Конспект урока «Subcultures» по английскому языку для 10 класса

Урок английского языка в 10-м классе по теме “Subcultures

Цели и задачи урока:

Учебный аспект: формирование лексических навыков говорения, развитие умения аудировать с целью извлечения конкретной информации и детального понимания содержания, развитие умения письменно излагать свою точку зрения.

Развивающий аспект: развитие способности к сравнению, обобщению.

Воспитателльный аспект: формирование терпимого отношения к попыткам самовыражения молодежи и понимания этих попыток.

Оборудование и ТСО:

  1. Учебник (10–11-й класс, Кузовлев),

  2. Activity Book (к учебнику Кузовлева 10–11-й класс),

  3. Книга для учителя (к учебнику Кузовлева 10–11-й класс),

  4. Ресурсы Internet,

  5. Магнитофон.

План урока:

  1. Организационный момент.

  2. Фонетическая зарядка.

  3. Речевая зарядка.

  4. Обучение устной речи.

  5. Обучение аудированию.

  6. Обучение письму.

  7. Подведение итогов урока.


1. Организационный момент.

T. Good morning, boys and girls! I'm glad to meet you. You may sit down.

Today we are going again to speak about different groupings, their clothes, music and their values. Besides, we' ll try to find out why do young people choose a subculture.

First of all some phonetic exercises.

2. Фонетическая зарядка.

T. Say after the announcer, mind your pronunciation.

  • Style, styles, life-style, attitude, particular

  • Electronic, reggae, futuristic, aggressive, drums, rock, generation, protest

3. Речевая зарядка.


T. Can you identify the people on the pictures? (Демонстрация на слайдах фото из Internet)

- I think she is hippie. (Фото девушки-панка)

P.1 She is not hippie, she is punk, because she has brightly colored hair.

T. I think she is Mod. (Фото девушки-гота)

P.2 No, she is not. She is Goth. She wears black clothes, her face is pale and she is thin.

T. To my mind they are rockers. (Фото группы скинхедов)

P.3 You are wrong. They are skinheads. They have their hair cut, they wear tight trousers and heavy boots and are aggressive.

T. I consider these young men are ravers. (Фото группы байкеров)

P.4 They are not ravers, they are bikers. They wear leather clothes and have motor bikes.

T. I suppose they are hackers. (Фото группы хиппи)

P.5 You are not right. They are hippie. They have worn-out clothes and their behaviour differs from social norms.


T. And now answer my questions, please.

T. What music style is characterized by electronic equipment for light and sound?

P.1 Psychedelic rock.

T. What music style is characterized by a few simple phrases and electric guitar with drums?

P.2 Rock’n’roll.

T. What music style is characterized by violent words and is very aggressive?

P.3 Punk rock.

T. What music style is characterized by futuristic machine-made sound?

P.4 Techno.

T. What music style is characterized by a heavily accented beat?

P.5 Reggae

4. Обучение устной речи.


T. So, there are many subcultures in the world and in Russia. They have different images, they prefer different music and they have their own values. Which peculiar features of the groups do you approve or disapprove of?

P.1 I think the fact that hackers are clever is good.

P.2 I don' t think the fact that skinheads are aggressive is good.

P.3 I don' t think the fact that ravers are violent is good.

P.3 I think the fact that hippies want to change the world to the best is good.

P.4 I think the fact that hackers do not protest against their parents is good.

P.5 I don' t think the fact that punks reject everything is good.


T. It seems to me that some grown-ups don't like hackers because of their ability to do magical things with the help of their computers.

Hackers do not protest against grown-ups. And they are not thought to be rebellious but they are thought to be dangerous because they can break into other people's computers and do something wrong. I think some people are even afraid of them. But I think they only want to express themselves, maybe, to show off when they break into other computers. And if they have an ambition to do something extraordinary with the help of their computers, they should have an opportunity to do that. I think hackers are very clever and will be useful for society.

What do YOU think of the attitude of grown-ups towards the members of different subcultures and groups?

P.1 I think that grown-ups don’t like punks because of their looks.

P.2 Skinheads are considered violent and aggressive.

P.3 It seems to me that adults don’t like ravers because they don’t understand such music and don’t approve of parties.

P.4 Bikers are thought to be dangerous.

P.5 Grown-ups think that Goth are sinister and strange.

P.6 I suppose that grown-ups don’t like hippies because their behaviour differs from social norms.

P.7 It seems to me that adults like Mods because they listen to soul and look quite normal.

P.8 I think that adults consider rockers to be rebellious so they probably don’t like them.

5. Обучение аудированию.


T. Most young people in Great Britain create a certain lifestyle within their subcultures. Why do they do that?

P.1 They want to express themselves.

P.2 They want to show off.

P.3 They want to change the world to the best.

P.4 They want to try out all sort of options.

P.5 They want to protest against parents.

P.6 They want to differ from social norms.

P.7 They want to be in a collective.


T. Now, listen to the text and say what do some teens think about joining a subculture? (Учащиеся слушают высказывания своих сверстников, делают записи)

Anthony: It seems to the kids that the parents are always saying NO! That everything about us, our hair, our music, our clothes, the way we talk, our heroes, our dreams, all are considered bad by the generation who can't stop patting itself on the back over how democratic and liberal it is.

Dick: I think, the inspiration to form a youth culture comes out of a combination of fashion, style and music. And that often it's the particularity of the music, which then gathers a group and then extends and develops.

Roger: You want, to know when you're 14,15,16,17, you want to know who you are and try out all sort of options. The way you look, or the way you dress will tell you and everybody else something about the person you need to be.

Tracy: In many ways the elder generation cannot understand the younger, because so much has increased in complexity. Besides the youth always tend to change the world.

Angela: You're unsure of where you're going. Some people know exactly where they're going but most teenagers don't have an idea, and it's a way of, kind of, having something that they can say they belong to and that they are a 'whatever'.

(После прослушивания записи учащиеся высказыывают свое мнение)

P.1 Anthony thinks that the older generation can't understand our music, our hair, our clothes, our dreams.

P.2 Dick thinks that teens want to have their own fashion, style and music.

P.3 Roger thinks that young people want to try out all sort of options.

P.4 Tracy thinks that the youth always tend to change the world to the best.

P.5 Angela thinks that a subculture helps to know who you are.

6. Обучение письму.

T. Some people write letters to newspapers to express their opinion. Here are two letters in support of subculture and against them.

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to protest against teenagers who bring trouble to the city by choosing for their motor rides populated streets at most inappropriate time. These motorcyclists scare the late passers-by racing wildly through the city.

According to statistics, the number of road accidents caused by night-time motorcyclists has been steadily rising.

I request that the matter be investigated immediately.

V. Smith  

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to support those teenagers who want to express themselves by having and riding motorbikes. If a lad's ambition is to race about on a motorcycle, he should have an opportunity to do this. And he should feel that grown-ups are supporting him. There should be youth clubs for lovers of motoring and competitions should be held. These night-time rides of young people, which/a lot of people protest against, come from boredom and grown-ups indifference to them.

I request that something be done to help these teenagers.

D. Smith

What would YOU write in support or against something?

How would you express YOUR attitude towards the members of different subcultures?

Your home task is to write a letter for and against. (Parallel writing)

7. Подведение итогов урока.

T. I think you know a lot about different groupings. You can identify them, you know their positive and negative features, their music, their values. I’m sure you can be able to find your own way in life, your fashion, your style. I wish you to be healthy, wealthy and wise! Be happy!

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