) am

4. If I______that you were busy, I______interrupted you.

a) knew, wouldn't have

b) had known, wouldn't have

c) know, wouldn't have

d) has known, wouldn't have

5.1 have just had a quarrel with my parents. What would you do if you______me?

a) are c) were

b) had been d) would be

6. If it is sunny and warm tomorrow, we_______go to the


a) can c) would

b) could d) will

7.1 wish I______so rude to her yesterday.

a) wasn't c) hasn't been

b) weren't d) hadn't been

8. She sounded as if she______tired

a) was c) is

b) were d) had been

9. He talked to me as if nothing______happened.

a) has c) didn't

b) - d) had

10.1 wish I______to work.

a) hadn't have c) didn't have

b) don't have d) hadn't had

11. If you______provoked the dog, it______attacked you.

a) hadn't, wouldn't have c) hadn't, wouldn't

b) didn't, wouldn't d) didn't, won't

12. If it had been warmer, we______swimming.

a) might go c) could have gone

b) could go d) might have gone

13. I am going to look for another job, unless the company ______me more money.

a) offers c) didn't offer

b) doesn't offer d) offered

14. You______achieve anything unless you______hard.

a) wouldn't, tried c) wouldn't, try

b) won't, try d) won't, tried

15. Going to restaurants every day is convenient______you

______a lot of money.

a) providing, have c) providing, had

b) as long as, has d) as long as, had

16. If he______looking where he was going, he______

walked into the wall.

a) has been, wouldn't have c) had been, wouldn't had

b) were, wouldn't have d) had been, wouldn't have

17. I am feeling good. If I______tired, I would have gone


a) had been c) were

b) has been d) am

18. I wasn't tired last night. If I______tired, I would have

gone home.

a) has been c) had been

b) were d) am

19.1 wish you______with me at the sea.

a) had been c) has been

b) were d) would be

20.1 wish she______me last night.

a) called c) has called

b) calls d) had called

Тест 3

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. If it rains, we______at home.

a) would stay c) stay

b) would have stayed d) will stay

2. If you _____ harder, you will fail the exam.

a) would not try c) do not try

b) would not have tried d) will not try

3. If you behave yourself, you _____ with us to the concert.

a) would come c) can come

b) would have come d) will come

4. If you do not work, you______holidays next week.

a) would not have c) do not have

b) would not have had d) will not have

5. If you______anything, ask me.

a) would need c) need

b) would have need d) will need

6. If we are leaving soon, I______my coat.

a) would get c) get

b) would have got d) will get

7. If I______the work by ten o'clock, I will be able to come.

a) would finished c) have finished

b) would have finished d) will finish

8. If you have finished your homework, you______.

a) would be able to go out c) can go out

b) would have gone out d) will go out

9. Eat less or you______fat.

a) would get c) get

b) would have got d) will get

10. If I______enough money, I would retire.

a) would have c) had

b) would have had d) will have

11. If 1 lost my job, I______abroad for a while.

a) would go c) will go

b) would have gone d) might go

12. If I lose my job, I______life very difficult.

a) would find c) find

b) would have found d) will find

13. If he were careful, he______things.

a) would not break c) did not break

b) would not have broken d) will not break

14. If she were slimmer, she _____ much more attractive.

a) would be c) was

b) would have been d) will be

15. If you ______ me more information, I will not be able to

help you.

a) would not give c) do not give

b) would not have given d) will not give

16. They______their plane if they had not woken up late.

a) would not missed c) did not missed

b) would not have missed d) will not miss

17.1______to the party if I______about it.

a) might have gone, knew c) might have gone, had known

b) went, had known d) might go, had known

18.1 wish I______taller, because I am not very tall.

a) were c) would be

b) would have been d) will be

19. I wish I______on holiday with you, but I am busy to­morrow.

a) would go c) went

b) would have gone d) could go

20.1 wish that the car______faster.

a) would go c) went

b) would have gone d) will go

21.1 wish I______your advice that day.

a) would not taken c) took

b) would not have taken d) had not taken

22.1 wish she______to the theatre with us last Friday.

a) would come c) came

b) could have come d) will come

23.1 wish I______everything to you yesterday.

a) could explain c) explained

b) could have explained d) have explained

24.1 wish you______talking now.

a) to stop c) will stop

b) stopped d) would stop

25. I wish they______arguing because they make me ner­vous.

a) will stop c) would stop

b) would have stopped d) stop

Тест 4

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Jane is certain that if you______the truth, everyone


a) will tell, believe c) tell, believe

b) tell, will believe d) told, believe

2. If Mary______the work by six o'clock, she will come to

the party.

a) finishes c) has finished

b) finished d) is finishing

3. If Susan______to school yesterday, she______us.

a) had come, would have seen

b) has come, would have seen

c) came, would see

d) had come, would see

4. The manager wishes he______more enthusiastic with the


a) has been c) were being

b) had been d) were

5.1 am late for my lesson. If only I______on time!

a) can come c) could come

b) was to come d) was coming

6. Mary went to the theatre last night. She wishes she .______there. She didn't enjoy it.

a) didn't go c) hasn't gone

b) hadn't gone d) wasn't going

7. If I were you, I______to the beach instead of preparing

for exams.

a) won't go c) didn't go

b) wouldn't go d) hadn't gone

8. Very often people behave as though they______alone in

the universe.

a) are c) have been

b) are being d) were

9. If you _____ the result of the match, please call and tell me.

a) know c) have known

b) knew d) will know

10. Unless Mary______the projects on time, she______

her job.

a) does, loses c) does, will lose

b) will do, loses d) did, loses

11 . Provided you______you______.

a) don't worry, will succeed

b) didn't worry, succeed

c) don't worry, succeed

d) worry, succeed

12. If I had the book you need, I______it to you. But I

don't have it.

a) will give c) give

b) would give d) gave

13. If Jane _____the money tomorrow, she______to the

restaurant with us.

a) had, would go c) has, will go

b) will have, will go d) has, goes

14. Many students wish they______to learn the lectures.

a) don't have c) hasn't had

b) didn't have d) hadn't have

15. If the scientists______the experiment properly, they

______ the results.

a) arranged, will get

b) had arranged, got

c) had arranged, would have got

d) arranged, would get

16. Sarah wished she______late for the meeting.

a) weren't c) isn't

b) hasn't been d) hadn't been

17.1 usually go to the museum when I______spare time.

a) have c) was having

b) had d) has had

18.______that you were busy with your composition, she

______ to see you.

a) had she known, wouldn't have come

b) she had known, wouldn't have come

c) had she known, didn't come

d) did she know, wouldn't have come

19. If you______me yesterday, I______here now.

a) didn't phone, weren't

b) hadn't phoned, wouldn't be

c) hadn't phoned, weren't

d) didn't phone, weren't

20- We _____ more food in case it______.

a) buy, finishes c) will buy, finishes

b) will buy, will finish d) buy, will finish

Тест 5

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. It______be useful for you if you______this task a sec­ond time.

a) would, did c) would, had done

b) will, '11 do d) would, would do

2. You______never say he was boring if you______to him


a) will, will talk c) would, talked

b) would, would talk d) would, will talk

3. If you______that she______upset you______never

______her about it.

a) would realize, would be, would, have told

b) had realized, will be, would, have told

c) had realized, would be, would, have told

d) had realized, would be, will, tell

4. If this novel______more interesting, it______pub­lished.

a) will be, would be c) would be, would be

b) were, will be d) were, would be

5. If my friend______not away, he______me round the


a) won't be, could show c) is, could have shown

b) were, could show d) will be, could show

6. If the weather______fine tomorrow, I______to the

beach. ,

a) were, would go c) will be, would go

b) would be, would go d) were, '11 go

7. If she______more working experience, she wouldn't

have been fired.

a) would have b) had had

c) had d) has 8. If I had known that I______put off the trip.

a) would c) will

b) would have d) had

9 if I______you, I would never give up.

a) were c) am

b) were d) have been

10. If my grandmother______a chance to study, she'd have

achieved a lot.

a) has c) had had

b) had d) would have

11. If he'd come two minutes later, we______the plane.

a) had missed c) will miss

b) would miss d) would have missed

12. If I had had more money on me yesterday I______that

lovely dress.

a) could buy c) '11 buy

b) could have bought d) bought

13. If I______she was in trouble I could have tried to help


a) know c) had known

b) knew d) '11 know

14. If you had studied harder last year, you______all exams.

a) would have passed c) passed

b) would pass d) had passed

15. If Ivanov were more attentive, he______better.

a) had done c) would do

b) will do d) did

16. He______angry if you didn't come to the party.

a) is c) will be

b) would be d) can be

17. What would you do if your friend______in trouble?

a) are c) is

b) will be d) were

18. If you had kept this fruit in a fridge, it______bad.

a) wouldn't have gone c) hadn't gone

b) won't go d) wouldn't go

19. If he were well-bred, he______like that.

a) didn't behave c) hasn't behaved

b) wouldn't behave d) hadn't behaved

20. What would you have done, if you______the exam?

a) '11 fail c) had failed

b) fail d) would fail

21. He______if he had not been held up.

a) would have come c) has come

b) came d) will come

22. How would you behave if you______responsible for the


a) are c) would be

b) will be d) were

23. It would have been a nice thing if you______our meet­ing yesterday.

a) attended c) would attend

b) had attended d) could attend

24. If I______on holiday now I would go to Spain with my


a) had been c) were

b) have been d) am

25. If I______a diary I would forget my appointments.

a) didn't keep c) wouldn't keep

b) hadn't kept d) kept

Тест 6

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. I wish you______biting your nails — it is really an un­pleasant habit.

a) would stop c) stopped

b) would not stop d) have stopped

2. If you buy any more books we______any place to sleep.

a) do not have c) have not had

b) will not have d) did not have

3. If your teeth hurt, you______a dentist.

a) ought to see c) would see

b) should see d) will see

4. When you heat water it______.

a) has boiled c) boils

b) boiling d) boiled

5. When you go abroad______very attentive.

a) are c) be

b) will be d) were

6. He promised he would return the book as soon as he ______it.

a) had read c) would read

b) will read d) would have read

7. Unless they improve their attitude towards the work, they ______the exam.

a) would fail c) fail

b) will fail d) failing

8. Whenever she goes, she______friends.

a) had made c) made

b) making d) makes

9. Whichever attraction you decide to visit you______sure

of an excellent day out.

a) can be c) would be able

b) will be able d) will be

10. If Tom got an invitation to the wedding, he______a

holiday to attend this event.

a) would have taken c) takes

b) would take d) will take

11. If I had read all my notes, I______any problems at the


a) will not have had c) would not have had

b) would not have d) would not have been had

12. If we received a letter of warning concerning a delay of payment in proper time, we______to your bank ac­count 1000$.

a) would send c) will send

b) would have sent d) will have sent

13. They______to the party if you invited them.

a) would have come c) will come

b) would come d) came

14. Kate promised that she______the story word for word.

a) would have repeated c) will have repeated

b) will repeat d) would repeat

15. In case it rains we______at home.

a) will stay c) stayed

b) will have stayed d) stay

16. If I______more patient, I would not have quarrelled

with Diana.

a) will be c) were

b) was d) had been

17.1 fell sick. I______so much.

a) wish I had eaten c) wish I would eat

b) wish I had not eaten d) wish I eat

18. If I lost my job, I______abroad for a while.

a) might have gone c) might go

b) may go d) may have gone

19. If you had not invited me to the party, I______here.

a) would not be c) will not be

b) would not have been d) would not was

20. Nick would continue his education abroad, if he______

money to pay for it.

a) had c) had had

b) have had d) has

21. If our case had not been tried so late, we______such

large damages.

a) will not lose c) did not lose

b) would not have lost d) would not lose

22. If I______a lot of money I would buy a house at the sea­side.

a) will have c) have

b) had d) had had

23. If I were you I______a contract with this firm.

a) would not sign c) will not sign

b) would not have signed d) will not have signed

24. We could have gone out if the weather______so bad.

a) were c) did not be

b) have not been d) had not been

4. Страдательный залог

Тест 1

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. English is the main foreign language which______within

most school systems.

a)teach c)teaches

b) is taught d) is teaching

2. On festive occasions sweets______at the end of a meal.

a) are served c) is being served

b) is served d) served

3. If the vegetable we______is very soft a crunchy relish

a) are serving, may be added

b) are served, may be added

c) is serving, may be added

d) may be served, added

4. In India the right hand______for eating.

a) used c) is used

b) uses d) is being used

5. Needless to say, hands______before and after eating.

a) must wash c) wash

b) must be washing d) must be washed

6. Some of the rice______ plain to enable us to eat it with

other dishes.

a) is left c) is leaving

b) left d) is being left

7. I haven't got a large appetite and when I______my fa­vourite food, I leave half of it on the plate.

a) was given c) have given

b) gave d) am given

8. My father______that roast meat is not healthy.

a) persuaded c) has persuaded

b) has been persuaded d) persuades

9. She stood in the shadows of the jungle, knowing that she ______by the Indians.

a) must follow c) must have been followed

b) must have followed d) followed

10. She thought the arrow______poisoned.

a) is c) can be

b) may be d) could be

11. He knew the boys______rescued.

a) would be c) are

b) have been d) '11 be

12. Japan______up of a chain of more than one thousand


a) make c) is making

b) is made d) makes

13. Japan______from Korea by the Sea of Japan.

a) is separated c) separated

b) separates d) is separating

14. Japan has a large number of volcanoes, sixty-seven of which______active.

a) consider c) were considered

b) considered d) are considered

15. Now girls are not embarrassed______smoking.

a) to see c) to be seen

b) seeing d) have been seen

16. Research devoted to the differences between men and women______discouraged by feminists for a long time.

a) are b) have been

с) has been d) were

17. Feminists feared that such research______to justify sex


a) may be used c) can be used

b) might be used d) should be used

18. An area of rainforest the size of Austria______every


a) is being destroyed c) destroyed

b) destroys d) destroying

19. Who knows what as yet undiscovered weapons against

cancer or AIDS ______ by the destruction of the


a) ruin c) are ruined

b) ruined d) are being ruined

20. Do you know how many paintings______by vandals?

a) are destroyed c) have been destroyed

b) are being destroyed d) are destroying

21. Suddenly he thought that something______of him.

a) expected c) is expected

b) was expected d) has been expected

22. A lot of jazz festivals______every year in America.

a) are held c) are holding

b) hold d) held

23. Scotland ______ from London but in many ways it is a

separate nation.

a) governed c) is governing

b) was governed d) is governed

24. The Highlands are home to many rare birds and animals, which______nowhere else in Britain.

a) are found c) weren't found

b) aren't found d) cannot be found

25. A seat belt______even if you are sitting in the back seat.

a) must wear c) must be worn

b) wore d) must be wearing

Тест 2

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. The famous actress______now for the "HELLO" maga­zine.

a) is interview c) is being interviewed

b) interview d) was interviewed

2. All tickets______before we got in the theatre.

a) were sold c) are sold

b) have sold d) had been sold

3. Students______next Friday.

a) will be examined c) are examined

b) will examine d) have been examined

4. "A Farewell to Arms"______in 1929.

a) was published c) published

b) were published d) has published

5. The dinner______by five o'clock tomorrow.

a) will be served c) will have been served

b) is served d) will serve

6. He______to tidy the garage.

a) was helped c) are helped

b) were helped d) have helped

7. She______practicing the piano yesterday.

a) is heard c) hear

b) was heard d) hears

8. The jam sandwiches______with white bread.

a) made c) are made

b) makes d) is made

9. Most children______strongly______their parents.

a) are, influencing on c) has, influence with

b) are, influenced by d) have, influenced by

10. All information______to me, before I found her ad­dress.

a) had given c) was given

b) had been given d) is given

11. The Loch Ness monster______to exist.

a) is told c) is said

b) tells d) says

12. About 50 people______to the party yesterday.

a) were invited c) was invited

b) invite d) are invited

13. Trained dogs______by the police to find drugs.

a) use c) used

b) are using d) are used

14. Lisa is at the beauty parlor. She is______.

a) having her nails painted

b) had her nails

c) painting her nails

d) painted her nails

15. Mike ______ to clean his room.

a) was make c) was made

b) are made d) is being made

16. Oxford______by Manchester United in the Cup Final


a) beaten c) has been beaten

b) was beaten d) was beated

17. Fruit juice______by her over the white table cloth.

a) had spilt c) had been spilled

b) spilled d) has been spilt

18. The book______by the lecturer.

a) was referred c) has referred

b) referred to d) was referred to

19. Mr. Smith______the letter______.

a) make, typed c) has, typed

b) have, typed d) is, typed

20. Such a dress______.

a) can sat down in c) can't sit down in

b) can sit down in d) can't be sat down in

21. Many people______to be homeless after the floods.

a) is reported c) reported

b) are reported d) report

22. Central heating______just______in Julia's house.

a) have been installed c) is installing

b) has been installing d) has been installed

Тест 3

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Much______by the end of the term.

a) has learnt c) had been learnt

b) have been learnt d) was learning

2. The book______to me before it appeared on sale.

a) had been given c) has been given

b) was given d) is given

3. The library______this year.

a) builds c) is building

' b) has been built d) was built

4.1 suddenly remembered that the book______at home.

a) had been left c) had left

b) was left d) has been left

5. The flat______into before you arrived.

a) had moved c) isn't moved

b) hadn't been moved d) was moved

6. The children______to bed early yesterday.

a) had been put c) are put

b) put d) were put

7. Many new houses______in our street by next year.

a) will build c) are building

b) have built d) '11 have been built

8. The questions______by the teacher now.

a) are asked c) are being asked

b) are asking d) have been asked

9. The novel "The Mother" by Gorky______into many


a) has been translated b) has translated

с) had been translated d) hasn't translated

10. This monument______by the new year.

a) will erect c) will have erected

b) '11 be erected d) will have been erected

11. A large gold cup______to the athlete last year.

a) presented c) is presented

b) was presented d) presents

12. A lot of concerts_______by amateur actors in this


a) was given c) gave

b) were given d) give

13. Reports at the conference______by all the students.

a) is made c) were made

b) made d) make

14. The plan of work______for four hours.

a) discussed c) have been discussed

b) is discussed d) has been discussed

15. The plan of work______by all the students at five to­morrow.

a) is discussing c) is being discussed

b) will be discussed d) will discuss

16. An experiment______next week on Monday.

a) will be made c) is made

b) will make d) is being made

17. The article______already discussed.

a) is being c) has been

b) has d) was

18. The key______for everywhere but it______

a) was looked, hasn't found

b) has been looked, didn't find

c) is looked, hasn't been found

d) has been looked, hasn't been found

19. The work______yet.

a) hasn't been finished c) hasn't finished

b) wasn't finished d) didn't finish

20. A lot of new English words______this year.

a) had been learnt c) has been learnt

b) is learnt d) have been learnt

21. The doctor______for before you came.

a) is sent c) was sent

b) had been sent d) has been sending

22. The letter______two weeks ago.

a) wrote c) was written

b) was writing d) was being written

23. The news______on the radio two hours ago.

a) were announced c) have been announced

b) was announced d) announced

24. When workers______advertisement______in newspa­pers.

a) want, is placed c) wanted, is placed

b) are wanted, places d) are wanted, is placed

25. Thousands of young men and girls______to the univer­sities every year.

a) are admitted c) have been admitted

b) admit d) admitted

Тест 4

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. The wonderful film______on videotape, and it______

by the whole family.

a) was recorded, was watched

b) is recorded, was watched

c) recorded, is watched

d) was recorded, is watched

2. Nobody likes when he______for the offence, which he

did not commit.

a) blames c) is blamed

b) was blamed d) blamed

3. She______if she had been wearing a seat-belt.

a) will not have injured

b) would not have been injured

c) would not injure

d) will not injure

4. Over 50 million students______in American schools

which range from kindergartens to high school.

a) were enrolled c) has enrolled

b) are enrolled d) was enrolled

5. America's first college, Harvard,______in Massachusetts

in the 17th century.

a) is being founded c) was founded

b) had been founded d) has been founded

6. The story of the first Thanksgiving feast______among

the Americans.

a) is well-known

b) have been well-known

c) would have been well-known

d) was well-known

7. The students______on the topic "Industrial Revolution"

at the end of the term.

a) will be tested c) will have been tested

b) are being tested d) were tested

8. Now London's councilmen______to approve the erec­tion of a life-size statue of Charlie Chaplain in the cos­tume that the British-born comedian made famous in his films.

a) being asked c) are being asked

b) asked d) was asked

9. Mr. S. was sure that prisoners of conscience______in at

least 60 countries.

a) are being held c) being held

b) were being held d) hold

10. In more than 200 years the USA Constitution______26


a) is amended c) has been amended

b) is being amended d) was amended

11. The bridge______by tomorrow morning.

a) will have been reconstructed

b) is being reconstructed

c) will be reconstructed

d) was reconstructed

12. It was reported that the treaty______two weeks before.

a) would have been ratified

b) is ratified

c) had been ratified

d) was ratified

13. Sarah showed me the article, which ______ by her


a) was translated c) translated

b) had been translated d) has been translated

14. At the police station he______a lot of questions.

a) asked c) had been asking

b) had been asked d) was asked

15. The rent for the house______regularly.

a) was paid c) paid

b) was paying d) pays

16. This question______at the meeting now.

a) has been discussed c) was discussed

b) is discussing d) is being discussed

17. This article______recently.

a) has been translated c) translated

b) was translated d) had been translated

18. The Russian hockey team______to win next Olympic


a) was supposed c) will suppose

b) is supposed d) supposes

19. Luke does not like______on trifles.

a) examines c) being examined

b) to be examined d) examined

20. They______to get married very soon.

a) are expected c) expects

b) is expected d) will expect

21.1______a big sum of money to buy the furniture for the


a) is given c) am given

b) gave d) was given

22.1 remember my train______during the journey.

a) to delay c) delayed

b) being delayed d) was delayed

23. The meeting______by Mr. Brown yesterday.

a) is cancelled c) has been cancelled

b) was cancelled d) cancelled

24. Shilov's paintings______at a gallery in Moscow.

a) are shown c) showing

b) showed d) shows

5. Прямая и косвенная речь. Согласование времен

Тест 1

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. She said that she______keen on drawing.

a) was c) has been

b) is d) were

2.1______her that I______time to play the piano.

a) told, have no c) told, did not have

b) tells, did not have d) told to, had not have

3. Jane answered that she______very early, so she______

the news.

a) went to bed, hadn't seen

b) had gone to bed, hadn't seen

c) has gone to bed, hasn't seen

d) had gone to bed, didn't see

4. Mary told me that she______to leave for London the

next week.

a) is going c) were going

b) has gone d) was going

5.1 replied that I _____ her when I______back.

a) will phone, got

b) would phone, got

c) will have phoned, will have come

d) is to phone, get

6. Mary said that Paris______beautiful in spring.

a) is c) was

b) has been d) were

7. The teacher______a report on the Civil War.

a) told Jane to make c) told Jane make

b) tell to Jane to make d) told to Jane to make

8. Jane______worry about her health.

a) ask to me not to c) asked me not to

b) asked to not d) asked not

9.1 said that I______if I______time.

a) will go, have c) would go, have had

b) would go, had d) will go, had

10. Mary answered that she______wake up early in the

morning when she was young.

a) did get used to c) gets used to

b) is getting used to d) used

11. Jane told me______calm.

a) to stay c) to have stayed

b) stay d) staying

12. I am surprised to see you. Your mother said you______


a) were c) has been

b) are d) had been

13. She said that Mary______into her flat because she

______her key.

a) cannot get, lost c) couldn't get, had lost

b) couldn't get, has lost d) can't get, was losing

14. Jane told everybody that she______a meeting______.

a) had, tomorrow

b) was having, tomorrow

c) will have, the next day

d) was having, the next day

15. Mary told me that writing a test______her nervous.

a) is making c) will make

b) made d) make

16. He said that he______in America for two years.

a) lived c) had been living

b) had lived d) lives

17. They said that we______when Mary______.

a) would leave, came c) will leave, came

b) would leave, comes d) would leave, had come

18. Jane told me that Africa______than America.

a) was nicer c) is being nicer

b) has been nicer d) is nicer

19. I told everyone that I________to the party at ten, but

______as soon as possible.

a) couldn't come, would arrive

b) can't come, would arrive

c) couldn't come, arrive

d) can't come, will arrive

20. "How are your parents?" she asked. I answered that they ______ very well.

a) were c) have been

b) are d) were being

21. — The play is boring.

— Is it? 1 thought you said it______exciting!

a) is c) was

b) were d) had been

22. Mary told me that she______Helen in the park and that


a) saw, had seemed c) had seen, seemed

b) had seen, had seemed d) has seen, was seeming

23. He said that his car _____ a few days ago.

a) was stolen c) had been stolen

b) has been stolen d) is stolen

24. Jane told me that I______at her house if I______ever

in Paris.

a) could stay, was c) can to stay, was

b) can stay, am d) could have stayed, was

25. Mary answered that she______the next month.

a) is married c) was marrying

b) was getting married d) is marrying

Тест 2

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Ellie exclaimed that she______that car since her farther

gave it to her and that there had been no complaints.

a) had driven c) drove

b) had been driving d) was driving

2. Vie said that they knew only what was in the papers, that

they______for a call or a telegram since they heard of the


a) waited c) had waited

b) were waiting d) had been waiting

3. Norma said that the old car had broken when they______

the bridge.

a) has crossed c) crossed

b) had been crossing d) were crossing

4. She said she couldn't go in the water because she______

her swimming suit.

a) had not brought c) hasn't brought

b) didn't bring d) will not bring

5. She said that my shoes were wet through and asked if I ______all the way from the station in that rain.

a) has walked c) walking

b) had walked d) was walking

6. The old teacher advised me to speak slowly if 1______

them to understand me.

a) had wanted c) wanted

b) want d) would want

7. It was announced that the international treaty against the new warfare______and had gone into effect.

a) would have been ratified

b) is ratified

c) had been ratified

d) was ratified

8. The Navy officials said that the dolphins______in salt

water holding tanks.

a) will be kept c) are kept

b) would be kept d) will kept

9. Nobody can explain why she decided to touch upon the

matter yesterday night. She______that the whole subject

was too dangerous to discuss at night.

a) ought to know c) ought known

b) ought to have known d) ought know

10. It has recently been announced that further supplies ______soon be available.

a) will c) were

b) would d) are

11. She wondered if Stephen had found that the room was empty and if he______for her at the moment.

a) looked c) was looked

b) had been looking d) was looking

12. The receptionist told us that from our room we______a

wonderful view over the sea.

a) will have c) would have

b) were going to have d) were having

13. Miss Marple replied that she______surprised at seeing

the doctor depart.

a) is not c) has not been

b) won't be d) would not be

14. The receptionist explained that breakfast______served

between 7.00 and 9.00.

a) is b) is being

с) was d) was being

15. The guide reminded us that after lunch we_________


a) go c) went

b) were going d) would go

16. Lis assured me that the party______a great fun. But in

fact, it wasn't.

a) will be c) have been

b) would be d) will have been

17. He inquired if I really______anything about the matter.

a) know c) had known

b) knew d) will know

18. The inspector wanted to know when each of us last______

Mr. Foster.

a) saw c) would see

b) had seen d) had been seeing

19. The Managing Director declared that during the previous year the company's profits______steadily______.

a) have been increasing c) had increased

b) had been increasing d) increased

20. The hotel owner informed us that he______the police


a) is going to call c) was going to call

b) has called d) had called

Тест 3

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Не asked me if Tom______yet.

a) hadn't left c) leaves

b) left d) hasn't left

2. He asked me how long I______English.

a) learn c) has been learning

b) am learning d) had been learning

3.1 didn't know who they______about.

a) speak c) were speaking

b) are speaking d) spoke

4. Do you know whose work they______.

a) discuss c) were discussing

b) are discussing d) discussed

5.1 didn't know he______a new book.

a) wrote c) writes

b) has written d) had written

6. We didn't know whose things they______.

a) were c) can be

b) are d) may be

7. All the students knew they______revise for the examina­tions.

a) will c) may

b) must d) had to

8. He showed me which exercises he______.

a) does c) had done

b) has done d) '11 do.

9. He knows that Peter______in Kiev now.

a) was b) is

с) '11 be d) has been

10. He knew why Peter______to Kiev several times.

a) was c) had been

b) has been d) '11 be

11.1 thought you______do it tomorrow.

a) 'd c) can

b) '11 d) must

12. We were sure that you______cope with the task.

a) can c) could

b) will d) are able to

13. The teacher asked what we______.

a) discuss c) are discussing

b) discussed d) were discussing

14. He wanted to know when we______there again.

a) go c) '11 go

b) were going d) are going

15. A man asked how______to the Red Square.

a) get c) getting

b) to get d) 'd get

16.1 forgot which exercises I______do .

a) must c) had to

b) had d) 'd do

17. She told us that the weather______change soon.

a) would c) can

b) will d) may

18. He asked me which street I______in.

a) am living c) '11 live

b) live d) lived

19. He says that he______in Kiev two years ago.

a) lived c) lives

b) had lived d) live

20. I've heard that he______back to Moscow tomorrow.

a) came c) come

b) is coming d) has come

21. He asked us when we______free.

a) are c) would be

b) '11 be d) have been

22.1 knew I______write the article if I_______time.

a) can, had c) would, d' have

b) would, had d) '11, '11 have

23.1 said we______talk about this when I______back.

a) '11, come c) 'd talk, come

b) 'd talk, 'd come d) 'd talk, came

24. Didn't you tell him that he_______do that sooner or


a) would have to c) is able to

b) must d) will have to

25. I've heard how well he______French.

a)speak c)speaks

b) '11 speak d) speaking

Тест 4

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. She said that her friend's name______Mary.

a) is c) was

b) has been d) were

2.1 saw what he______.

a) means c) is meaning

b) meant d) has meant

3, She thought it______curious.

a) '11 be c) is

b) was d) has been

4. He said he______hungry.

a) was c) '11 be

b) is d) has been

5.1 heard she______good English.

a)speaks c)speak

b) is speaking d) spoke

6. John confessed he .________like football.

a) doesn't c) will not

b) didn't d) do not

7. He asked me how many lessons I______last week.

a) had c) had had

b) was having d) have

8. He wondered what Dick______at that moment.

a) did c) is doing

b) does d) was doing

9. He told me Jack ______back in a few minutes.

a) would be c) is

b) was d) will be

10. He promised he______there in half an hour.

a) is c) will be

b) would be d) was

11. She complained that no one______ever______to her.

a) —, speaks c) had spoken

b) — ,spoke d) has spoken

12. The manager explained that the exhibition______last


a) finished c) is finished

b) finishes d) had finished

13. He explained he______there two years before.

a) had moved c) moves

b) moved d) was moving

14. The boy exclaimed that their team______the match at


a) had won с) won

b) win d) has won

15. He remarked he______already______the film.

a) —, saw c) had seen

b) —, sees d) has seen

16.1 had no doubt that you______succeed.

a) will c) can

b) would d) may

17. He admitted he always______bad mistakes.

a) make c) made

b) makes d) had made

18. 1 wondered why she______without saying a word.

a) had left c) leaves

b) is leaving d) has left

19. He said he would telephone you when he______.

a) '11 return c) returned

b) would return d) returns

20. She said she usually______at five in the morning.

a) rises c) rose

b) rise d) was rising

21.1 wonder why he______late.

a) was c) had been

b) is d) would be

22. He asked me if I______English difficult to learn.

a) find c) has found

b) have found d) found

23. He asked me if I______for a long time.

a) waited c) have been waiting

b) was waiting d) had been waiting

24. He asked me if I______to take an exam in English.

a) was going c) have

b) am going d) must

25. He asked me when my mother usually______back.

a) come c) came

b) comes d) was coming

Тест 5

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Tom said that he______at five o'clock.

a) had been working c) worked

b) has been working d) was worked

2. Kate says that European hotel managers______a very

difficult job now.

a) have had c) have

b) has d) will have

3. When they came and found what______by soldiers of

Pharaoh they became angry.

. a) have been done c) had been done

b) has been done d) were done

4. It was announced that the treaty______.

a) would have been ratified c) is ratified

b) had been ratified d) was ratified

5. Nick wondered how much further______.

a) they should ride c) shall they ride

b) should they ride d) they shall ride

6. She asked______back with further news.

a) to phone c) phoning

b) being phoned d) to be phoned

7. The driver was requested______so fast.

a) do not drive c) not driving

b) has not driven d) not to drive

8. Steve said that he______for me since five o'clock.

a) had wait c) has been waiting

b) had been waiting d) was waiting

9. At the meeting the people asked Stivenson______about

his contribution to the development of the company.

a) to speak c) has spoken

b) speaking d) speak

10. He said that he______to study English in 1998.

a) began c) has began

b) had begun d) was beginning

11. He asked me when they______us the magazine.

a)send c)sent

b) would send d) will send

12. Mary suggested______the meeting.

a) us to postpone c) us postponing

b) we should postponing d) we should postpone

13. Michael told his dad______him up early.

a) has woken c) to wake

b) wakes d) waking

14. James asked us where______the New Year.

a) were we going to celebrate

b) we was going to celebrate

c) we were going to celebrate

d) to celebrate we were going

15. The teacher told Sarah _____her exam.

a) not to miss c) not missing

b) do not miss d) did not miss

16. Mary and I decided that______the methods of con­ducting the experiment.

a) we can change c) we can have changed

b) we could change d) we could have changed

17. Nick said he was very hungry as he______since morn­ing.

a) did not eat c) has not eaten

b) had not eaten d) had not been eating

18. Stan asked the new friend how long he______English.

a) has been learning c) had learnt

b) was learning d) had been learning

19. My friend said that he______to Canada in spring.

a) would go c) went

b) will go d) would have gone

20. Steven said that he______to attend the seminar as he

was going to see his grandmother.

a) will not be able c) was not be able

b) would not be able d) will have not been able

21. Laurel said that she had been playing tennis for two hours only and she______yet.

a) was not tired c) is not tired

b) had not been tired d) has not been tired

22. Mary was sure she______to the conference.

a) will be invited c) would be invited

b) was invited d) would have been invited

23. The doctor said I______and could attend lectures.

a) had recovered c) recovered

b) has recovered d) was recovered

24. The mother asked her son ______ the dog out for a walk.

a) taking c) has taken

b) had taken d) to take

25. The policeman told me______my car near the office of

the company.

a) not parking c) did not park

b) do not park d) not to park

Тест 6

Выберите правильный вариант.

1.______does the word "phenomenon" come from?

a) when c) where

b) why d) what

2.______kind of weather do you like?

a) what c) that

b) which d) where

3.______country does the Thames flow through?

a) what c) where

b) which d) that

4.______was the first man to invent a printing machine?

a) which c) that

b) what d) who

5.______does MSU stand for?

a) which c) who

b) what d) where

6.______did Madonna marry?

a) which c) that

b) who d) what

7.______did Bush become the American president?

a) what c) when

b) where d) whom

8.______country did the Vikings invade in the eighth cen­tury?

a) which c) that

b) whose d) what

9. Could you tell me _ time it is? a) which b) what

c) that d) when

10. I am always forgetting______I've put my glasses.

a) where c) how

b) when d) who

11. We haven't decided______we are going to do on holi­day.

a) who c) why

b) when d) what

12.1 can't remember______I congratulated you or not.

a) what c) whether

b) that d) why

13.1 have no idea______books are lying on the table.

a) whose c) whom

b) that d) when

14.1 am not sure______he is coming to the party or not.

a) that c) why

b) if d) when

15. Do you know______my friend is?

a) why c) who

b) when d) where

16.1 have no idea______roubles he spends a month.

a) what c) when

b) how much d) how many

17.1 haven't a clue______money he has spent on buying a


a) what c) that

b) how much d) how many

18. I'd like to know______he gets all his money from.

a) where c) how much

b) how , d) how many

19. Nobody knows exactly______old she is.

a) what c) how

b) how much d) when

20.1 wonder______helped him to escape from prison.

a) who c) that

b) whose d) whom

21. The headline doesn't say______participated in street


a) what c) who

b) which d) why

22.1 wonder______he is going to make a trip to.

a) when c) who

b) why d) where

23. I'd like to know______his car breaks down so often.

a) what c) how much

b) why d) when

24. Could you tell me______the best place to go shopping


a) where c) which

b) what d) why

25.1 wonder ___the weather in the Crimea is like now.

a) what c) which

b) that d) how good

Тест 7

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Canada is a huge country, second in size only to Russia, ______it?

a) isn't c) is

b) don't d) does

2. In big cities you'll find restaurants, coffee shops and snack bars to suit every pocket,______?

a) won't it c) doesn't it

b) won't you d) do you

3. If you go camping, you will be able to see a lot of wild ani­mals, ______?

a) won't you c) don't you

b) do you d) should they

4. The polar bear can be found in the North,______it?

a) is c) does

b) can't d) can

5. Everything that's happened in this shop has almost hap­pened by accident,______?

a) does it c) has it

b) don't they d) hasn't it

6. The flat they bought was very expensive,______?

a) is it c) wasn't it

b) isn't it d) was it

7. You don' like hamburgers,______?

a) do you c) aren't you

b) are you d) don't you

8. You are going to France next week,______?

a) are you c) aren't you

b) will you d) won't you

9. Last night we had a good time,______?

a) had we c) didn't we

b) hadn't we d) didn't you

10. It's not hot today,______?

a) isn't it c) wasn't

b) is it d) was it

11. You can't use a word processor, _____ ?

a) can I c) can't you

b) you can d) can you

12. You won't tell anyone about it,______?

a) won't you c) do you

b) will you d) don't you

13. We don't have to go yet,______?

a) do we c) haven't we

b) don't we d) have you

14.1 am so stupid,______?

a) am I c) aren't I

b) is I d) are I

15. You haven't met my mother,______?

a) haven't you c) are you

b) have you d) did you

16. They didn't like the play,______?

a) are they c) didn't they

b) don't they d) did they

17. You want to go out tonight,______?

a) do you c) will you

b) don't you d) aren't you

18. They had too much to drink,______?

a) hadn't they c) did they

b) had they d) didn't they

19. That blouse is lovely,______?

a) isn't it c) wasn't it

b) was it d) is it

20. You are not enjoying the party,______?

a) do you c) aren't you

b) are you d) were you

21. That was superb,______?

a) does it c) wasn't it

b) was it d) is it

22. Dick, you couldn't lend me five dollars,______?

a) could you c) could I

b) couldn't you d) couldn't I

23. You don't know where my keys are,______?

a) are you c) don't you

b) do you d) did you

24. Mary, you haven't got an English dictionary,______?

a) do you c) is it

b) haven't you d) have you

25. Excuse me, you couldn't do me a favour,______?

a) could you c) do you

b) could I d) don't you

6. Неличные формы глагола

Тест 1

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. My parents never let me______in bed.

a) reading c) to reading

b) to read d) read

2. The teacher allowed us ______reference material while

writing the report.

a) to use c) use

b) using d) used

3. They expected the meeting______in a conference hall.

a) to hold c) holding

b) to be held d) to be holding

4. What makes him______so jealous of his friends' success?

a) to be c) be

b) being d) to have been

5.1 am thinking______my country house.

a) selling c) to sell

b) of selling d) is selling

6.1 would rather______her the truth.

a) have told c) telling

b) to tell d) tell

7. You had better______your studies more seriously.

a) take c) taking

b) to take d) are taking

8.1 don't mind______out.

a) against eating c) eating

b) eat d) to eat

9.1 hope______Moscow State University.

a) for entering c) of entering

b) to enter d) entering

10.1 want my brother______the work as soon as possible.

a) finishing c) finishes

b) to finish d) finish

11. Could you help me______the work as soon as possible?

a) finishing c) with finishing

b) in finishing d) to finish

12. If you don't succeed______your exams, I won't let you

______to a disco.

a) in taking, go c) in taking, to go

b) taking, go d) to take, go

13. The government intend______social programmes.

a) at starting c) to start

b) starting d) start

14.1 was made______to play the piano.

a) learn c) learning

b) to learn d) in learning

15. My father makes me______the piano three hours a day.

a) to play c) play

b) playing d) in playing

16. A passer-by asked me how______to the railway station.

a) can get c) getting

b) get d) to get

17. The children were let______in the river.

a) swim c) swimming

b) to swim d) swam

18. The tourists expected the hotel______much better.

a) be c) of being

b) being d) to be

19.1 would like my daughter______back home earlier.

a) come c) to come

b) coming d) to be coming

20. My father likes______for long walks in the early morn­ing.

a) go c) to go

b) going d) of going

21. Some parents enjoy______their children what to do.

a) telling c) to tell

b) in telling d) tell

22. His aunt is a very fussy person who wants everything ______in its right place.

a) being c) be

b) to be d) to being

23. A thermometer is used______the temperature.

a) take c) taking

b) for taking d) to take

24. Everyone hates______extra hours for nothing.

a) work c) working

b) to work d) of working

25. We dislike______in the city centre because of air pollu­tion.

a) living c) to be living

b) live d) to live

Тест 2

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Не used______a lot of "fantasy" books when a teenager.

a) read c) for reading

b) reading d) to read

2. He is not used______soap operas on TV.

a) to watch c) to watching

b) for watching d) watch

3. Peter was never a good friend. If I were you I would try ______him.

a) to forget c) for forgetting

b) forgetting d) forget

4. If your clothes are very dirty, try_______them in a little


a) to wash c) wash

b) washing d) for washing

5. Please stop______so loudly!

a) to speak c)speak

b) speaking d) to be speaking

6. After two hours we stopped______a snack.

a) for having c) have

b) having d) to have

7. My grandmother remembers______this famous actor in

many parts at the theatre.

a) to see c) seeing

b) of seeing d) see

8. Do you remember______John and tell him that we can't

meet today?

a) to see c) seeing

b) of seeing d) see

9.1 started______ at the age of two.

a) to speak c)speak

b) be speaking d) in speaking

10. Oh, look! It is starting______.

a) raining c) rain

b) to rain d) having rained

11. He went on______newspaper as if nothing had hap­pened.

a) to read c) reading

b) read d) in reading

12. The lesson began very badly but the teacher went on ______the situation.

a) change c) for change

b) for the changing d) to change

13.1 couldn't______a cheap flat in the downtown.

a) finding c) to find

b) in finding d) find

14. The child was so nice that people couldn't help______

at him.

a) smile c) smiling

b) to smile d) from smiling

15.1 like______bills without delays.

a) paying c) having paid

b) to pay d) pay

16. Do you like______cricket?

a) playing c) play

b) to play d) of playing

17. When we have a birthday party, my mother likes______

games with children.

a) playing b) to play

c) play d) be playing

18.1 heard my mother______up and______on the radio.

a) waking, turning c) waking, turn

b) wake, turning d) wake, turn

19. When I woke up at four in the morning, I could hear my mother______.

a) to cough c) coughing

b) cough d) coughed

20. When she looked out of the window she saw a stranger ______on the bench.

a) to sit c) sitting

b) sit d) be sitting

21. Can you hear two men______an argument?

a) have c) to have

b) having d) are having

22. I've never seen anyone______as little as you do.

a) eat c) in eating

b) to eat d) eating

23. When he entered the office he watched the secretary ______on the phone.

a) in talking c) talk

b) to talk d) talking

24. It is clear that they haven't heard me______in.

a) coming c) come

b) to come d) on coming

25. When she saw me______along the street, she came up

to me.

a) go c) while going

b) going d) to go

Тест 3

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Не persuaded her______to the party.

a) not to go c) going

b) not go d) to going

2. She was delighted______that her son passed an exam.

a) hear c) by hearing

b) hearing d) to hear

3. Young people often fail______a well-paid job.

a) finding c) find

b) to find d) in finding

4. Before______the letter, he answered a telephone call.

a) to read c) his reading

b)read d)reading

5. I'm sorry______you that your mother is seriously ill.

a) tell c) after telling

b) telling d) to tell

6. There is no point______this matter with her.

a) to discuss c) in discussing

b) discussing d) discuss

7. The firms are not interested______people over fifty.

a) in employing c) employ

b) to employ d) employing

8 Poor people can't afford______their children to expen­sive schools.

a) sending c) sent

b) to send d)send

9. He decided______the English course as soon as possible.

a) taking b) take

c) of taking d) to take

10.1 don't want anyone______me while I feel depressed.

a) see c) to see

b) seeing d) saw

11. When I went out it began______.

a) to rain c) raining

b) rain d) rained

12. The thought______the news to his family made him

feel sick.

a) to break c) break

b) of breaking d) breaking

13.1 was anxious______where he had been.

a) knowing c) of knowing

b) know d) to know

14. She was disappointed______I was still smoking.

a) seeing c) to see

b) see d) of seeing

15. He was shocked______that he had nearly died.

a) to learn c) learn

b) after learning d) learning

16. He stopped______in for sport two years ago.

a) to go c) go

b) going d) in going

17. We stopped at the supermarket______some food.

a) for buying c) buying

b) buy d) to buy

18.1 tried_______the violin for years but I was never very


a) learning c) to learn

b) learn d) in learning

19.1 hate______with anybody.

a) to quarrel c) quarrel

b) quarrelling d) of quarrelling

20.1 am thinking______for a small flat to rent.

a) to look c) in looking

b) look d) of looking

21.1 don't think hotels are very nice places______for more

than a few days.

a) to stay c) stay

b) for staying d) staying

22.1 would prefer______in a flat rather than in a hotel.

a) to live c) live

b) living d) of living

23. When do you want me______the book you asked to


a) sending c) sent

b) send d) to send

24. Let us______when you are coming.

a) to know c) of knowing

b) know d) knew

25. She is proud______a scholarship.

a) to award c) of awarding

b) of being awarded d) with being awarded

Тест 4

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Mary succeeded______finding a job.

a) of c) in

b) about d) —

2. George was looking forward______meeting Alice.

a)to c) in

b) for d) on

3. Bob was suspected______telling lies.

a) for c) about

b) of d) in

4.1 don't feel______going to the theatre.

a) like c) good

b) adore d) well

5. What prevented you______coming to the party?

a) from c) —

b) of d) against

6. He never liked______a military man.

a) being c) was

b) to be d) be

7. Helen enjoys______in the country.

a) — c) being

b) to be d) having been

8. It's no good______for a walk. It's raining.

a) of going c) going

b) about going d) in going

9. There is no point______buying a car, you won't drive it


a) of b) in

с) on d) for

10. Do you think the show is______?

a) worth seeing c) worthy to see

b) worth to see d) worthy seeing

11.1 had difficulty______exams.

a) in passing c) of passing

b) to pass d) passing

12. It's a waste of money______that skirt. It doesn't suit


a) in buying c) buying

b) to buy d) of buying

13.1 spent hours______to buy that book.

a) to try c) trying

b) in trying d) of being trying

14. How often do you go______swimming?

a) — c) for

b) in d) to

15. Are you interested______art?

a) at c) of

b) in d) about

16. Kate is used______living alone.

a) to c) —

b) in d) for

17.1 used______fresh fruit every morning.

a) to eat c) in eating

b) eating d) for eating

18. We decided______leaving her alone because she seemed

to be ill.

a) from c) against

b) for d) of

19. Please forgive me______not visiting you.

a) of c) about

b) - d) for

20. We congratulated Kate______entering the university.

a) for c) on

b) of d) to

Тест 5

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Princess Diane didn't have any chance______after such

a terrible automobile crash.

a) to surviving c) of surviving

b) to survive d) of survival

2. The investigator understood that there's no point______

for the new witnesses of the accident because everything was quite clear to him.

a) in searching c) to searching

b) to search d) in to searching

3. The criminal thinks that he had better______a confes­sion and go to the police instead of______and______

afraid of the arrest.

a) make, hiding, being c) make, to hide, to be

b) to make, to hide, to be d) making, hide, be

4. Although he is a jockey champion, he actually prefers ______dogs and______horses.

a) breed, ride c) breed, riding

b) breeding, riding d) breeding, ride

5.1 didn't like the way the furniture was arranged, so I tried

______the table to the other side of the room. But then I

moved it back again.

a) moving c) to move

b) move d) to moving

6. Oh, it's a very difficult question. I'd rather______about

it for a while than______now.

a) think, to decide c) to think, to decide

b) think, decide d) thought, decide

7. I pretended______interested in the conversation but re­ally it was very boring.

a) be c) to be

b) being d) to being

S. It is very difficult to get used to ______in a tent after hav­ing a comfortable bed to lie on.

a) sleep c) slept

b) sleeping d) oversleep

9. He______smoke a pack a day when he was younger.

a) used c) got used

b) used to d) was used to

10. In court she strongly denied______anywhere near the

scene of the crime.

a) be c) was

b) to be d) being

11. I regret_______that he couldn't go on_______like a

child. Now he is upset.

a) saying, behaving c) to say, to behave

b) saying, to behave d) to say, behaving

12. The driver was accused of______the road accident by

the police that morning.

a) provoke c) provoking

b) provoked d) to provoke

13. We had better______this chapter carefully because we

will have some questions on it on our test tomorrow.

a) review c) to review

b) reviewed d) reviewing

14. He seemed______all about influenza and said there was

nothing______about. It took him five minutes______

me______his words.

a) know, worrying, to make, to believe

b) knowing, worried, make, believing

c) knowing, to worry, make, to believe

d) to know, to worry, to make, believe

15. He couldn't help______a small flat in London.

a) dream to have c) dreaming to have

b) dreaming of having d) dreaming to have had

16. Your money could______to good use instead of______

idle in the bank.

a) be put, being left c) to put, being left

b) to be put, being left d) put, to be left

17. I have been talking to that man for an hour but then I preferred______to him because he is very difficult

a) to stop talk, to understand

b) to stop talking, to understand

c) stop talking, understanding

d) stop to talk, understanding

18. In my early years I used to______in for sport, but now I

can't afford it because of the lack of time.

a) going c) have gone

b) go d) had gone

19. While I was going home I heard the bomb______.

a) exploding c) explode

b) exploded d) to explode

20.______to the hotel he hurried up the stairs to his room,

sat down on the sofa, lit a cigarette and saw a letter ______for him on the desk.

a) came, waiting c) coming, waited

b) having come, waited d) having come, waiting

Тест 6

Выберите правильный вариант.

1.1 like______after my sister's children.

a) looking c) look

b) to look d) looks

2.1 tried ______ yesterday, but I didn't manage to get

through to you.

a) to ring c) and rang

b) ringing d) ring

3. Don't forget______your camera.

a) taking c) about taking

b) to take d) of taking

4.1 remember______him at the party.

a) seeing c) having seen

b) to see d) see

5. If you can't sell your flat at this price, try______less for


a) to ask c) asking

b) by asking d) ask

6. I'd love______abroad this summer.

a) going c) go

b) to go d) going to

7. On the way to the station, I stopped______a newspaper.

a) buying c) for buying

b) to buy d) buy

8. "Remember______the dog before you leave," she said.

a) feeding c) to feed

b) about feeding d) feed

9. I couldn't stand______him again.

a) see c) to see

b) seeing d) saw

10. I'd hate______all my life in a one-horse town.

a) to spend c) to be spending

b) spending d) spend

11. Jenny stopped______last year to have a baby.

a) to work c) to be working

b) working d) work

12. If you don't mind, I think I'd like______home.

a) to go c) me going

b) going d) going

13.1 met you at Claire's. Have you forgotten______me?

a) to meet c) meeting

b) having met d) met

14.1 can't bear______stupid questions.

a) to be asked c) being asked

b) having been asked d) being ask

15. James looked hurt. Liz regretted______so rude to him.

a) to be c) being

b) having been d) was

16. As a child Ted used______his bicycle every day.

a) to ride c) riding

b) to riding d) rode

17. Tomorrow I've got to be at work at 7 a.m. but I'm not used______so early.

a) to get up c) for getting up

b) to getting up d) get up

18. The doctor doesn't allow______.

a) him to smoke c) for him to smoke

b) his smoking d) him smoke

19.1 regret______that you've failed your exam.

a) having said c) to say

b) myself to say d) said

20. He doesn't recommend ___ in fast food restaurants.

a) to eat c) to be eating

b) eating d) to eating

Тест 7

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. John expects______studying law next semester.

a) begin c) began

b) to begin d) beginning

2. He admitted______the jewels.

a) stealing c) to have stolen

b) to steal d) stolen

3. The budget commitee decided______this meeting.

a) postponing c) to postpone

b) postpone d) having postponed

4. The president will attempt______inflation in the next

four years.

a) reducing c) to be reduced

b) to reduce d) to have reduced

5. You shouldn't risk______that building in its present con­dition.

a) entering c) enter

b) to enter d) having entered

6. Cynthia has agreed______as a liason between the two


a) to be acted c) to act

b) acting d) to have acted

7. Mary insisted on______the bus instead of the plane.

a)taken c) to take

b) taking d) being taken

8. We are not looking forward to______back to school.

a) go c) have gone

b) going d) having gone

9. Fred confessed to______the jewels.

a) stealing c) to steal

b) steal d) stole

10. Remind me______Ann tomorrow.

a) to phone c) phone

b) phoning d) be phoning

11. We are accustomed______late on weekends.

a) of sleeping c) to sleep

b) to sleeping d) sleep

12. There is a possibility______this property at a good


a) to acquire c) of acquiring

b) to acquiring d) to be acquired

13. It is uncommon______such good crops in this section

of the country.

a) found c) finding

b) to find d) having found

14. John stopped ______ . He is not going to school any


a) studying c) studied

b) to study d) to have studied

15. They appreciate______this information.

a) to have c) having

b) on having d) have

16. His father doesn't approve of his______to Europe.

a) going c) to have gone

b) to go d) being gone

17. We are eager______to school in the fall.

a) for returning c) to return

b) returning d) on returning

18. Mary regrets______the one to have to tell him.

a) to be c) been

b) being d) having been

19. He wishes______what is going on.

a) knowing c) know

b) to know d) to have known

20. After______for a long time, he decided to take part in

the forthcoming sporting events.

a) training c) trained

b) to train d) has trained

Тест 8

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Jane stopped______too fast, because she is afraid of car


a) drive c) to drive

b) driving d) to be driving

2.1 suggest that Mary______with this job on her own.

a) will cope c) coped

b) copes d) cope

3. Yesterday John went to the police. They admitted his ______in the murder.

a) having participated c) had participated

b) having participating d) having to participating

4.1 hate______early in the morning.

a) to get up c) get up

b) having get up d) getting up

5. Susan couldn't help______about the offending words she

______to Helen.

a) thinking, said c) to think, had said

b) thinking, had said d) to be thinking, has said

6. Mary kept on______the poem despite the fact that she

had no talent.

a) to compose c) composing

b) compose d) to have composing

7. Caroline earns a living______antiques.

a) for selling c) by selling

b) to sell d) sell

8. Elisa congratulated herself on______the first prize in the


a) having won b) have won

с) having win d) having been winning

9. There is definitely no point in______about your unsuc­cessful destiny. No one can help you.

a) to complain c) being complaining

b) complain d) complaining

10. Do you often go______when you are in a foreign coun­try?

a) sightseeing c) to go sightseeing

b) to sightseeing d) having sightseeing

11. I do not believe in Sarah's______of telling lies. I know

she is very honest.

a) accused c) having being accused

b) being accused d) have been accused

12. Go and apologize to the teacher for______the lesson or


a) have spoilt c) having spoilt

b) spoiling d) have spoiling

13.1 disapprove______your motherland. And you?

a) to betraying c) betraying

b) of betraying d) of betray

14. We didn't know what to do in the evening. Susan sug­gested ______to the theatre.

a) going c) to be going

b) to going d) go

15. Elisa loves______the piano and she has a gift for it.

a) to playing c) playing

b) play d) being playing

16. My friends postponed______to the new house, because

they haven't already finished the reconstruction.

a) to move b) moving

c) move d) to be moving

17. Can you imagine me______a horse?

a) to ride c) riding

b) to riding d) to be riding

18. Before______to bed, take this medicine. It will help you

to sleep well.

a) go c) being going

b) to go d) going

19. Although I couldn't imagine her______the whole his­tory of Russia, she managed to do it.

a) having learned c) to have learned

b) having learning d) had learned

20. Jane decided against______a mathematician.

a) be c) to being

b) being d) to be

21. The government must do something. The country can't continue______like that.

a) living c) to be living

b) to live d) being living

22. Mary lay in the sun, ______ a cocktail and _______ a


a) drink, read c) drinking, reading

b) drinking, read d) being drinking, reading

23.______a talented lawyer, Susan was able to start her own


a) being c) to be

b) have been d) be

24. After______you should consult the dictionary.

a) read c) had read

b) reading d) having read

25.______the troubles she would face, Jane refused to write

a thesis.

a) imagined c) having imagined

b) have imagined d) had imagined

7. Существительное. Артикль

Tест I

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. There is______sand in my shoes.

a) — c) the

b) a d) an

2. The news was______very depressing.

a) a c) —

b) the d) an

3.______man and______woman were sitting opposite me.

a) a, the с) а, а

b)the, a d) -, -

4. Paris is______capital of France.

a) the c) an

b)a d) -

5. Chinese eat______rice every day.

a) the с) а

b) - d) an

6. There were______very few people in the shops today.

a) an c) —

b) a d) the

7. What is______longest river in______world?

a) a, a c) the, a

b) the, the d) a, the

8. Did you hear______noise just now?

a) the с) а

b) - d) an

9. What did you have for______breakfast?

a) - с) а

b) the d) an

10. Have you got these shoes in______size 43?

a) the c) an

b) a d) -

11. Ken's brother is in______prison now for robbery.

a) the с) а

b) - d) an

12. Bob is_______seaman. He spends most of his time at


a) a, — c) an, the

b) the, - d) a, the

13.______children team a lot from playing.

a) the c) -

b) a d) an

14.______giraffe is______tallest of all animals.

a) the, the c) an, the

b) a, a d) -, -

15. We had______very nice lunch.

a) - c) the

b)a d) an

16. We visited _____ Canada and______United States.

a) a, a c) the, the

b) -, - d) -, the

17. Jill has gone to______hospital to visit Jack.

a) the c) -

b) a d) an

[g. We took______ children to the Zoo.

a) - c) an

b) a d) the

[9. It can be dangerous to swim in_______sea.

a) - с) а

b) the d) an

10. Have you ever been to______British Museum?

a) a c) the

b) - d) an

Тест 2

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. There was ______ crisis in ______ American agriculture


a) the, -, the c) a, the, the

b) a, -, the d) -, -, the

2. According to______New York Times________third of

______nation's family farmers are in______debt.

a) the, a, the, - c) the, a, —, -

b) -, the, -, - d) the, a, the, the

3.______1973 Arab oil embargo caused_______doubling

of______oil prices and______inflation.

a) the, the, -, - c) the, a, -, -

b) a, the, -, - d) the, the, -, the

4.______effects of air pollution on______environment

have been observed for years.

a) -, - c) -, the

b) the, - d) the, the

5. In______New York City area______East River is

______good example of______water pollution.

a) —, the, a, — c) the, the, a, —

b) the, the, the, - d) the, the, a, the

6. Mrs. Brown,______young woman with______fall of

______dark hair is______teacher.

a) the, a, —, a c) a, a, the, a

b) a, a, -, a d) a, a,______the

7. When______Europeans came,______Indians watched

with______horror as______forests were cut down.

a) -, -, -, the c) the, the, the, the

b) the, the, -, the , d) the, the, the, -

8. People always have______hopes for______better life in


a) -, a, the c) the, the, the

b)the,-,the d)-, -,the

9. Americans find it hard to accept_______idea of______

poor people who have no______hope and have to stay at


a) a, —, a, the c) an, —, —, the

b) the, —, —, a d) the, —, —, the

10._______Northeast is_______historic heartland of

______U.S. and______centre of______industry.

a) -, the, the, the, - c) the, the, -, the, -

b) the, a, the, the, - d) the, the, the, the, -

11.______Rockies is______great mass of______moun­tains running down______western side of the U. S.

a) -, the, —, the c) the, the, —, the

b) the, the, the, the d) the, a, -, -

12.______Salt Lake City was founded by______religious

group known as______Mormons.

a) -, a, the c) -, a, -Ц b) the, -, the d) -, the, -

3. Now______Salt Lake City is one of______cleanest

cities in______country.

a) the, the, the c) —, a, the

b) -, the, the d) -, the, a

14. To_______Mexicans America is still_______land of


a) a, the, — c) the, a, -

b) -, the, - d) the, the, -

15.______United Nations claims that by______year 2010

______ten largest cities on______earth will be on


a) —, the, the, —, the c) the, the, the, —, the

b) the, -, the, -, the d) the, the, -, -, the

16.______West Coast of the U. S. is proving already that

______ Pacific is______ocean of______future.

a) the, the, the, the c) the, the, an, the

b) -, the, the, the d) the, the, the, -

17. In______big cities______number of people from

______Vietnam and______Philippines is growing.

a) the, the, -, the c) -, the, the, -

b) -, a, -, the d) -, the, -, the

18. In California people arrive at______Crystal Cathedrat,

______huge glass church.

a) the, a c)the, the

b) —, a d) a, the

19.______advertisers understand______power of______


a)the,the, - c) -, -, -

b) -, the, - d) -, a, -

20.______last part was______piece of______film about

Reagan's campaign for______presidency.

a) —, the, —, the c) the, the, the, a

b) the, a, a,the d)the,the/the, -

21. Every house has______garage,______separate bed­room for each child in______family and______bath­rooms.

a) the, a, the, - c) a, a, the, -

b) a, the, the, — d) a, the, -, -

22. For______Americans who own their own homes,______

never-ending rise in______house prices is______good


a) the, a, -, a c) the, -, the, a

b) -,-,-, a d ) the, the, -, a

23.______Wall Street is______place where______sun

never shines.

a) the, a, the c) -, a, -

b) -, -, the d) -, a, the

24.______people who work in______Wall Street area are

too busy to worry about______weather.

a) —, the, the c) the, —, the

b) the, the, the d) the, a, the

25. In the U. S. there is still______aluminum,______cop­per, ______oilfields in______north.

a) -, -, the, the c) -, -, the, -

b) the, the, the, the d) -, -, -, the

Тест 3

Выберите правильный вариант.

1.______Land and_______climate affect______social

and economic life,______population and______poli­tics.

2) - ,- ,- , - , c) - ,- , the,- ,

b) a, a, -, -, - d) -, -, -, -, the

2.______North is______cooler than______South.

a) -,the, - c)the, -, -

b) the, the, the d) the, -, the

3.______southeast Britain has always been______most

populated part of______island.

a) the, the, a c) —, the, the

b) —, the, an d) —, —, the

4. Britain is______island and______Britain's history has

been closely connected with______sea.

a) an, —, — c) the, —, the

b) an, —, the d) an, the, the

5.______ earliest method of tool making spread from

______Africa to______European part.

a) an, —, the c) the, —, the

b) the, the, the d) the, -, -

6. Some were ______ grammar schools independent of

______Church, while others were attached to______


a) the, the, the c) the, -, a

b) -, the, the d) -, the, a

7.______Latin was important because it was______edu­cated language of______almost all Europe.

a) -, the, - c) -, an, -

b)the,the, - d) -, the, -

8.______most English people could not speak______

Latin,______language of ______ Church and of______


a) -, -, the, the, - c) -, -, a, -, the

b) the, -, the, the, - d) —, the, -, the, —

9.______fourteenth century was disastrous for Britain as

well as for______most of Europe because of______ef­fect of______wars.

a) the, —, the, — c) the, —, an, —

b) the, the, the, - d) the, -, the, the

10. England had______burden of______fighting______


a) a, -, the c) the, the, the

b) the, -, the d) the, -, -

11. In______twelfth century,______practice of______

letting out farms had been______way of increasing

______landlord's profits.

a) the,-,-, a, — c) the, the,-, a, the

b) the, the, the, a, — d) —, the, -, a, the

12.______most important of these changes was______re­placement of______wool by______finished cloth.

a) the, the, —, the c) the, a, —, —

b) a, the, -, the d) the, the, -, -

13. By the end of______Middle Ages______serf from

______countryside could work in______town to be­come ______freeman in______town he lived.

a) —, a, the, a, a, the c) the, a, the, a, a, the

b) the, the, the, a, a, the d) the, a, a, a, a, the

14.______poor wore______simple clothes of______

leather or______wool.

a) the, -, -, - c) the, the, -, -

b) -, -, -, - d) the, -, the, the

15.______poor children started______work at______

age of six.

a) the, —, the c) —, —, the

b) —, the, an d) -, the, the

16. In______return for money______House of Commons

demanded______political power.

a) the, the, - c) —, the, the

b)-,the,- d)-,-,-

17.______first signs of______trouble between______

Crown and______Parliament came in 1601.

a) the, -, -, - c) the, the, -, -

b) -, -, the, the d) the, -, -, the

18. Parliament was supported by______Navy, by most of

______merchants and by______population of Lon­don.

a) —, the, the c) the, the, —

b) the, -, the d) the, the, the

19. From 1649 to 1660 Britain was______republic, but

______republic was not______success.

a) -, the, a c) a, the, a

b) the, the, a d) a, a, the

20.______English Parliament offered to remove______

trade limits, if______Scots agreed to______union

with England.

a) the, -, the, — c) the, the, the, —

b) -, -, the, - d) the, -, -, -

21.______political revolution during______Stuart age

could not have happened if there had not been______

revolution in______thought.

a) the, the, a, - c) the, -, a, -

b) -, the, a, - d) the, the, the, -

22. In 1666______Cambridge Professor of______Maths,

Newton, began to study______gravity.

a) -, -, - c) the, -, the

b) the, -, - d) the, the, the

23.______invention of______machinery created______


a) -, -, - c) the, -, the

b) -, the - d) the, -, -

24. In France______misery of______poor led to______

revolution in 1789.

a) -, the, - c) the, the, -

b) -, -, the d) a, the, -

25. Growing______animal food was______important

new development.

a) -, an c)the, a

b) -, the d) the, the

Тест 4

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Over 75 countries in______world use______English as

______official language.

a)the, -, the c)the,the,a

b) a, —, the d) the, -, -

2. English is one of_______working languages of

UN and______International Olympic Committee.

a) -, the, the c) the, the, the

b)the, - ,the d)the,the, -

3.______President Pompidou recommended______re­turn to______totally unpolluted French without______

English words.

a) -, a, -, - c) the, -, -, -

b) the, a, —, — d) the, a, the, —

4. ______ Indian meal consists of______ meat dish,

______bread and______rice.

a) -, the, —, - c) an, -, the, the

b) an, -,-,-, d) an, a, -, -

5. ______ fruit rather than______desserts is served at

______end of______meal.

a) -, -, the, a c) -, -, an, a

b) the, -, the, a d) -, -, the, -

6. With______right hand______Indians break______

pieces of______bread.

a) a, -, -, - c) the,

b) the, the, -, - d) the, -, the, -

7.______Japan is______country of______eastern Asia

in______north Pacific Ocean.

a) the, a, -, the b) —, the, - , the

c) — a, the, the d) — , a, —, the

8.______country is crossed from______north to______

south-west by______mountain range.

a) the, the, the, a c) the, the, —, a

b) the, —, —, a d) the, the, the, the

9. Japan is______long country from_______north to

______south, so______weather varies widely.

a) the, —, —, the c) a, the, the, the

b) a, —, —, the d) —, the, the, —

10. Since______1960s Japan has been one of______lead­ing nations producing______electronic equipment and


a) the, the, —, - c) the, -, —, —

b) -, the, -, - d) the, the, the, the

11. In______south of______Sweden______Swedes

grow______sugar beet and______potatoes.

a) the, the, the, —, — c) the, —, the, —, —

b) -, -, -, the, the d) -, -, -, -, -

12.1 eat______fruit every day for_______lunch:______

orange and______banana.

a) a, -, an, a c) -, -, the, the

b) -, the, an, a d) —, —, an, a

13.______worst thing is that I drink_______awful lot of


a) the, an, — c) the, a, —

b) a, an, — d) the, an, the

14.1 usually wake up looking forward to______day, but at

______moment I don't because I don't like______girl

I work with.

a) a, the, the c) the, a, the

b)the, the, the d)the,the, a

15. Even though he is______Brazilian he doesn't drink

______coffee, just______cup of______tea.

a) a, -, the, - c) -, -, a, -

b) -, the, -, - d) -, -, the, -

16. At______weekends I sometimes turn______television

on in______morning.

a) the, the, the c) the, —, the

b) -, the, the d) the, the, -

17. Game playing is______human characteristic, appear­ing with______earliest civilizations in every part of


a) -, the, the c) a, -, the

b) a, the, the d) a, the, —

18._______children can visit______museums if they are

accompanied by______adult.

a) the, —, an c) -, -, the

b) -, -, a d) -, -, an

19. In______Japanese culture, writing is______most ad­mired of all______arts.

a) a, the, the c) —, the, the

b) -, -, the d) -, the, -

20. My friend and I went out for______meal yesterday and

______food was excellent especially______chicken.

a) the, the, the c) a, the, a

b) a, —, the d) a, the, the

21. We have bought______nice cottage in______country

with______views of______mountains.

a) a, the, -, - c) a, a, -, the

b) the, the, -, - d) a, the, the, -

22. "Would you like______glass of_______milk?" "No,

thanks. I don't like______milk."

a) the, -, - C) a, -, -

b) a, the, - d) a, -, the

23.1 don't like______poetry, but there is______poem I've

really enjoyed.

a) the, a c) -, the

b) —, a d) a, a

24.______ people who live _______ next door work in


a) the, -, a c) the, -, the

b) -, the, - d) -, -, -

25. Would you like to read "______Times"? No, thanks. I

I am short of______time.

a) --, -- c) -, the

b) the, the d)The,-

Тест 5

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Let me give you______good advice.

a) some c) one

b) a d) any

2. Do you know the______who lives next door?

a) men c) mans

b) man d) mens

3. Old Mr. O'Hara told a story of the______movement in


a) woman's c) women

b) women's d) woman

4. He was 19 and too young to know much about_____


a) the с) а

b) - d) that

5. What______magnificent view!

a)the с)а

b) - d) an

6. How can we make sense of______story as this?

a) such c) a such

b) such a d) such the

7. My mother told me to buy two______eggs in the market.

a) dozen c) dozen of

b) dozens of d) dozens

8. There______always a lot of traffic in the rush-hour.

a) are c) it is

b) is d) was

9. There is a lot of reading in______class.

a) the c) -

b) a d) an

10. "Have you met Peter's sisters?" "I have met one. I didn't know he had______sister."

a) other c) the other

b) another d) the another

11. He was in despair, he had______money to live on.

a) little c) a few

b) a little d) few

12. In half______words he explained the situations.

a) and dozen c) dozen

b) a dozen d) of dozen

13. What______urgent information!

a) — c) the

b) an d) a

14. It's difficult to say how John will react to______news as


a) such a c) a such

b) such d) the such

15. There are______cars in the city centre in the rush-hour.

a) quite a few c) much

b) many d) few

16. The______room looks very cosy.

a) children c) childrens

b) children's d) childrens's

17. Soon, they lost______patience and sent me to my par­ents in Dublin.

a) the c) -

b) a d) an

18. As usual, he had_______big breakfast and went to work.

a) — с) а

b)the d)that

19. He is a very successful businessman even though he has _______education.

a) very little c) quite a little

b) a very little d) the little

20. Unfortunately, I'm_______child in the family.

a) the only c) only a

b) an only d) the only a

Тест 6

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. We went to_______very nice restaurant last weekend.

a) the с) а

b) - d) an

2.1 clean my teeth with_______toothpaste.

a) the с) а

b) - d) some

3._______news was very depressing.

a) the с) а

b) — d) some

4. I've been walking for three hours. I've got_______sore


a) - c) the

b) a d) an

5. When we were on holiday, we stayed at_______hotel.

Sometimes we had our evening meal at_______hotel and

sometimes we went to_______restaurant.

a) a, the, the c) the, the, a

b) a, the, a d) —, the, a

6.1 hate going to_______dentist.

a) the с) а

b) - d) an

7. My best friend is_______doctor.

a) the с) а

b) - d) an

8. These two photographs are_______same.

a) the с) а

b) - d) an

9. Can you tell me where______Room 138 is, please?

a) the с) а

b) - d) an

10. Ken's brother is in______prison for robbery. Ken went

to______prison to see his brother.

a) the, the c) —, a

b) a, the d) -, the

11. We usually take______children to______zoo.

a) the, the c) —, a

b) a, the d) -, the

12. Do you think______rich should pay more taxes to help


a) -, - c) the, a

b) the, the d) a, a

13. We visited______Canada and______United States on

our last journey.

a) the, - c) -, the

b) the, the d) -, -

14.______river Volga flows into______Caspian Sea.

a) the, - c) -, the

b) the, the d) -, -

15. It is expensive to buy apartments on_______Fifth Av­enue.

a) — с) а

b) the d) an

16. Have you ever been to______British Museum?

a) — с) а

b) the d) an

17.______University of London gives almost the same edu­cation as______California University.

a) -, - . c) -, the

b) the, the d) the, -

18.1 don't feel fine today. I have______sore throat.

a) the c) —

b) a d) an

19. You better not go to______work tomorrow, you look

very pale.

a) a b) the c) —

20. I'd rather stay at_______home and watch a football

match on______TV.

a) -, - c) -, the

b) the, the d)a, -

Тест 7

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Many different combinations of______ can give us

______essentials we need for______adequate diet.

a) food, —, — c) foods, the, an

b) foods, —, the d) foods, —, an

2. My______cars are in the garage.

a) son's-in-law's c) sons-in-law's

b) sons'-in-laws d) sons'-in-law

3. Don't bother, I won't listen to your______will do me no


a) advice, it c) advices, they

b) advise, it d) advises, they

4. For 30 years now I have been studying my______. I don't

know very much about them.

a) fellow-mens c) fellows-man

b) fellow-men d) fellows-men

5. The doctor's car is outside______house. Someone must

have fallen ill there.

a) the Browns c) Browns'

b) the Browns' d) The Browns' family

6. Travellers saw two______in a distance.

a) oases c) oasises

b) oasis d) oaseses

7. After______period of drought it started raining every day.

a) six month c) a six month's

b) a six months' d) the six month

8. If the______is left open, the optics will burn out.

a) machine's lid c) lid of the machine

b) lid of machine d) lid of a machine

9.1 need______before I make a decision.

a) more informations c) further information

b) a few more information d) many information

10. Though she was quite______credulous woman she

didn't believe all the______she heard about Arnold.

a) the, gossips c) -, gossip

b) a, gossip d) a, gossips

11. Before the game each______name is written on a card.

The______select a card and keep the name secret.

a) child, child c) children's, childs

b) child's, children d) child's, children's

12.______law is one of the basic laws in physics.

a) Archimedes c) Archimedes'

b) Archimede's d) Archimede

13. Money______so scarce that______could fairly be said

not to exist at all.

a) are, they c) is, they

b) were, it d) is, it

14. The news______so unexpected at the moment. We

don't know what to do about______.

a) is, it c) was, these

b) are, them d) were, it

15.______Hyde Park is______very beautiful and large

park in______central London.

a) -, a, - c) -, the, -

b) the, the, the d) the, a, the

16. Since my childhood I have been keen on travelling and adventurous life, in my dreams I often see myself climb-

ing _____ Mont Blanc, exploring ______ Azores,

swimming in______Pacific Ocean.

a) -, the, the с) the, -, -

b) the, -, the d) -, the, -

17.______life is very difficult for______unemployed these


a) the, the c) -, the

b) -, - d)the, -

18. That magnificent______temple was constructed by


a) eight-centuries-old, the

b) old-eight-centuries, —

c) eight-century's-old, a

d) eight-century-old, the

19. His advice______bad.______never helped me.

a) is, it has c) was, they have

b) are, they have d) were, it has

20.______President______election was widely forecast by

the polls.

a) the, Clinton c) -, Clintons

b) - , Clinton's d) the, Clinton's

8. Местоимение. Слова-определители

Тест 1

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. We saw a lot of pictures at the art shop, but______was

good enough to buy for our museum.

a) none of them c) not some of them

b) no of them d) only any of them

2. If there are______calls for me, can you ask to leave a


a) some c) any

b) none d) no

3. While peeling potatoes my small brother cut______with

a sharp knife.

a) oneself c) his

b) him d) himself

4. There are many good hotels in the town. You can stay at ______of them.

a) no c) any

b) some d) all

5. I've been trying to phone her all day but______I phone

her the line is engaged.

a) every time c) the every time

b) all the time d) the whole time

6. He is invited to lots of parties and he goes to______.

a) everyone c) every one

b) everything d) each

7. These are______organizations operating in our market

and even______we would consider real competitors.

a) a few, many b) little, some

с) some, fewer d) few, fewer

8. You are not the only one who failed to hear the news. I didn't______.

a) neither c) either

b) both d) also

9. If we hadn't taken the same plane, we might have never met______.

a) ours c) each other

b) ourselves d) both of us

10.______food, clothes and some______goods have be­come more expensive nowadays.

a) much, others c) many, the others

b) many, others d) much, other

11. I'm going to the wedding on Saturday.______is getting


a) a friend of me c) mine friend

b) a friend of mine d) a friend of my

12. During the terrible road accident one car bumped into

______one. One driver was heavily injured and______


a) another, other c) other, the other

b) another, the other d) the other, other

13. — Did you hear about the party at Kate's last night? - No, I didn't.______of my friends______there.

a) none, was c) nobody, were

b) nobody, was d) no, were

14. "The system of education is not superb," she said. "Too ______mathematics______usually taught at school."

a) many, are c) much, are

b) much, is d) many, is

15.______should be present at the meeting. A very serious

question will be discussed.

a) someone c) everyone

b) any one d) anyone

16. We've got too______petrol. We must have the car filled

at the nearest service station.

a) a little c) much

b) little d) many

17. When the train arrived at the railway station______pas­sengers got their suitcases. So we picked up______too.

a) other, our c) some, ours

b) others, our d) another, ours

18. There are______evenings when I do not want to go to

bed. But there are______evenings when nothing could

keep me from going to bed.

a) some, other c) several, others

b) some, the others d) some, the other

19. I don't really enjoy going to the cinema_______. I'd

rather have______to go with me.

a) by my own, no one c) on myself, someone

b) by myself, someone d) by my own, anyone

20.1 have been talking to that strange man for an hour but I

still can't understand if he is_______Spanish______


a) either, or c) neither, nor

b) neither, or d) either, nor

Тест 2

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. It is not his fault. You cannot blame______.

a) his c) him

b) himself d) he

2. Tom and Ann stood in front of the mirror and looked at

a) each other c) one another

b) themselves d) them

3. Have you got______luggage? Let me help you.

a) any c) some

b) - d) a

4. "Would you like______to eat?" asked Tom.

a) — c) anything

b) something d) some

5. If there are______letters for me?

a) any c) some

b) - d) the

6. "What do you want to eat?" "______. I'm so hungry."

a) nothing c) something

b) anything d) any

7.______ came to visit him while he was in hospital.

a) nobody c) any one

b) none d) some

8.1 cannot talk to you now. I______time.

a) have got no c) have got any

b) have got none d) have got no any

9. All the tickets have been sold. There is______left.

a) no of them c) nothing

b) not any d) none

10. When we travelled we spent______money.

a) few c) plenty

b) a lot of d) many

Ц. He enjoyed his life there. He had_______friends and

they met quite often.

a) few c) not much

b)afew d) little

12.______people he worked with are very friendly.

a) some of c) some of the

b) any of d) nobody

13. Have you ever been to______restaurants?

a) either of those c) no

b) either of d) something

14. She said she would contact me but she______wrote


a) either, nor c) neither, or

b) neither, nor d) either, or

15.______I have eaten today is a sandwich.

a) everything c) whole

b) all d) anything

16. Peter spent______money you gave him.

a) all the c) all

b) the whole d) some

17. Carol likes reading. She has read______book in the li­brary.

a) all c) every

b) each d) the all

18.1 hope______enjoyed the outing to the Zoo.

a) everybody c) all of them

b) all d) all they

19. "Have you read all these books?" "Yes,______."

a) every c) every of them

b) every one d) everything

20.______enjoyed the party last week.

a) every one c) all

b) everyone d) every

Тест З

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. There are______biscuits left in the tin.

a) a few c) little

b) much d) a little

2.______students know the answer to this question.

a) a little c) few

b) much d) little

3. My days are so busy that I have______time for reading.

a) few c) many

b) a few d) little

4.______people give money to charity.

a) a lot c) little

b) many d) much

5. There is a tiny bit of butter. There is______butter.

a) a little c) few

b) much d) little

6. He keeps trying although there is______chance of suc­cess.

a) much c) a few

b) few d) little

7. There are many clocks in the office but______of them

work properly.

a) little c) much

b) few d) a little

8. She wasn't very hungry. She has just had______soup.

a) few c) a little

b) a few d) little

9. There aren't______jobs for young people.

a) much c) little

b) a few d) many

10. There aren't______lessons today.

a) much c) a lot

b) many d) few

11. I couldn't obtain______information from an office


a) many c) a lot

b) much d) some

12. When my parents moved into a new flat they had very ______furniture, just______chairs.

a) a little, a few c) little, a little

b) little, a few d) little, little

13. There aren't______flats to rent in Moscow because

there is______accommodation.

a) much, little c) much, a few

b) a lot, few d) many, little

14.1 haven't got______suitcases. I have got______lug­gage.

a) many, a few c) a lot of, little

b) many, few d) much, little

15.1 had______time left, so I spent______minutes in a


a) a little, a few c) a few, a few

b) little, a few d) many, much

16. Very______research will be done in this field.

a) many c) few

b) little d) a little

17. It's very quiet in my area. There is______traffic.

a) little c) a lot of

b) much d) few

18. Usually men don't do______house work.

a) a lot c) a little

b) little d) much

19. Now my father smokes______cigarettes than he used


a) a few c) fewer

b) less d) few

20. There is too______violence on TV.

a) many c) a little

b) much d) few

21. There are too______violent films on TV.

a) many c) little

b) much d) a little

22. How______money is in your wallet? Oh, you've spent

only______roubles, there are______left.

a) many, a few, many c) much, a little, many

b) much, a few, much d) much, a few, many

23.1 think there are______Russian soap operas on the tele­vision. There are______more Brazilian ones.

a) little, many c) few, much

b) few, many d) a little, many

24.______paper is needed to publish______books.

a) many, a few c) much, a few

b) much, few d) much, little

25. There are______important papers on the desk.

a) a little c) a lot of

b) a lot d) much

9. Прилагательное и наречие

Тест 1

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. The exam was quite easy —______we expected.

a) more easy that c) easier than

b) more easy than d) easier as

2. The more electricity you use,______.

a) your bill will be higher

b) will be higher your bill

c) the higher your bill will be

d) higher will be your bill

3. He's a fast runner. I can't run as______as he.

a) fast c) faster

b) fastly d) fastest

4. The film was really boring. It was______I've ever seen.

a) most boring film c) the film more boring

b) the more boring film d) the most boring film

5. My book is______interesting______yours.

a) as, as c) as, like

b) like, like d) like, as

6. My house is______ height______his.

a) as, as c) as, the same

b) the same, as d) the same, the same

7. John's grades are______his sister's.

a) the higher than c) higher than

b) the highest as d) more high than

8. His drawings are as perfect as his______.

a) instructor b) instructor's

c) instructors d) instructor drawings

9. The salary of a professor is higher than______a secretary.

a) — c) has

b) one of d) that of

10.1 feel______today than I did last week.

a) much better c) no better

b) more good d) more better

11. No animal is so big______King Kong.

a) as c)than

b) so d) that

12. Her sport car is different______Kate's.

a) like c) from

b) as d) so

13. California is farther from New York______Pennsylva­nia.

a) as c) like

b) than d) from

14. This encyclopedia costs______the other one.

a) more c) twice as many as

b) twice more than d) twice as much as

15. The hotter it is,______I feel.

a) the more miserable c) more miserable

b) the miserable d) most miserable

16. The more you study,______you will become.

a) the more smart c) smarter

b) the more smarter d) the smarter

17. No sooner had he started out for California______it

started to rain. a) that c) no sooner

b)than d)-

18. Of the two books, this one is the______.

a) the most interesting c) more interesting

b) most interesting d) the more interesting

19. These shoes are______of all.

a) less expensive c) the less expensive

b) the least expensive d) least expensive

20. He drives______than Bob.

a) more cautiously c) the most cautiousliest

b) cautiouslier d) more cautious

Тест 2

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Honesty is______policy.

a) the best c) more better

b) better d) the better

2.______men declare war. But it is the youth that fight and


a) oldest c) eldest

b) elder d) older

3. Of two evils choose______.

a) less c) the least

b) little d) smaller

4. What's the______news of today?

a) later c) lately

b) last d) latest

5. If you are interested in______details ask the head of the


a) further c) furthest

b) farther d) farthest

6. Actions speak______than words.

a) more louder c) louder

b) the loudest d) loudly

7. Hotels are becoming______nowadays.

a) more expensive c) expensiver

b) the most expensive d) the more expensive

8. The damage to the car could be______than we expected.

a) bad c) the worst

b) worse d) the worse

9. That was______case in his practice.

a) the least difficult c) the less difficulter

b) the less difficult d) difficulter

10. The sea is______unknown part of our planet.

a) the most large c) the most largest

b) the largest d) the larger

11. This cake is______the one you made last night.

a) sweeter than c) sweet as

b) sweetest d) more sweeter than

12. That was______question in the exam.

a) least difficult c) little difficult

d) the less difficult d) the least difficult

13. This was the______test I've ever done.

a) easiest c) easier

b) easy d) most easiest

14. That was the______performance I've ever seen.

a) worst c) worse

b) bad d) worser

15. Those shoes cost______mine.

a) much as c) more as

b) as much as d) as more

16. You live even______from the centre than they.

a) farther c) furthest

b) far d) more far

17.1 like Jane less than Tom, but I like Sam______of all.

a) less c) little

b) lesser d) least

18. It took Kate______to do this work.

a) long b) as long

c) the longest d) much longer

19. The smaller a garden is______it is to look after.

a) the easier c) easier

b) more easy d) most easy

20. My left arm is______than my right one.

a) stronger c) most strong

b) more stronger d) strongest

21. The people who arrive______get the best seats.

a) more earlier c) the earliest

b) most early d) much early

22. It's becoming_____ to find a job.

a) hard and hard c) hardly and hard

b) harder and harder d) the hardest and the hardest

23.______we leave,______we will arrive.

a) the earlier, the sooner c) the earliest, the soon

b) the early, sooner d) the earlier, sooner

24. Could you speak______, please?

a) distinct c) less distinctly

b) most distinct d) more distinctly

Тест 3

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Kevin continued to study______in a well-organized pri­vate school and he______found a common language

with his new school fellows.

a) serious, quick c) seriously, quick

b) seriously, quickly d) serious, quickly

2. The scene was______. Can you imagine John running so


a) quite amazing, fast c) such amazing, fast

b) rather amazing, fastly d) so amazed, fast

3. Will you give me______information on delivery arrange­ments?

a) farther c) more further

b) further d) much far

4. The benefit was______great a success that the promoters

decided to repeat it.

a) so c) as

b) such d) like

5. John is______a wonderful person: he is very friendly, gay,

he has much talent.

a) so c) quite

b) rather d) such

6. Mark was sure to get acknowledged as he worked______.

a) hardly c) too hardly

b) hardly enough d) hard enough

7. The teacher was giving her a test after a test in geography and she was doing______.

a) more and more bad c) more and more worser

b) worser and worser d) worse and worse

8. She became______as she was growing up.

a) much and much beautifully

b) more and more beautiful

c) more and more beautifully

d) most and most beautiful

9. You may dive safely here, the lake is______.

a) enough deep c) deep enough

b) deeply enough d) quite deeply

10. Her face had relaxed, the tension had gone. It looked ______and______.

a) more younger, more beauty

b) more young, more beautiful

c) younger, beautifully

d) younger, more beautiful

11.1 found it difficult to answer him. I was______to be able

to think clearly.

a) enough confused c) very confusing

b) confusing too d) too confused

12. We slept in a double-bedded room, which was______

that the little country inn could do for us.

a) good c) the best

b) better d) worse

13.______sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate but

to be indifferent to them.

a) the worst c) bad

b) worse d) worst

14. Because the first pair of shoes didn't fit______, he asked

for another one.

a) more proper c) proper

b) most properly d) properly

15. I've got too little time and my______care will be to find

______way to the village because the school I'm going

to is at______end.

a) next, the nearest, the fartherest

b) nearest, nearest, furtherest

c) near, next, farther

d) next, next, further

16. During the Middle Ages London grew twice______it

was in size and wealth.

a) as large as c) as larger as

b) larger than d) as larger than

17. The professor looked______at the student's paper and

then began to speak. His voice sounded______.

a) quick, terrible c) quickly, terribly

b) quickly, terrible d) quick, terribly

18. John said that no other car could go______.

a) as fast as his c) as fast as the car of him

b) so fast like his car d) as fast like his car

19. Even though she looks very young, she is twice______

my twenty-year-old sister.

a) older c) as old as

b) as old than d) older than

20. Of the two landscapes that you have shown me this one is

a) more picturesque c) most picturesque

b) the more picturesque d) the most picturesque

Тест 4

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Susan's job is.______She is not______with it.

a) boring, satisfied c) boring, satisfying

b) bored, satisfied d) a bore, satisfying

2. Near the window there was a______table.

a) beautiful round large wooden

b) large wooden beautiful round

c) beautiful large round wooden

d) wooden beautiful large round

3. Drive______! You drive too fast.

a) careful c) with care

b) carefully d) in care

4. This dish tastes a bit______.

a) strange c) strangefully

b) strangely d) stranger

5. Give me this______box please.

a) metal small black c) black small metal

b) small metal black d) small black metal

6. Please, speak______. The exam is on.

a) most quiet c) quiet

b) quietly d) more quiet

7. Mary was______injured in the car accident.

a) bad c) badly

b) hard d) hardly

8. You shouldn't go to the laboratory with us. It is not______

at all.

a) necessarily c) necessity

b) necessary d) a necessity

9. There was a great traffic. We______came in time.

a) hardly c) in hard

b) hard d) harder

10. Jane is a______worker that is why she has the highest

scores in the group.

a) hardly c) hard

b) hardship d) harder

11. Don't even talk to him. He is______impolite!

a)so c)such

b) so a d) such an

12. It was______difficult exam, that we fell asleep immedi­ately after it.

a) such c) so

b)such a d)so a

13.1 enjoyed my trip to Paris. It was______.

a) such relaxing c) so relaxing

b) such relaxed d) so a relax

14. This is______book that I can't stop reading it.

a) so interesting c) such an interesting

b) such interesting d) so an interesting

15. We must figure out income tax returns______.

a) accuracy c) accurately

b) accurate d) accuratively

16. Susan appeared so______that I couldn't help making

her a compliment.

a) beautifully c) beauty

b) beautiful d) more beautiful

17. Jane feels______about having a big party.

a) enthusiastic c) in enthusiasm

b) enthusiastically d) with enthusiasm

18. Mary draws as______as her sister.

a) good c) nicely

b) well d) well like

19. Our villa is as______as yours.

a) expensively c) expensive

b) expense d) expensive like

20. The song sounded too______to be worth listening to.

a) noisy c) in noise

b) noisily d) much noise

21. The doctor felt the leg_______to see if there were any

broken bones.

a) careful c) carefully

b) in carefulness d) care

22. This lake is the same______as that one.

a) deep c) deeply

b) depth d) more deep

23. Caroline goes to the swimming pool less______than

Mary does.

a) frequent c) frequency

b) frequently d) more frequent

24. Elisa dances______than her sister.

a) more gracefully c) most graceful

b) more graceful d) more grace

25. Jane has as______opportunities to go in for sport as I.

a) little c) small

b)few d) fewer

10. Предлоги и союзы

Тест 1

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. She was jealous______her friend because she had a better


a) at c) of

b) on d) to

2. The waste paper bin is full______crumpled sheets of pa­per.

a) with c) to

b) for d) of

3. The computer is capable______producing graphics.

a) to c) for

b) of d) in

4. Moscow is especially famous______its elegant architec­ture.

a) for c) with

b) of d) at

5.1 felt very ashamed______making such a stupid mistake.

a) of c) at

b) for d) to

6. Could you add this up for me? I'm not very quick______


a) with c) at

b) in d) on

7. After days of preparation the hall is ready______the

grand opening.

a) on c) at

b) to d) for

8. Who is responsible______making such a mess?

a) for c) with

b) of d) at

9. She was very proud______his achievements.

a) for c) with

b) of d) at

10. It took some time to get accustomed______driving on

the left.

a) at c) to

b) with d) for

11. We always eat food typical______the region we are trav­elling in.

a) for c) at

b) on d) of

12. Are you aware______any reason why he is late?

a) with c) for

b) about d) of

13. She went out to work not to be dependent_______her


a) on c) with

b) at d) for

14. She never goes out at night because she is afraid______

the dark.

a) at c) of

b) to d) for

15. Because of the flu many teachers were absent_______


a) of c) for

b) from d) at

16.1 feel really sorry______her because she has fallen ill.

a) about c) of

b) with d) for

17. She isn't satisfied______her progress in English.

a) of c) from

b) with d) at

18. My sister is better______sport than me.

a) at c) of

b) in d) with

19.1 must hurry or I'll be late______school.

a) at c) for

b)in d)to

20. He was found guilty______robbing the bank.

a) of c) with

b) for d) at

21.1 am short______money at the moment.

a) for c) in

b) with d) of

22. This incident is very similar______what happened yes­terday.

a) with c) in

b) to d) of

23. The teacher got tired______hearing the same old ex­cuses.

a) of c) at

b) from d) with

24. I am suspicious______those people who always ask


a) in c) from

b) of d) at

25. My sister is very keen______fashion.

a) of c) on

b) with d) at

Teст 2

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. It was very nice______you to do my shopping for me.

a) on c) for

b) about d) of

2. I'm sorry______the smell of paint in this room.

a) by c) about

b) for d) at

3. We always have the same food every day. I'm fed up


a) with c) by

b) in d) to .

4.1 was shocked______what I saw. I'd never seen anything

like that before.

a) on c) at

b) of d) with

5. Susan is married______two children.

a) to c) with

b) for d) -

6. Tom has no money of his own. So he's totally dependent ______his parents.

a) at c) to

b) on d) of

7. She apologized______me______her behaviour.

a) to, with c) on, for

b) at, to , d) to, for

8. I'm sorry______being rude with you.

a) for c) on

b)- d)at

9. I'm afraid there is no solution______the problem.

a) to c) from

b) for d) on

10. He showed me a photograph______the house where he

lived as a child.

a) of c) at

b) in d) for

11. The police believe that there is no connection______

the two crimes.

a) between c) with

b) for d) at

12. We called the doctor because Linda was complaining ______a pain in her back.

a) about c) on

b) of d) in

13. We'd better phone______the restaurant to reserve a


a) to c) -

b) for d) in

14. Thank you for the invitation______your party next


a) on c) to

b) by d) at

15. He accused his wife______being jealous.

a) at c) in

b) about d) of

16. I've received a cheque______$200.

a) on c) with

b) by d) for

17. Did you know the cause______the fire?

a) of c) from

b) to d) at

18. The children were excited______going to the circus

next day.

a) for c) about

b) of d) to

19.______my opinion you shouldn't go to Kate's party to­morrow.

a) on c) in

b) from d) by

20.1 nearly forgot that it was Jack's birthday. Fortunately I remembered______time.

a) in c) on

b) for d) at

Тест 3

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Our house is similar______theirs. I think ours is a bit lag­er.

a) of c) for

b) to d) with

2. Do you belong______a political party?

a) to c) on

b) of d) about

3. It is terrible that some people are dying______hunger

while others eat too much.

a) with c) to

b) for d) of

4. Ann loves complaining. She complains______everything

a) of c) for

b) about d) to

5. He decided to give up sport in order to concentrate ______his studies.

a) on c) about

b) in d) of

6. The accident was my fault, so I had to pay_______the


a) on c) of

b) to d) for

7. Did you hear_______the fight in the club on Saturday


a) of c) about

b) for d) -

8. Have you heard ________ a company called "Smith


a) after c) about

b) of d) for

9. I have lost my keys. Can you help me to look_______


a) of c) for

b) after d) to

10. Who looked______you when you were ill?

a) after c) at

b) for d) to

11. Please don't shout______me! Be nice to me.

a) to c) of

b) for d) at

12. We passed Tom as we were driving along. I shouted______

him but he didn't hear.

a) for c) to

b) of d) at

13. I've thought______what you said and I've decided to

take your advice.

a) of c) at

b) about d) to

14.1 don't know what to get Ann for her birthday. Can you think______anything?

a) of c) at

b) about d) to

15. When I saw Mike, I congratulated him_______passing

his driving test.

a) for c) to

b) of d) on

16. It's not very pleasant when you are accused_______

something you didn't do.

a) for с) of

b)to d) in

17.1 didn't have any money, I had to borrow some______a

friend of mine.

a) of c) after

b) from d) over

18. I am not going out yet. I am waiting______the rain to


a) to c) about

b) - d) for

19. The roof of the house is in a very bad condition. I think we ought to do something______it.

a) of c) with

b) about d) after

20. Do you see that girl over there? Does she remind you ______anyone you know?

a) of c) -

b) about d) to

Тест 4

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. One can learn to play the guitar _____ two months.

a) in c) for

b) at d) after

2. Jane remembered the dates only______the exam.

a) in c) at

b) on d) to

3 . There is a comfortable chair______the corner of room.

a) at c) on

b) in d) into

4.______the comer of the street you will see a gift shop.

a) at c) on

b) in d) into

5. Susan looks very beautiful______this photograph.

a) on c) from

b) at d) in

6. Many people pay huge sums of money to see our team's play______football match.

a) in c) at

b) on d) to

7. Call your relatives when you arrive______London.

a) at c) in

b) on d) for

8. Mary wanted to arrive______work______time, but her

car broke and she was late.

a) at, in c) in, in

b) at, on d) in, on

9. The murderer was sent______prison although his advo­cate did his best to defend him.

a) to c) into

b) in d) at

10. — Have you ever been to Indonesia?

— Yes, last year I went there______business.

a) for c) on

b) in d) at

11. The shop assistant asked Jane to pay______cash.

a) in c) with

b) by d) for

12. In most shops you can pay______credit card.

a) in c) with

b) by d) for

13. Susan was afraid of travelling______sea, so we had to go

______my car.

a) on, by c) by, in

b) at, in d) in, by

14. Can you see any disadvantages______living in the city?

a) at c) in

b) for d) to

15. The behaviour of the aggressive fans caused serious dam­age ______the city centre.

a) of c) to

b) for d) in

16. Jane showed me her wonderful drawings______the sea.

I think she has a great talent.

a) at c) for

b) of d) in

17. Mary feels deeply sorry______homeless pets.

a) for b) with

c) about d) of

18. Many people are shocked______ the truth they hear

about themselves.

a) with c) in

b) by d) about

19. It was generous______the headmaster to give us expen­sive presents.

a) for c) of

b) to d) about

20. Although Jane was very nervous______the exam, she

was able to concentrate.

a) about c) at b) for d) to 21. There is a terrible car accident. One car collided______

another one.

a) to c) with

b) in d) into

22. Mary is suspected______telling lies.

a) in c) for

b) of d) at

23. Nowadays many people still suffer______cancer.

a) of c) in

b) from d) because of

24. My grandmother usually looks______me when my par­ents are______holiday.

a) after, on c) after, in

b) for, on d) for, at

25. It is difficult to blame the defeat______the team. They

did their best.

a) for c) at

b) on d) in

Тест 5

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. I can't open this door. Have you got a key______the

other one?

a) for c) from

b) to d) out of

2. The train was late but nobody knew the reason______the


a) for c) to

b) of d) on

3.1 was surprised at her reaction______my suggestion.

a) to c) about

b) towards d) for

4. Do you think we will find a solution______the problem?

a) of c) to

b) for d) on

5. Why are you always jealous______other people?

a) about c) to

b) of d) towards

6. She is married______an American, but lives in England.

a) with c) for

b) to d) on

7. I am sure you are capable______passing the examina­tion.

a) of c) to

b) at d) for

8. The letter he wrote is full______mistakes.

a) of c) in

b) with d) for

9. This cup is filled______tea.

a) with c) in

b) of d) on

10.1 am a bit short______money. Can you lend me some?

a) in c) with

b) of d) off

11. She depends______her parents for money.

a) on c) from

b) in d) out of

12. Some people are still dying______pneumonia even in

developed countries.

a) from c) of

b) at d) off

13.1 have searched______my keys but I can't find them.

a) in c) of

b) for d) after

14. She accused me______being selfish.

a) of c) at

b) for d) in

15. Everybody blamed me______the accident.

a) of c) for

b) about d) on

16. The book is divided______three parts.

a) in c) on

b) into d) on to

17. Don't point that knife______me. It's dangerous.

a) at c) in

b) on d) for

18. The school provided all its students______books.

a) on C) on

b) with d) for

19. Everybody blamed the accident______me.

a) for C) on

b) with d) after

20. What is this medicine______?

a) from C) at

b) for d) against

Тест 6

Выберите правильный вариант.

1.______the traffic was bad, I arrived on time.

a) although c) despite

b) in spite of d) because of

2. Kate might phone tonight. I don't want to go out______

she phones.

a) because c) in case

b) because of d) if

3. A dog ran out in front of the car______we were driving

along the road.

a) in case c) if

b) as d) when

4- _____ they are with an adult, children are not allowed to use the swimming pool.

a) unless c) providing

b) if d) provided

5.1 drew a map for her in case she______the house.

a) can't find c) won't find

b) couldn't find d) don't find

6. I'll give you my phone number______you need to con­tact me.

a) because c) in case

b) because of d) if

7.1 used to live near the sea______I was a child.

a) as c) when

b) while d) during

8. The doorbell rang______we were asleep.

a) as c) when

b) just as d) while

9. After the interruption, the speaker went on talking______

nothing had happened.

a) as c) like

b) as if d) without

10. We usually go out at weekends, but we don't often go out ______the week.

a) while c) unless

b) for d) during

11. Please, don't interrupt me______I'm speaking.

a) while c) till

b) until d) during

12. I felt really ill last week. I could hardly eat anything ______three days.

a) white c) unless

b) for d) during

13. We'll buy some more food in case he______.

a) come c) will come

b) comes d) came

14. When we asked Kate to help us, she agreed immediately, ______I knew she would.

a) like c) how

b) as d) as if

15. I'm moving into my new flat next week. I'm staying with my friend______then.

a) by c) before

b) until d) for

16. My mother once had a part-time job______a tourist


a) as c) how

b) like d) the way

17. You can phone me at the hotel______you need to con­tact me.

a) because c) in case

b) because of d) if

18. My feet are really cold. They're______blocks of ice.

a) like c) how

b) as d) as how

19.1 don't watch TV______I've got nothing else to do.

a) provided c) as long as

b) unless d) so long as

20. Kate got married______she was 23.

a) when c) as

b) during d) just as

21. My father is a terrible driver. He drives_______he were

the only driver on the road.

a) as c) as if

b) like d) how

22. I'm playing tennis tomorrow______it's raining.

a) if c) providing

b) unless d) provided

23.1 didn't get the job______I had all the necessary qualifi­cations.

a) although c) despite

b) in spite of d) because

24. We are going to have a picnic tomorrow_______it's no


a) unless c) in case

b) providing d) in spite of

25. I'll phone you tomorrow______usual, OK?

a) how c) as

b) like d) for

Тест 7

Выберите правильный вариант.

1.______the house is old, it is still very warm.

a) although c) despite

b) even d) no matter

2.1 couldn't sleep______very tired.

a) although I was c) despite of being

b) despite I be d) in spite of

3. In spite______the heavy snow, we enjoyed our weekend.

a) — c) from

b) of d) being

4. You should insure your bicycle______stolen.

a) in case it will be c) in case it is

b) if it will be d) if it is

5. She liked teaching in spite of______it was badly paid.

a) it was a fact c) —

b) the fact that d) in fact

6. The club is for members only. You______you're a member.

a) can't go in if c) can't go in unless

b) can go in only d) can go in unless

7. Even______I was really tired, I couldn't sleep.

a) - c) if

b)that d)though

8. I'll give you my phone number______you want to speak

to me.

a) in case , c) for

b) if d) providing

9. Kate has been married a long time. She got married ______she was 22 years old.

a) when c) while

b) as d) providing

10. Despite______she wouldn't take her coat off.

a) it was hot c) being heat

b) that it was hot d) the heat

11. What a beautiful house! It's______a palace.

a) as c) even

b) like d) however

12. Travelling by car is convenient______you have some­where to park.

a) if not c) provided if

b) providing d) in case

13.______I got home, I had a bath.

a) when c) while

b) as d) if

14. They are very kind to me. They treat me______their

own son.

a) like I am c) as if I were

b) as if I am d) as if I be

15.1 am going to get this qualification,______long it takes.

a) no matter c) nevertheless

b) however d) while

16. I'll be in London next week. 1 hope to see Tom______


a) while I will be c) during my visit

b) while I am d) during I am

17. You should inform the police______your car is stolen.

a) if c) in case

b) though d) like

18. The doorbell rang______we were asleep.

a) when c) providing

b) as d) while

19. Jack is away at the moment. I don't know exactly when

he is coming back but I am sure he'll be back______


a) by c) on

b) until d) to

20. She was ill last week, but despite______this she went to


a) - c) in

b) from d) of

21.______the manager, she has to make many important


a) like c) when

b) as d) if

22. Why do you talk about him______he were an old man?

a) as c) if

b) as if d) like

23. What are you going to do while they______TV?

a) will be watching c) are watching

b) will watch d) watch

24. Everyone is ill at home. Our house is______a hospital.

a) like c) if

b) as d) in case

Тест 8

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. The plane was late but no one knew the reason______the


a) about c) of

b) for . d) to

2. The accident was my fault, so I paid for the damage ______the other car.

a) to c) with

b) for d) on

3. The man was surprised _______ his friend's reaction

______what he said.

a) with, on c) of, towards

b) at, to d) in, to

4. Do you think they'll find a solution______this problem

so soon?

a) of . c) to

b) on d) for

5. The police wanted to question the man in connection ______the robbery.

a) with c) to

b) of d) about

6. The police said that there was no connection______the

two murders.

a) with c) in

b) of d) between

7.______his opinion she looked like a princess.

a) to c) on

b) in d) with

8. Don't worry. She is jealous______everyone. 1

a) to c) of

b) with d) for

9. Lisa has married______Harry.

a) with c) on

b) to d) -

10. When I realized that I had taken the wrong umbrella, I immediately apologized______my mistake.

a) for c) on

b) to d) about

11. I couldn't stop my car in time so I crashed______an­other car.

a) — c) in

b) into d) to

12. He loves complaining. He complains______everything.

a) of c) about

b) for d) on

13.1 dreamt______you yesterday.

a) of c) about

b) on d) at

14.1 often dream______being rich.

a) of c) about

b) on d) at

15. When I heard that he had passed his exams, I phoned him to congratulate him______his success.

a) with c) about

b) for d) on

16. I'll visit you next Sunday and we'll go for a walk______


a) like c) as

b) how d) for

17. He wasn't feeling well, but______of this he answered all

the questions of the examiner.

a) although c) despite

b) in spite d) because

18.1 liked this room______it was, before we decorated it.

a) like c) how

b) as d) so

19.______we don't use our car very often we've decided to

sen it.

a) as c) although

b) when d) despite

20. We have too many bedrooms, so we use one of them ______a study.

a) like c) as

b) for d) how

Заполните пропуски предлогами (тест 9-41).

Тест 9

Money doesn't mean that much. It never means much

______(1) someone who has always had enough to get by.

The only people who like money are those______(2) a lot

______(3) it and those______(4) none______(5) all.

Тест 1 0

My wives always had a lot______(1) money, and they

were always worried that someone was going to take it away

______(2) them. I shouldn't say that______(3) my first

wife though. She was going to give up everything______(4)

our marriage. Her father thought I was just a fortune hunter. He was only reconciled______(5) her when the baby was born.

Тест 1 1

He loved his grandchild. He left everything______(1)

her, this land and all the holdings ______(2) town,

______(3) the condition that Amelia and I would never live

together. Shortly after her father died, Amelia died

______(4) an airplane crash. Or______(5) least we assume

she died, she was never seen again.

Тест 1 2

The little girl was only three. I couldn't raise a child my­self, especially a blind child. I found Ms. Ryan and Mrs.

Munsing to help out______(1) the child. As it turned out,

Ms. Ryan actually dislikes children and Mrs. Munsing is far

too possessive______(2) the child. Fortunately there is a

nun who lives______(3) the convent on this property who

comes and gives Sonia her school lessons. She is a very nor­mal child______(4) spite______(5) the fact that she has

never been on this land and has never played with children her own age.

Тест 1 3 '

Mrs. Munsing also must have had a headache since she stayed (1) the kitchen and did not serve dinner. Con­versation ______(2) the dinner table was kept______(3)

safe topics______(4) the difference______(5) life in Rag-staff and New York City.

Тест 14

I left the house without saying thank you______(1) my

hosts. I ran down the hill and stopped a passing car. I had a lot to tell the chief. I wondered how much he already knew.

The car that picked me up stopped______(2) front of the

police station; inside I was told the chief was away______(3)

a few days. My tale would have to wait. I spent the afternoon

______(4) my desk trying to piece the story together. At five

o'clock, I had finished my report and returned______(5)

Mrs. Johnson's house.

Тест 1 5

She said she had been worried______(1) me______(2) I

had been away and hadn't told her where I was. It was just like being home with my mother again. She handed me a let­ter that had been delivered______(3) hand (4) the

afternoon. The address was written______(5) a large, clear


Тест 16

We always had such a quiet life______(1) the hill. When

my father was alive, he never allowed visitors. Tom was the

only person my father had confidence______(2). When he

died______(3) a heart attack______(4) my marriage, I

blamed myself and was overcome______(5) guilt.

Тест 1 7

It seemed that the only way to provide______(1) my

daughter and husband and still stay close______(2) the land

I loved was to "disappear". Small plane crashes are very con­venient. It was a very difficult life______(3) both my hus­band and me. Fortunately I had the comfort______(4) the

friends______(5) the village who sheltered me.

Тест 1 8

I went______(1) the back______(2) the house where I

could sit______(3) a bench and look______(4) the prop­erty. Down in the valley I could see the main building ______(5) the convent.

===== Тест 1 В =

She never leaves this valley unless she goes up______(1)

the air______(2) her plane. She never goes______(3) town

with the rest______(4) them. She does come here and take

care______(5) Sonia.

Тест 2O

There has been nothing but trouble ever since she came

______(1) this house. He got her to take care______(2)

poor little Sonia, but she began to act as if she owned the house. Later, when Mr. Fitch married, she acted all sweet

______(3) the new wife, but here______(4) the kitchen she

would complain______(5) getting in the way.

Тест 21

None______(1) them had anything to do______(2)

poor little Sonia. If it hadn't been______(3) the nun who

comes______(4) the morning to give her lessons, no one

would pay any attention______(5) her, except me and Tom.

Тест 22

I was startled______(1) the bitterness______(2) her


"Look______(3) this garden. To you it may not look

beautiful. Other people tell me the colors______(4) the

flowers do not go well together, but they have only one sense. People trust their eyes too much. We must use other senses to appreciate a garden."

I walked over______(5) her and felt the soft leaf of a


Тест 23

I looked______(1) the garden. She was right. I did not

think it was beautiful. The color of the flowers and the ar­rangement ______(2) the plants would not have been done

______(3) that manner______(4) a professional gardener.

"These are beautiful flowers," I said, hoping to express my interest______(5) the garden.

Тест 24

"Do you have poisonous plants______(1) your garden?"

"Oh, I have lots______(2) them."

She pointed to a plant______(3) her feet and bent over to

pick it.

"The juice______(4) this plant is tasteless, but when

added______(5) tea or any drink, it becomes deadly."

Тест 25

From the porch, Ms. Ryan was calling for us to come ______(1) tea. Sonia reached her hand______(2) her bas­ket and held out some parsley she had just cut. "You are not

afraid______(3) parsley, are you?" She handed me a bit to


"You go have your tea______(4) Ms. Ryan. And enjoy it."

She then went back to the house. I followed slowly behind and reached the porch where Ms. Ryan was waiting ______(5) me.

Тест 26

I stared______(1) him and wondered why he had both­ered to talk______(2) me. But 1 turned my attention back

______(3) the garden below. I followed the woman with the

straw hat as she walked into the garden,______(4) the gate,

and______(5) the main house.

Тест 27

Behind me I heard the woman coming from Sonia's room. I watched the woman with the straw hat come

______(1) the hill. As she approached the top, she refused to

look______(2) my direction. She concentrated______(3) a

piece______(4) paper she was holding______(5) both


Тест 28

As she passed I said hello. She ignored me. I stood ______(1) and followed her.

"Have you come to give Sonia her lesson ______(2)

plants?" She still did not respond.

"It was a pleasure meeting you ... Amelia. "

She stopped______(3) an instant and then continued

(4) the house______(5) looking back.

Тест 29

Ms. Ryan led me______(1) the dark hall and______(2)

the steps______(3) a large kitchen that was warm from the

oven. "Detective Smith would like to talk______(4) you be­fore dinner. I hope he won't be______(5) your way."

Тест 30

The old woman shot a nervous look in my direction and

gave a slight nod in the direction______(1) Ms. Ryan. Ms.

Ryan turned ______(2) me and said she would see me

______(3) dinner and left. Mrs. Munsing made herself busy

preparing the food. I saw______(4) the table the basket

______(5) leaves and herbs that Sonia had collected. The

parsley was spread out on the table.

Тест 31

Mrs. Munsing had still not turned around. I started the

conversation_____(1) asking, "What do you think_____(2)

Ms. Ryan?" It proved to be a good opener.

"Oh, Mr. Smith, sir. She's an evil woman, that one. She acts all sweet and nice, but she's hard as nails. Don't trust

her, Mr. Smith. She grabbed the knife______(3) the table

top and began to chop the tops______(4) the carrots throw­ing them (5) the sink.

Тест 32

I followed Sara______(1) the bedroom and watched her

lay my niece (2) the middle of the old bed. I knew

that the next time I saw my niece she would be walking and talking. My sister put a lightweight sheet over her and hold­ing her fingers______(3) her lips, she motioned______(4)

me to follow her back______(5) the kitchen.

Тест 33

The story was interrupted by Sara's coming______(1)

the room ______(2) her little daughter Jeannie asleep

______(3) her arms. The entrance of the grandchild shifted

the focus______(4) me______(5) her, and my mother im­mediately took charge of the child's welfare.

Тест 34

The sound______(1) a small plane______(2) my head

interrupted my thoughts. The plane was very close

______(3) the earth. I took my binoculars______(4) their

case and focused on the plane below. It rolled to a stop next to one______(5) the buildings.

Тест 35

There was a group______(1) men sitting______(2) a

table waiting______(3) someone or something. It looked

very strange: five men sitting______(4) a table with nothing

______(5) it but a record player.

Тест 36

I noticed some records______(1) a shelf; all were reli­gious songs, but one had no label. I picked it up out

______(2) curiosity. The second I picked it up, every nun

lifted her finger______(3) her lips to warn me to be silent. 1

imitated the gesture and put the record______(4) the table

Now I was really curious to know what the record was. I

wondered if this was a group______(5) nuns that never


Тест 37

I have always been well taken care of. Since my father died

______(1) a heart attack, my two older sisters and my

mother have been taking care______(2) me, their little boy.

When my sisters got married and moved out of the apart­ment, it was just Mama and I sitting alone______(3) night

listening______(4) the neighbors fight______(5) door.

Тест 38

When I finished college and went______(1) the Police

Academy, Mama was really proud. She thought that I would

get a job in the city and be able to stay______(2) her. But

when recruiters came______(3) Arizona, I was offered a job

in Flagstaff.

"Where is that girl?" Eleanor was looking out of the win­dow ______(4) Sara. "She ought to have been here

______(5) now."

Тест 39

"Give her time. You're always after your sister. Let her

alone." Mama got up______(1) her chair and moved over to

the sink and began putting away the dishes she had washed earlier. "She'll come when she can. She has that new baby

______(2) home, you know. You can't just get up and leave a

new baby, you know. "

"She can get a babysitter." My sister walked over to my mother to help put the dishes into the cabinet. "They make enough money to get a babysitter."

"You can't trust just anyone to stay______(3) your chil­dren. You'll find that out." Mama returned to her chair and

began rearranging the things _______(4) the table. She

avoided looking______(5) me.

Тест 40

After dinner we all headed______(1) our rooms. My

room was______(2) the top floor. Below me was Ms. Ryan.

Across the hall was Sonia's room. Mr. Fitch slept______(3)

the second floor below Sonia's room.

The first thing I saw when I came______(4) the room

was a bouquet______(5) parsley on the bedside table.

Тест 41

"Mama, how can you say you're going to be all alone?

Why, every child in this street is in and out______(1) your

apartment all day long looking______(2) treats______(3)

your cookie jar. And______(4) the evening you play cards

and bingo______(5) the ladies in the street. How can you

say you're going to be alone?"

Тест 42

My brother was not a good businessman, as my father had suspected. He began to lose our fortune, and we were faced

______(1) selling the land I loved. We agreed______(2) his

plan to marry a wealthy woman. That plan was helped along

______(3) the efforts______(4) Ms. Ryan, a very capable

woman who was my best friend______(5) school.

Тест 43

And that he could live here______(1) this land. She sat

forward______(2) her chair and put a sweater______(3)

her shoulders. "It's getting cold out here. Why don't you go

on down______(4) the kitchen and talk______(5) Mrs.

Munsing? It's warm down there, and after all, she's the one who started this investigation. I'm sure she'll have much to


11. Порядок слов

Тест 1

Выберите правильный вариант.

1.______the house when it started to rain.

a) Scarcely he had entered

b) Scarcely had he entered

c) He scarcely had entered

2.______at everyone who got off the plane.

a) Suspiciously he looked

b) He suspiciously looked

c) He looked suspiciously

3.______injured in the last match.

a) He badly was

b) Badly he was

c) He was badly

4.______than he fell ill.

a) No sooner he had arrived

b) No he had sooner arrived

c) No sooner had he arrived

5. Not only______you, they smash everything too.

a) they do rob

b) do they rob

c) they rob

6. How______if I fall right through the earth and come out

among the antipodes.

a) funny it will seem

b) it will seem funny

c) it funny will seem

7. He was born______.

a) at two o'clock on April 12th in the morning in 1947

b) in the morning at two o'clock on April 12th in 1947

c) at two o'clock in the morning on April 12th in 1947

о all the exercises he had to do.

a) He carefully wrote

b) He wrote carefully

c) Carefully he wrote

9 I______after that.

a) only saw him once

b) saw him only once

c) saw him once only

10.______have not arrived.

a) The ordered goods

b) The goods ordered

c) The goods which ordered

11.______got to the station on time.

a) Only I and my brother

b) Only my brother and I

c) My brother and I only

12. Last year we went______.

a) to Vienna by train at Easter

b) at Easter to Vienna by train

c) by train at Easter to Vienna

13. Where is your new car? Come on,______!

a) show us

b) show us to it

c) show to us

14. They have lived______.

a) for a long time peacefully in the same house

b) for a long time in the same house peacefully

c) peacefully in the same house for a long time

15. А______man got up from the table and beckoned to


a) pleasant looking and middle-aged

b) middle-aged pleasant looking

c) pleasant-looking middle aged

16. They arranged to meet______.

a) in a pub at the foot of College Road for a pre-lunch drink

b) for a pre-lunch drink in a pub at the foot of College Road

c) for a pre-lunch drink at the foot of College Road in a pub

17. I'd like you to get______from the market.

a) for me some fruit

b) some fruit me

c) some fruit for me

18. Never before______to accept a bribe.

a) I had been asked

b) had I been asked

c) had been I asked

19. The secretary typed______.

a) for Mr. Benson the document

b) Mr. Benson the document

c) the document/or Mr. Benson

20. A______woman with brown hair was the only contralto.

a) small and bullied-looking

b) bullied-looking small

c) small bullied-looking

12. Выражение согласия/несогласия

Тест 1

Выберите правильный вариант.

1.1 have seen the film.______.

a) I am to c) Neither have I

b) So am I. d) So have I.

2.1 haven't seen the film.______.

a) Neither have I c) So have I

b) So I have d) Neither I have

3. I'm tired.______.

a) So do I c) Neither I am

b) So am I d) Neither am I

4.1 am not tired.______.

a) So am I c) Neither am I

b) Neither do I d) Neither I am

5. I've been living in Kiev for ten years.______.

a) So do I c) Neither have I

b) So am I d) So have I

6.1 haven't been living in Kiev for ten years.______.

a) I haven't too c) Neither was I

b) Neither have I d) So have I

7.1 was at the theatre yesterday.______.

a) Neither was I c) So was I

b) Neither am I d) So am I

8.1 wasn't at the theatre yesterday.______.

a) Neither was I c) So do I

b) Neither am I d) So was I

9.1 am reading a book now.______.

a) Neither am I c) So do I

b) So am I d) So I am 10.1 am not reading a book now.______.

a) Neither am I c) Neither do I

b) So do I d) I am not 11.1 played football last Sunday.______.

a) So am I c) So did I

b) So was I d) So do I

12.1 didn't play football last Sunday.______.

a) So did I c) Neither was I

b) I didn't too d) Neither did I 13.1 can swim long distances.______.

a) So do I c) So can I

b) So am I d) Neither can I 14.1 can't swim long distances.______.

a) So can I c) I can't too

b) Neither can I d) Neither do I

15.1 could read the article without a dictionary.______.

a) So could I c) Neither can I

b) So can I d) Neither am I

16.1 couldn't read the article without a dictionary.______.

a) So could I c) So can I

b) Neither can I d) Neither could I 17.1 intend to buy this book.______.

a) So do I c) So am I

b) So will I d) So did I 18.1 don't intend to buy this book.______.

a) Neither do I b) So do I

c) Neither did I d) Neither am I 19. We saw a ship in the distance.______.

a) So do I c) So am I

b) So did they d) So have I

20.1 got an important letter today.______.

a) So do I c) So am I

b) So did he d) So have I

21. Petrov wasn't late for the performance.______.

a) So am I c) Neither was my friend

b) Neither am I d) So did my friend

22. I've never seen her dance.______.

a) So am I c) So have I

b) Neither did my son d) Neither has my son

23.1 can't go to the cinema tonight.______.

a) Neither can he c) So can he

b) Neither could I d) So could he

24. My sister found the book interesting.______.

a) Neither did I c) So did I

b) So does my friend d) So do I

25.1 didn't enjoy the film very much.______.

a) Neither do I c) So did I

b) Neither did my friends d) Neither am I

13. Фразовые глаголы

Тест 1

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Some people believe that it is necessary to______capital


a) bring back c) carry on

b) bring about d) give down

2. When you______writing the project, do not forget to

consult the dictionary.

a) get back to c) go over to

b) get down to d) set off to

3. Jane has______many troubles last year, but she remained

confident and persistent.

a) gone to c) got through

b) stayed up through d) gone through

4. The play was______by the sudden illness of the leading


a) held on c) held up

b) held through d) held over

5. If you do not need the book,______to the library.

a) take it up c) take it through

b) take it back d) take it down

6. Many people are______by false promises to make them


a) taken in c) taken over

b) taken through d) taken back

7. The company______five new employees every year.

a) takes on c) holds on

b) takes up d) carries on

8. When the fire broke out, Mary was the person to______

the situation.

a) take on c) hold in

b) take over d) get on

9. The burglary has nothing______Susan. It is unfair to ac­cuse her of it.

a) to do away with c) to take after

b) to bring about with d) to do with

10. The professor refused to check Jane's test because he could not______her handwriting.

a) go through c) make out

b) make up d) make for

11. The government should ______ crime.

a) do away with c) make out with

b) do with d) make away with

12. Elisa______her flat. It looks very stylish now.

a) did for c) made up

b) did up d) made away with

13. It is difficult to______how you feel when you are in


a) get through c) get across

b) get around d) get back to

14. My business makes me______a lot. I have been to many


a) get around c) get across

b) get back d) get over

15. Fortunately, all of my classmates______university.

a) got over to c) got into

b) went over to d) made for

16. Sarah______fine with everybody in the group. She is

easy-going and communicative.

a) gets after c) makes on

b) gets on d) holds on

17. The manager promised to______the contract as soon as


a) draw out of c) get through

b) draw up d) come along with

18. Mary______the details of the contract and only then

agreed to sign it.

a) figured in c) found in

b) figured over d) figured out

19. When I was walking in the park, I______an old friend.

a) ran across c) ran into

b) passed out d) ran up

20. The company is still______the project of the new ad­vertisement.

a) talking over c) watching out

b) talking in d) putting out

21. Jane won't______the details of the plan, we can trust


a) give up c) talk over

b) give away d) get into

22. We_______the afternoon to the discussion of the new


a) gave on c) gave over

b) went on d) held on

23. Dictators like him rarely______without a fight.

a) go down c) give over

b) make for d) pass out

24. How can we______solving this problem?

a) go about c) make up

b) go down d) take on

25. On seeing the owner of the house the thieves______the


a) made down to c) went for

b) made for d) took to

Тест 2

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. If you are absent (with, to, from, on) more than two prac­tices, you'll be asked to leave.

2. There's no need to go (in, into, up, to) details, just give me the general idea.

3. These three articles make (up, for, from, out) the whole book.

4. The wing of the plane broke (out, away, back, in) in mid­air and the plane crashed.

5. I'll pick you (up, with, out, from) at your place at eight o'clock.

6. The writer was absorbed (in, with, on, into) her work.

7. It should be reasonably easy to pick (with, for, up, over) a taxi outside the station.

8. The committee has agreed (from, to, in, up) your request.

9. Don't give (away, in, up, to) without trying.

10. Please, put me (up, in, out, off) the train at the station serving the airport.

11. The article was abstracted (out of, out, from, for) a longer book.

12. What will the world use for power when it has run (from, away, in, out of) oil?

13. He cares only (about, on, with, for) himself.

14. They needed the money to set (right, off, up, over) a spe­cial school for gifted children.

15. The coat and trousers make (up, for, from, out) the suit.

16. The old cars were broken (down, away, out, back) for their metal and parts.

17. Does she get (down, away, out, along) with your aunt all right?

18. Let's act (as, of, out, on) the story of the three bears once more.

19.1 shall have to give (up, away, apart, in) singing when I get too old.

20.1 had to run to catch (over, up, on, out) with her.

21. We must adapt our needs (from, for, as, to) our income.

22. I came (about, across, along, up) this old photo in the back of the drawer.

23. Please, point (out, to, up, down) where I went wrong.

24. It's always advisable to check (off, out, on, in) early to get a good seat on your flight.

25. He keeps going (through, up, over, away) the same story although no one believes him.

Тест 3

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Do you, too, run (of, from, in, out of) money long before the next payday?

2. It is difficult to accustom oneself (into, in, to, of) the new ideas of younger people.

3. Send (for, to, after, of) a doctor, a man has been hurt.

4. Tell them to be (in, of, on, at) ease.

5. My father decided to apply (for, to, of, at) a new job.

6. It's hard to give (up, away, out, in) the smoking habit with out help.

7. Add (to, of, from, in) the flour a little at a time.

8. If you look (at, on, for, after) your shoes, they will last longer.

9. I'll get (along, across, after, up) with a bicycle until I buy a car.

10. Let's go (away, through, over, into) that scene again, until you are sure you know it.

11. This house seems to have been well looked (after, on, to, at).

12. The hospital must be adapted (from, of, as, to) the special needs of the sick children.

13. Using a long stick, the teacher pointed (out, off, to, up) a place on the map.

14. Tonight's concert will be put (into, up, in, off) till next week, as one of the singers has fallen ill.

15. Part of the country broke (away, out, in, back) to form a new nation.

16.1 did want a holiday abroad, but we've had to give (away, with, on, up) the idea.

17. One of the duties of the nurse is to show people (out, off, up, in) to the doctor's office.

18. You'll have to account (with, of, up, for) every penny goes.

19. It often prevents an argument if you smile (on, upon, at, with) people who are rude to you.

20. Mother was well looked (on, after, for, at) in hospital.

21. Many of Dickens' books have been adapted (from, for, on, out) the cinema.

22. The king was forced to give (up, away, to, in) his crown.

23. Your spending should not go (away, through, over, into) your income.

24.1 could hardly keep (from, for, in, back) laughing when he fell.

25. We've agreed (with, about, for, on) Spain for our holiday next year.

Тест 4

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. She accused her brother (up, for, to, of) the crime.

2. Even if you fail the exam, you must try to keep (on, of, off, to) until you pass it.

3. The thieves waited until it was dark enough to break (in, away, down, up).

4. Who will look (around, about, for, after) the children while you go out to work?

5. You'll have to answer (for, up, back, to) your violent behaviour.

6. My aunt brought (up, about, away, in) four children.

7. Can you account (with, up, of, for) why our team lost?

8. Keep (on, of, off, to) with your studies, however hard it sometimes seems.

9. He turned and left her, but she looked (at, on, after, round) him with tears in her eyes.

10.1 must apologize (for, to, against, of) my carelessness.

11. It is difficult to adjust one's habits (to, on, up, with) someone else.

12. You have to pass the entrance exams to be admitted (in, to, with, for) the university.

13. The date of the election will be given (out, up, away, in) soon.

14. I've never won anything yet, but I intend to keep (out, away, off, on) until I do.

15. The charity organization is appealing (to, of, for, on) more money to help the homeless.

16. Who's looking (after, on, at, of) the arrangements for the wedding?

17. The opposition is calling (in, for, at, about) a general election.

18. The price doesn't include tax added (on, for, of, to).

19. The doctor told him to give (in, up, away, off) smoking.

20. You will break (off, in, down, into) if you work too hard.

21. A string broke but the pianist kept (up, off, on, for) play­ing.

22. He never cares (about, for, of, on) other people's opin­ion.

23. He could not account (of, for, with, up) his foolish mis­take.

24. A compass needle always points (out, off, to, up) the north.

25. Sarah is addicted (to, of, for, on) music.

Тест 5

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. If you want to make a success of your life, you have to learn to look (ahead, after, in, into).

2. Peace talks have broken (into, down, in, on) in the Middle East.

3. Don't take her seriously, she's just acting (out, as, of, on).

4. Why is she refusing to deal (on, out, of, with) our new neighbour?

5. Don't put (off, up, out, in) making the arrangements until the last minute.

6. Let's go (in, away, out, on) tonight; there's a good film showing at the local cinema.

7. The police are acting (for, on, of, upon) information re­ceived.

8. Mistakes in the printing should be pointed (out, to, up, down) at once.

9. Would you please put me (in, out, off, up) at the railway station?

10. Let's eat (off, out, into, away) tonight. I'm too tired tc cook.

11. We're all looking (ahead, for, around, forward) to seeing you again soon.

12. At her lessons pupils often act (like, as, for, of) a teacher.

13. He hasn't much acting ability, but he uses the stage as a chance to show (in, on, off, with).

14. The singer was advised to give (in, up, away, from) all hope of becoming a professional.

15. It was pointed (down, to, at, out) to us that the office was closed.

16. Being able to give (up, away, in, to) driving to work is a real pleasure.

17. A special committee has been set (in, on, up, over) to in­vestigate this case.

18. We can't get (across,' after, up, along) without more money.

19. The medicine acted (as, for, on, like) his fever at once.

20. Is Mary still going (out, off, into, for) with that red-haired boy? I thought that was all over.

21. You should acquaint yourself (with, to, into, up) the facts before making a decision.

22. The child gave (away, in, to, up) learning the piano when he was seven.

23. The news was given (away, out, over, for) that the political leader had died.

24. He generally made (for, from, up, off) the necessary amount.

25. Does this piece of music appeal (to, for, of, on) you?

Тест 6

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. I'm not accustomed (of, to, over, upon) your laws.

2. I wouldn't advise you to go (against, after, about, into) your father's wishes.

3. Please, call (out, for, in, away) any time you are in town.

4. The telephone rang just as I was about to pick (over, up, with, from) the receiver.

5. Musicians rarely agree (with, for, to, about) the way a piece of music should be played.

6. I've run (from, out of, into, away) coffee. Will you have tea?

7. Don't give (up, away, out, round) the ending of the story. It'll spoil it.

8.1 am not accustomed (of, into, to, in) public speaking.

9. It's still polite to give (up, away, to, in) your seat on the bus to an old lady.

10. Leave this house now or I will send (to, in, for, up) the police.

11. Do you agree (to, with, up, of) my plan?

12. The quickest way to go (above, over, about, out) the city is by underground train.

13. A trained dog can act (like, for, of, as) a guide to a blind person.

14. I'm making (out, for, of, up) a parcel of food to send to the children at camp.

15. The criminal broke (away, out, in, back) from the police­man who was holding him.

16. Different qualities make (for, from, up, out) a person's character.

17.1 am not acquainted (with, up, of, to) your sister.

18. If you drop a knife, don't pick it (over, up, with, from), take a clean one.

19. Doctors advise (with, on, for, of) many things other than medicine.

20. Never put (out, in, up, off) till tomorrow what you can do today.

21. There is a sign pointing (to, out, at, off) the way out.

22. He's not acquainted (to, with, up, of) this piece of music.

23. The board of directors is made (from, out, off, up) of ex­perienced men and women.

24. All the arrangements have been set (over, in, out, up) for the newsmen to meet the Queen.

25. The tea is made (up, out, of, off) from a mixture of sev­eral different types.

Тест 7

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. You should always aim (to, up, at, on) doing your job well

2. The police examined the cars and then allowed them to gщ (up, on, off, to).

3. The factory must drive (for, away, at, back) increased pro­duction this year.

4. Every year the children look (ahead, away, to, forward) to having the holidays.

5. Our representative in the U.N. must be called (back, at, by, down).

6. Why did he give (up, away, in, to) his college course?

7. Look (at, into, through, up) your examination paper be­fore you hand it in.

8.1 agree (to, upon, on, with) your father; it's a foolish risk!

9. The shipwrecked sailors were picked (up, over, away, in) by a passing boat.

10.1 don't care (for, about, in, of) what you think.

11. I can't get (through, round, on, about) to London, the lines are all busy.

12. It's time to put (in, out, up, off) foolish ideas and become serious.

13. An adjective must agree (to, with, an, upon) its noun in number.

14. I couldn't remember a fairy story to tell the children so I made it (over, up, of, from) as I went along!

15, Don't answer (back, to, for, in), it's impolite.

16. Major changes will have to be brought (over, about, along, away) in Russian industry.

17 Sometimes I feel like giving (up, in, to, away) the struggle to live on my income.

18. The statement that you have made will have to be thor­oughly gone (back, off, into, up).

19. This cream is best applied (with, on, upon, to) the face at night.

20. Henry called (for, up, away, in) the waiter in a loud voice.

21. Let the child get accustomed (to, of, in, into) her new teacher.

22. More men are needed to make (for, up, from, out) the police force to its full strength.

23. Phone him at the office, he should be (away, out of, in, on) now.

24. My parents didn't approve (away, for, to, of) my mar­riage.

25. Please will you pick (up, over, out, away) my parcel at the post office as you pass.


Тест 1

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. I hope they______this road by the time we come back

next summer.

a) will have repaired c) will repair

b) would repair d) would have repaired

2. The essay is good______for the spelling mistakes.

a) apart c) unless

b) besides d) except

3. Jim suggested that I______a car.

a) should buy c) would buy

b) buying d) have bought

4. Will he arrive______time for dinner?

a) at c) to

b) with d) in

5. When oil and water mix, oil______to the top.

a) rise c) rises

b) rose d) is risen

6.______him all novelists are insignificant.

a) besides c) beside

b) near d) after

7. This blouse does not go______a pink skirt.

a) with c) up

b) to d) for

8. Are these lettuces home______or did you buy them in

the market?

a) growing c) grow

b) grown d) grew

о l don't suppose I could leave now,______?

a) do I c) could I

b) can I d) couldn't I

10. Persons swimming beyond this point do so______their

own risk.

a) under c) on

b) in d) at

11. The cyclist was run _____ by a motorist.

a) off c) away

b) through d) down

12. After missing a term through illness he had to work very hard to______.

a) catch up c) catch on

b) catch after d) catch in

13. There has been a sharp rise______the cost of living in

the past few years.

a) at c) on

b) of d) in

14.1 will not come to London until the bus strike_______


a) will be c) is

b) would be d) would have been

15. I don't want anyone to overhear us, but I______you

what happened when we______alone.

a) will tell, will be c) tell, will be

b) will tell, are d) would tell, are

16. If I had a typewriter I______it myself.

a) would type c) will have typed

b) would have typed d) will type

17. The old dog just______on the grass, watching the child

dren at play.

a) is lying C) lied

b) laid d) lie

18. There has not been a great response to the sale,______?

a) does there c) hasn't it

b) hasn't there d) has there

19. If I______rich, I______travel around the world.

a) were, would c) am, would

b) have been, would have d) were, would have

20. That was the time______I left him.

a) when c) —

b) where d) after which

Тест 2

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. If it is fine tomorrow, we______for a swim.

a) may go c) ought go

b) must to go d) would go

2. He said if he______her address, he would write her.

a) will find out c) found out

b) finds out d) find out

3. No matter how hard you try, you______me you're right.

a) don't convince c) aren't convinced

b) won't convince d) couldn't convince

4. If he had asked me what to do, everything______differ­ent.

a) could be c) could have been

b) could had been d) was

5. But for the rain we______joined you.

a) would c) would had

b) would have d) would have to

6. He looks so pale as if he______Ш for a long time.

a) were ' c) is

b) has been d) had been

7. If only he______more, then he'd get a good mark.

a) had revised c) 'd revise

b) revises d) '11 revise

8-1 wish I______so busy yesterday.

a) wasn't c) weren't

b) hadn't been d) hasn't been

9- If I______better qualified, I______for the job.

a) were, would apply

b) were, would have applied

c) am, would to apply

d) was, would had applied

10. Unless we______a taxi, we will miss the train.

a) have taken c) took

b) would take d) take

11. He looked at me as if he______me.

a) wouldn't recognize c) didn't recognize

b) hasn't recognized d) hadn't recognized

12. Even if you_______me $10,000, I still______this


a) gave, don't buy

b) give, didn't buy

c) gave, wouldn't buy

d) had given, wouldn't bought

13. Unless you______borrowing money, you______in


a) will stop, will be c) will stop, are

b) stop, will be d) stop, are

14.1______you a ring as soon as I______back.

a) will give, got c) will give, get

b) give, will get d) would give, get

15. It's very late. It's about time we______home.

a) go c) went

b) have gone d) had gone

16. If I______you, I wouldn't have paid so much money for

this dress.

a) were c) has been

b) am d) had been

17. Assuming it's a holiday on Monday, we______to the


a) can go c) would go

b) could go d) went

18.1 wish they______our neighbours.

a) aren't c) don't be

b) wasn't d) weren't

19.1______you stay up and watch TV tonight provided that

you______your homework first.

a) could let, finish c) let, will finish

b) will let, finish d) let, would finish

20. What______if you______Prime Minister?

a) did you do, would be c) would you do, were

b) do you do, will be d) will you do, was

Тест 3

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. I'd prefer______in the country rather than______in a


a) living, to live c) to live, live

b) to live, to live b) live, living

2. I'm very tired. I would rather not______out this evening,

if you don't mind.

a) going c) to go

b) go d) went

3.1 would rather you______anyone what I said.

a) don't tell c) not to tell

b) doesn't tell d) didn't tell

4.1 prefer______people to______letters.

a) to phone, to write c) to phone, writing

b) phoning, writing d) phoned, write

5.1 have to meet Tom in ten minutes. I had better______

now or I'11 be late.

a) going c) go

b) to go d) went

6. It's time the children______in bed. It's long after their


a) were c) is being

b) are d) be

7. It's high time men______to regard women as second-class citizens.

a) to cease c) ceased

b) is ceased d) ceasing

8. We couldn't find Tom at first. In the end we found him ______in the garden.

a) sit c) to sit

b) sitting d) was siting

9. Do you think I have a chance______the examination?

a) to pass c) passing

b) of pass d) of passing

10. John would rather______to class yesterday than today.

a) have gone c) had gone

b) went d) was going

11. If I had time today I______to the theatre.

a) will go c) would go

b) will be gone d) go

12. If he were not so careless he______the train yesterday.

a) would not miss c) missed

b) would not have missed d) had not missed

13. What would you do if you______to live on the island?

a) would go c) would have gone

b) go d) went

14. The old lady dresses as if it______winter even in the


a) is c) were

b) was d) is being

15. He looked as though he______ten miles.

a) ran c) was running

b) had run d) is running

16. We wish that you______to the party tonight.

a) will come c) comes

b) could come d) come

17.1 wish that I______enough time to finish my home­work.

а) had b) have

с) had had d) was having

18.1 wish I______the clothes yesterday.

a) washed c) were washing

b) would wash d) had washed

19. You're not going to pass the examination unless you ______harder.

a) don't work c) didn't work

b) work d) worked

20.1 saw him______into his car and______away.

a) get, drive c) was getting, driving

b) got, drove d) to get, drive

Тест 4

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. When he was going away to the weekend he______his

neighbour water the lawn.

a) got c) requested

b) has d) had

2. While my brother has excellent eyesight, he______hard

of hearing.

a) has c) was

b) is d) isn't

3. It's important that all luggage_______for identification

before being loaded into the aircraft.

a) to be labeled c) should be labeled

b) must be labeled d) be labeled

4. The______purpose of the jury system is to allow people

to participate in the judicial process.

a) most c) very

b) least d) much

5.______we manage the environment better, there will not

be adequate supplies of natural resources for future gen­erations.

a) as long as c) till such time

b) not until d) unless

6. Chicory______and mixed with coffee to make a darker


a) is grinded c) is ground

b) is grind d) is grinden

7. When Disney watched children play in the park, he wished that there______be a park where they could have fun.

a) would b) should

с) must d) will

8. Since ancient times silver______to human beings.

a) is known c) is being known

b) has been known d) has been knowing

9. A rocket propellant consists of a fuel and______oxidizer.

a) a c) an

b) the d) -

10. The three business partners decided to end their partner­ship due to a dispute______them.

a) between c) among

b) in the middle of d) by

11. You'd better______from work tomorrow.

a) not be absent c) not to be absent

b) not to absent d) not absenting

12. Rice is the staple diet of______Asians.

a) a large amount of c) most

b) much d) number of

13. When I last saw them, the police______the robbers

down the street.

a) were chasing c) chased

b) was chasing d) were on a chase

14. The pictures of Loch Ness show a reptile of the Mesozoic era whic are______to be extinct many years ago.

a) presumably c) presumptuous

b) presumed d) is presumed

15. He is______his uncle.

a) taller c) as tall as

b) as tall d) the tallest

16. The trapeze artist who ran away with the clown______.

the lion tamer's heart.

a) broke away c) broke

b) broke down d) broken down

17.______people study Latin seriously, while most seem to

prefer Spanish, Italian and the like.

a) little c) many

b) few d) much of

18. In 1871 a fire in Chicago destroyed______1,800 build­ings.

a) many c) just as

b) the same as d) as many as

19.______obtained by heating coal in the absence of air is

known as coal gas.

a) a gas c) the gas that

b) a gas that d) the gas

20.______is the science of making artificial replacements

for parts of the human body.

a) prosthetics c) a prosthetic

b) prosthetic d) the prosthetics

Тест 5

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Не______fishing every weekend when he was a school­boy but now he is too busy.

a) was used to go c) got used to go

b) used to go d) used to going

2. I have started drinking coffee recently. I never______it


a) used to like c) was using to like

b) was used to like d) used to liking

3. James______study hard until he understood that it was


a) did not get used to c) used not to

b) didn't use to d) wasn't used to

4. When we climbed up the mountain we______the clouds


a) might have seen c) could see

b) may saw d) can saw

5. Helen decided to go shopping yesterday though she ______at home.

a) could stay c) could have stayed

b) might stay d) could has stayed

6. The concert was cancelled last week. I______there any­way because I was ill.

a) could have not gone c) didn't go

b) couldn't go d) couldn't have gone

7. You didn't answer when I phoned you yesterday. You ______asleep.

a) has been c) must be

b) must have been d) could be

8 Your room is very well ventilated. So you______hot yes­terday.

a) can't have been c) can have not be

b) couldn't be d) could haven't be

9 We______watch cartoons, we've nothing else to do.

a) may be c) as well may

b) might as well d) as well can

10. You______us last night. It wasn't necessary.

a) must not visit c) needn't have visited

b) needn't visit d) didn't need to visit

11. Jane______at 6 o'clock when she was younger.

a) used to waking up c) was use to wake up

' b) got used to wake up d) used to wake up

12. We______that we______you yesterday. Unfortunately

we didn't see you.

a) wish, had seen c) wish, saw

b) hope, saw d) hope, had seen

13. Had she known that you were there, she______you.

a) would meet c) could meet

b) would have met d) might meet

14. He______hard when he was only a schoolboy.

a) got used to studying c) got used to study

b) was used to study d) used to studying

15.1 prefer studying at home______studying at school.

a) than c)to

b)then d)that

16. He______stay home tonight.

a) would rather to c) would rather

b) will better d) would be better to

17. James would rather that we______leave now, but we

must go to work.

a) didn't c) don't

b) haven't d) can't

18.1______drink tea, I prefer coffee.

a) wouldn't rather c) rather not

b) don't rather d) would rather not

19. He would rather______with us in London last week.

a) has stayed c) stayed

b) have stayed d) to stay

20. My teacher would rather that I______more than I do.

a) study c) studied

b) am study d) am studying

Тест 6

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. I______an interesting book at the moment. I'll return it

to the library when I've finished.

a) read c) shall read

b) am reading d) would read

2. Your English______better.

a) is getting c) got

b) gets d) will get

3. George______to the dentist every month.

a) is going c) will go

b) goes d) has gone

4.1______to the cinema tomorrow evening.

a) am going c) is going

b) go d) has gone

5. Jane______married next month.

a) gets c) is getting

b) will get d) get

6. Do you think this team______the match?

a) wins c) shall win

b) won d) will win

7. When I______in Moscow, I______in a hospital.

a) live, work c) live, worked

b) lived, work d) lived, worked

8.1 saw John in the park. He______on the grass and

______a book.

a) were sitting, reading c) was sitting, reading

b) sitting, reading d) sitting, was reading

9.1_______my textbook. Can you help me look for it?

a) has lost c) lost

b) have lost d) lose

10._______you ever been to Canada?

a) have c) did

b) has d) do

11. Why are you so dirty? What_______?

a) have you been doing c) did you do

b) were you doing d) have you done

12. It_______for two days.

a) have been snowing c) has been snowing

b) have snowed d) has snowed

13. When I arrived at the party, Helen wasn't there. She _______home.

a) has gone c) had gone

b) have gone d) gone

14. Pete_______for 15 years when he finally gave it up.

a) have been smoking c) have smoked

b) has been smoking d) had been smoking

15. The baby began_______when his mother_______.

a) to cry, is leaving c) cry, was leaving

b) crying, left d) cried, left

16. Please remember_______the letter on your way home.

a) posting c) post

b) to post d) having posted

17. The story is so funny. We all_______when we were listen­ing to it.

a) are laughing c) laugh

b) have laughed d) were laughing

18 The batteries in the recorder must_______every month if

you want it to work properly.

a) change c) to change

b) changing d) be changed

19. I'm afraid to take the exam because almost everybody _______it.

a) is failing c) have failed

b) has failed d) fails

20. He used_______much harder last year.

a) to work c) worked

b) working d) to working

Тест 7

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. The new house______next year in this street.

a) will built c) is built

b) will be built d) will be build

2. The music at the party was very loud and______from far


a) can be heard c) could be heard

b) can hear d) is heard

3. My car disappeared. It______.

a) must has been stolen c) must have been stole

b) must have been stolen d) should have been stolen

4. How many accidents______by dangerous driving nowa-


a) is caused c) are cause

b) have been caused d) are caused

5. Last night a tree______down.

a) was blown c) blown

b) is blown d) blow

6. The car______at the moment.

a) being cleaned c) is being cleaned

b) was cleaned d) was being cleaned

7. The shirts______when I came home.

a) are being washed c) were washed

b) were being washed d) are washed

8. He is not going to the party. He______.

a) haven't been invited c) isn't being invited

b) wasn't been invited d) hasn't been invited

9. Jane didn't know which way to go. She______.

a) hadn't been told c) isn't told

b) hasn't been told d) wasn't been told

10.1______three days to write a composition.

a) was give c) has given

b) was given d) gave

11.______you speak any foreign languages?

a) are you able c) would

b) can d) should

12. We didn't go out yesterday. We______to the theatre but

Mary caught a cold, so we decided to stay at home.

a) could has gone c) could have gone

b) would have gone d) could gone

13. You were busy all day. You______tired.

a) have to be c) must be

b) can be d) could be

14. Someone rang the doorbell but I didn't hear it. I______


a) might have been asleep c) should have been asleep

b) could have been asleep d) must have been asleep

15. - Where is John? I can't find him. — He______in his office.

a) might be c) would be

b) should be d) might have been

16.______a cup of coffee?

a) would like you c) would you like

b) could you like d) should you like

17. The baby is asleep. You_______shout.

a) must c) needn't

b) mustn't d) shouldn't

18. John bought some bread but when he got home he found that he already had bread. So he______any bread.

a) mustn't have bought c) shouldn't have bought

b) needn't have bought d) needn't buy

19. If you behave yourself, you______go to the museum

with us.

a) must c) have to

b) can d) could

20. Please, don't shout. The project of the country's budget ______now by the government.

a) discusses c) is being discussed

b) is discussing d) being discussed

Тест 8

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. If he had not become a teacher he______to be an actor.

a) would like c) liked

b) would have liked d) will like

2. If I______an umbrella, I would have got wet.

a) would not taken c) did not take

b) would not have taken d) had not taken

3. If you had asked me, I______you the truth.

a) could not tell c) did not tell

b) would not have told d) will not tell

4.1 wish you______more helpful.

a) would be c) were

b) would have been d) are

5.1 wish I______you then.

a) would know c) had known

b) would have known d) knew

6. You went to bed very late last night. You______have gone

to bed earlier.

a) need c) must

b) should d) might

7- We______stop for petrol soon. The tank is almost empty.

a) could better c) must better

b) had better d) might better

8- _______you wait a moment, please?

a) could c) should

b) might d) must

9 Do you think you______lend me your car until next week?

a) ought b) must

с) could d) should

10.______you like a cup of tea?

a) do c) would

b) could d) might

11. Exobiology is the study of life______other planets.

a) in c) on

b) at d) for

12.______aspects of his talk have global applications.

a) one of the c) any of the

b) some d) none

13. The department ordered______new furniture for the


a) many c) some

b) much of d) any

14. My cousin lives______a farm.

a) at c) within

b) in d) on

15. She wished she______a princess when she was a young


a) were c) is

b) was d) be

16. Travellers' checks are useful when one is travelling be­cause ______people refuse to accept them.

a) quite a few c) few

b) a few d) many

17. He was angry______his friend.

a) with c) on

b) at d) about

18. You______study a lot if you want to pass the exam.

a) should b) have

c) will d) might

19- You______be very proud of your son. He has won so

many rewards.

a) ought c) will

b) had d) must

20.1 was startled______the bitterness in his voice.

a) on c) by

b) in d) with

Тест 9

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. It has rained______to flood the low-lying areas.

a) enough hard c) hard enough

b) quite hard d) enough harder

2. While John was watching television, Maria______a


a) read c) was reading

b) has read d) have been reading

3. There are thirty people in the room. Twenty are from Latin America and______are from______countries.

a) the others, another c) another, others

b) the others, other d) the other, the others

4.______lake Erie is one of______five Great Lakes in

______North America.

a) -, the, the c) -, the, -

b) the, -, - d) the, the, -

5. We have spent______time on this homework.

a) too much c) such many

b) too many d) so a much

6. If______of you takes a vacation now, we will not be able

to finish that work.

a) either c) anybody

b) each c) somebody

7. It's too hot and my hair needs______.

a) to be cutting c) cutting

b) be cut d) to be cut

8. She will wear a costume to the party, and______.

a) we will too c) so we will

b) so we will too d) we too

9 If we______to study, we could go out tonight.

a) hadn't c) hadn't have

b) haven't d) didn't have

10.1 wished that I______up yesterday.

a) had washed c) washed

b) have washed d) didn't washed

11.______we known that you were there, we would have

written you a letter.

a) if c) had

b) unless d) in case

12. We hope that they______yesterday.

a) came c) have came

b) come d) had come

13. Don't worry. Some day you will get used to______En­glish.

a) speak c) have spoken

b) speaking d) have to speak

14. The girls speak______English.

a) fluently c) quite fluently

b) fluent d) enough fluent

15. A mink coat costs______a sable coat.

a) twice more than c) twice too much as

b) twice much as d) twice as much as

16. He has______heavy a work load that it is difficult for

him to travel.

a)such c)so

b) too d) like

17. Before payday, I have______money as my brother.

a) as little c) such little

b) as few d) so little

18. You'll stick______with the pins if you are not careful.

a) you c) yourself

b) your d) yours

19. The accident was my fault, so I had to pay for the damage ______the other car.

a) of c) for

b) to d) at

20. The bus service is very good. There is a bus______ten


a) every c) all

b) each d) almost

21.______a long time for the bus.

a) always we have to wait c) we have always to wait

b) we always have to wait d) we have to wait always

22.1 could sleep______very tried.

a) despite I was c) although I were

b) in spite of being d) despite of being

Тест 10

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Travellers' checks are useful when one______because

they are always accepted.

a) travel c) has travelled

b) is travelling d) was travelled

2. We usually expect that______bring bad news.

a) a telegram c) telegrams

b) telegram d) the telegram

3. Had I run out of gas, I______called the garage.

a) had c) would

b) would have d) should have

4. It is very quiet at school. The lessons______. The pupils


a) began, have c) have begun, are having

b) begin, are having d) are beginning, have

5. The restaurant is______the post office.

a) besides c) nearly

b) beside d) edge

6. By the time I arrive I'm just too______to work.

a) tiring c) tired

b) tyre d) tyres

7.1 am fond______tennis.

a) of playing c) to play

b) playing d) play

8 At first I felt homesick but soon I got used______abroad.

a) living c) live

b) to living d) to live

9. How many countries took_______in the last Olymp


a) away c) part

b) out d) place

10.1 wish I______speak German.

a) can c) could have

b) could d) will

11. This test is_______more difficult than the previous one.

a) many c) far

b) very d) extremely

12. It must be the wine that is making me feel_______.

a) sleep c) sleeping

b) sleepy d) to sleep

13. The book contained very______useful information.

a) little c) a few

b) few d) many

14. More______into this drug is planned for next year.

a) investigation c) experiment

b) research d) test

15. You look great. You_______have had a good time.

a) should c) may not

b) could d) must

16.1 don't mind_______long distances if the roads are good.

a) driving c) being driven

b) to drive d) drive

17. He complained_______having to pay extra money.

a) for c) about

b) in d) of

18. It's no_______trying to escape.

a) use c) used

b) be used d) using

!9. It's time something_______about the traffic problem in


a) to do c) was done

b) to be done d) is done

20. Tom cut______while he was shaving.

a) myself c) oneself

b) himself d) yourself

21. With this special ticket_______tourist can go_______he

likes on______bus.

a) any, anywhere, any c) any, anywhere, some

b) some, somewhere, any d) any, somewhere, any

22.1 don't go out______I used to.

a) not much c) so much as

b) as much as d) so much

Тест 11

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. If we______salt, the soup would have been tastier.

a) add c) don't add

b) could add d) had added

2. You______better study a lot next week if you want to get

through that exam.

a) should c) will

b) had d) must

3. Your friends won't be late,______?

a) won't they c) isn't it

b) will they d) is it

4. Where is Pete? I______him today. I think he______ill.

a) haven't seen, has fallen c) haven't seen, fell

b) didn't see, fell d) saw, fell

5. She speaks three languages______English.

a) besides c) edge

b) beside d) nearly

6. She______to get up at 5.30 every morning.

a) have c) has

b) must d) can

7.1 won't speak to her until she______.

a) apologizes c) won't apologize

b) doesn't apologize d) apologized

8. That new job is really hard, but you'll soon get used ______ten hours a day.

a) working c) to work

b) to working d) work

9. Could you______me a favour?

a) do c) give

b) make d) offer

10 I______taken my umbrella. There wasn't a drop of rain

all day.

a) didn't need c) could have

b) must have d) needn't have

11. The driver became really______when I refused to pay.

a) anger c) more angry

b) angrily d) angry

12. I'm afraid there isn't really______advice I can give.

a) much с) а

b) another d) an

13.1 had no idea that parking would prove so _______


a) great c) many

b) much d) few

14. My friend was______about having to sing in public.

a) bored c) tired

b) embarrassed d) useless

15. She______have thought we were out. That's why she

left a message.

a) must c) could

b) can d) should

16. Haven't you finished______your house yet?

a) to build c) build

b) building d) built

17. They warned us______buying a second-hand car. It is

not reliable.

a) about c) for

b) against d) in

18. She is a bit lonely. She's got nobody______.

a) to talk to c) to talk

b) talk to d) talking

19.1 saw______film last night. It was about______ soldier

and______beautiful girl.

a) a, the, a c) a, the, the

b) the, the, a d) the, the, the

20. I got up, shaved______, washed______, arid dressed

a) myself, -, myself c) -, myself, —

b) -, -, - d) -, -, myself

21. We spent a pleasant day by the river,_______we had a


a) where c) what

b) which d) that

22. You are______friend I've ever had.

a) good c) the best

b) best d) better

23. You must treat all children______and not have any fa­vourites.

a) alike c) the same

b) like d) similar

24. If you'd______breakfast you wouldn't be hungry now.

a) rather c) had

b) better d) eat

Тест 12

Выберите правильный вариант.

I After a day's work in the lab, all the______were covered

with iodine.

a) student's hands c) students' hands

b) students hands d) student's hand

2.______people study Greek seriously while most prefer

Spanish, Italian and the like.

a) little c) many

b) few d) much of

3. We cannot believe that he is the man_______saved you

from drowning.

a) that c) who

b) whom d) which

4. It is the best film I______lately.

a) saw c) see

b) 'II see d) have seen

5. Stop______that noise!

a) to make c) making

b) make d) doing

6. You have_______a driving test before you can get a li­cence.

a) passed c) been passed

b) to pass d) pass

7-1 won't pay you unless you______the job.

a) don't complete c) won't complete

b) will complete d) complete

8- They are used______lies.

a) telling c) tell

b) to telling d) to tell

9. It_______us four hours to do all the homework.

a) wanted c) lasted

b) needed d)took

10. Don't lie to me!_______me the truth!

a) speak c) explain

b) say d) tell

11. I'm really looking forward_______the exam.

a) to take c) to taking

b) to have taken d) taking

12. He_______! The car is not worth that much.

a) must be joking c) mustn't joke

b) must joke d) must to joke

13. I've heard_______piece of_______news that might in­terest you.

a) an, - c) -, -

b) a, - d) the, the

14. The company had to hire a van to move_______furni­ture.

a) those c) a little

b) a d) another

15. Unemployment_______to record levels last month.

a) rose c) has risen

b) raised d) has raised

16. This is her bag on the table, so I suppose she_______have


a) should c) would

b) couldn't d) must

17. You should avoid_______during the rush hour.

a) to drive c) drive

b) driving d) driven

ig. I thanked my friends_______being so cooperative.

a) for c) on

b) of d) to

19. I'm going to England_______English.

a) for learning c) to learn

b) learning d) to be learnt

20. We went out for_______meal last night._______restau­rant we went to was_______excellent place.

a) a, the, an с) а, а, а

b) the, a, an d) the, the, the

21. "Who cut your hair for you?" "Nobody. I cut it_______."

a) myself c) himself

b) herself d) yourself

22.1 have sent him two letters,_______has arrived.

a) neither c) both of which

b) neither of which d) both

23. That's_______cheese I've ever tasted for a long time.

a) the best c) good

b) better d) best

24. Our jobs are different but her salary is_______as mine.

a) similar c) like

b) alike d) the same

25. Next year's congress is going_______in New York.

a) to hold c) to be held

b) holding d) hold

Тест 13

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. She also wrote poetry______articles for the local news­paper.

a) alongside she wrote c) as well as writing

b) beside writing d) besides writing

2. The department ordered______new furniture to redeco­rate its office.

a) many c) a large amount of

b) a large number of d) several

3. Since the beginning of time, women______of as inferior

to men.

a) are thought c) think

b) have been thought d) were thought

4. It was evening. My mother______TV and I______


a) watched, did

b) was watching, was doing

c) watched, was doing

d) was watching, did

5. Did you______all the homework?

a) make c) do

b) done d) made

6. Please, don't disturb me while I______.

a) am eating c) ate

b) eat d) was eating

7. They won't go swimming if it______.

a) is raining c) rains

b) rain d) will be raining

8. She's used______. She does it every day.

a) jogging c)jog

b) to jogging d) to jog

9. I______that if I were you.

a) won't do c) hadn't done

b) wouldn't do d) haven't done

10. What do the initials U.N.O.______?

a) stand up for c) stand by

b) stand up to d) stand for

11.1 felt a bit______after dinner, but now I am awake.

a) sleeping c) sleepy

b) asleep d) slept

12. He______your credit card without your knowing.

a) may be used c) is to use

b) might be using d) use

13.______important piece of______equipment is miss­ing.

a) an, - c) -, -

b) a, - d) the, the

14. One important______about the crime had been over­looked.

a) information c) evidence

b) detail d) knowledge

15.1 work______than anyone but no one seems to notice.

a) harder c) hardly

b) hard d) more hard

16.______the lesson have started already? It's only 8.

a) must c) ought

b) can d) couldn't

17- You don't mind us______along, do you?

a) to come b) come

с) came d) coming

18. What prevented him______meeting us?

a) from c) against

b) of d) in

19. I need a bottle-opener______this bottle.

a) for opening c) to open

b) open d) opening

20. I saw______accident this morning.______driver of

______car was not badly hurt.

a) an, the, the c) an, a, the

b) a, the, the d) an, the, an

21. "Who told you Maria was getting married?" "Maria ______told me."

a) herself c) yourself

b) himself d) myself

22.______we leave,______we will arrive.

a) early, soon c) early, sooner

b) earlier, soon d) the earlier, the sooner

23. Your hair is______colour as mine.

a) identical c) the same

b) looking d) as

24. Don't worry, there's______of time. We won't be late.

a) enough c) many

b) plenty d) much

25. Her tastes are very______to mine.

a) alike c) the same

b) similar d) like

Тест 14

Выберите правильный вариант.

1.__ sewage into oceans and rivers is a serious form of


a) having dumped c) dumped

b) being dumped d) dumping

2. Since ancient times, iron______to human beings.

a) is known c) is being known

b) has been known d) has been knowing

3. The President worked so hard that his______away from

his desk was rare.

a) has been c) being

b) was d) to be

4. You'd better______from work tomorrow.

a) not be absent c) not to be absent

b) not to absent d) not absenting

5. Last year floods in Europe destroyed______2,000 build­ings.

a) many c) just as

b) the same as d) as many as

6- Who______in the office when I______you?

a) were you talking to, phoned

b) did you talk to, phoned

c) were you talking, phoned

d) talked to, was phoning

7 You'll never jump three metres______hard you try.

a) whoever c) whenever

b) however d) wherever

8- He bought me______expensive ring he could find.

a) at last b) at least

с) the latest d) the least

9. I'll put on an overcoat in case it______.

a) is raining c) rains

b) rain d) will rain

10. I'm used______my own shirts. I have to look after my­self.

a) ironing c) iron

b) to ironing d) to iron

11. We can't offer you a sandwich because we've run______


a) away from c) out from

b) off with d) out of

12. They want______for an interview next week.

a) she will come c) that she comes

b) her coming d) her to come

13. She carried on dancing in______of the pain.

a) spirit c) split

b) spite d) despite

14. We_______wear what we liked at school when we were


a) can c) weren't allowed

b) are allowed to d) weren't allowed to

15. I wish we______a few more days, I'd like to see more


a) had had c) had

b) have d) '11 have

16. There was not enough______for four in the flat.

a) room c) area

b) place d) measurement

17.1 doubt if she______you. You've really changed.

a) recognized c) '11 recognize

b) had recognized d) has recognized

18. The train______have arrived or I would have seen her.

a) mustn't c) should

b) can't d) should not

19.1 can't imagine______a computer at work now.

a) not having c) have

b) having d) to have

20. The arrested man was suspected______robbing a bank.

a) for c) in

b) of d) against

21. I'd rather you______the dinner now.

a) cook c) cooking

b) to cook d) cooked

22. We live in _______ old house in _______ middle of


a) an, the, the c) an, a, the

b) a, the, the d) an, the, a

23. Did the children enjoy_______when they were on holi­day?

a) themselves c) yourself

b) ourselves d) yourselves

24.______goods you sell_______profit you'll make.

a) many, much c) the more, the more

b) more, more d) much, many

25. They______Great Britain several times but this will be

their first trip to Ireland.

a) visit c) have visited

b) are visiting d) have been visiting

Тест 15

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. When we______at the city centre, I'll get off the train.

a) arrive c) have arrived

b) will arrive d) have to arrive

2. This month the cost of living______by three percent.

a) raised c) has risen

b) rose d) is raised

3. Use your time______. Don't waste it.

a) sensible c) sensibility

b) sense d) sensibly

4. He would like______pepper in salad.

a) a few c) few

b) a little d) many

5. When I______home my brother______to school.

a) come, went c) '11 come, had gone

b) came, went d) came, had gone

6. You must carry your ID______you go.

a) whatever c) wherever

b) whenever d) whoever

7. Have you heard______news?

a) at last c) the latest

b) at least d) the least

8. You should______yourself every morning.

a) weight c) weigh

b) weights d) weighed

9.1 used______meat, but now I'm a vegetarian.

a) to eat c) eat

b) to eating d) eating

10. Don't panic! We've got______time.

a) many c) several

b) lots d) plenty of

11.1 love jazz and so______she.

a) does c) did

b) do d) has done

12. If you______me she was a vegetarian I would not have

cooked this meal.

a) had told c) tell

b) have told d) did tell

13. The police______identify the body yet.

a) have not been able to c) can

b) will be able to d) could

14.1 wish we______more time. I really wanted to stay.

a) had c) have

b) had had d) '11 have

15. Our teacher is______our slow progress.

a) concerning c) concerned about

b) concerned with d) concern

16.1 will return the book to you as soon as I______it.

a) read c) have read

b) reading d) am reading

17. It's really not worth waiting. They______have been

here hours ago.

a) should c) ought

b) can d) can't

18. He kept us______outside.

a) waiting c) waited

b) wait d) to wait

19. They accused me______driving too fast.

a) for c) against

b) in d) of

20.1 congratulated my mother______her birthday.

a) with c) on

b) for d) of

21. Shall we go by train? Well, I'd______by car.

a) prefer go c) prefer going

b) rather to go d) rather go

22. When you turn into______Tverskaya Street, you will see

two houses:______red one and______grey one.

a) -, а, а с) а, а, а

b) the, a, a d) -, the, the

23. Some people are selfish. They only think of______.

a) themselves c) ourselves

b) yourselves d) them

24.______I got to know him______I liked him.

a) much, much c) more, more

b) much, more d) the more, the more

25. "I don't like watching soap operas." "______."

a) Neither do I c) Either do I

b) So do I d) I don't like it too

Тест 16

Выберите правильный вариант.

1 Five days______week I go to work by train.

a) of c) in

b) the d) a

2. While I was skiing I______and broke my wrist.

a) fell c) fall

b) was falling d) have fallen

3.1______what you are talking about.

a) am not understanding c) didn't understand

b) not understand d) don't understand

4. He has______time left.

a) many c) few

b) much d) a few

5. He______on his report since morning. He______the

first two sentences.

a) has been working, has written

b) has worked, wrote

c) had worked, had written

d) was working, wrote

6.1 don't care who comes to the party. You can bring______

you like.

a) whoever c) whenever

b) whatever d) however

7. You need to score______55 % to pass the exam.

a) at c) the latest

b) at least d) the least

8- That's______restaurant I've ever been to.

a) worst c) the worst

b) bad d) worse

9. When I was younger I_______watch a lot of TV.

a) use c) used

b) am used d) used to

10. The road is icy, so drive_______.

a) care c) careful

b) carefully d) carelessly

11. You can't blame me_______what happened.

a) of c) for

b) on d) in

12. It's no_______trying to persuade her.

a) point c) use

b) advantage d) benefit

13. As we approached we_______smell something burning.

a) can c) may

b) were able d) could

14. It's time we_______a holiday. We deserve a break.

a) had c) to have

b) have d) are having

15.1 don't think you can_______on him doing this task.

a) rely c) hope

b) expect d) dependent

16.1 am going to finish this composition even if I_______up

all night.

a) had to stay c) have to stay

b) '11 have to stay d) '11 stay

17. We've taken on twenty new_______this year already.

a) employing c) employees

b) employer d) employers

18. How can she afford_______on holiday twice a year?

a) to go c) go

b) going d) to be going

19. He apologized_______making such a noise.

a) of c) for

b) against d) from

20. I'd rather you_______with us.

a) come c) coming

b) to come d) came

21. Did _______ police find _______ person who stole


a) the, the, the c) the, a, the

b) a, the, the d) the, the, a

22. The prisoners refused to eat_______.

a) something c) anything

b) some d) nothing

23.______he waited_______nervous he became.

a) long, much c) the longer, the more

b) longer, more d) longest, most

24.______he wasn't keen on the idea, he agreed to partici­pate.

a) although c) despite

b) however d) in spite of

25. It is always difficult for older people_______job.

a) finding c) to find

b) find d) to have found

Тест 17

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. There______too much bad news on TV yesterday.

a) was c) is

b) are d) has been

2. Could you give me______glass of______milk with


a) a, -, a c) a, the, -

b) the, the, - d) -, the, -

3. On our trip to______Australia we crossed______Pacific


a) the, - c) -, the

b) an, the d) -, -

4.______you introduce me to your friend as soon as she


a) do, comes c) will, comes

b) will, come d) are, comes

5. There is no school uniform. The pupils can wear______

they like.

a) whoever c) whenever

b) however d) whatever

6. I'm going on a diet tomorrow. I need______some weight.

a) to lose c) to have lost

b) lose d) losing

7. I spent______money last month that I had to go to the


a) much c) so much

b) little d) so many

8. When I was a child I______play football everyday.

a) use b) am used

c) was used d) used to 9 I didn't need any help. I did it______my own.

a) for c) on

b) with d) by

10. The party______by the time I______there.

a) had finished, get c) had finished, got

b) finished, got d) finished, had got

11. We are thinking seriously______here if we can find a


a) move c) moving

b) of moving d) to move

12. She______the key so I climbed through a window.

a) didn't leave c) had left

b) hasn't left d) hadn't left

13. The landlord was not______about all the repairs.

a) satisfied c) think

b) worried d) prepared

14. By the time I retire I______here for twenty years.

a) '11 be working c) '11 have worked

b) '11 work d) work

15. I'll cook______that you wash up.

a) if c) even if

b) provided d) if only

16. The plane is expected______an hour ago.

a) to land c) landing

b) to have landed d) land

17 I'm looking______passing all my exams.

a) forward c) forward to

b) to d) into

18. I'd rather you______anyone what I said.

a) not tell c) not to tell

b) didn't tell d) don't tell

19. We live in______small flat near______centre of


a) a, the, the c) a, the, a

b) the, a, the d) a, a, a

20. She is very secretive. She never tells_____________.

a) somebody anything c) nobody nothing

b) anybody something d) anybody anything

21. My salary isn't______yours.

a) as high c) so high

b) as high as d) so high as

22. Finally they managed to______him to change his mind.

a) advise c) make

b) insist d) persuade

23.1 could arrive on time______of the traffic jam.

a) despite c) although

b) in spite d) however

24. Her father wouldn't let me______to her.

a) speak c) to speak

b) speaking d) to have spoken

Тест 18

Выберите правильный вариант.

j Black Americans didn't enjoy full voting rights in______

Southern United States until the civil rights movement of ______1960s.

a)the,the c)the, -

b) -, the d) -, -

2. His car is______than his friend's.

a) as expensive c) most expensive

b) less expensive d) the most expensive

3. Listen! Ann______the piano in the next room. She '

______for two hours.

a) plays, has been playing

b) is playing, plays

c) is playing, has been playing

d) played, has been playing

4.______200 people applied for the job.

a) nearly c) besides

b) beside d) edge

5.1 don't mind______at the weekend.

a) work c) working

b) to work d) any work

6.1 can't stand______in the rush hour.

a) drive c) to drive

b) driving d) driven

7. Maria has been living on the farm______ 1999.

a) since c) in

b) for d) during

8. Can you______the table for me?

a) to lay b) lain

с) lay ' d) laying

9. It's got nothing to do with you. Mind your own______.

a) business c) interest

b) company d) affairs

10. He spent the______day looking for a flat.

a) all c) every

b) total d) whole

11. If you do your homework______you'll fail the course.

a) care c) careless

b) carefully d) carelessly

12.______cigarettes aren't as popular as they used to be.

a) the c) some

b) - d) no

13. You're travelling with much less______than usual.

a) suitcases c) handbag

b) luggage d) packages

14. The landlady is always______at them about the rent.

a) complaining c) asking

b) shouting d) arguing

15. You______to him like that. It was very rude of you.

a) should speak c) should have spoken

b) didn't have to speak d) shouldn't have spoken

16. If I were you I______this lie.

a) wouldn't have told c) told

b) won't tell d) am telling

17. My doctor has advised______more exercise.

a) to make c) do

b) to do d) doing

18. He insisted______calling the police.

a) for c) on

b) of d) with

19. He had no difficulty______a job.

a) of finding c) to find

b) finding d) find

20. It's time you______to the dentist.

a) to go c) went

b) go d) going

21. The old lady sat in the armchair talking to______.

a) herself c) her

b) myself d) himself

22.1 recently went back to the town______I was born.

a) when c) that

b) which d) where

23. It was one of______experiences of my life.

a) the worst c) worse

b) worst d) the worse

24.______hard he tried, he still couldn't cope with the task.

a) although c) though

b) despite d) however

25.1 asked how long they______when the train arrived.

a) waited c) had been waiting

b) had waited d) were waiting

Тест 19

Выберите правильный вариант.

1._______mass media can take_______active role during

_______election campaigns.

a) —, a, the c) the, a, —

b) the, an, - d) -, -, -

2.______Urals are in______Russia.

a) -, - c)the, -

b) the, the d) -, the

3. The home-made food always tastes______.

a) well c) very well

b) good d) quite well

4. He is a brilliant student. He works really______.

a) good c) hard

b) fastly d) hardly

5.1 am not very good______in public.

a) at speaking c) speak

b) speaking d) to speak

6. It's no use______over spilt milk.

a) to cry c) cry

b) crying d) have cried

7. By the time the police______, the jewels______.

a) arrived, had been stolen

b) arrived, had stolen

c) will arrive, have been stolen

d) arrives, were stolen

8. If you know the answer to the question______your hand-

a) rise c) rose

b) raise d) risen

о The magazine comes out four times______year.

a) the с) а

b) one d) in

10. I'm going to retire when I______60.

a) will be c) have been

b) would be d) am

11. It began to rain just after the party______.

a) had started c) started

b) has started d) starts

12. I'm afraid we can't serve______before six o'clock.

a) beer c) some beer

b) the beer d) no beer

13.______boy will admit that he caused all the damage.

a) neither c) none

b) both d) several

14. It was difficult at first to be used______every day.

a) at working c) to work

b) to working d) in working

15. He is supposed______but I don't think he will.

a) come c) to come

b) coming d) '11 come

16. If we had had a map we______lost.

a) wouldn't get d) didn't get

b) would get d) got

17. You don't fancy______out when it is raining.

a) come c) to come

b) came d) coming

18. Finally we succeeded______finding a good flat at a rea­sonable price.

a) on b) in

с) for d) of

19. When he came to America he______getting up early

because of the jet lag.

a) wasn't used to c) used

b) didn't use to d) used to

20.1 think it's time the government______something about


a) to do c) did

b) doing d) to have done

21. The party was great. We enjoyed______very much.

a) ourselves c) us

b) themselves d) them

22. That man over there,______name I don't remember, is

a politician.

a) what c) which

b) that d) whose

23. This is_______difficult decision I've had to make for


a) most c) the more

b) more d) the most

24.______her illness, she decided to go to school.

a) in spite c) however

b) although d) despite

25. If you don't know a word, you can______in the dictio­nary.

a) see it up c) make it up

b) follow it up d) look it up

Тест 20

Выберите правильный вариант.

1 While John______a car, his wife was doing the laundiy.

a) was repairing c) has been repairing

b) repaired d) had repaired

2______pupils spend ______ their free time doing


a) most, most of c) most of, most of

b) most, most d) most of, most

3. She risked______everything.

a) to lose c) losing

b) loss d) loose

4.1 couldn't help______when she dropped the ice-cream

on her dress.

a) laugh c) laughing

b) to laugh d) laughed

5. I've got______high temperature and a runny nose.

a) an c) the

b)a d) -

6. There is terrible inflation and prices______all the time.

a) are rising c) rose

b) are raising d) raised

7. After five hours of negotiations they agreed______price.

a) for c) of

b) in d) on

8- When the factory closed most of the staff______redun­dant.

a) were made c) making

b) make d) are made

9. I_______the paper before the train compartment filled


a) was reading c) read

b) had been reading d) have been reading

10. Our manager has found an excellent_______abroad.

a) employment c) post

b) work d) staffing

11. The players were not so well prepared_______the match

as they should have been.

a) for c) with

b) about d) on

12. This time next week I_______in the sun in Greece.

a) lie c) '11 be lying

b) am lying d) '11 lay

13. If I_______where she lived I wouldn't have phoned you.

a) know c) knew

b) '11 know d) had known

14.1 really can't imagine_______tonight.

a) coming c) came

b) come d) to be coming

15. My parents never approved_______playing cards.

a) against c) of

b) for d) -

16.1 prefer_______to_______by train.

a) to drive, travel c) driving, travelling

b) driving, travel d) to drive, to travel

17. There is_______beautiful garden behind_______house.

_______roof of_______house is leaking.

a) a, the, the, the c) a, the, a, the

b) a, a, the, the d) a, a, a, a

18 I haven't read_______of these books but Pete has read

_______of them.

a) no, any c) some, some

b) no, some d) any, some

19.1 don't read_______I used to.

a) not much c) so much as

b) as much as d) so much

20. Do you think I could offer you_______?

a) an advice c) advise

b) advises d) some advice

21. Her skin was so sensitive_______that she never uses soap.

a) an c) -

b)the d)a

22. She soon got_______to driving on the left.

a) uses c) used

b) to be used d) a

23. Everybody is here_______for Nick.

a) apart c) instead

b) except d) besides

Тест 21

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Не failed the exams only______times.

a) plenty c) little

b) few d) a few

2. The train______in two minutes.

a) arrives c) is arriving

b) will arrive d) to arrive

3.1______you a message as soon as I______money.

a) will fax, get c) will fax, will get

b) fax, get d) fax, will get

4. We are late. I expect the play_______by the time we

______to the theatre.

a) will have started, will get

b) will be starting, will get

c) will start, get

d) will have started, get

5. The traffic was so heavy that we______the train.

a) are missing c) miss

b) '11 miss d) missed

6. They denied______the jewels.

a) stealing c) stole

b) to steal d) stealing of

7. That film is awful. It's not worth______.

a) to see c) saw

b) seeing d) seen

8. If you are feeling unwell you______better go to bed.

a) will c) had

b) would d) might

9 you'll be staying at home until you______better.

a) will feel c) feel

b) won't feel d) felt

10 You're driving______fast. Please slow down.

a) too many c) too much

b) above d) enough

11. I'm really exhausted! I'm not used to______so hard.

a) work c) worked

b) working d) have worked

12.1______doctors for several years before my illness was


a) was visiting c) visited

b) had been visiting d) have been visiting

13. The forecast says we can expect______nasty weather.

a) several c) a few

b) a d) some

14. We've_______ you about being absent from school,

haven't we?

a) warned c) warn

b) been warned d) warning

15. Today's news means thousands are likely_______their


a) lose c) will lose

b) to lose d) have lost

16. If you invited me to the party tomorrow I______.

a) will come c) would come

b) am coming d) have come

17. Some people just can't help______fools of themselves.

a) making c) made

b) make d) to be made

18. Are you thinking______buying a new car?

a) about c) against

b) in d) on

19. You'll have to get used______less.

a) to eat c) eat

b) to eating d) eating

20. When we were on______holiday we stayed at______


a) -, а с) а, а

b) the, a d) a, the

21.1 went out and took an umbrella with______.

a) myself c) mine

b) me d) it

22.1 went to see the doctor______told me to rest for a few


a) who c) which

b) that d) whom

23. That is______story I've ever heard.

a) funny c) funnier

b) funniest d) the funniest

24. That coat is______to the one I bought last week.

a) the same c) like

b) identical d) alike

25. If she______a seat-belt, she would have been injured in

the crash.

a) had worn c) hadn't been wearing

b) had been wearing d) was wearing

Тест 22

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. If she______soon, I'm not going to wait.

a) come c) don't come

b) comes d) doesn't come

2. Tomorrow at five o'clock, he______football.

a) '11 play c) '11 be playing

b) plays d) play

3. A dog______out in front of the car when we were driving

along the road.

a) ran c) has run

b) runs d) was running

4.______he has a very responsible job, he isn't well-paid.

a) even though c) in spite of

b) although d) despite

5. You are always tired in the morning. You should go to bed

a) earlier c) more early

b) early d) the earlier

6. Your writing is impossible______.

a) for reading c) to read

b) reading d) read

7. The wind was______strong, it was difficult to sail.

a) such c) too

b)enough d) so

8. It's the last time he______her about his plans.

a) has told c) tells

b) is telling d) have told

9.1 listen to the radio a lot but I hardly______watch televi­sion.

a) never c) ever

b) much d) any when

10. The concert hall was almost empty. There were very ______people there.

a) few c) little

b) many d) a lot

11. My friend and I don't see______very often these days.

a) themselves c) —

b) ourselves d) each other

12. It was______flight to Moscow.

a) three-hours c) three of hours

b) a three-hour d) three-hour

13. They couldn't come to the party yesterday because they ______already______to do something else.

a) had arranged c) are arranging

b) have arranged d) were arranging

14. I know he stopped jogging now but he______every


a) used to jog c) used to jogging

b) used jogging d) was used to jog

15. If I_______home late, my parents won't let me go out

again all month.

a) '11 come c) came

b) would come d) come

16._____nicest park in_____London is_____St. James's

Park near_____Buckingham Palace.

a) the, -, -, - c) the, -, the, -

b) a, -, -, - d) the, -, -, the

17. Cheese______from milk.

a) makes c) are made

b) is made d) made

18. The Prime Minister is supposed______in favour of the

new law.

a) be c) to be

b) having been d) being

19. "I don't like chocolate." "______."

a) So I do c) Neither do I

b) So do I d) Neither I do

20. Computers are unlikely______totally human being.

a) to replace c) will replace

b) replace d) will not replace

Тест 23

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. If it______this evening, I won't go out.

a) rain c) rains

b) '11 rain d) rained

2. Will you______the bank when you go out?

a) be passing c) have passed

b) pass d) to pass

3. Tom fell as he______out of the window.

a) climbed c) was climbing

b) climbes d) is climbing

4.______it rained a lot, we enjoyed our holiday.

a) although c) in spite of

b) though d) despite

5. Health and happiness are______important than money.

a) least c) most

b) more d) the more

6. Do you think this water is safe______?

a) to drink c) drinking

b) drink d) for drinking

7. It was______boring film that I fell asleep in the middle of


a) such c)enough

b) so d) such a

8.1______a bicycle yet but I'm going to buy it next month.

a) have bought c) didn't buy

b) haven't bought d) bought

9. The weather was good during our holiday. There was hardly______rain.

a) any c) some

b) no d) much

10 There is a shortage of water because there has been very ______rain recently.

a) a little c) little

b) much d) few

11. He climbed out of the pool, picked up a towel and dried

a) him c) himself

b) myself d) herself

12. He learned how to swim when he was______old boy.

a) ten years c) ten of years

b) ten-year- d) a ten-year-

13.1 was glad to see my friend again whom I______for five


a) have seen c) didn't see

b) hadn't seen d) haven't seen

14.1 don't eat fatty food now but I______a lot of creamy


a) used to eat c) used to eating

b) used eating d) didn't use to eat

15. If you______yellow and green, you______orange.

a) '11 mix, get c) '11 mix, '11 get

b) mix, get d) to mix, to get

16.______British Prime Minister lives in______Downing


a) the, the c) the, -

b) a, — d) a, the

17. A decision______until the next meeting.

a) is taken b) will not be taken

с) will take d) is taken

18. What are the children doing at home? They are supposed ______at school.

a) be c) to be being

b) to have been d) to be

19. "I'm feeling tired." "______."

a) Neither do I c) I am either

b) So am I d) So I am

20. The expectations of what computers can do______over

the years.

a) have changed c) had changed

b) have been changed d) were changed

Тест 24

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. When I______shopping I'll buy some food.

a) go c) are going

b) '11 go d) went

2. Next year is my parents' 20th wedding anniversary. They ______married for 20 years.

a) have c) will have

b) are d) will have been

3. Tom sounded as if he______.

a) worry c) was worried

b) worried d) is worried

4.1 didn't get the job______my qualifications.

a) despite c) though

b) although d) in spite

5. My backache is______painful than it was yesterday.

a) least c) most

b) more d) the more

6. Jill is very interesting______.

a) to talk c) to talk to her

b) to talk to d)talk

7. She is a very attractive girl. She's got_______beautiful


a)such c)so

b) such a d)enough

8.1______this morning but I'm going to have a snack in a


a) didn't eat c) have eaten

b) not ate d) haven't eaten

9. He is not very popular. Hardly______likes him.

a) anyone c) few

b) someone d) everyone

10. After the accident______cars stopped.______drivers

got out and started shouting at each other.______them

were aggressive.

a) both, both, both c) both, both, both of

b) both of, both, both d) both, both of, both

11. They stood in front of the mirror and looked at ... .

a) each other c) them

b) one another d) themselves

12. Yesterday I bought______bag of potatoes.

a) five-kilo c) five kilos

b) a five-kilo d) the five-kilos

13. When I get to the house, everybody______to bed.

a) will have gone c) had gone

b) has gone d) went

14.1 know they don't spend a lot of money now but______

they______to spend it much?

a) were, used c) are, used

b) did, use d) do, use

15. If I______home in time my parents______me go out

all month.

a) come, would let c) came, would let

b) '11 come, let d) would come, would let

16. Nick is______student at______university of______


a) a, the, — c) —, the, —

b) the, a, — d) a, the, the

17. The pen I lost______in Hong Kong.

a) was made c) had been made

b) had made d) is making

18. Your secretary______to contact you urgently since


a) has been trying c) is trying

b) tried d) tries

19. "I couldn't get up early this morning." "______»

a) So I could c) Neither I could

b) So could I d) Neither could I

20. She was sure______nothing bad with her homework.

a) there is c) there was

b) it was d) it wasn't

Тест 25

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Hurry up! If we______, we'll be late.

a) hurry c) don't hurry

b) not hurry d) '11 hurry

2. This time next week he______in the Black Sea.

a) swim c) '11 swim

b) '11 be swimming d) swims

3. He got more and more angry.______end he just walked

out of the room.

a) at c) at an

b) in the d) in

4. She wasn't well, but______of this she went to work.

a) in spite c) despite

b) although d) though

5. Sorry, I'm late. It took me______to get there than I ex­pected.

a) long c) longest

b) longer d) the longer

6. This is a very difficult question______.

a) to answer it c) to answer

b) to answer to it d) answer

7. I didn't know you lived_______long way from the city


a) such a c) so

b) such d)enough

8. It's the second cup of tea she______this morning.

a) has had c) has

b) to have d) is having

9 It's crowded in here. There is hardly______to sit down.

a) nowhere c) anywhere

b) somewhere d) everywhere

10. It wasn't a very good volleyball match.________team

played well.

a) either c) both

b) neither d) both of

11. Children! Be careful! You may fall down the stairs and kick______.

a) yourself c) themselves

'b) you d) yourselves

12. She lives in______building.

a) twenty-storey c) a twenty-storey

b) twenty storeys d) the twenty-storey

13. My father was feeling very tired when he came home. He ______hard all day.

a) worked c) was working

b) had been working d) has worked

14.1 know this student doesn't study hard now but_______

she______to study hard at school?

a) was, used c) is, used

b) did, use d) does, use

15. If you_____good grades at school tomorrow we______

you go out again all month.

a) '11 get, '11 let c) get,'11 let

b) '11 get, let d) get, let

16. Mr. Smith reads_____Daily Telegraph but his wife reads


a)the,the c)the, —

b) -, - d) -, the

17. The decision______at this very moment.

a) is made с) is being made

b) was made d) has made

18. Obviously the population of the world________by the

year 2070.

a) will increase c) increase

b) increases d) will have increased

19. "I'd love a glass of juice." "______."

a) So would I c) I am also

b) So I would d) I had too

20. If we______a map with us, we______missed the turn­ing.

a) took, haven't c) had taken, wouldn't have

b) had taken, hadn't d) had taken, would not

Тест 26

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. When I______this book, you can have it.

a) '11 have read c) '11 be reading

b) 've read d) '11 have been reading

2. Next week he______to London on business.

a) is going c) goes

b) is going to go d) go

3. Are you going away_______the beginning of May or

______the end?

a) in, at c) at, at

b) in, in d) at, in

4.______what I said last night, I still respect you.

a) despite c) although

b) in spite d) though

5. Ann studies______than most of her groupmates.

a) hard c) harder

b) too hard d) hardly

6.1 enjoyed the football match. It was an exciting game

a) to watch c) watching

b) to watch it d) watch

7.1 haven't seen him for______long time that I've forgot­ten what he looks like.

a) such c) so

b) such a d)enough

8. It's the second time the car______down this month.

a) has broken c) broke

b) breaks d) breaking

9. We used to be good friends, but we hardly______see each

other now.

a) never c) ever

b) much d) any when

10. "Which of the two films did you prefer?" "Actually I didn't like______them."

a) either of c) neither of

b) either d) neither

11. That knife is very sharp. Be careful! Don't cut______.

a) you c) herself

b) yourself d) himself

12. Mary was______old girl when she entered the univer­sity.

a) twenty years c) twenty of years

b) twenty-year d) a twenty-year-

13. They______in the Crimea for two years when they de­cided to move to another place.

a) were living c) had been living

b) have lived d) have been living

14.1 know they go to the cinema quite often now but______

they______to go there two years ago?

a) were, used c) are, used

b) did, use d) do, use

15. I'll only go if he______.

a) apologizes c) '11 apologize

b) apologize d) is apologizing

16. Last year we visited______Netherlands and _


a) the, — c) -, the

b) -, - d) the, the

17. They were allowed to return after the bomb______safe.

a) was made c) has made

b) made d) had been made

18. We______hard since morning but we_______nearly


a) have been working, are

b) worked, were

c) have been working, have

d) worked, will be

19. "I've never been to England." "______."

a) Neither do I c) Neither am I

b) Neither have I d) I do too

20. Few appeared______problems finding their way around

the Tube.

a) to have had c) having

b) to have d) having had

Тест 27

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. You'll feel better after you______something to eat.

a) '11 have c) have

b) are having d) has

2. It's nine o'clock. It's quiet at school. The pupils______ a


a) will be having c) have had

b) have d) are having

3. When you have a car you don't have______on public


a) relied c) rely

b) to rely d) been relying

4.1 couldn't sleep______I was very tired.

a) although c) despite

b) as though d) in spite

5. Last year we had______lovely skiing holiday in______

Swiss Alps.

a) the, - c) a, the

b) a, - d) -, -

6. Who was the first man______the North Pole?

a) to reach c) having reached

b) reaching d) have reached

7.1 like my neighbours. They are______nice people.

a) such a c) so

b) such d) enough

8. It's the third time he______her this evening.

a) has phoned c) phone

b) phones d) phoning

9.1 hate this town. There is hardly______to do.

a) something c) nothing

b) much d) anything

10. There are two ways to the downtown. You can go______


a) either c) either of

b) both of d) neither

11. Be careful! That pan is very hot. Don't burn______.

a) your c) yourselves

b) yourself d) himself

12. There are a lot of Brazilian television______on Russian


a) series c) a series

b) the series d) of series

13. She ______ around America for two months. She

______only two states so far.

a) travelled, has visited

b) was travelling, visited

c) has been travelling, has visited

d) has been travelling, visited

14.1 know she hasn't got many friends now but______she

______to have many?

a) was, used c) is, used

b) did, use d) does, use

15. If she______he was going to be so angry about it, she

wouldn't have done it.

a) know c) has known

b) knows d) had known

16.______South of______United Kingdom is warmer


a) the, the, the b) the, -, the

с) -, the, - d) the, the, -

17. This blue cheese______locally for a very long time.

a) made c) has been made

b) was made d) were made

18. The passengers______no information about their flight

since morning.

a) had c) have

b) were having d) have had

19. "I was ill yesterday." "______."

a) Neither do I c) So I was

b) So was I d) So am I

20. Since 1981 the number of passengers using the Tube ______by almost half.

a) has increased c) was increased

b) had been increased d) increased

Тест 28

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Wait here until I______back.

a) don't come c) am coming

b) come d) came

2. We're late. The film________by the time we get to the


a) is finished c) will have finished

b) will be finished d) finishes

3. Money______the solution to any problem.

a) isn't c) weren't

b) aren't d) haven't been 4.1 couldn't sleep______being very tired.

a) although c) in spite

b) despite d) though

5.______headquarters of_______United Nations is in

______New York.

a) the, the, — c) the, the, —

b) -, the, - d) -, -, -

6. If I have any more news, you'll be the first______.

a) have known c) know

b) having known d) to know

7. We enjoyed our holiday. We had______good time.

a)such c)so

b) such a d)enough

8. She______last term but she______much so far this


a) studied, hasn't studied b) has studied, hasn't studied c) was studying, hasn't studied

d) studied, didn't study

9.1 enjoyed driving this morning. There was hardly______


a) no c) any

b) some d) much

10.______my parents is Russian. My father is Ukrainian

and my mother is Moldavian.

a) neither of c) both

b) neither d) both of

11. Some people are very selfish. They only think of______.

a) each other c) oneselves

b) one another d) themselves

12. We need at least six______people to play this game.

a) — c) an

b) the d) a

13. He______soccer since he was eight.

a) has played c) plays

b) played d) play

14.1 know he doesn't sing these days but______he______

to sing?

a) did, use c) was, used

b) does, use d) is, used

15. She'll have to fire him unless his work______.

a) doesn't improve c) improves

b) be improved d) improve

16. My father visited______most countries in______.

Western Europe.

a) -, - ' c) the, the

b) the, - d) -, the

17. In future all private calls______from the new pay


a) are making c) will be made

b) were making d) will make

18. We______in the bar when a tall stranger came in.

a) were sitting c) are sitting

b) sat d) sit

19. "I should smoke less." "______."

a) I should too c) So should I

b) Neither I should d) So I should

20. This film is______good______the one I saw last week.

a) as, as c) rather, than

b) so, as d) not, as

Тест 29

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Can you look after my children while I______at work?

a) am c) would be

b)'ll be d)was

2. "Is it right if I come at eight?" "No, I______the film on


a) watch c) '11 be watching

b) '11 watch d) will have watched

3. He mustn't eat too much. He is supposed_______on a


a) be c)to be

b) being d) is

4.1 didn't get the job______I had all necessary qualifica­tions.

a) though c) despite

b) although d) in spite of

5.1 enjoyed______film but it was very cold in______cin­ema.

a) a, - c) a, the

b) the, a d) the, the

6. If the next train_______in time I will be in London a


a) has arrived c) arrives

b) to arrive d) has been arrived

7. The water wasn't clean______to swim in.

a) enough c)such

b) so d) well

8. It______a lot last winter but it______much so far this


a) had snowed, hasn't snowed

b) snowed, didn't snow

c) snowed, hasn't snowed

d) was snowing, didn't snow

9. It's sometimes______when you have to ask people for


a) embarrassing c) more embarrassing

b) embarrassed d) embarrassingly

10. "Can you repair my bicycle?" "Why don't you do it


a) for you c) yourself

b) myself d) myself

11. A friend of______is coming next week to stay with me

for a few days.

a) me c) my

b) - d) mine

12. She was______-old woman, when she died.

a) forty years c) forty of years

b) forty years d) a forty-year

13. We arrived at the cinema late, the film_______already

a) was begun c) had begun

b) has begun d) was beginning

14.1 know he isn't very rich now but______he______to

be rich?

a) did, use c) was, used

b) does, use d) is, used

15. If we hadn't missed the bus, we______in time.

a) would arrive c) would have arrived

b) will arrive d) can arrive

16.______friend of mine used to work as______driver щ

______Far East.

a) a, a, the c) a, a, -

b) the, a, the d) a, a, the

17. This table is still dirty. It______yet.

a) has been cleaned c) was cleaned

b) hasn't been cleaned d) wasn't cleaned

18. Many children would rather______TV than read a


a) be watching c) watched

b) watch d) have watched

19. "I spent the whole evening reading." "______."

a) I did so c) So did I

b) So am I d) So do I

20. She left the room without______goodbye to anyone.

a) having to say c) say

b) saying d) being said

Тест 30

Выберите правильный вариант.

1 He'll send her a postcard when he______on holiday.

a) was c) '11 be

b) were d) is

2. When you see her she______a red hat.

a) '11 be wearing c) '11 wear

b) wears d) wear

3.1 was astonished since I______so many people before.

a) didn't see c) have seen

b) saw d) hadn't seen

4. She is______intelligent but______lazy.

a) quite, rather c) rather, quite

b) quite, quite d) rather, rather

5. We stopped at_______pretty village on______way to


a) the, -, the c) a, the —

b) a, a, - d) the, a, -

6. Who was the last person______the office last night?

a) to leave c) left

b) has left d) leaving

7. That picture is______heavy to hang on the wall.

a) enough c) such

b)so d)too

8. We______a lot of famous people in the last few weeks.

a) have met c) had met

b) met d) meet

9. I had never expected to be offered the job, I was really

______when I was offered it.

a) amazing c) more amazing

b) amazed d) less amazed

10. You are always nervous and excited. Why don't you relax ______more?

a) you c) yourself

b) yours d) —

11. We went on holiday with some friends of______.

a) ours c) us

b) our d) him

12. Could you give me a lift? Ten kilometres______too far

for me to walk.

a) are c) is

b) not d) aren't

13. My secretary was late for work because she______in the

traffic jam.

a) got stuck c) had got stuck

b) has got stuck d) was getting stuck

14. I know he doesn't go out very often these days but ______he______out a lot?

a) did, use to go c) was, used to go

b) does, use to go d) is, used to go

15. If I knew where they were, I______you there now.

a) '11 take c) would have taken

b) would take d) took

16.______Volga is______longest river in______Russia.

a) the, the, — c) the, a, —

b) -, the, - d) -, a, -

17. You can't get into the park after 10 p.m. because the gates ______at 10 p.m. every night.

a) is close c) close

b) are closed d) are closing

18.1 much prefer______TV to______books.

a) watching, reading c) watch, read

b) to watch, to read d) to watch, reading

19. "I didn't know that Ann was in hospital." "______."

a) So did I c) Neither did I

b) So was she d) Neither I did

20. It would be difficult for me______the work by the week­end.

a) to have finished c) finishing

b) to finish d) finish

Тест 31

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. I'll phone you when I______home tonight.

a) '11 get c) get

b) am getting d) would get

2. From 10 to 11 tomorrow they______the flat.

a) clean c) '11 be cleaned

b) '11 clean d) '11 be cleaning

3. I'm sorry for the smell in my flat. It______painted.

a) was c) has been

b) is d) has

4. The car goes______well but______noisy.

a) quite, rather c) rather, quite

b) quite, quite d) rather, rather

5.______longer you speak on the telephone,______more

you have to pay.

a) -, - c) -, the

b) a, a d) the, the

6. He is difficult______.

a) to understand c) understand

b) having understood d) understanding

7. This tea is______hot to drink.

a) so c) too

b) such d)enough

8. My brother______his driving license again. It's the sec­ond time he______it.

a) has lost, has lost c) has lost, lost

b) lost, has lost d) loses, loses

9. Why do you always look so_______? Is your life really a) boring, boring c) boring, bored b) bored, boring d) bored, bored

10. I'm trying to teach______English but I am very slow at

doing this.

a) me c) mine

b) my d) myself

11. Learner drivers are not allowed to drive______.

a) on one's own c) oneselves

b) themselves d) on their own

12. England______Germany in a volleyball match tomor­row.

a) is playing c) play

b) are playing d) played

13. When I got home I found I______my keys.

a) lost c) have lost

b) lose d) had lost

14.1 know he doesn't smoke now but______he______?

a) did, use to smoke c) was, used to smoke

b) does, use to smoke d) is, used to smoke

15. You wouldn't be so tired today if you______to bed when

I told you.

a) went c) had gone

b) have gone d) '11 go

16.______United Kingdom consists of______Great Brit­ain and______Northern Ireland.

a) the, -, — c) the, —, the

b) -, the, - d) -, -, the

17. The winning goal______by Jones.

a) is scored c) was being scored

b) scores d) was scored

18.______crime is a problem in______most big cities.

a) -,- c) -, the

b) a, - d) the, -

19. "I thought the exam was easy." "______."

a) Neither did I c) So did I

b) So am I d) So was it

20. One day my mother told me she______our house and

______somewhere else to live.

a) sells, found c) had sold, founded

b) sold, had found d) had sold, had found

Тест 32

Выберите правильный вариант.

1.1 want you to go to the shop, but if you______to come,

I you needn't.

a) want c) don't want

b) not want d) aren't wanting

2. When mother comes home I______to bed.

a) '11 go c) go

b) '11 have gone d) have gone

3.______police are responsible for maintaining______law


a) the, -, - c) -, -, -

b) -, the, - d) -, the, the

4. Her plan is______interesting but______complicated.

a) quite, rather c) rather, quite

b) quite, quite d) rather, rather

5._______more you practise your English,______faster

you'll learn it.

a) a, a c) the, the

b) -, - d) a, the

6. Some words from the text are impossible______.

a) to translate c) translating

b) translate d) having translated

7. He doesn't speak______English to make himself under­stood.

a) well c) such

b)so d) enough

8. This is the first time he______a car.

a) 's driven c) drives

b) 's driving d) drove

9. He is one of the most______people I've ever met. He

never says anything______.

a) bored, interesting c) boring, interesting

b) boring, interested d) bored, interested

10. My aunt is very old. She can't look after______.

a) herself c) hers

b) her d) myself

11. We had no help repairing the car. We did it completely

a) on one's own c) on our own

b) themselves d) oneselves

12. Russia______all their basketball matches this season.

a) loses c) has lost

b) is losing d) have lost

13. When I arrived at the party Mary______home yet.

a) has gone c) had gone

b) hadn't gone d) hasn't gone

14. My grandmother______coffee but now she drinks two

cups a day.

a) used drinking c) didn't use to drinking

b) didn't use to drink d) didn't use drinking

15. If we______enough money we would have bought a new


a) had c) '11 have

b) have d) had had

16. Manila is______capital of______Philippines.

a)the,the c)the,—

b) a, the d) a, —

17. Some improvements______since we last looked at it.

a) was made c) have been made

b) were made d) are made

18.______car is______excellent means of______trans­port.

a) -, a, - c) -, an, the

b) the, an, — d) a, an, —

19. "I can't ride a horse." "______."

a) Neither can I c) Neither I can

b) So can I d) So I can't

20. It was______long walk to______nearest buildings as

we lived on______outskirts of______town.

a) a, the, the, — c) a, —, the, —

b) -, the, the, - d) a, the, -, the

Тест 33

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Let's______before it______raining.

a) go out, starts c) go out, '11 start

b) to go out, starts d) going out, starts

2. Before the end of my holiday, I'm afraid, 1______all my


a) spend c) '11 have spent

b) spent d) '11 spend

3. Our house is similar to______.

a) them c) their

b) they d) theirs

4. He is one of______men in the world.

a) richer c) the richest

b) richest d) a rich

5.______more I got to know him,______more I liked


a) the, the с) а, а

b) -, - d) a, the

6. Nobody has seen Mary for days. Who was the last______


a) seeing c) see

b) having seen d) to see

7. It's not warm______to sit in the garden.»

a) enough c) well

b)so d)too

8. What a boring film! It's the most boring film I______.

a) have never seen c) had ever seen

b) saw d) 've ever seen

9. We didn't have any money but Nick had______.

a) few c) a little

b) a few d) little

10. They tried to study but they just couldn't concentrate

a) them c) —

b) theirs d) themselves

11. Three thousands dollars______stolen in the robbery.

a) was c) is

b) were d) are

12. Unfortunately______was very shocking.

a) a news c) new

b) news d) the news

13. Do you often go to a cinema? No, it's a long time since* I ______there.

a) went c) go

b) am going d) have gone

14. He_________to bed early but now he goes out every


a) used to go c) used going

b) didn't use to go d) used to going

15. You won't pass the driving test unless you______more.

a) '11 practise c) don't practise

b) not practise d) practise

16. Jack is in______hospital now and his sister went to

______hospital to visit him.

a) —, the c) the, the

b) -, - d) -, a

17.1 realized that my car______away by the police.

a) was taken b) has been taken

с) had been taken d) will be taken

18. "I've got few friends." "______."

a) Neither have I c) So do I

b) Neither do I d) So have I

19. In the afternoon I do some work for the big companj ______my computer.

a) having used c) using

b) will using d) to use

Тест 34

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. If I______any help I______my friend.

a) need, phone c) '11 need, phone

b) '11 need, '11 phone d) need, '11 phone

2. At 10 o'clock tomorrow they______homework.

a) '11 do c) do

b) '11 be doing d) are doing

3.1_______to learn German but I'm not satisfied with my


a) tried c) try

b) have been trying d) '11 try

4. The weather is______warm but______windy.

a) quite, rather c) rather, quite

b) quite, quite d) rather, rather

5.______more you exercise,______fitter you become.

a) a, a c) the, the

b) -, - d) a, the

6.1 was sorry______that your mother is ill.

a) to hear c) hearing

b) having heard d) heard

7. This bed is not wide______for two people to steep in.

a) too c) enough

b) so d)such

8. She______to me for nearly a month.

a) hasn't written c) didn't write

b) not write d) wrote

9. It has a really______experience. Afterwards everybody

was very______.

a) terrified, shocked c) terrified, shocking

b) terrifying, shocking d) terrifying, shocked

10. He overslept this morning. He didn't have time to shave

a) him c) —

b) himself d) his

11.1 like living______.

a) my own c) by myself

b) myself d) on me

12. Three days______long enough for a good holiday.

a) are c) not

b) isn't d) not are

13. My friend no longer had his car. He______it.

a) crashed c) had crashed

b) was crashed d) has crashed

14. My sister______tennis a lot but now she plays it three

times a week. *

a) didn't use to play c) didn't use playing

b) used to play d) didn't use to playing

15. If she hadn't helped me I______to do it.

a) failed c) had failed

b) would fail d) would have failed

16. Ken's brother is in_______ prison, so Ken went to

______prison to visit him.

a) -,the c)the,—

b) -, - d) a, the

17. Be quiet! The programme______at the moment.

a) is recording c) is recorded

b) has been recorded d) is being recorded

18. They are expected______next week.

a) arrive c) to arrive

b) to have arrived d) to be arriving

19. "I didn't enjoy the film much." "______."

a) Nor did I c) So did I

b) Neither I did d) So I did

20.1 don't intend______you about my plans.

a) telling c) to tell

b) to be telling d) tell

Тест 35

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. We won't discuss the matter until the headmaster______.

a) will arrive c) arrive

b) won't arrive d) arrives

2. This time last week he______part in sport events.

a) took c) has taken

b) was taking d) takes

3. That woman is very honest. She never______a lie.

a) tells c) tell

b) has told d) is telling

4. He is one______players in the team.

a) best c) of the best

b) the best d) good

5.______longer he waited______more impatient he be­came.

a) the, а с) а, а

b) a, the d) the, the

6. It's careless of you_______the same mistake again and


a) to make c) making

b) make d) having made

7. I'm______busy to talk to you now.

a) enough c) well

b)too d)so

8. My grandfather______in a small village all his life.

a) is living c) lives

b) live d) has lived

9. He doesn't speak______English. Only______words.

a) a little, few c) much, fewer

b) little, a few d) much, a few

10. After having a shower he dried______with a towel.

a) him c) —

b) himself d) oneself

11. This flower______very rare species.

a) is c) is a

b) are d) are a

12.______is for exceptionally young and physically strong


a) a gymnastic c) gymnastics

b) the gymnastic d) the gymnastics

13. "Does it often rain here?" "No, it's years it______


a) is snowing c) snows

b) snowed d) has snowed

14. He______but now he smokes 10 cigarettes a day.

a) used to smoke c) didn't use to smoke

b) not used to smoke d) didn't use to smoking

15.1 wish I______to the party last week. It was boring.

a) have gone c) had gone

b) went d) hadn't gone

16. My younger sister goes to______school, so my mother

went to______school to meet her teacher.

a) —, the c) the, —

b) -, - d) the, the

17. The meeting______because of illness of the chairman.

a) postponed c) had to be postponed

b) had postponed d) had to postpone

18. A state of emergency is reported______in Turkey last


a) to have declared c) to have been declared

b) be declared d) declared

19. "I'd get married if I were in your position." "______."

a) So I had c) So had I

b) So would I d) So have I

20. I'd rather you______phone me at work.

a) didn't c) will

b) don't d) won't

Тест 36

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. When you______my brother, you______him.

a) see, won't recognize c) saw, won't recognize

b) '11 see, won't recognize d) '11 see, recognize

2. When I went out yesterday it______.

a) rained c) has been rained

b) was raining d) has rained

3. They looked bored. I don't think they were interested in what I______.

a) said c) have said

b) say d) was saying

4. It was one______experiences of my life.

a) of the worst c) worse

b) bad d) the worst

5. My salary isn't______high______hers.

a) so, as c) as, so

b) as, as d) as, such

6. It wasn't polite of him______without saying thank you.

a) to leave c) having left

b) leave d) leaving

7. She can't get married yet. She's not old______.

a) too c) well

b) so d) enough

8. My mother really loves that film. She______it eight


a) is seeing c) sees

b) see d) has seen

9. This town isn't very well-known and there isn't______to

see, so______tourists come here.

a) many, few c) much, little

b) much, few d) plenty, a little

10. She got up early in the morning and dressed______to be

in time for a job.

a) her c) —

b) herself d) oneself

11. The bicycle is______of transport.

a) a means c) the mean

b) a mean d) means

12. At the faculty of______we study management as well.

a) economy c) the economics

b) economic d) economics

13. "Do you often go to a disco?" "No, it's eight months 1 ______here."

a) went c) have gone

b) go d) am going

14. Now there are two shops near my home but there______

just one.

a) used being c) used to being

b) used to be d) is

15. She______go if they phone her.

a) has to c) '11 have to

b) would d) would have

16. After______work my father goes home by______bus.

a) -, - c) -, the

b)the, - d)the,the

17. My car is working again because it______.

a) was repaired c) is repaired

b) has been repaired d) repairs

18. Most roads are known______impassable because of the

heavy storm.

a) to make c) to have made

b) being made d) to have been made

19. "I am not fond of living in a big city." "_______."

a) So I am c) I am too

b) Neither am 1 d) Neither I am

20. Cars______the air quality in cities.

a) are destroyed c) are destroying

b) to destroy d) have been destroyed

Тест 37

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. His parents will be very glad, if she______the university.

a) has entered c) enters

b) enter d) '11 enter

2. While Nick______his homework, his mother______on

the phone.

a) did, was talking c) was doing, talked

b) did, talked d) was doing, was talking

3. When we______on holiday last year it______every day.

a) went, rained c) went, was raining

b) were going, rained d) were going, was raining

4. What is______expensive thing you're ever bought?

a) more c) most

b) much d) the most

5.1 don't go out______much______I used to.

a) as, as c) as, so

b) so, as d) such, as

6. It was stupid of her______out in the rain without a rain­coat.

a) go c) going

b) to go d) having gone

7. You won't pass the examination if you don't work hard

a) enough c) so

b) well d) too

8. He has got______big feet he has difficulty finding shoes

to fit him.

a)so b)such a

c)such d)too

9. I don't think she would be a good teacher. She's got ______patience with children.

a) much c) few

b) a few d) little

10. She went to the bathroom to wash______.

a) her c) —

b) herself d) oneself

11. The car and the train are______of transport.

a) a means c) the means

b) means d) a mean

12. When a child I was fond of______.

a) athletics c) the athletics

b) the athletic d) an athletics

13. I______to travel to the North Pole since I was a teen­ager.

a) want c) have wanted

b) am wanting d) wanted

14. We live in Moscow now but we______in Kiev.

a) were living c) used to living

b) used living d) used to live

15.1 would still have a job today if I______my work better.

a) did c) was doing

b) had done d) would do

16. When David leaves______school, he wants to study

______economics at______university.

a) -, -, - c) -, the, -

b) the, -, - d) —, the, a

17. I enjoy driving but sometimes I prefer______by other


a) to drive c) to be driven

b) drove d) be driven

18. The bad weather is said______for two days.

a) lasting c) lasted

b) last d) to last

19. "I'm not going to talk to her." "______."

a) So am I c) I am too

b) So I am d) Neither am I

20. In Los Angeles as well as in London the smog problem ______solved yet.

a) was not c) had not been

b) is being d) has not been

Тест 38

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Please don't speak to anyone before the police______.

a) come c) will come

b) comes d) coming

2. He______along the highway when two cars crashed.

a) drove c) is driving

b) was driving d) drives

3. I'd rather______to a Chinese restaurant. I am not fond

of Chinese food.

a) to go c) don't go

b) go d) not go

4. Who is______intelligent person you know?

a) the most c) most

b) more d) the more

5. The hotel isn't______expensive______I expected.

a) so, as c) as, as

b) as, so d) such, as

6. A good restaurant is hard______in this town.

a) to find c) find

b) for finding d) found

7. He didn't get the job because he wasn't experienced

a) well c) too

b) so d) enough

8. The food at the hotel was.______bad, that we decided to

stay at the other one.

a)such c) so

b) such a d)too

9. This is not the first time the car has broken down. It has happened______times before.

a) plenty c) much

b) a few d) a little

10. When the boat started to sink, we were really frightened because______us could swim.

a) neither of c) either of

b) either d) both

11. "Do you want me to type that letter for you?" "No, I'll do it______."

a) for me c) for mine

b) - d) myself

12. The shorts you bought for me______fit me.

a) aren't c) don't

b) isn't d) doesn't

13. She______novels since she left college. She______

three novels so far.

a) has been writing, has published

b) was writing, published

c) wrote, has published

d) has been writing, have published

14. Sorry, I'm late. The car______down on my way here.

a) had broken c) broke

b) breaks d) has broken

15.1 wish he______more slowly, then I would have under­stood.

a) speaks c) was speaking

b) spoke d) had spoken

16. On______way to Pskov we passed through______old

church and we stopped to visit______church.

a) the, an, the c) the, the, the

b) the, a, the d) a, -, -

17. This fence is going______next month.

a) to paint c) to be painted

b) be painted d) painting

18. Many calls for help______by the local radio.

a) broadcasted c) broadcasting

b) have been broadcast d) are broadcasting

19. "I didn't think the exam was so difficult." "______."

a) I didn't too c) Neither did I

b) Neither I did d) Neither do I

20. California has set tough pollution laws for 20 years ______poor ecology.

a) since c) because

b) for d) because of

Тест 39

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Before you______don't forget to lock the door.

a) are leaving c) leave

b) '11 leave d) shall leave

2. Tomorrow afternoon I______tennis from three to four.

a) '11 play c) '11 be playing

b) play d) am playing

3. I'm angry. Your friend______lies about you.

a) have told c) has been telling

b) tell d) had told

4. The film was______exciting but______frightening.

a) quite, rather c) rather, quite

b) quite, quite d) rather, rather

5.______longer you stay in a country,______more you

learn about its customs.

a) -, - c) the, a

b) the, the d) a, a

6.1 was pleased______your message yesterday.

a) to get c) getting

b) having got d) get

7. The coat is not warm______to wear in winter.

a) too c) enough

b)so d)such

8. Is this the first time you______in hospital?

a) 've been c) were

b) are d) 'd been

9. The kitchen hadn't been______for ages. It was really

a) cleaning, disgusting c) cleaned, disgusting

b) cleaned, disgusted d) cleaning, disgusted

10. It was a lovely party. We really enjoyed . very much.

a) us c) ours

b) our d) ourselves

11. Being very shy she was sitting______in a corner of the


a) herself c) on her own

b) on one's own c) by her

12. Can I borrow your scissors? Mine______sharp enough.

a) aren't c) is

b) isn't d) are

13. The local restaurant was no longer open. It_______


a) closed c) has closed

b) was closed d) had closed

14.1 wasn't hungry. I______just______breakfast.

a) had have c) would have

b) was having d) have had

15. If only I had enough money, then I______a car.

a) would buy c) would have bought

b) bought d) '11 buy

16. My brother is very ill in______hospital. I go to______

hospital to visit him every day.

a) -,the c)the,the

b) -, - d) a, the

17. During the night the tourists______up by loud screams.

a) woke c) wake

b) are woken d) were woken

18. Four people are said______after the explosion.

a) to be arrested c) be arrested

b) being arrested d) to have been arrested

19. "I wonder if he will get the job." "______."

a) So am I c) So I do

b) So I am d) So do I

20. A lot of money______by car manufacturers now to cre­ate cars harmless for the environment.

a) are invested b) have been invested

c) is being invested d) were invested

Ключи к тестам

Часть I

1. Видо-временная система английского глагола


1.а) 2. с) З.Ь) 4.Ь) 5. а) 6. с) 7.d) 8. с) 9.Ь) 10. с) 11. а) 12. Ь) 13. Ь) 14. а) 15. с) 16. d) 17. а) 18. Ь) 19. а) 20. с)

6. а) 7. с) 8.d) 9. с) 10. d) И. а) 12. с) 13. Ь) 14. а) 15. с) 16. а) 17. с) 18. Ь) 19. а) 20. а)

12. Ь) 13.Ь) 14. с) 15. Ь) 16. с) 17. Ь) 18. с) 19. а) 20. а)

18. а) 19. с) 20 d)

24. d) 25. Ь)

25. c)


l.a) 2.d) З.с) 4. a) 5.c) 6.b) 7.d) 8.c) 9.b) 10. a) ll.b) 12. c) 13. a) 14. d) 15. b) 16. a) 17. c) 18. d) 19. b) 20. c) 21. b) 22. c) 23. b) 24. c) 25. d)

Тест 6

l.d) 2. а) З.Ь) 4.Ь) 5. с) 6.d) 7. с) 8. а) 9. а) 10. d) ll.b) 12. d) 13. d) 14. с) 15. a) 16. с) 17. b) 18. d) 19. a) 20. c) 21. c) 22. b) 23. d) 24. c)

Тест 5

l.d) 2.d) З.с) 4. а) 5.Ь) б.Ь) 7.Ь) 8. с) 9.d) 10. Ь) 11. с) 12. а) 13. Ь) 14. а) 15. d) 16. с) 17. d) 18. а) 19. с) 20. Ь) 21. Ь) 22. d) 23. а)

Тест 4

1.а) 2. с) З.Ь) 4.d) 5. а) 6. а) 7.Ь) 8. с) 9. с) 10. Ь) 11. а) 12. d) 13. с) 14. а) 15. d) 16. Ь) 17.Ь)


1 a) 2.b) З.с) 4. а) 5.Ь) 6. с) 7. с) 8.Ь) 9. а) 10. с) ll.b)

Тест 2

1.а) 2. с) З.с) 4. а) 5.d)

2. Модальные глаголы

Тест 1-30


6. a)


16. b)

21. b)

26. b)



12. a)

17. b)

22. c)

27. c)

3 d)


13. d)


23. a)

28. d)

4 c)


14. c)

19. c)

24. d)

29. a)


10 a)

15. a)

20. a)

25. a)

30. b)

Тест 31

18. с)

9. а)

Тест 33

18. а)



19. Ь)

10. с)


19. d)

10 а)


20. Ь)

11. а)

2. а)

20. с)

11. с)


21. с)

12. с)


21. а)

12. с)

4. а)

22. с)

13. а)

4 с)

22. а)

13. с)

5. а)

23. Ь)

14. а)


23. Ь)

14. d)


24. с)

15. а)


24. d)

15. а)

7. а)

25. Ь)

16. d)

7. а)

25. а)

16. d)

8. а)

17. а)


17. а)

9. с)

Тест 32

18. а)

9. с)

Тест 34


10. с)


19. а)

10. Ь)


19. Ь)

11. с)

2. с)

20. d)


2 с)

20. d)

12. d)


21. а)

12. Ь)


21. с)

13. с)

4. с)

22. а)

13. d)


22. а)

14. d)

5. а)

23. с)

14. а)


23. а)

15. с), d)

6. а)

24. Ь)

15. с)

6. с)

24. с)

16. d)


25. а)

16. а)

7. а)

25. Ь)

17. с)

8. с)

17. Ь)


3. Придаточные предложения условия и времени. Типы условных предложений


21. d)

15. а)

14. а)


6. а)


22. с)

16. d)

15. с)

9. а)


2. а)

23. Ь)

17. с)

16. Ь)

10. с)



24. с)

18. с)

17. с)

11. а)

9. а)


25. а)

19. а)

18. а)

12. Ь)

10. с)


20. d)

19. d)

13. с)

11. d)

6. а)

Тест 2

20. с)

14. Ь)

12. b)




21. d)

15. с)

13. с)

8. с)

2. а)


22. Ь)

16. d)

14. а)



2. с)

23. Ь)

17. а)

15. с)

10. с)



24. Ь)

18. а)

16. Ь)

11. а)

5. с)


25. с)

19. Ь)

17. d)

12. с)

6. а)

5 с)

20 с)

18. а)

13. Ь)



Тест 4

19. Ь)

14. с)

8. а)

7. с)


Тест 5

20. с)

15. с)


8. с)

2. с)


21. а)

16. d)

10. с)



2. с)

22. d)

17. а)

11. а)

10. с)



23. Ь)

18. Ь)

12. d)

П. а)

5. с)

4. d)

24. с)

19 d)

13. а)

12. d)



25. а)

20 а)

14. Ь)

13. а)

7 Ь)

Тест 6

4. с)


12. a)

16. d)

20. a)


5. с)

9. a)

13. b)


21. b)

2 b)

6. a)

10. b)

14. d)

18. d)

22. b)




15. a)

19. a)

23. a)

24. d)

4. Страдательный залог


l.b) 2. a) З.а) 4. с) 5.d) 6. a) 7.d) 8.b) 9.c) 10. d) 11. a) 12. b) 13. a) 14. d) 15. c) 16. c) 17. b)

18. a) 19. d) 20. c) 21. b) 22. a) 23. d) 24. a) 25. c)

9.b) 10. b) ll.c) 12. a) 13. d) 14. a) 15. c) 16. b) 17. d) 18. d) 19. c) 20. d) 21. b) 22. d)

З.Ь) 4. a) 5.b) 6. d) 7.d) 8.c) 9. a) 10. d) ll.b) 12. b) 13. c) 14. d) 15. b) 16. a) 17. c) 18. d) 19. a) 20. d)

21. b) 22. c) 23. b) 24. d) 25. a)

12. c) 13. b) 14. d) 15. a) 16. d) 17. a) 18. b) 19. c) 20. a) 21. d) 22. b) 23. b) 24 a)

Тест 4

l.a) 2.c) З.Ь) 4.b) 5.c) 6. a) 7. a) 8.c) 9.b) 10. c) 11. a)

Тест 2

l.c) 2.d) З.а) 4. a) 5.c) 6. a) 7.b) 8.c)


l.c) 2. a)

5. Прямая и косвенная речь. Согласование времен


13. c)

Тест 2

13. d)

4. b)

17. a)


14. d)


14. c)


18. d)


15. b)


15. b)

6. a)

19. a)


16. b)


16. b)


20. b)


17. a)

4. a)

17. b)


21. c)


18. d)




22. b)

6. a)

19. a)


19. b)

10. c)

23. d)

7. a)

20. a)


20. d)

11. a)

24. a)

8. c)

21. c)


12. c)

25. c)


22. b)



13. d)

10. d)

23. c)

10. a)


14. b)

11. a)

24. a)



15. b)

12. a)

25. b)

12. c)


16. c)

Тест 4

18. а)

9. а)

Тест 6

18. a)

9. c)


19. с)



19. c)

10. b)


20. с)


2. a)

20. a)

11. d)


21. Ь)

12. d)


21. c)


4. а)

22. d)

13. с)


22. d)

13. a)


23. d)

14. с)


23. b)

14. c)

6. b)

24. а)

15. a)


24. a)

15. b)

7. с)

25. с)



25. a)

16. d)

8. d)

17. b)

9. а)

Тест 5

18. d)

8. а)



17 b) 18. d)

10. b)


19. a)

10. a)

1 a)

19. a)

11. с)

2. с)

20. b)

11. d)


20. b)

12. d)


21. a)

12. c)


21. c)

13. а)


22. c)

13. a)


22. a)

14. а)

5. а)

23. a)

14. b)


23. b)

15. с)

6. d)

24. d)

15. c)


24. d)

16. Ь)


25. d)

16. d)

7. a)

25. a)

17. с)


17. b)


6. Неличные формы глагола

Тест 1

20. Ь)

13. d)

6. с)

Тест 4

Тест 5


21. а)

14. с)

7. a)



2. а)

22. Ь)

15. b)


2. a)

2. a)


23. d)

16. а)




4. с)

24. с)

17. b)

10. c)

4. a)



25. а)

18. d)

11. a)

5. a)

5. a)

6. d)

19. С)

12. b)

6. b)


7. а)

Тест 2

20. с)



7. c)

8. с)


21. b)

14. c)




2. с)

22. а)

15. a)





23. d)

16. b)

10. a)

10. d)



24. с)



11. a)

12. а)


25. b)

18. c)


12. c)

13. с)


19. b)

13. c)

13. a)

14. Ь) 15. с)

7. с) 8. а)



20. d) 21. a)

14. a) 15. b)

14. d) 15. b)

16. d)

9. а)


22. a)

16. a)

16. a)

17. а)



23. d)

17. a)

17. b)

18. d)

11 с)


24. b)

18. c)

18. b)

19. с)

12. d)


25. b)

19. d)

19. c)

20. c)

20. d)

Тест 6

12. а)

2. а)

14. а)

4. d)

16. Ь)


13. с)


15. с)


17. с)

2. а)

14. с)


16. а)

6. с)

18. d)


15. с)

5. а)

17. с)

7. с)

19. а)

4. а)

16. а)

6. с)

18. Ь)

8. а)

20. Ь)

5. с)

17. Ь)


19. Ь)


21. а)


18. а)


20. а)

10. а)

22. с)


19. с)

9. а)


23. а)

8. с)

20. Ь)

10. а)

Тест 8

12. с)

24. Ь)


11 b)


13. Ь)

25. с)

10. а)


12. с)


14. а)

11. Ь)


13. Ь)


15. с)

7. Существительное. Артикль

8. Местоимение. Слова-определители

Tecт l

1a) 2.b) З.с) 4. а) 5.b) 6. с) 7.b) 8. с) 9. а) 10. d) П.Ь) 12. а) 13. с) 14. а) 15.Ь) 16. d) 17. а) 18.d) 19. Ь) 20. с)

б.Ь) 7.Ь) 8. а) 9. d) 10. d) П. с) 12. а) 13. Ь) 14. d) 15. с) 16. а) 17. d) 18. а) 19. Ь) 20. d) 21. с) 22. d) 23. d) 24. b) 25. а)

7.d) 8. a) 9. a) 10. b) 11. c) 12. d) 13. c) 14. a) 15. c) 16. b) 17. a) 18. d) 19. c) 20. a) 21. a) 22. b) 23. d) 24. c) 25. a)

8. a) 9.b) 10. a) 11. c) 12. d) 13. a) 14. b) 15. c) 16. b) 17. b) 18. d) 19. c) 20. d) 21. a) 22. c) 23. b) 24. a) 25. d)

9.c) 10. c) 11. a) 12. b) 13. a) 14. b) 15. b) 16. b) 17. c) 18. c) 19. a) 20. b)

15. a) 16. b) 17. d) 18. b) 19. c) 20. a)

Тест7 1 с) 2. с) З.а) 4.b) 5.b) 6. a) 7.b) 8. c) 9. c) 10. b) 11. b) 12. c) 13. d) 14. a) 15. a) 16. a) 17. c) 18. d) 19. a) 20. b)

Тест 6

1 с) 2.b) З.а) 4. b) 5.b) 6. a) 7.c) 8. a) 9.b) 10. d) 11. a) 12. b) 13. c) 14. b)

Тест 5

l.a) 2.b)

3 b) 4.b) 5.c) 6.b) 7. a) 8.b)

Тест 4

l.a) 2-с) З.а) 4. d) 5. a) 6. c) 7.d)


l.a) 2.d) З.с) 4.b) 5. с) 6. d)

Тест 2

l.b) 2. а) З.а) 4. d) 5. с)


12. Ь)


14. Ь)

4. а)

16. Ь)


13. а)


15. Ь)


17. а)

2. с)

14. Ь)


16. а)

6. d)

18. d)


15. с)

5. а)

17. с)

7. с)

19. с)

4. с)

16. Ь)


18. а)

8. с)

20. Ь)

5. а)

17. с)

7. а)

19. Ь)


21. а)

6. с)

18. а)

8. а)

20. Ь)

10. Ь)

22. d)


19. Ь)

9. с)


23. Ь)

8. с)

20. а)

10. Ь)


12. Ь)

24. с)

9. с)



13. d)

25. с)

10. d)

Тест 2

12. с)

2. с)

14. с)

11 .Ь)

1 с)

13. а)


15. а)

9. Прилагательное и наречие

10. Предлоги и союзы

Тест 1

16. d)

10. Ь)

Тест З

16. a)

10. a)


17. b)

П. а)


17. b)

11. a)

2. с)

18. с)

12. d)

2. а)

18. a)

12. b)


19. b)

13. а)


19. c)

13. c)


20. а)

14. а)

4. а)

20. b)

14. c)

5. а)

15. Ь)


15. c)


Тест 2

16. а)

6. d)

Тест 4

16. b)

7. с)


17. d)



17. a)



18. d)



18. b)



19. а)

9. с)


19. c)

10. а)

4. d)

20. а)

10. d)

4. a)

20. a)

И. а)

5. а)

21. с)



21. c)

12. с)

6. с)

22. Ь)

12. с)


22. b)

13. Ь)

7. а)

23. а)

13. a)


23. b)

14. d)


24. d)

14. d)


24. a)

15. а)

9. а)

15. a)

9. a)

25. b)

Tecт 1

4. a)

8. a)

12. d)

16. d)

21. d)


5. a)


13. a)

17. b)

22. b)



10. c)

14. c)

18. a)

23. a)




15. b)

19. c)

24. b)

20. a)

25. c)

Тест 2



13. Ь)

19. b)

20. d)


7. с)

13. с)

14. а)

20. a)

21. b)



14. с)

15. с)

21. c)

22. b)


9. с)

15. с)

16. Ь)

22. b)

23. c)

4. с)

10. а)

16. Ь)

17. а)

23. a)

24. a)

5. с)


17. а)

18. Ь)

24. b)


12. с)

18. Ь)

19. с)

25. c)

Тест 8


13. Ь)

19. с)

20. Ь)


8. а)

14. а)

20. а)


2. a)

9. а)

15. d)

21. с)

Тест 6

1 a)


10. а)

16. с)

22. Ь)


2. a)

4. с)

11. а)

17. Ь)

23. Ь)

2. с)


5. a)

12. Ь)

18. d)

24. а)


4. с)

6. d)

13. с)

19. Ь)

25. Ь)

4. а)



14. с)

20. а)


6. с)


15. d)

Тест 5

6. с)



16. d)

Тест 4


7. с)

8. a)

10. a)

17. а)


2. а)

8. d)

9. a)


18. с)

2. с)



10. d)

12. c)

19 с)


4. с)

10. d)


13. c)

20. а)

4. а)


11. а)

12. b)

14. a)



12. b)

13. a)

15. d)

Тест З

6. с)

7. а)

13. b)

14. c)

16. c)


7. с)

8. а)

14. b)

15. b)

17. b)

2. а)


9. а)

15. b)

16. b)

18. b)


9. а)

10. Ь)

16. a)

17. a)

19. a)


10. с)

11. а)

17. d)


20. c)

5. а)

И. а)

12. с)

18. a)

19. a)

Тест 9

Тест 11

Тест 13

Тест 15

Тест 17




1 . about


2. with

2. in

2. at

2. since

2. to


3. on

З to



4. with

4. in

4. of

4. in

4. of

5. at

5. at

5. between

5. in

5. from

Тест 10

Тест 12

Тест 14

Тест 16

Тест 18


1 . with


1. on


2. from

2. of

2. in

2. in

2. of

3. about

3. in


3. of

3. on

4. for

4. in

4. at

4. after

4. at

5. with

5. of


5. with

5. of

Тест 19

l.in 2. in 3. to 4. of 5. of

2. into 3. of 4. with 5. for

2 about 3. from 4. of 5. into

4. to 5. next

Тест 38

Тест 26

Тест 32

1 into/to 2. in Зло 4. to 5. to/into

l.to 2. with, by 3. to, from 4 for 5. by

Тест 20

l.to 2. of З to 4. in 5. of/about

. at 2. to/with 3.to 4. through 5. to/towards

Тест 39

Тест 27

Тест 33

1 . into 2. with 3. in 4. from 5. to

1 . from 2. at 3. with 4. on 5. at

Тест 21

l.of 2. with 3.for 4. in 5. to

I. Up

2. in 3. on 4. of 5. in

Тест 40

Тест 28

1. up 2. on 3.for 4. into 5. without

Тест 34

l.of 2. over/above Зло 4. out of, from 5. of

l.for 2. on 3. on 4. into 5. of

Тест 22

l.by 2. in 3. at 4. of 5. to

Тест 41

l.of 2. for 3. in/from 4. in 5. with

Тест 29

1. through/ along 2. down 3. into 4. with/to 5. in

Тест 35

l.of 2. round, at 3.for 4. round at

Тест 23

1. at/round 2. of 3. in 4. by 5. in

5. on

Тест 42

l.with 2. to 3.by 4. of 5. at/in

Тест 36

1. on 2. of Зло 4. back on/on

Тест 30

l.of 2. to 3. at/after/ before 4. on

Тест 24

l.in 2. of 3. by/near 4. of 5. to

5. of

Тест 43

1. on 2. in 3. round 4. to

5. to/with

5. with

Тест 37

l.of 2. of 3.at

Тест 25


Тест 31


11. Порядок слов


4. c)

8. b)

12. a)

15. c)

18. b)

1 b)



13. a)

16. b)

19. c)


6. a)

10. b)

14. c)

17. c)

20. c)




12. Выражение согласия/несогласия



10. a)

14. b)

18. a)

22. d)




15. a)

19. b)

23. a)

2. a)


12. d)

16. d)

20. b)

24. c)


8. a)

13. c)

17. a)

21. c)

25. b)

4. c)


13. Фразовые глаголы

Tecт l

Тест 2


Тест 4

Тест 5


1. from

1 . out of


1 . ahead


2. into

2. to

2. on

2. down


3. up


3. in


4. c)

4. away

4. at

4. after

4. with


5. up

5. for

5. for

5. off

6. a)

6. in

6. up

6. up

6. out

7. a)

7. up

7. in

7. for



8. to

8. after

8. on

8. out


9. up

9. along

9. after

9. off

10. c)

10. off

10. over

10. for

10. out

11. a)

1 1 . from

11. after

11. to

11. forward

12. b)

12. out of

12. to


12. as

13. c)

13. for

13. to

13. out

13. off

14. a)

14. up

14. off

14. on

14. up

15. c)

15. up

15. away

15. for

15. out

16. b)

16. down

16. up

16. after

16. up

17. b)

17. along

17. in

17. for

17. up


18. out

18. for

18. on

18. along

19. c)

19. up

19. at

19. up

19. on

20. a)

20. up

20. after

20. down

20. out

21. b)

21. to

21. for

21. on

21. with

22. c)

22. across

22. up

22. about

22. up

23. a)

23. out

23. over

23. for

23. out

24. a)

24. in

24. from

24. to

24. up

25. b)

25. over

25. on

25. to


Тест 6

11. to

22. with

6. up

17. up


12. about

23. up

7. through

18. into

2. against

13. as

24. up

8. with

19. to

3. in

14. up

25. up

9. up

20. for

4. up

15. away

10 about

21 to

5. about

16. up


1 1 . through

22. up

6. out of

17. with


12. off

23. in

7. away

18. up

2. on

13. with

24. of

8. to

19. on


14. up

25. up

9. up

20. off

4. forward

15. back

10. for

21. to

5. back

16. about


Tecт 1

Тест 2


Тест 4

Тест 5

Тест 6











2. a)

2. a)








4. c)



4. c)

4. a)







6. c)


6. a)

6. c)

6. d)


7. a)

7. a)


7. a)







8. a)



9. a)


9. c)



10. d)

10. d)

10. a)

10. c)

10. c)

10. a)




11. a)


11. a)

12. a)

12. c)

12. b)

12. c)

12. a)

12. c)

13. d)

13. b)

13. d)

13. a)

13. b)

13. c)

14. c)

14. c)

14. c)

14. b)

14. a)

14. d)

15. b)

15. c)

15. b)

15. c)

15. c)

15. b)

16. a)

16. a)


16. c)

16. c)

16. b)

17. a)

17. a)

17. a)

17. b)

17. a)

17. d)

18. d)

18. d)


18. d)

18. d)

18. d)

19. a)

19. b)

19. b)

19. d)

19. b)

19. b)

20. c)

20. c)

20. a)

20. a)

20. c)

20. a)

Тест 7

20. c)

16. a)


23. c)

11. a)


17. c)


24. b)

12. a)


Тест 9

18. a)

10. d)

25. b)

13. a)



19. c)


14. b)



20. b)

12. a)

Тест 14

15. c)

5. a)


21. a)

13. b)


16. c)



22. b)

14. c)


17. a)


5. a)

15. a)


18. a)


6. a)

Тест 11

16. d)

4. a)

19. d)

9. a)



17. b)


20. c)

10. b)

8. a)


18. a)

6. a)

21. d)




19. c)


22. a)

12. c)

10. a)

4. a)

20. a)

8. d)

23. a)

13. c)


5. a)

21. a)


24. d)

14. d)

12. a)


22. b)

10. b)

25. a)

15. a)

13. b)

7. a)

23. a)


16. c)

14. b)


24. d)

12. d)

Тест 16

17. b)

15. d)

9. a)

25. c)

13. b)



16. c)

10. d)

14. d)

2. a)

19. b)

17. a)


Тест 13

15. c)


20. c)

18. c)

12. a)


16. a)


19. b)

13. b)


17. c)

5. a)

Тест 8

20. a)

14. b)



6. a)


21. b)

15. a)


19. a)



22. b)

16. b)


20. b)




6. a)

21. d)



Тест 10

18. a)


22. a)

10. b)



19. c)


23. a)




20. b)


24. c)

12. c)



21. a)

10. d)

25. c)

13. d)

8. a)

4. c)

22. c)


14. a)



23. a)

12. b)

Тест 15

15. a)

10. c)


24. c)

13. a)


16. c)


7. a)

14. b)


17. c)

12. b)


Тест 12

15. a)


18. a)

13. c)

9. c)


16. b)


19. c)

14. d)



17. d)


20. d)

15. a)



18. a)


21. a)

16. c)

12. b)


19. c)


22. c)

17. a)

13. a)


20. a)


23. c)

18. a)

14. b)


21. a)

9. a)

24. a)

19. d)

15. d)


22. d)

10. d)

25. c)

Тест 17

14. b)

Тест 20

15. b)




15. d)


16. c)


4. a)

2. а)

16. a)

2. a)

17. a)

9. a)

5. b)




18. a)

10. c)

6. c)

4. с)

18. c)

4. c)

19. b)


7. a)


19. b)


20. a)

12. d)

8. a)

6. а)

20. c)

6. a)

21. b)

13. b)

9. c)

7. с)

21. a)


22. a)

14. a)

10. b)

8. d)

22. d)

8. a)

23. d)

15. b)


9. с)

23. a)


24. b)


12. c)

10. с)

24. d)

10. c)

25. c)

17. b)

13. b)

11. Ь)

12 d)

25. c)

11. a)


14. b)

12. c)

Тест 22

19. b)

15 c)

13. b)

Тест 19



20. a)

16. a)

14. с)


14. a)

2 c)

17 c

15. b)


15. c)


Тест 24

18. d)

16. b)


16. c)



19. a)

17. с)


17. a)

5. a)


20. c)


5. a)


6. c)

3 c)

19. а)


19. b)


4. a)

Тест 26

20. d)

7. a)

20. d)

8. a)



21. b)


21. c)



2. a)

22. d)


22. c)

10. a)

7. a)


23. b)

10. d)

23. b)



4. a)

24. a)

11. a)

12. b)

9. a)


12. a)

Тест 21

13. a)

10. c)

6. a)

Тест 18

13. a)


14. a)




14. b)



12. b)

8. a)


15. c)


16. a)

13. a)

9. c)

З.с) 4. a)

16. a) 17. d)

4.d) 5.d)

17. b) 18. c)

14. b) 15. c)

10. a) 11. b)


18. b)

6. a)

19. c)

16. a)

12. d)

6. b)

19. a)


20. a)

17. c)

13. c)

7. a)

20. c)


18. a)

14. b)

8. c)

21. a)


Тест 23

19. d)

15. a)

9. a)

22. d)

10. c)


20. c)

16. a)

10. d)

23. d)

11. b)

2 a}

17 d)


24. d)

12. b)


Тест 25

18. с)

12. b)

25. d)

13. d)



19. b)

13. b)

14. a)



20. a)

6. a)

Тест 27

l.c) 2.d)

18. a) 19. c) 20. a)

14. a) 15. b) 16. a) 17. b) 18. a) 19. c) 20. b)

10. a) ll.c) 12. d) 13. b) 14. b) 15. d) 16. a) 17. c) 18. b) 19. a) 20. a)

7.c) 8. a) 9.d) 10. c) ll.c) 12.b) 13. c) 14. a) 15. d) 16. a) 17. d) 18. c) 19. a) 20. c)

3.d) 4. a) 5.b) 6. a) 7.d) 8.d) 9.b) 10. c) 11. a) 12. d) 13. a) 14. b) 15. c) 16. a) 17. b) 18. d) 19. b) 20. c)

3 b) 4. a) 5.c) 6. a) 7.b) 8. a) 9.d) 10. a) 11. b) 12. a) 13. c) 14. b) 15. d) 16. a) 17. c) 18. d) 19. b) 20. a)

Тест 29

l.a) 2.c) 3 c) 4. a) 5.d)


7. a) 8.c) 9. a) 10. c) ll.d) 12. d) 13. c) 14. a) 15. c) 16. a) 17. b) 18.b) 19. c) 20. b)