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Слайд 1
Спорт и хобби урок английского языка, 9 класс, У MK Биболетовой М. З. Автор: Жаглина Татьяна Владимировна, учитель английского языка МБОУ гимназии №19 имени Н.З.Поповичевой г. Липецка
Слайд 3
wind-surfing: board, camera, wetsuit, sail knitting: needles, ropes, wool, patterns rafting: paddles, life-jacket, raft, binoculars fishing: trainers, boat, fishing rod, hooks stamp collecting: album, stamps, magnifying glass, helmet scuba-diving: mask, oxygen tank, life-jacket, flippers rock - climbing: ropes, boots, light clothes, bat painting: palette, canvas, brushes, club skydiving: skis, parachute, gloves, goggles football: shorts, stick, trainers, ball jet-skiing: life jacket, jet ski, flippers, swimming suit
Слайд 4
Skills/Qualities needed: fit, patient, imaginative, courageous, good sense of balance, cooperative, strong, determined, good training, adventurous. e.g. You need to be fit and strong and you must also have a good sense of balance to go wind-surfing.
Слайд 5
1 Jim likes adventure a lot and is in excellent physical condition. He works well with others but he is impatient. e.g. I think that the best hobby for Jim would be rafting because you have to be fit and cooperative. I think that fishing would be the worst hobby for him because he isn’t patient. 2 Antony is a very active person and quite fit, but he can’t afford to buy expensive equipment. 3 Peter is a very energetic person who enjoys taking risks. He loves anything to do with the sea. 4 David is very adventurous. He loves being close to nature, especially in the mountains.
Слайд 6
relaxing determined cheap risky interesting, tiring fit
Слайд 7
1 You should wear a life-jacket when you’re sailing. 2 He doesn’t mind waiting for hours for fish to bite. 3 I would like to play football . must, may, can, will, learn, teach, agree, hope, like, mind, can't stand, enjoy, hate, expect, it’s worth, keep (= continue), would like, make, let, look forward to, it’s no use, prefer, want, avoid, would prefer, suggest, imagine, would rather
Слайд 9
I have always enjoyed 1)___________ (take part) in team sports, so when my P.E. teacher asked me if I wanted 2) _________ (learn) how 3)________ (play) rugby, I decided 4)________ (try) it. It sounded ideal for me as I don’t mind 5)______ (be) outside in cold weather, and I like 6) _________ (exercise). I expected 7) _____ (find) it easy, but it wasn’t. I kept 8) _________ (practise) , though, and now I’m quite good. My coach thinks I may 9)_________ (become) a professional rugby player one day. taking part to learn to play to try being exercising to find practising become
Слайд 10
1 If you fancy to trying a sport which doesn't 2 involve using too much energy or money, 3 you should to visit the Brymouth Billiards club. 4 The price per hour is £1.50 and we will to help 5 you improve your game. So, if you 6 enjoy to playing billiards, snooker or pool in a 7 relaxed setting, we suggest to trying our club. Cross out the unnecessary words where necessary:
Слайд 11
1 I like _______ (play) tennis. 2 I'd like _______ (play) tennis with you. 3 You must ________ (practise) more if you want to win the race. 4 If a job is worth ______ (do) , it’s worth______ (do) it well. 5 You have to _____ (be) courageous if you want ______ (try) rock climbing. 6 Tom agreed_______ (meet) us at the pool. 7 I look forward to__________ (see) you soon. 8 She doesn't mind__________ (get up) early. 9 I'd prefer________ (play) darts rather than play cards. 10 She made me________ (tidy) my room. Fill in the correct form of the infinitive or-ing form: playing to play practise doing doing be to try to meet seeing getting up to play tidy
Слайд 12
Golf is a very 1) _______ (relax) and 2) _________ (enjoy) sport because you can spend time in natural surroundings, but it is also one that requires great skill. Learning how to play golf takes a long time, so you need a lot of 3)__________ (patient) . It’s also a rather 4)__________ (expense) sport because the equipment costs a lot of money, and prices at golf courses can be very high. On the other hand, roller-blading is an 5)_________ (excite) sport and is easy to learn. It’s fast and fun and keeps you fit because you have to use all your muscles. It’s also cheap because you only need a helmet and a pair of roller-blades. However, roller- blading can be a 6) __________ (danger) sport as you might lose your balance and hurt yourself. Fill in the correct word derived from the words in brackets: relaxing enjoyable patience expensive exciting dangerous
Слайд 13
Using the information from the table write two paragraphs comparing and contrasting a) windsurfing and parachuting , and b) skate­boarding and basketball . Say which you would like to do most and why. Find pictures to use with your project. Useful words: and, also, too, but, however, on the other hand HOMEWORK:
Слайд 14
1.На уроке я работал… 2.Своей работой на уроке я… 3.Урок для меня показался… 4.За урок я… 5.Мое настроение… 6.Материал урока мне был… 7.Домашнее задание мне кажется… Continue the sentences:
Слайд 15
Интернет ресурсы: 1) http :// proxy 12. media . online . ua / uol / r 23 ecbe 03764/523252299 ccb 1. jp g - изображение катающихся людей 2) http://www.bgpics.ru/pictures/640x480/6661-sport-sport-oboi- 640x480.jpg - изображение девушки 3) http://glabber.com/modules/comment_board/temp_uploads/set24/71 3031/47776882111365443409.png - изображение молодого человека 4) http://pricheski-kare.ml/images/kak-nazyivaetsya-korotkaya- pricheska-4.jpg - изображение молодого человека 5) http://prettysite.org/uploads/taginator/Jan-2013/modnye-pricheski- dlya-podrostkov-yunoshej.jpg - изображение молодого человека

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