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The Past Simple vs the Present Perfect

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1.     Организационный этап.

Good morning students. Glad to see you. Have you got any news you`d like to share with us?

2.     Введение в атмосферу иноязычного общения.

Three Little Words

There are three little magic words

That will open any door with ease.

Two little words are "Thank you!"

And the other little word is "Please!"


Let`s read the poem you see on the blackboard (see in the papers). How do you think how it`s connected with our lesson?

3. Постановка цели и задач урока. Мотивация учебной деятельности учащихся.

So, as you understand, we have to be always polite. And that is the point we have to discuss today. We`ll have learnt some rules of leading a polite conversation by the end of our today`s lesson. Moreover, we`ll have revised two more English tenses: the Past Simple and the Present Perfect, which are often used in conversations.

4. Проверка домашнего задания.

And now, please, let`s check up your homework. But before, let`s think of the rules of polite behaviour while listening to your classmates: - to be quiet

-         not to interrupt

-         be attentive

-         etc.

Thank you very much for your work.

5. Выполнение задач стандартного типа.

Now, we`ve revised some polite behaviour rules. Let`s get acquainted with some rules which help us be polite in conversations.

Ex. 27 on p. 15. Listen to two dialogues and think which conversation is more polite.

Now, listen to them once again and think of the things which make Indira`s conversation more polite.

Let`s compare your guesses with the ones given in the help box on p. 16.

6. Выполнение задач реконструктивно-вариативного типа.

Now, you work in pairs. Ex. 28, p. 16.

Let`s check up your dialogues.

The next task is to build your own polite conversations. Imagine that Mr. Smith is inviting you to a “European Village” (a meeting where national cuisines are presented). You can be a reporter, a participant or Mr. Smith.

Don`t forget that you have to be polite.

As soon as you are ready let me know.

It`s time to check up your dialogues.

7. Физкультминутка.

A polite footpath”

Draw a table on the board with small squares in it. There are the following phrases in the squares. We divide the students into two teams. Each team gets a paper with the words in Russian (their English equivalents are on the board) and they have to cross out the words to get a footpath from one side of the table to the other (with chalk of different colours).

The cards:

Team 1

1. пожалуйста  2. рад слышать это 3. извини(те) 4. с удовольствием 5. спасибо  6. пожалуйста 7. доброе утро 8. не мог бы ты…? 9. удачи 10. прости(те) 11. не хотел бы ты? 12. спасибо


Team 2

1. пожалуйста  2. спасибо 3. не хотел бы ты? 4. с удовольствием 5. жаль это слышать  6. пожалуйста 7. это так мило с твоей стороны 8. не мог бы ты…? 9. прости(те)  10. мне жаль 11. хорошего дня 12. спасибо


The ways which are supposed to be at the end of the game:


Well done! I see that you know many polite words and phrases.

8. Повторение пройденного материала.

And now we need to speak about two more English tenses. So, please, be very attentive while revising the rule.

Скачать видеоурок "The Past Simple vs the Present Perfect "

Скачать видеоурок "The Past Simple vs the Present Perfect"  с яндекс-диска

9. Обобщение и закрепление знаний и умений.

Have you got any questions to me?

So, let`s do one more task based on this rule. (time restriction – 10 minutes!)

The keys: 1 – have you ever been, 2 - went, 3 - wrote, 4 – has written, 5 – have taken, 6 – took, 7 – met, have been, were.


10. Контроль усвоения, обсуждение допущенных ошибок и их коррекция.Ex. 30, 31, p. 16-17.

Now, please, be very attentive and do a small test on our grammar topic.


Task I. Circle the sentence in the Past Simple tense.

a)     Last winter Tom visited his friend in China.

b)    This winter Tom`s visited his friend in China.

c)     This winter Tom is going to visit his friend in China.

d)    Next winter Tom will visit his friend in China.

Task II. Mark the sentence in the Present Perfect tense.

a)     She wanted to go abroad last summer.

b)    She`d love to go to a European country for her holiday.

c)     She`s interested in travelling.

d)    She`s never been to any foreign country.

Task III. Mark the most suitable Russian variant of the sentences below:

1. I have always dreamt of going to London.

a)     Раньше я мечтала поехать в Лондон.

b)    Я всегда мечтала поехать в Лондон.

c)     У меня всегда была мечта поехать в Лондон.

2. Sarah has already taken part in several expeditions.

a)     Сара уже приняла участие в нескольких экспедициях.

b)    Сара принимает участие сразу в нескольких экспедициях.

c)     Сара принимала участие в нескольких экспедициях.

Task IV. Choose the correct form of the verb in the Past Simple tense.

1. Kirill ... (to go) hiking in the mountains last month.

a) goed       b) has gone        c) went

Task V. Choose the correct form of the verb in the Present Perfect tense.

1. Indira ... (to come) to England for the first time.

a) came       b) have come       c) has come

2. Marko and Sue ... (to travel) to America this year.

a) has travelled    b) have travelled  c) travelled

Task VI. Choose the correct form of the verb.

1. you (ever/to travel) by plane?

a)     Have you ever travelled              b) Did you ever travel

2. My sister (to finish) reading an English book last week.

a) have finished    b) has finished       c) finished

Task VI. Put the verb in brackets into the Past Simple or Present Perfect.

1. Dan is 27 but he (not/to ride) a horse yet. __________

2. Yesterday evening on her way home Linda (to meet) a celebrity. __________

The keys: Task I: a, Task II: d, Task III: 1 – b, 2 – a, Task IV: c, Task V: 1 - c, 2 – b, Task VI: 1 – has not (hasn`t) ridden; 2 – met.

11. Рефлексия.

And as always, characterize your lesson, please.

 I`ve got acquainted with…

 I`ve found out …

 I`ve learnt…

 I`ve remembered…

 I`ve revised the material about…

 I`ve done…

Ø I`ve read … 

 I`ve listened to…

12. Заключительный этап.

So, thank you very much for the lesson. Your marks are: … (with explanations).

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