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Слайд 1
выполнила учитель мбоу сош №28 ст. Тамань краснодарского края Романенко Е.Ф.
Слайд 2
Phonetic drill.  Read after me.  reign, rule, represent, sign, bill, participate, charity, funds, concern, royal, guard, apartments, Buckingham palace, government, the Prime Minister, leader, party, elections, coordinate, department, officially, appoint.
Слайд 3
Speech drill.  Answer my questions.  1. Who is the head of the UK?  2. Who is the head of the government?  3. What houses does the parliament consist of?  4. Who chooses the members of the House of Commons?  5. Who chooses the members of the House of Lords?
Слайд 4
The Queen is the official head of the state. She reigns, but doesn’t rule. She represents the country, signs bills, participates in different charity funds.
Слайд 5
 Her Majesty is “an old tradition”. But the most British really love her and are vividly interested in everything concerning her family.
Слайд 6
Thousands of people come to London to watch her coming out, changing the royal guard, visit her apartments in Buckingham palace.
Слайд 7
I can jump I can run I can sing I can dance I can swim I can’t fly I can climb and say good bye.
Слайд 8
The executive branch.  The government.  The Prime Minister, the leader of the party that has won at the elections. He/she chooses the cabinet of ministers, coordinates government departments. Any Prime Minister lives on Downing St.,10. And is officially appointed by the Queen.
Слайд 9
 The legislative branch - Parliament.
Слайд 10
Two Houses.  The House of Commons.  The members are elected by people over 18.  They make laws.  The House of Lords.  Examines and discusses bills from the lower House. The members are not elected.
Слайд 11
So, The Queen, the head of the UK appoints The Prime Minister. the head of the government The Cabinet of ministers chooses are responsible to The House of Commons The Parliament The House of Lords People elect Executive branch Legislative branch includes consists of Constitutional monarchy
Слайд 12
Conclusion.  Was it difficult to speak over the scheme?  What was the easiest task for you?  Is the political system of the UK similar to the Russian one?
Слайд 13
Thank you for your hard work!  Your marks are …  Your homework is №1 1)2), p. 44.

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