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Презентация на тему Different subcultures

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Слайд 1: Презентация Different subcultures
Слайд 1

Goths -

These are people who are all in black and want to die if you see urine!! Goths - representatives of the Gothic subculture that originated in the late 70s of the 20th century in the wake of the post-punk

Слайд 2: Презентация Different subcultures
Слайд 2

Informals -

People consisting of informal organizations, mostly youth, such as musical tastes punk, metal .

Слайд 3: Презентация Different subcultures
Слайд 3

They wear long black bangs, sometimes pink, clothes are predominant color selector, emo love piercings - earrings in their noses, lips, ears, etc. Emo - because emotions, emotional, they believe that their emotions do not have to be ashamed of.

Emo -

Слайд 4: Презентация Different subcultures
Слайд 4

hairstyle - mohawk. Many punks dye their hair in bright unnatural colors, tease and fix them with varnish, gel or beer. Punk subculture composed of various sub-groups, which differ from each other by different approaches, music and fashion.


Слайд 5: Презентация Different subcultures
Слайд 5


a person who listens to music or he sings hip-hop.

chitayut texts where talk is usually about his troubled life, cars, money, girls, etc.

Слайд 6: Презентация Different subcultures
Слайд 6


Enthusiasts and fans of motorcycles. Unlike normal motorcycle, the biker motorcycle is part of the lifestyle.

Слайд 7: Презентация Different subcultures
Слайд 7

Have created the need for a rocker style and practicality. Rockers wear leather motorcycle jackets, abundantly decorated with buttons, patches, badges and pins. On their heads they are often quite fashionable leather caps. Usually they go on a motorcycle helmet with open face in aviation goggles and a white silk scarf, which protects them from hypothermia mouth.

Rockers -

Слайд 8: Презентация Different subcultures
Слайд 8

DJ -

A person exercising a public playback of recorded media for sound of music with and without change of material by technical means.

Слайд 9: Презентация Different subcultures
Слайд 9

Skinheads -

Name skinheads went because they shaved on lyso, for during the fight do not have enough hair, «skin head», which translated to English meaning "Leatherheads."

Слайд 10: Презентация Different subcultures
Слайд 10

Is an obstacle art sound movement , move easily and legkoe,detskaya game became the art of living. Version of the definition of this phenomenon is the mass of one another spiritual.

Слайд 11: Презентация Different subcultures
Слайд 11

Cyber ​​Goth

Subculture that formed in the early 90's due to the start of mass distribution of Internet.

Слайд 12: Презентация Different subcultures
Слайд 12

Is a subculture, and is characterized by its own music (also known as hip-hop, rap), their slang, their own hip-hop fashion, dance styles (breakdancing, etc.), graphic arts (graffiti) and its cinema .

Hip - hop

Слайд 13: Презентация Different subcultures
Слайд 13

Hippy -

Wear long flowing hair (Khair), usually combing them to the middle. Forehead and back of the head cover is thin bandage (hayratnik), on the neck - "ksivnik" (a small leather bag), beading or embroidery.

Слайд 14: Презентация Different subcultures
Слайд 14

People who play video games, although it was initially called the gamers who play only a role or war games. Despite the fact that the term includes people who do not consider themselves full players, they are often referred to as those who spend a lot of time for games or interested in them.


Слайд 15: Презентация Different subcultures
Слайд 15

Street artists known writers, or graffery graffittery . First graffiti appeared in America in the late 60's, as part of the street culture .

Graffiti -

Like any art or grafferov have their own style of "letters." Draw different characters - their own, or from the comics and cartoons

Слайд 16: Презентация Different subcultures
Слайд 16

Thanke you

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