Конспект урока «День Благодарения» по английскому языку для 8 класса

Класс: 8 УМК М.З.Биболетова

Тема урока: «День Благодарения»

Тип урока: комбинированный


Познакомить с различными аспектами культуры страны изучаемого языка.



сформировать у учащихся умения извлекать необходимую информацию и применять полученные знания на практике.


развивать познавательную активность учащихся;

развивать мировоззрение учащихся;

развивать логическое мышление учащихся, умение систематизировать изученный материал;

развивать навыки языковой догадки, языковой реакции, памяти, внимания.


воспитать у учащихся уважение к традициям и культуре своей страны и других стран;

формировать уважительное отношение к языку, умения активно и плодотворно работать в коллективе, в группе.

Наглядные средства и оборудование: магнитофон, учебник, карточки с заданиями для парной, групповой и индивидуальной работы, ноутбук ( презентация).

Ход урока:

I. Организационный момент. Психологический настрой на урок.

T.: Good morning, children! Look at me, please and smile. OK. Thank you. How are you? Are you ready for lesson today? Let’s start our lesson. Listen to the story: ( сказка)

Author: Once upon a time in the old magic country there was a beautiful castle. The Wizard lived there. He was old, but very smart. He has three daughters: Anny, Susie and Lucie. The daughters were beautiful, but very lazy. They didn’t want to help the Old Wizard around the castle. And one day he said:

Wizard: Anny, Susie, Lucie come to me, please. I have a lot of duties today. Can you help me to clean the castle?

Anny: Oh, no, father, dear, I must do my hair cut today.

Susie: To help? Well… but I don’t have any gloves. My poor hands and nails will be dirty. Oh, no…

Lucie: No, no I am in a hurry. I must take a shower and do my makeup.

Wizard: Hm, hm, hm… you know, I found my magic stick today. (хвалится волшебной палочкой) I can fulfill your three wishes…

Anny: Oh, daddy, sweet daddy… any wishes?

Wizard: Yes, yes… But you must help me, thirst.

Susie: Ok. We will help you. If I sweep the floor, you will fulfill my wish. I want, I want a beautiful bag!

Anny: If I wash your clothes, you will give me a red fashion car!

Lucie: If I make your bed, you will give a lot of money. I want to go to Paris or London…

Wizard: Ok, daughters.

(Daughters were doing the duties.)

Susie: Father, we are ready.

Wizard: Well, your bag, your car and your money, dear. ))))

(Дочери получают подарки и начинают плакать.)

Author: The moral of this fairy tale is: «If you want to have anything, you must do something».

T.: How do you understand these words?

P.: …

T.: Complete the sentence:

If I want to learn English, I must …

If I want to get “5” today on the lesson, I must …

II. Актуализация знаний. Опрос учащихся по заданному на дом материалу.

1. T.: Make a word from letters: ( составить из букв слово)


(Беседа о праздниках)

-What kinds of holidays do you know?

P.: state, family, religious holidays

T.: Give examples.

P.: State holidays: Constitution Day, Independence Day.

Family holidays: wedding, birthday.

Religious holidays: Christmas, Easter.

- Which holidays are the most important for you?

P.: Every day is a holiday for me.

2. ( Проверка домашнего задания). Look at the blackboard and read :


St Valentine’s Day

Australia Day

Canada Day

Independent Day

Waitangi Day

Victory Day

At home you must find information about these holidays. Say what you know about them.

( рассказы учащихся о праздниках)

3. ( Подготовка к введению нового материала)

T.: Do you like family holidays?

Work in pairs. Discuss why people celebrate special days with their families? Choose one of the most important reason. ( работа в парах -карточки)

-It’s time for the family to get together.

- They help each other to solve difficult life problems.

-They want to see each other.

- They like to sing and dance together.

- They come to watch TV.

P.: We think

III. Изучение нового материала.

T.: I want you to guess what American holiday I am speaking about.
1. It is one of the most important days in American year.

2. People go to church, and families come together for the day.

3. They decorate their houses with fruits and flowers in autumn.

P.: It’s Thanksgiving day.

T.: Listen to the poem about this holiday. ( стих. о празднике)

It is Thanksgiving,

It is Thanksgiving,

Oh, what fun for everyone.

Friends and family near,

Filled with holiday cheer.

Oh, what fun

Thanksgiving come!

T.: What do you know about this holiday?

P1.: It’s an American holiday.

P2.: It is celebrated in autumn.

T.: What do you want to know?

P1: What is the origin of this holiday?

P2: What are the main traditions of the holiday?

P3: What are the main dishes prepared for holiday?

T.: I think you will get this information today on the lesson. Open your books : ex.45, p.104. Listen and repeat: ( аудиозаписьповторить слова за диктором).

( физминутка)

Now read the text “Thanksgiving Day in the USA” and say “True” or “False”.

( Работа с текстом. Учащиеся получают индивидуальные карточки.)

1. The first Thanksgiving Day was celebrated in 1621.
2. Their ship was called the Titanic.
3. In autumn of 1621 the Pilgrims had a poor harvest.
4. The Pilgrims didn’t invite their Indian friends to share this Thanksgiving feast.
5. The traditional dish is an apple pie.
T.: Are these statements false or true? If the statement is false, give the correct one.
( Key: 1 – T 2 – F 3 – F 4 – F 5 – F)

IV. Закрепление учебного материала.

T.: Work in groups. Read the text again and give your two questions to another group. Make up questions using the given words. ( Работа в группах: составление вопросов для другой группы по опорным словам)

1 group: 1) When, celebrate, Thanksgiving Day?

2) Who, the Pilgrims, be?

2 group: 1) Why, the Pilgrims, decide to celebrate, Thanksgiving Day?

2) Who, help, the Pilgrims?

Key: 1) When is Thanksgiving Day celebrated?

2) Who were the Pilgrims?

3) Why did the Pilgrims decide to celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

4) Who helped the Pilgrims?

( Работа группвопрос-ответ)

T.: Watch the presentation about Thanksgiving Day and be ready to get new information.

( просмотр презентации с последующим выполнением теста)

Choose the right variant.

1) Thanksgiving Day is

a) a British holiday

b) a Russian holiday

c) an American holiday

2) People celebrate Thanksgiving Day

a) in offices

b) in their houses

c) outdoors

3) When do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

a) on the fourth Thursday in November

b) on the fourth Tuesday in November

c) on the fourteenth of November

4)What is a symbol of Thanksgiving Day?

a) eggs

b) turkey

c) hamburgers

5) People decorate their houses with

a) the lights and balls

b) the toys and sweets

c) the fruit and flowers

6) What vegetables did Indians teach the Pilgrims to grow?

a) tomatoes and cucumbers

b) beans and potatoes

c) peas and carrots

7) When did the Pilgrims come to the new land?

a) in 1621

b) in 1620

c) in 1720

8) What was the name of the Pilgrims' ship?

a) Santa Maria

b) Mayflower

c) Victoria

9) Will people go on Thanksgiving parade, if it is raining?

a) Of course, they will.

b) No, they won't.

c) They will go on the parade on another day.

( Key: 1- c 2- b 3- a 4- b 5- c 6- b 7- b 8- b 9- a) – самопроверка по ключу

V. Задание на дом.Рефлексия.

T.: Tell me, did you get the answers on your questions?

P.: …

T.: What are the main dishes prepared for holiday?

P.: a turkey

T.: A stuffed turkey. You have a turkey stuffed with words. Write down your home task: make 5 sentences with any words and p.105 ex.50.

( высказывание по схеме)

Now I

- can…

- have learnt…

- have remembered…

T.: Marks for lesson today.

С днём благодарения связано много традиций. В эти дни проводятся благотворительные акции. Американцы оказывают благотворительную помощь всем, кому не повезло в жизни. Все члены семьи обязательно должны сходить в церковь, а после службы собраться за праздничным столом, где произносят слова благодарности. Пусть у нас нет такого праздника, но я предлагаю поддержать эту замечательную американскую традицию и произнести слова благодарности тем людям, кому мы считаем нужным. Для этого нужно закончить следующие предложения:

Я хочу сказать спасибо…….., за то, что……….

Первой буду я. Я хочу сказать спасибо вам, ребята, за то, что вы меня внимательно слушали и хорошо отвечали на вопросы. Кто желает ещё сказать слова благодарности(дети произносят слова)

T.: Have a nice day! Thank you for the lesson

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