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Слайд 1
ПРЕЗЕНТАЦИЯ на тему : « Диалогическая речь в английском языке ». Выполнила : учитель английского языка Апраксина Л.А. МОУ лицей №10 г.Волгоград 2011г.
Слайд 2
WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO? • Lucy: I want to watch a video. • Mary: Have you got a new video? • L.: Yes. I’ve got « Police school 6 » . • M.: I don’t like this film. It’s silly. Let’s play chess. • L.: Sorry. I don’t want to play chess. Let’s play a new computer game. I’ve got a new CD. • M.: It’s great! Let’s go.
Слайд 3
AT THE FOOTBALL MATCH • Bob: Dad, take us to the football match! The match is Brazil-England. It’s an interesting game. • Bob’s father: OK. Tom, do you want to go with us? • Tom: It’s great! I like watching football match at the stadium. • F: The stadium’s full today. • B: How many people do you think there are? • There are thousands of people here.
Слайд 4
AT THE MARKET • Ann: Do you have any pears? • Seller: Yes, over there next to the lemons. • A.: How much do they cost? • S.: The pears are 5 for a dollar. • A.: I’ll take ten. • S.: Would you like anything else? • A.: Yes, bananas. How much do they cost?
Слайд 5
• S.: The bananas are 4 dollars per kilo. • A.: Oh, that’s very expensive. How much are the grapes? • S.: Black or green? • A.: Green, please. • S.: Three dollars per kilo. • A.: Good. I’ll take two kilos, please. • S.: Is that all? • A.: Yes. • S.: Here you are. That’s 8 dollars • altogether. • A.: Thanks.
Слайд 6
SPEAKING BY TELEPHONE • Mary.: Bob, this is Mary. How are you? • Bob.: Fine, and you? • M.: Fine, too. What are you doing? • B.: I'm watching television. It’s a sports programme. • M.: Oh, I’m sorry. Can I speak to Lucy? • B.: Yes, of course.
Слайд 7
• Lucy.: Hello, Mary. • M.: Hi, Lucy. Guess where I was last night. • L.: What time? • M.: About eight o’clock. • L.: Were you at the cinema? • M.: No, I wasn’t. I was at a pop concert. It was fantastic! • L.: Next time I’ll go with you. • M.: OK. See you tomorrow. Bye.
Слайд 8
IN THE DEPARTMENT STORE • Assistant.: Can I help you? • Mother.: Yes, can I look at some jeans? • A.: What size? • M.: Small. • A.: Here you are. Try these. • M.: These ones are lovely. How much are they? • A.: 40 dollars. • M.: OK, I’ll take them.
Слайд 9
THE WAY TO THE PET SHOP • Bob.: Excuse me. I’m looking to the pet shop. Can you tell me the way to the pet shop from here, please? • An old man.: Oh, it’s easy. Go along this street and turn left. Go straight on for about 500 meters. Go past the church. You’ll see the pet shop on your left, opposite the play - ground. • B.: Thanks. • An old man.: Never mind.
Слайд 10
IN A RESTAURANT • This looks like a nice restaurant. • Yeah, it is. I come here all the time. • Let’s sit over there. • OK. • Can you pass me a menu, please? • Sure. What are you going to have to eat?
Слайд 11
• I’m not sure. I have not decided yet. Can you recommend something? • Sure, I’ve had steak and lobsters before. They’re both very good. • I think I’ll have the lobster and a salad. Can you order for me? • Sure. No problem.
Слайд 12
ЛИТЕРАТУРА : http://www.ugra-service.ru/ru.php?idp=939 http://www.google.ru http://www.englishonlinefree.ru http://news.sportbox.ru/Vidy_sporta/Futbol/foto/top http://rosfoto.ru/shop/photo/51529/ http://adelanta.info/photo http://adelanta.info/news/england9/index2007/08/18/184 http://adelanta.info Минаев Ю.Л. 29 монологов и диалогов на английском языке для школьников. 5-7 кл.- 3-е изд., стереотип.- М. : Дрофа, 2000.

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