- Возвратные местоимения

Тест «Возвратные местоимения» по английскому языку для 6 класса

Тест «Возвратные местоимения

Complete the sentences with the following pronouns: myself, herself, himself, yourself,

ourselves, yourselves, themselves, itself.

1. Не feeds his cat …

2. Тhе monkey did it …

3. I shall сleаn mу house …

4. Did she do her work… ?

5. We painted this picture ....

6. They cooked the soup …

Речевой этикет «Как обращаться к людям»

Use the following words in the sentences: Miss, Mr, Mrs, Doctor, Sir, Madam.

1.– Can I help you, ….?

- I would like to buy a blouse.

2. He is 20, not married. He is ….Brown.

3. This girl is not married. She is 18. She is ….Williams.

4. – Can I see …..Poster?

- He has just gone to the shop.

5. This text is difficult to read, ….! (The teacher is a man.)

Тест по теме «Семья. Дом»

I Translate into Russian:

1. I have a lot of relatives.

2. He has got an aunt and two cousins.

3. There are forks, spoons and a knife on the table.

4. My niece likes to eat pudding and pies.

5. My mother and my father are my parents.

6. Has his uncle cleared the table?

II. Put the suitable word in the gap:

  1. She has a beautiful……..in Pushkin Street. ( house, home)

  2. Their grandfather is ……….than their grandmother. ( older, elder)

  3. Her mother is her father’s …….( wife, husband )

  4. My friend is three years……than me. ( older, elder)

  5. When do you usually come……? ( house, home)

  6. Butter is made …….milk. ( from, of)

  7. Have you …..been to America? ( ever, already)


Cross out the odd word:

  1. going, helping, doing, playing, sit

  2. wash, watch, cleaning, like, read

  3. running, taking, getting, jogging, knitting

  4. playing, coming, arranging, making, dancing

  5. went, did, corrected, slept, saw.

Ключ: sit, cleaning, taking, playing, corrected

План рассказа по теме «Увлечения»

1. My hobby is…..

2. I like to….

3. It helps me to…

4. I can…

5. My hobby is very (interesting) because….

6. I think… is very popular…

7. I am sure my hobby ….

Present Perfect/ Past Simple

Put the words in a logical order:

1. Mother, visited, her, I, already, have.

2. We, a letter, not, written, have.

3. Has, he, work, finished, not, his.

4. She, Zoological, joined, has, society, just, that.

5. Drawn, recently, picture, they, have, this.

Choose the most suitable tense in the following sentences:

1. (Did you see/ Have you seen) my book anywhere? I can’t find it.

2. I (have done/ did) my homework. Now I can go for a walk.

3. We (didn’t play/ haven’t played) football yesterday.

4. Someone (has eaten/ ate) all the cakes. I’ll buy some more.

5. Children (have visited/ visited) their Granny three days ago.

6. When (did you help/ have you helped) your parents about the house?

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