Конспект урока «Food» по английскому языку

Food (intellectual casino-game)

Т.М. Данилова, учитель средней школы №9, г. Елабуга

Ход мероприятия

1. Организационный момент

Тeacher 1: Good morning, everybody!

Teacher 2: Welcome to our intellectual casino-game!

2. Постановка целей и задач

Teacher 1: Look at the board, dear guests? What do you see there?

Guests: Pictures of different food!

Teacher 2: Yes, right you are!

Teacher 1: And what is the theme of our casino-game today?

Pupil 1: I think it will be about food.

Teacher 1: Well done! Today we are going to speak about food. During the game we will work at different exercises such as: revise the vocabulary, answer questions, watch the video, play Guessing Game, guess some riddles and the like.

3. Правила игры

Teacher 2: First of all we’d like you to divide into two commands. Look, please, at your chairs. What picture do you see there? If it is a fruit - you are in the command of “Fruits”, if you find any vegetable there, then you are a member of the command “Vegetables”. But if there is nothing – you are spectators.

Teacher 1: Now, I want to ask the “Fruits” what fruit is the tastiest in your opinion?

Pupil 2: I think the tastiest fruit is an apple as it’s very sweet and has a lot of vitamins.

Teacher 1: Thank you. The next question is for you “Vegetables”. What vegetable is the most appetizing for you?

Pupil 3: It is a tomato because it can be big, it looks well and it also has a lot of vitamins.

Teacher 1: Excellent! Now tell me, please, who has the pictures of an apple and a tomato ? Well, you are the captains of your commands.

Teacher 2: So, let’s get to know some facts about the rules of the intellectual casino-game. In this game you have a chance to earn some money thanks to your intelligence. We have special money for you. It’s a banknote of one IQ. The game consists of three levels: elementary, intermediate and advanced. In each level there are different tasks. To answer a question you should stake on one, two or three IQ according to the level. If you answer correctly your stake will be doubled. If your answer is incorrect you will lose your money. So, be attentive and active. Good luck!

4. Игра

Teacher 1: Your starter capital is five IQ

Помощники раздают командам стартовый капитал в 5 IQ.

Elementary level

Teacher 1: The first question is for “Vegetables”. Stake on 1 IQ.

Далее команды по очереди отвечают на вопросы

1. It’s round and red. People like it in a salad. People like sauce with it. – a tomato

2. It’s white. Some people like coffee with it. – milk

3. It’ s oval and white. It can be eaten boiled or fried. It has yellow stuff inside it. – an egg

4. What is the sweet substance made by bees? - honey

5. Which fruit does Snow White eat, causing her to fall into a deep sleep? – an apple

6. What was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles favorite food? - a pizza

7. It is an orange vegetable with long tail. – a carrot

8. It is a very big berry. - a watermelon

Intermediate level

Teacher 2: We reached the intermediate level. Your stake is two IQ here. Now, please, listen to some information about meals in Britain.

Далее учащиеся рассказывают текст «Мeals in Britain».

Teacher 2: Thank you, girls and boys. Now dear “Fruits” and “Vegetables” you are to answer the questions to the text. Stake on!

Далее участники отвечают на вопросы по тексту.

Teacher 2: Lets play a little and have a rest.

Проводится он-лайн игра «Спасти обезьянку»

Teacher 2: Well done! The next task for you is to match the English proverbs with its Russian equivalents. I don’t see your stakes.

Участники соотносят пословицы.

Teacher 2: Listen to the song, please.

Слушают песню “All around the world” (Дж. Дули, В. Эванс, Н.И. Быкова, М.Д. Поспелова «Spotlight 4». М.: Express Publishing, «Просвещение», 2011)

Teacher 2: Thank you, your work is wonderful today. Do you know how to make sandwiches? We will check it now. Put the lines in the correct order. Dont forget to stake!

Участники игры расставляют предложения по порядку, так чтобы получился рецепт приготовления сэндвича.

Advanced level

Teacher 1: Congratulations! You are at the advanced level! At this level your stake is three IQ. Well, be attentive and don’t make mistakes, as the tasks of these level are more difficult. So, you are suggested to listen some information about tea in England, then you are expected the interesting task to this text.

Teacher 1: Look around the class, please. You can see the sentences from the text everywhere but there are the same ones. You are to put the sentences in the correct order as they were in the text and don’t take the sentences which are the same. So, move and learn.

Участники ходят по классу и выбирают нужные предложения из текста, расставляя их по порядку.

Teacher 1: Now answer the questions and choose the right answer, please.

1. The rice dish ‘paella’ comes from what country? - Spain

2. In which country was ice cream invented? - China, Japan, Africa

3. Which country does parmesan cheese originate from? - Italy, Ireland, Russia

4. From which country do potatoes originate? – South America, Canada, Scotland

Teacher 1: We reached our last and the most difficult task. You need to guess the riddle. If you can’t answer exactly, we will prompt you, but for every prompting you should give us one IQ. The stake for this question is five IQ. Be careful and don’t lose your money.

A riddle for “Fruits”

- This fruit grows on the tree. It can be green. If it’s green, it isn’t ripe.You should peel it. It’s the favourite fruit of monkeys. A banana

A riddle for “Vegetables”

- This vegetable grows in the ground. It can be used in salads. It needs to be peeled. It’s sweet and has a long tail. It’s red and the most necessary ingredient for the Russian soup - borsch. A beetroot

5. Аукцион

Teacher 2: You’ve earned a lot of money today, that’s why we wish to sell you some food by auction. Do you mind? The starting price of every lot is three IQ and the maximum price is 30 IQ.

Lot №1 – lump sugar. Stake on ladies and gentlemen.

Teacher 2: … IQ one, … IQ two, … IQ three! Sold! Lay the table, please.

Далее таким же образом разыгрываются остальные лоты аукциона(торт, конфеты и т.д.)

6. Подведение итогов

Teacher 1: Thanks for your active participation. We hope it was useful and interesting for you.

Teacher 2: Now you are invited for our table to have a cup of tea.

Все участники игры, гости, и ведущие приглашаются на чашку чая.


1. http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/ru/word-games/hangman/fruit

2. Дж. Дули, В. Эванс, Н.И. Быкова, М.Д. Поспелова «Spotlight 4». М.: Express Publishing, «Просвещение», 2011.


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