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Слайд 1: Презентация Блюда Великобритании
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British cuisine

Was prepared by the student of 9 class "D" Ananidze Dmitry

Слайд 2: Презентация Блюда Великобритании
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English Breakfast

- the eggs of two or three eggs, which is usually prepared at Your choice: fried, scrambled, omelet

-Not one English Breakfast isn't complete without cups of tea

-The British believe that Breakfast should include oatmeal, it is delicious and healthy.

Слайд 3: Презентация Блюда Великобритании
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English lunch

Must-have item for lunch is 1 dish or soup. For lunch the British prefer to eat steak. After lunch, you can eat dessert with a Cup of tea

Слайд 4: Презентация Блюда Великобритании
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Most dinner items include steaks or roasts. As a side dish are steamed vegetables. A must-have addition to the main dish are a variety of sauces.

English dinner
Слайд 5: Презентация Блюда Великобритании
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The End!

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