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«Famous sportsmen of Tatarstan».

Чув.Брод -2013г.

Introduction. Chapter 1. The history of development of sports and physical culture in the Republic of Tatarstan.
Chapter 2.Sporty Tatarstan.
1. Chronology of sports competitions, conducted in the Republic of Tatarstan, as well as the achievements of Tatarstan sportsmen.
2. Yulia Zaripova - gold prize - winner of the Olympic Games in London.
3. Gulnara Samitova-Galkina - the first Olympic champion in the competitions on the distance of 3000 meters.
4. Svetlana Demina - the best athlete of the Republic of Tatarstan.
5. Camilla Gafurzanova - silver prize-winner of Olympic Games of 2012 in London, the athlete-rapier.

6.What is sport for my coevals.
The list of literature.


The aim of my research - the study of the sport achievements of sportsmen from Tatarstan.

Hypothesis: Tatarstan- is the country of sport.

The urgency of the problem: Every self-respecting man should know the names of the sportsmen, which contributed to the development and prosperity of their Motherland. This topic is especially relevant on the threshold of Summer students’ games in Kazan in July 2013.

The tasks of the study:
1. To explore the literature on the topic.
2. To explore the history of the development of sports in Tatarstan;
3.To make chronology of sports competitions held in the Republic of Tatarstan, and the achievements of Tatarstan sportsmen;
4.To learn more about especially distinguished sportsmen from Tatarstan.
5.To conduct a survey among the students, with the aim to study the employment of children in sports clubs and sections, as well as the awareness of children about sportsmen from Tatarstan.

The subject of the research – sport achievements of sportsmen of Tatarstan.

The object of the research - the sportsmen of Tatarstan and the pupils of the school.

The methodology of the investigation includes such scientific methods as analyses and deduction.

Sport is very popular in our country. Thousands of people go in for sports, because it is useful for health. The most popular kinds of sport in Tatarstan are track and field athletics, football, volleyball, basketball, hockey, gymnastics, skiing and skating. We can learn a lot of sports. Participation in sports can improve our communication skills and improve our ability to work in a team. This is a good way to meet people and find new friends. Sport can teach us to be patient and motivated. And, finally, the sport makes us more disciplined and organized.
In the history of sports of Tatarstan there are a lot of personalities whose work has played a significant role in its development. For someone sport - a meaningless sound empty. For someone-game, which helps to brighten up the free time and leisure, sitting in front of TV and receiving pleasure, suffering for your favorite athletes. For some sport - it is a hobby, one of the options for active recreation. For someone sport, perhaps, have already turned from a hobby into something more became a part of life, taking in her proper place. Some use sports as a way to announce about you, one of the variants of self-expression and self-affirmation. And for my fellow-athletes of the sport has become a profession. And may be even greater - the meaning of life. That’s why I worked out the project “Famous people of Tatarstan”.

Chapter 1. The history of developing sport in the republic of Tatarstan.

The fate and well-being of any nation are in direct dependence from that as he knows and understands his story, how he can dispose of the legacies of the past, to take from him the best, develop, and improve it in relation to new conditions of existence.
It is difficult to find a kind of sport, which would have such an ancient and eventful history, as track and field athletics. Running, jumping and throwing events were born together with the man, were closely associated with its labor and way of life. Therefore, naturally, that the Foundation of the first games, folk entertainment, and then and competition among all peoples became the athletic exercises. Not left on the side lines and the Tatar people.

The origin of athletics can be attributed to ancient times, when the festivities were to the identification of the people and to determine its identity. Truly blossomed athletic exercises in Tatarstan reached in this holiday Sabantuy. The art of running, jumping, or throwing, requiring manifestations of coordination, strength, stamina, courage, perseverance and willpower always occupied a

central place in the folk holidays and festivities.
Beginning of formation of track and field athletics, as a kind of sports in Tatarstan, can be considered the first official (with the registration records) competitions on a separate track and field disciplines, which were held sports companies «Berkut» (1909) and «Strength and health» (from 1911) the city of Kazan. Since 1919, in the years of Soviet power, in the Kazan province began to be regular championship of districts and cities on track and field athletics, as well as Championships of the Republic, in which the active participation of broad layers of the population.

In the USSR of Tatarstan sportsmen participated in competitions on track and field athletics at all levels (Republican, all-Russian, all-Union and international), in the Republic of cultivated all the cross-country discipline, vertical and horizontal jumping and throwing.
So began the development of the sport in the Republic of Tatarstan. And today we can say with confidence, that Tatarstan is a country of sports. If you look through the pages of sports in the history of our Republic, we can see how developed sport in our Republic and some sports achievements it can be proud of.

Chapter 2. Sporty Tatarstan.

1. The chronology of sports competitions, conducted in the Republic of Tatarstan, and achievements of sportsmen of Tatarstan.

1894 - in Kazan was opened the first chess club, which is among the four existing then in Russia - in St. Petersburg, Kharkov, Tashkent.

1947 - in Kazan for the first time conducted the all-Union competitions in rowing on kayaks and canoe among the juniors.
1952 - Athletes Kazan N. Теterkin and Feakistov (kayak-paddling and Canoeing) in the structure of the combined team of the USSR for the first time participated at the Olympic games in Helsinki.
1955 - in Kazan for the first time held the primacy of the RSFSR on rowing on kayaks and canoe.
1967 - for the first time in Kazan was held the final Games of the peoples of the RSFSR.
1971 - the first time in Kazan was held the championship of the USSR on Boxing.

Since 1978 - for the first time in the city. Kazan is all-Union, and since 1992, the all-Russia tournament on weightlifting memory Kurynova..
Since 1993 - for the first time in Kazan are international competitions in weight-lifting sport memorial N. Zherebtsov.
1997 - for the first time in the history of Russia and the Republic of Tatarstan committed circumnavigation of the Kazan sailing yacht «Nord Star» (start of August 30, 1997. return - on may 8, 1999). Swam in the next 20 months. To overcome 15 of the seas and 3 oceans total length of the path of more than 50,000 kilometers. For the first time in the history of sailing sport in Russia overcome way through the southern coast of Australia.

1997 - for the first time in Kazan were held in: ...
- championship of Eurasia in kickboxing;
- team European championship among club teams of the masters of chess.
2000 - for the first time in Kazan were held in:
- international competitions in ice hockey with the ball for the prizes of the Government of the Russian Federation;

- international meeting of Rugby-13 the United States - the Republic of Tatarstan;
- international title fight for the title of intercontinental champion with the participation of the champion of Russia Vadim Tokarev (Kazan) and a champion of Argentina Luis Oscar Racal (Buenos Aires).
Kazan sportsmen repeatedly took prize-winning places in various kinds of sport at the Olympic games:

1960 - Kurynov Alexander took 1-St place in weightlifting (in the weight category of 75 kg) at the Games of the 17-the summer Olympics in Rome.
1976 - Olga Knyazeva, Gilyazova Naila and Valentina Nikonova took 1-St place in fencing at the Games of the 21-year-old Olympic games in Monreal.
1980 – Rukovishnikova Olga took the 2-nd place in modern pentathlon, Gilyazova Naila - 2-nd place in fencing at the Games of the 22-year-old Olympic games in Moscow.

2008 year was remarkable for the Republic of Tatarstan. For the first time after a 35-year hiatus, Kazan, representing Russia, became a full-fledged master of the XXVII world summer Universiade is the second in importance of integrated sports games after the Olympics. Kazan football club «Rubin» for the first time became the champion of Russia. The team «Dinamo-Kazan» in field hockey a 6-fold champion of Russia, volleyball team «Zenit-Kazan» - winner of the European Cup champion, the double champion of Russia hockey team «AK bars» - the owner of the Continental Cup. For the first time in the history of Tatarstan 12 athletes took part in Olympic games in Beijing, where won 3 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze medals.

Tatarstan athletes at the world University games in Belgrade won 6 awards. Two medals of the Supreme dignity brought the Republic of tennis player Ksenia Lukina - for victory in the women's singles and the first place in the team standings. The«silver» at the command relay 4х400 meters has brought our team Hope Созонтова. The second places in their disciplines took шпажистка Elena Shasharina (in the team), runner Tatyana Shutova. The«silver» of the male basketball tournament players won UNICS Alexey Zhukanenko and Eugeny Voronov, also prize-winners were Ramil Gaisin (swordsman), the swimmer Alexander Shimin , athlete Olga Zaynullina.

Summer Olympic games 2012:
- Yulia Zaripova won the first place in the running for 3000 m with obstacles;
Гафурзянова took the second place in fencing;
-Vasily Mosin took the 3 place in the mind Olympic competitions on shooting double trap;

2. Yulia Zaripova- the gold medal winner of the Olympic Games in London.

Yulia was born on April 24, 1986 in the Volgograd region, in the village of
Svetly Yar, in the ordinary Russian family. Dad - a teacher of physical education and trainer on track and field athletics Mikhail Viktorovich Popov, who until recently worked as the Director of the children's sport school, mother is an accountant. Sports biography also was quite usual. From the early years of Yulia together with his sister Vika took part in the popular competitions «Papa, Mama, I - a sports family». Later successfully advocated for school, benefit of my father tried to give daughters comprehensive athletics training: running, jumping, throwing. «My character and the desire of all seek is a merit of the father, he has brought up», - said Yulia after his Olympic triumph.

During the mass urban competition for the sisters Yulia and Vika, drew the attention of the Volgograd coach Ivan Efimovich Debts and, after obtaining the consent of his father, began to train them. In 16 years Yulia has executed the specification of the master of sports, and in 2004 reached the level of international competitions. The first seasons, however, have failed. In these conditions, the preparation of athletes engaged in the Merited coach of the USSR Gennady S. Naumov. New coach has done for her very important thing - taught to believe in their strength. «He supported me psychologically at a crucial time after the Junior age. He gave me faith in yourself», - said Yulia. After The death. Mr.. Naumova Yulia moved to чебоксарскому specialist, deserved trainer of the USSR and Russia Mikhail Konstantinovich Kuznetsov.

By the time Julia has already managed to marry and to change the name of Zarudneva . Gave birth to a daughter, divorced from her husband, returned to the sport.
The first European medal Yulia won the Russian national team at the championship in cross-country: the silver in the individual event, the bronze in the command. 'll athlete moved to the race with barriers, where it currently has no equal.

In 2010, Yulia got married for the second time. Her choice was the runner of Tatarstan Ildar Zaripov. Yulia took her husband's name, and for a time, until the international Federation (IAAF) has not updated its database, acting as Заруднева-Zaripova. Well, friends on the team and the sport a little cut her name into a catchy nickname ZAR-ZAR.
She confidently won the main international events of the female
стипльчеза of the last years: the championship of Europe (2010), the world championship (2011), the Olympics (2012).

Medal record

Women's athletics

Competitor for  Russia

Olympic Games


2012 London

3000 m st.

World Championships


2011 Daegu

3000 m st.


2009 Berlin

3000 m st.

European Championships


2010 Barcelona

3000 m st.

Continental Cup


2010 Split

3000 m st.

• The order of Friendship (13 August 2012) - for great contribution to the development of physical culture and sports, high achievements in sport Games XXX Olympic games 2012 in London (United Kingdom)
• Honored master of sports of Russia

3.Gulnara Samitova-Galkina-the first Olympic champion in the competitions on the distance of 3000 meters.

Galkina-Samitova Gulnara Iskanderovna was born on the 9-th of July 1978-th year in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny in the Republic of Tatarstan. The childhood of the future athlete held in his native city, where she studied in the school. It was then that Galkina-Samitova first hooked on the sport. Special interest among young Russian women caused track and field athletics.

From the very first training Gulnara has achieved great success in this sport. Its progress in the run was obvious. With each season, she ran the distance faster and faster. Coaches in one voice told that the athletes have a real talent and an extremely powerful potential.
The young athlete practically all of their time devoted to their own development and training. The results do not have to wait long. Gulnara beautifully performed at the youth competitions, winning several notable victories. After some time Galkina-Samitova started already at the all-Russia competitions, including the Championships. In addition, the Gulnara was very fast, it has also acted in several disciplines - the main ones in the distance in 1500, 3000, 5000 meters.

The first international medal and successes had been conquered by the talented бегуньей in 2003-em year. Then she was able to take the 7-th place in the World Championship in Paris (5000 meters). After a while she became an honorary winner of the Cup of Europe.
Performances of Russian women attracted to her attention. In addition to the fans at home, at
Галкиной-Самитовой appeared and foreign fans.
2004-th year has been a year of outstanding achievements and brilliant victories. Gulnara was triumphant many sporting events. She took part in the Cup of Europe and became a state champion. In the same season she showed one of the best results in his career. Talented runner became the World Champion in a closed room. Subsequent seasons were no less successful. The phenomenal victory to Gulnara in 2008. In the Olympic competitions at a distance of 3000 meters runner has won «gold». She became the first Olympic champion in this kind of program

Medal record

Women's Athletics

Competitor for  Russia

Olympic Games


2008 Beijing

3000 m steeplechase

World Indoor Championships


2004 Budapest

1500 m

World Athletics Final


2008 Stuttgart



- The order of Friendship - For a great contribution to the development of physical culture and sports, high achievements in sport Games of the XXIX Olympiad 2008 in Beijing
-Honored master of sports of Russi

4. Svetlana Demina is the best athlete of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Was born on April 18, 1961 in the Volgograd region. Her eight 164 cm. Weight of 60 kg.
Higher education. Graduated from the Kazan state Institute of physical culture.
Kind of sport is volleyball.
The first trainer - With. Protasov.
Stands for "Dynamo". In the national team since 1979. The Coach." Demin.
In 1999 at the world championship took the 3rd place.
In 1999 at the Russian championship, the world Cup, the Cup of Russia took the 1st place.
In 2000 at the Cup of Russia took the 1st place.
on 21 September 2000 at the Olympiad in Sydney (Australia) won the silver medal in competitions in shooting (round stand) among women.
Hobby is knitting.
Lives in Kazan. Husband - Sergey Demin, her coach. Daughter Anastasia, son Sergei.

In 1985 graduated from Kazan branch of the Volgograd Institute of physical culture. In 1975, began to engage in trap-shooting in Тетюшской the children and youth sports school of them. A year after the start of classes Svetlana became the champion of the RSFSR, and then in 1979, she won the USSR championship.
Svetlana Demina - the best athlete of the Republic of Tatarstan. From 1979 to 1994 she 8 times became the champion of the world (5 times in the individual championship), 13-times champion of Europe (6 times in the individual championship). The number of silver and bronze medals, conquered it in the Championships of the Europe and the world more than ten. She repeated winner of the international competitions and world Cup.
In 1988, she was in the national team of the male team of the USSR acted on Olympic games in Seoul, and took 11 th place, and in the national team of Russia at the Olympics in Atlanta - 17-th place.
For outstanding sports results of her in 1982 was awarded the honorary title of "Honored master of sports".

5. Camilla Gafurzyanova - silver prize-winner of Olympic Games of 2012 in London, the athlete-rapier.

The whole family Gafurzanovs is closely connected with sports. Mother Ella Gilfanovna already 25 years works in the Kazan school of fencing. She is now the head coach of rapier Department is currently on fees in the youth center «Volga», where she engaged with young swordsmen. Father Yusuf Vazykhovich engaged in the struggle.
Ella Gilfanovna - of course, the main reason that she and Diana decided to become a swordsmen. Thanks to their mother both girls chose rapier. In addition to this, this type of weapons, in their opinion, the more complex and interesting than the others. It is curious, that Ella Gilfanovna was initially against the fact that her daughters were engaged in fencing - going all the way herself, she did not want to see the tears and the experiences of the daughters, therefore, gave her into the art school, and Diana – to the music school. However, very soon the girls escaped out of the fence.

Another important factor in favor of fencing, according to her, was... her favorite basketball. «I went to the fencing because of the basketball, " she explains. - This is not a joke. In our sport school, I saw that the boys after training in fencing every day play basketball. I immediately signed up for fencing - so I had an opportunity every day to play basketball».

Being a schoolgirl she tried defferent kinds of sport. "Went two years on diving, studied at the art school №3 in St. Gavrilova. I was engaged in dances, basketball. The basketball went a couple of months, after which I was told that my growth of 158 cm I have nothing happens. But, as I have already said, I still found the opportunity to play basketball".

Strong character and will to win are the important features of Camilla. Many battles she had won thanks to them. Often in the matches with the participation of Gafurzanova you can see this picture: I think she was just about to fall without strength, rival already anticipates the light the end... But somehow Gafurzanova finds the hidden reserves and pulls out a win. For example, in the course of the final battle at the Universiade-2011 against the first sieved at the tournament Korean Chi Bitches Chong Gafurzanova lost with the score 6:11, but managed to change the situation, change of tactics and win a strong-willed victory - 15:14.
Diligence, crazy commitment «of course, something without which it is impossible to reach the heights to which reached Camilla. Yet it is very quiet in the battle - it allows her to keep a cool head.

Camilla received awards not only for their sport achievements, but also for their achievements in education. Well-known Kazan gymnasium №122 on the street Uprising she graduated with silver medal is the only one of the four was in the Russian language. Interestingly, her favorite subject was not physical training but chemistry.

The best results

Silver medal icon.svg Silver - Summer Olympic games 2012 (com.)
Silver medal icon.svg Silver - the Cup of Russia, 2011 (personal.)
Gold medal icon.svg Gold - world student games 2011 (personal and com.)
Silver medal icon.svg Silver - world championship 2009 (com.)
Silver medal icon.svg Silver - championship of Europe of 2012 (personal.),
Bronze medal icon.svg Bronze - championship of Europe of 2012 (com.)


-Medal of the order «For merits before Fatherland» II degree (August 13, 2012) - for great contribution to the development of physical culture and sports, high achievements in sport Games XXX Olympic games 2012 in London (United Kingdom].
-Honored master of sports of Russia (August 20, 2012).

6. What is sport for my coevals.

I also examined the employment of students of Chuvash-Brodskaya secondary school in sports clubs and sections. The school is attended by 104 students from 2 to 11 grades. The school has three sports circle: «Volleyball. The youngest group», «Volley-ball. The elder group» and a «Sports». As shown by surveys of students, only 45 students attend sports clubs. This 30 students - «Volleyball» and 15 students «Sports», that is, of course, very little. So I am not surprised, and the fact that every year the incidence of children's various diseases progresses.

Заболеваемость учащихся

Also I have studied awareness of the pupils 9-11 grades about Tatarstan sportsmen. They answered the question- what sportsmen of Tatarstan do you know. They answers were:

Famous sportsmen

How many pupils know.

Andrey Morozov


Danis Zaripov


Svetlana D`mina


Alina Kabaeva


Gulnara Samitova-Galkina



1. The hypothesis «Tatarstan - is the country of sport» has received the full confirmation, because as there were very many sports competitions on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan and had a lot of victories and medals won by athletes of Tatarstan in the national team of Russia (USSR).

2. My study found that the students of our school little exercise and, in this connection, the incidence of children every year progresses, and my classmates do not have information about the athletes of the Republic of Tatarstan.

3. All students of the school should go in for sports and study the achievements of Tatarstan’s sportsmen.

The used literature:

1. Librari.org.ua: Sports literature - the electronic library
2. Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia (ru.wikipedia.org)
3. Publishing house of the "Soviet sports" (www.sovsportizdat.ru)
4. Ilyinich VI. Student sport and life:
Учеб.пособие. - M.: JSC "Aspect Press", 1995. - 144 p.
5 . The great Soviet encyclopedia, Moscow, "Soviet encyclopedia" 1971.
6. Birkin E.N. Encyclopedia of sports [Text] /
Е.N.Birkin- M.: RIPOL CLASSIC publishing house, 2002.- 368 p.
7. Evseev U.I.. Physical education [Text] / U.I.
Еvsееv.- Rostov n/D: Phoenix, 2002.- 384 p.

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