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Врублевская Елена Александровна
Слайд 2
• Get up early and go to bed early • Wash your hands before eating • Go in for sports • Sleep enough • Take a cold shower • Air the room You should
Слайд 3
• Smoke • Watch TV too long • Eat too many sweets • Spend much time indoors • Eat between meals
Слайд 4
Healthy food Bread- fiber Fruit and vegetables-vitamins Meat, fish, eggs- proteins Milk, yogurt, cheese –fat and calcium Eggs, meat-iron
Слайд 5
Unhealthy food
Слайд 6
Слайд 7
WHY DO YOU WASH? microbes Wash hands
Слайд 8
SPORT Everyone Needs Sport To stay Healthy!!!!!!
Слайд 9
Protect your body! You should: • Before exercise warm up muscles • Then make stretching exercise • Think about breathe • After exercise cool down muscles with slow running • Drink water • Use right equipment
Слайд 10
Time outdoors
Слайд 11
Rest and Sleep
Слайд 12
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