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Name: Alex Surname: Aniston Age:17 From: USA, New-York Nationality: American Date of birth: 7/ 12/ 1996
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This is flag of USA. It has got 7 red and 6 white strips. There are 50 five- pointed stars.
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S t a t u e o f L i b r e t y  B r u k l i n s k y b r i g e  D i s n e y L a n d  W h i t e h o u s e
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This is my mum. Her name is Maria. She is a model. She has got short dark hair, brown and beautiful eyes. She is tall, but fat. My dad is a photographer and his name is Fred. He has got fair hair and big nose. He is slim and tall.
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This is my brother. His name is Nick. He`s 4. He is very funny. He has got brown curly hair and nice smile. He is very like animals. And this is our cat. Her name is Lisa. She is red with green eyes. I am very like her!!!
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This is my home. It is very big. There are 2 floors, big pool, 8 rooms and 2 terraces. On ground floor there are: Bathroom, dining room, kitchen and my bedroom. On first floor there is my parents bedroom, Nick`s bedroom, bathroom, living room and study.
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B Y E , B Y E ! ! !

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