Конспект урока «Крестики - нолики» по английскому языку для 8 класса

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку для учащихся 8-ых классов

«Крестики - нолики»

Цель: развитие творческой активности учащихся через применение технологии интерактивного общения, развитие интереса учащихся к изучению английского языка, самостоятельности действий учащихся.


- совершенствование навыков говорения;

- повторение и обобщение изученного материала по теме «ЗОЖ»;

- активизация пройденного грамматического материала «времена в английском языке»;

- развитие у учащихся внимания, логического мышления, смысловой догадки;

- воспитание здорового образа жизни.


-интерактивная доска, пазлы, карточки для домино, задания на отдельных листах.

Hello to everybody who likes English.

Today we shall speak about everything that is connected with our health. We shall try to define what is useful and what is harmful for people. We must find advice for those who want to be healthy and active in their daily life.

We begin our game “Noughts and Crosses”. You know its Russian version «Крестики - нолики». There are 2 teams. The first one is “Noughts”, the second is “Crosses”. Here you can see a grid, divided into 9 squares. Each square has a task. Our teams will choose them by turns. If they can produce a correct answer, they will receive one point and can put their sign in the corresponding square. Then someone from another team chooses a square. If the team can not do the task correctly, their rivals will try to do it.

The first aim of the game is to get a row of 3 noughts or crosses in any direction. Besides we can see which team can get more signs.

Our jury will listen to you and define the best players.

So, let’s begin. Choose any sector you like. Good luck to you.

1.Scrambled words:

These words are connected with today’s topic. But the letters in them are mixed. Arrange letters in the right order.

1. R X C S E E I E

2. I T M N V A I

3. P T T I O M R A N

4. S S I F T E N

5. E I E I M N D C

2. Healthy food.

What do you think about these products? Which are/is useful or harmful for our health?

It would be better if you try to say when they are especially necessary.


-brown bread and cereal

-vitamin C

-a lot of sweets and coke

- much fruit and vegetables

- a lot of salt

- herb tea

-hot milk and honey

-much sugar in tea or coffee


3. Scrambled sentences

Arrange the words and make logical sentences.

1.an, role, our, daily, sport, important, life, plays, in

2.to,your, don’t, clean, twice, a, day, forget, teeth,

3.exercises, do, morning, your, regularly.

4. you, vitamins, to, and, and, healthy, keep, minerals, fit, help

5.need, we ,air, a, fresh, of, also, lot,

4.Let’s play. “Domino”


You watch TV too much.

It’s bad for your eyes. Eating carrots is useful for you.

Drink hot milk with honey.

It will help you to relax.

You drink a lot of coffee.

Coffee stops you from sleeping.

You eat too many sweets and drink much coffee.

It’s bad for your teeth. Don’t forget to clean them twice a day.

If you want to be healthy, have a good mood, be active,

Take care of your health every day.


The rules for playing this game:

The teacher should cut this greed into 6 equal lines.

6 pairs of sentences are divided into 2 halves. Try to find the corresponding parts. Begin with “START” line. While gathering the sentences you should put them in such a way:


5. Prepositions

Fill in the necessary prepositions.

1. The doctor prescribed me good tablets ….the flu.

2. Spend much air ….the open air.

3. My class always takes part ….sports competitions.

4. If you want to be strong and graceful go … …sport.

5. Take care ….your health and you’ll make much progress …your study.

6. Giving advice

What is your advice for people who have such problems?

- I am overweight.

- I often catch a cold.

7. Irregular verbs

Write 3 forms of the following verbs.

8. Speaking.

This task was given beforehand. Pupils should express their opinions on the following:

1. Healthy food.

2. Sport in my life.

9. Grammar

Past Simple, Past Continuous or Past Perfect?

1. When I (come) home, my mother already (clean) the flat.

2. My brother said he (buy) a new modern car.

3. When I phoned my friend, she (sleep).

4. After he (do) his homework, he (go) to a sport club.

A task for those, who has come to support their classmates. While our teams are doing their tasks, you must do these puzzles. (famous English proverbs: 1.“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”

2. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.)

So, the English think that apples are the best fruit which can help people. Russians don’t have such a proverb. But still there is another unique vegetable which is thought to be a perfect treatment for different illnesses. Now try to find it. (an appropriate Russian proverb where a very famous vegetable plays such a role «лук от семи недуг»)

The results of the game.

Conclusion. Health is very important for all people. There is another English famous proverb “Health is better than wealth.” If you don’t care about your health now, in future neither doctors nor money will help you.

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