- English- speaking countries. A visit to Scotland

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English- speaking countries.

A visit to Scotland.

Цели и задачи урока:

1.Обобщить изученный материал по теме” The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”.

2.Углубить знания учащихся об истории и настоящем Шотландии.

3.Развивать навыки устного высказывания по конкретному вопросу и навыки коммуникативного общения, научить учащихся добывать дополнительную информацию по данной теме.

4.Воспитывать чувство уважения к другой стране, ее народу и традициям.

Оборудование:Слайды Великобритании и Шотландии.

Ход урока:

1.Орг.момент. Под музыку заходят.Приветствие.

2.Let’s listen to the music. What do you think about this music? How did you enjoy the music?

Ch; The music is tuneful and appealing; P2: The music is richly coloured; sweet and deep; P4;the music went to the heart; dynamical; dance tune; fervent; jolly; inflammatory; funny.

T: What do you think in what country can we hear this composition?

Ch: France,German, England, Scotland.

T:You are right. Today we are going to travel to Scotland. Well, look at the monitor.(идет слаид шоу).

T;R.D.As you see, the topic of our lesson is “Avisit to Scotland”. Our lesson is not traditional one. First of all I should mention that it is a binary music and English lesson. Last lesson we spoke about the U.K. and N.I.

Today at our lesson we shall revise everything we know about Scotland. And your hometask was to prepare a project about this country. You had to answer the question:What do you know about Scotland? So, I want you to demonstrate all your knowledge from the music and English courses.

For the beginning, let’s revise our knowledge about the U.K. You should answer the questions of the quiz; ”Do you know much about Great Britain?”

1.What is the full name of Great Britain?

2. What river is the longest in G.B.?(The Severn)

3.What’s the highest mountain in G.B.? (Ben Nevis)

4.What is Liverpool famous for in English pop music?(the Beatles band)

5.What city is called the city of thousand trades?(Birmingham, an industrial centre)

6.What is the birthplace of the playwright William Shakespeare?(Stratford- upon- Avon)

7.In what part of G.B. is the wool industry developed?(Scotland)

8.What part of G.B. is sometimes called Ulster?(N.I.)

9.What’s the translation of the Scottish word” Loch”?(Lake)

10.What’s the official address of the prime minister in London?(10, Downing Street)

11.What considered to be the English national game?(Cricket in summer, football in winter)

12.What’s the Scotish national game?(Golf)

13.What cities are university cities in G.B.?(Oxford, Cambridge)

14.How old are British- Russian relations?(Prince Vladimir Monomakh was married to a daughter of king Harold).

T; Thank you very much. I see you have a good knowledge of G.B.

And now let’s discuss your project(about Scotland). First we’ll train our tongues.

1.Gaelic-the national language.

2.Loch-a lake.

3.Burn-a stream

4.Tattoo-a military parade

5.Bagpipe- a musical instrument.

6.Tartan-a fabric.

7.Kilt- a skirt.

8.Clan-a family

9.Mac- the son of.

10.Caber- a pole.

11.Fling-a dance.

Let’s start our tour. I want you to follow this plan:1.History of Scotland.2.Geographical position. 3.Industry of Scotland: 4.The capital of Scotland.5. Traditions and national symbols of Scotland.

T; Who will be the first?

P1:I want to speak about the history of Scotland.

T; Some words about the geographical position.


T; What does Scotland mean for you? Is it worth seeing?Anybody feels like speaking.

P3;With its many moors…

P4The climate.

T: What can you say about the industry of Scotland?

P5: My report is about the industry cities.

T: Who will do the talking about the capital of Scotland? (Who wants to introduce with the capital of S.)


T:As you know every country has its own traditions and symbols. Well let’s speak about the traditions and symbols of Scotland.


P8; Some words about the national dishes of S.

T: The national costume of Scotish is unusuall. Will you describe( the national costume)it.

P9: TheScotish national costume includes…

T: О.Х.(перечисл. Музык. Инструм).And now I want to acquaint you with Scotish musical instruments. They are: a vilon , an accordion, a bagpipe. Let’s listen to the sounds of these instruments. When you spoke( about )the traditions of S. you didn’t( mention) say about the main tradition. Will you try to remember, what is it? What do you think? It is Scotish dance. ( вкратце о танцах).And now for compare I’ll show you Irish and Scotish dance. Look and compare. Are there any differences?

Ch:Yes, There are. The scotish dance is easier, simpler and always mass dancing, but Irish dance is classical and more difficult for learning.

T: The Scotish dancers take the third stand. But Irish dancers take up the fifth position (занять позицию).The knees of Scottish dancers are always take aside and make a diamond-shaped. The Irish dancers’ knees put together and keep their hands near the body. But the Scottish dancers’ hands are free. The Scotish men usually put a kilt on. Irish men dance in trousers. Scotts never jump high as Irish. These are the main differences.

And today I want to offer to you a Scottish folk song”My Bonnie”.It’s a rather catchey melody(мелодия легко запоминается). At first let’s listen to this song, listen attentevly.And now I want you to sing this song yourself. Thank you very much.

T:R.D. The next task will be fill in the blanks with the superlative form of the adjectives in brackets:

1.The …(high) mountain in Britain is ….

2. Scotland’s…(famous) poet was….He wrote many poems in Scottish dialect.

3.Britain’s…(large) football stadium is in…(Glasgow).It is called Hampden Park.

4….is… (large) lake in Great Britain.

5. The national symbol of Scotland is …

Thank you very much for your preparation and your activity at the lesson. I was greatly impressed with your answers. They were brilliant. You showed your excellent knowledge of the topic.


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