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Christmas in Great Britain

1) P.60 EX 1a, 1b

2)Choose the right answer.

1. Christmas Day, December 25th, celebrates the birth of

        1. Jesus Christ;

        2. St. Andrew;

        3. St. David.

2. Christmas Day is normally seen as a time to be spent

        1. With friends;

        2. At home with one’s family;

        3. In a pub.

4. Christmas presents are placed

        1. Under the pillow;

        2. Near the fireplace;

        3. Around a Christmas tree.

7. In Russia Christmas is celebrated on:

1. the 31th of December

2. the 25th of December

3. the 7th of January

8. Houses are

        1. Decorated with special Christmas garlands

        2. Not decorated at all;

        3. Decorated with colored balloons.

9. Christmas carol is a:

1. song

2. cracker

3. tinsel

10. Tinsel and colorful lights are Christmas:

1. decorations

2. celebrations

11. Children hang up a long sock, stocking, or a pillowcase at the foot of their bed, or around the fireplace for Father Christmas to fill with

        1. Christmas cards;

        2. Presents.

12. On Christmas Day families traditionally

        1. Visit their friends;

        2. Go to the theatre or to the cinema;

        3. Sit down to a dinner.

13. Traditionally Christmas dinner consists of

        1. Fried potatoes with roasted meat;

        2. Chicken broth;

        3. Roast turkey, followed by Christmas pudding – a rich steamed pudding made from suet, dried fruit and spices.

14. The British Father Christmas is

        1. A cheerful young man, dressed in a white suit;

        2. A sad old man with a beard, dressed in a blue suit trimmed with flowers;

        3. A cheerful old man with a beard, dressed in a red suit trimmed with fur.

3) Write down the name of the pictures:

4)Замените местоимение в скобках на правильное местоимение и переведите их.

1. This is (he) table. 2. (We) house is there. 3. That is (they) garden. 4. This isn’t (I) key. It is (she) key. 5. Where is (you) red pencil? 6. Sally is (I) sister. 7. Open (you) notebooks and copy out these words, please. 8. (They) parents are at the cinema.

5) Read about John and write his resolutions. School report.

John Edison is not organized. He is often watching TV. He doesn’t do homework. He doesn’t go to the sports club. He likes to listen to music every day. He always takes a mobile phone to the school. But he goes to the music school and he plays on the piano. So he can’t spend more time on his homework.



1. Jingle _____.

4. Send a Christmas ____.

5. Mr. Claus.

7. Stingy old man.

10. Animals that pull the sleigh.



2. Something to put at the top of the tree.

3. It covers your window.

4. _____ cane.

5. It hangs above the fireplace.

6. Egg ___. A Christmas drink.

8. Santa's helper.

9. The presents are under the ____.






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