Конспект урока «Спорт и увлечения» по английскому языку

Тема: "Спорт и увлечения".

Цели урока: формирование коммуникативных навыков учащихся.
Задачи урока:

 Образовательные: развивать навыки монологической устной и письменной речи; активизировать ранее изученную лексику в устной речи; развивать навыки аудирования, умение общаться на английском языке.

 Развивающие: развивать интеллектуальные способности учащихся, формировать умение выделять для себя главное, сравнивать, анализировать, выражать своё мнение.

 Воспитательные: формировать уважение к мнению другого человека; прививать интерес к спорту; повысить интерес к изучению английского языка.

Оснащение урока: технические средства обучения (компьютер, мультимедийный проектор)

Ход урока

1. Организационный момент:

Teacher: Good morning, children! Pupils: Good morning! Teacher: How are you? Pupils: I’m fine. And you? Teacher: Fine, thanks. Let’s begin our lesson.

2. Речевая зарядка.

Teacher : Ситуация-провокация. Yesterday it was a wonderful day. It's so nice to spend some time in the open air, wasn't it? I saw some snow on the ground. By the way, Pavel, I saw you with skis. I was very surprised. Were you going to ski?  Pavel: ( предположительный ответ ): - I'm afraid, you are mistaken. I wasn't there. Besides October is not time for skiing.  Teacher: Ok, maybe I`m mistaken, maybe it is not time for skiing, then it is time for swimming. Were you on the beach yesterday, Ilgiza?

Girls & boys how do you think, what are we going to talk about today? What is the subject of our discussion? (слайд 1)

Teacher: Now I want you to look at the screen & remember some words. (слайд2-12)

Teacher: Now, girls & boys , stand up, come to each other & ask questions to your classmates, don’t forget to use these phrases.(слайд-13)

  • To be crazy about…

  • To be good (brilliant) at…

  • To be interested in…

  • To be terrible at…

  • To be fond of…

  • To be keen on…

3. Развитие навыков чтения и аудирования

Teacher: the next task is True or False sentences. Listen to the speaker & say me please true sentence or false(Работа с диском). If it is incorrect, try to say it correctly.

Teacher: Now, I’ll give you papers. There is a text about sport. You have to look through the text & answer the questions which you can see on the screen. (слайд 14)

Teacher: Well done

Teacher: Are you all for sport? Put up your hands. Great! But my friends' daughter is against sport. She says that in sport there is nothing good, only broken legs and arms. That's why she sometimes misses her PE lessons and has a problem with her marks. What arguments could you give to convince her to go in for sport? 

Teacher: Thank you. I'll tell her about your arguments. I hope she'll change her mind

Teacher: Now I want you to participate in the competition. Look at the screen, here are 5 questions, you have to answer them, but if your answer is incorrect, you have to start from the beginning. You have only 2 minutes to do the task. ( два ученика работают у доски)(слайды 15-47)

Teacher: Now I want you to do a maths equation. What number have you got? Do you have any associations when you see this number? Yes, you are right. Look at the screen, I’m sure that you see this picture not for the first time, do you know, what does it mean? (слайды 48-49)

Teacher: (слайды 50-76)The history of the XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013 starts well before its due date. Kazan was announced as the host city for the 2013 Summer Universiade in Brussels on May 31, 2008. 20 out of 27 members of the FISU Executive Committee gave their votes to the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. The 27th World University Summer Games in Kazan is certain to be the first Universiade, and even more, the first high-profile multi-sport event in the history of modern Russia. The 2013 Summer Universiade will open on July 6th and will close on July 17th, 2013.

Teacher: What is the Mission of 27th World Summer Universiade?

The Mission of Kazan 2013 Summer Universiade is to gather young athletes from all over the world in the city of unique multicultural heritage. Kazan 2013 Summer Universiade also aims to continue Russia’s traditions sport traditions, to serve as a starting point for future generations of athletes. Another target the Universiade pursues is to make Kazan citizens life more diverse, exciting and comfortable, to provide Kazan citizens of all ages with a possibility to do the appealing kind of sport and to have a healthy lifestyle. Kazan 2013 Summer Universiade is to contribute to the creation of Russia’s positive image in the world.

Teacher: What are the Symbols of 27th World Universiade?

The logo, emblem and mascot are the symbols of the 2013 Summer Universiade. Any Universiade logo must contain the Latin letter ‘U’ which is a mandatory element of Universiade Brand of any sporting event held under the auspices of the International University Sports Federation (FISU).The logo of the 2013 Summer Universiade represents a vertical rectangular design composed of words ‘Universiade’, ‘Kazan’, ‘Russia’, ‘2013’ and five stars of the International University Sports Federation (FISU).

The Universiade emblem represents a black letter ‘U’ on a white background and 5 colored stars symbolizing five continents. The emblem is also displayed on the white flag of the World University Games. The heart of 2013 Summer Universiade Emblem is the image of a tulip, a common element of Tatar ornaments, symbolizing revival. Flowers are also known to be an essential part of summer, a symbol of youth and development, joy and happiness.

ТTo date the ornament, the essence of which enriched significantly, still plays a key role in the nation’s arts and crafts. Uni, the cub of winged snow leopard, is recognized as Kazan 2013 Summer Universiade mascot. The winged snow leopard is the national symbol of Tatarstan Republic. Stylized snow leopard is represented on Tatarstan coat of arms.

The Motto of the World University Games

Unlike the Olympic Games with the Motto ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’, proposed by Pierre de Coubertin in 1894, the World University Games do not have a constant motto. Each host nation offers its own, which must be approved by FISU. The phrase ‘U are the world’ has been chosen as the Kazan 2013 Summer Universiade Motto. It can be interpreted as: ‘You are the world’ and ‘Universiade is the World’. World University Games Anthem ‘Gaudeamus Igitur’ was chosen as the anthem to be played to honor victors, in 1959, during the first World University Summer Games in Turin, Italy. The anthem was composed by Johannes Ockenheim in the 15th century, the lyrics was adopted in the 18th century. Within the time of the World University Games, ‘Gaudeamus’ has become just as important as the FISU emblem and the Universiade mascot.

Итог : What new words have you known from our lesson? What new information have you caught?

All of you have worked excellent today. At the end of our lesson I want you to watch video, remember these words-Sport doesn’t care who you are, everyone can take part, I wish you to be sporty, strong, healthy.

Домашняя работа: speak about favourite kind of sport.

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