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Слайд 2
Checking up the homework – 48 points Ex 9. Divide the adjectives into 3 categories: Attractive, slim, tall, poor, boring, attentive, serious, stern, educated, stupid, ugly, pleasant, fragile, short, gloomy, shy, independent, progressive, clever, lazy, careless, famous, cheerful, polite, noble, mysterious, brave, free, greedy, strong, honest, dull, bouncy, fat, great, lovely, lonely, curious, wise, slow, modest, young, thin, tidy, smart , wicked, sad, firm
Слайд 5
Speech – drill exercises Speech – drill exercises Exercise 1. Fill in the blanks with the correct comparative and superlative degrees of following adjectives hard _____________ ______________ cold _____________ ______________ soft _____________ ______________ tall _____________ ______________ rich _____________ ______________ mad _____________ ______________ funny _____________ ______________ big _____________ ______________ sad _____________ ______________ busy _____________ ______________ noisy _____________ ______________ 11 points
Слайд 6
Exercise 2. Fill in the blanks with the correct comparative and superlative degrees of following adjectives – foolish _____________ ______________ harmful _____________ ______________ poisonous_____________ ______________ valuable _____________ ______________ difficult _____________ ______________ generous _____________ ______________ 6 points
Слайд 7
Exercise 3. Complete the sentences A. Write the comparative form of the adjectives 1) Ann is ___________ (happy) than her sister. 2) My hair is ______________ (long) than my sister’s hair. 3) These exams are getting ___________ (bad) and ___________ (bad) every year. 4) John is ____________ (thin) than Bob. 5) Steve is _____________ (happy) today than he was yesterday. 6) Mary’s car is ____________ (large) than Mark’s car. 6 points
Слайд 8
B. Write the superlative form of the adjective: 1) I am _____________ (tall) in the class. 2) This is _______________ (expensive) hotel I’ve ever stayed in. 3) This road is ______________ (narrow) of all the roads in California. 4) New York is one of the ______________ (busy) cities in the USA. 5) Jack is _____________ (good) football player in the team. 6) North Pole is _______________ (cold) place on Earth. 7) My father is ______________ (generous) of all the people I know. 7 points
Слайд 9
C. Insert comparative or superlative form of the adjective: 1) I think John is _____________ (happy) now than the year ago. 2) His _______________ (big) desire is to return home. 3) She is probably ________________ (angry) person I know. 4) Today’s weather is ____________ (bad) than the yesterday’s. 5) My brother is ___________ (young) than me. 6) He drove _________ (fast) and __________ (fast) till we told him to stop. 7) ______________ (many) people want to be rich 7 points
Слайд 10
1. (cheap) Samsung is cheaper than Nokia. 2. (expensive) Nokia is ___________________________ Sony Ericsson. 3. (good) The camera in Samsung is _______________________ the camera in Sony Ericsson. 4. (bad)The camera in Sony Ericsson is __________________________ the camera in Nokia. 5. (many) There are ________________ memory in Nokia ____ in Samsung. 6. (little) (memory) _______________________________________________________. 7. (big) The display in __________________________________________________________. Name: Nokia 5800 Price: $ 278 Camera: 3.15 Megapixels Memory: 81 Mb Display: 640x360 Functions: MP3 player, radio, JAVA -games, Bluetooth, wi-fi, GPS. Weight: 109 g Year: 2008 Name: Samsung Star S5230 noble black Price: $149 Camera:3.2 Megapixels Memory: 50 Mb Display: 240x400 Functions: MP3 player,radio,Bluetooth. Weight: 92 g Year: 2009 Name: Sony Ericsson W205 Black Price: $86 Camera: 1.3 Megapixels Memory: 5 Mb Display: 128x160 Functions: radio, games, MP3 player, Bluetooth. Weight: 96 g Year: 2007
Слайд 11
Compare people: 1.Alice is the (YOUNG). 2.Homer is the (OLD). 3.Bob is  (YOUNG) than Homer. 4.Homer is  (OLD) than Alice. 5.Alice is  (SLIM) than Bob. 6.Bob is  (SHORT) than Homer. 7.Homer is  (FAT) than Bob. 8.Alice is  (SHORT) than Homer. 9.Homer can play the guitar  (GOOD) than Alice. 10.Alice draws  (BAD) than Bob. 10 points
Слайд 12
Ex 5. Read the poem, learn it and find in the poem adjectives Just for You I picked the reddest apple from the tree It was the finest one that I could see I saved it all except a bite or two Just for you. I carried home the groceries from the store I wanted to be helpful with a chore I put them all away except a few Just for you. Some day I'll be grown up too And if I can I'll grow up just like you I ate up all my lunch just like you said But I think there was a little too much bread And so I left the crust when I was through Just for you. 5 points
Слайд 13
Task 6. “The day of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (essay) – 10 points
Слайд 14
Test 10 points 1. It’s ………………… (difficult) rule of all. a. difficult b. more difficult c. the most difficult d. difficulter 2. This pen writes …………. (good) than my previous one. a. better b. gooder c. good d. the goodest 3. This athlete is ……………. (strong) than this competitor. a. strong b. the strongest c. more strong d. stronger 4. This pupil is ……………. (clever) in the class. a. clever b. more clever c. the cleverest d. the most clever 5. This is ……………….. (old) castle in Britain. a. the oldest b. the eldest c. an old d. older
Слайд 15
Task 7. Complete the sentences 1. The town is just as_________(large) as my native one. 2. The road was __________long) than we had expected. 3. The girl is very ______________(intelligent). 4. As soon as they understood that the second book was ________________  (boring) than the first one, they changed their mind. 5. The shop is _______________(far) than the school. 6. Ventspils is _________(far) town in Latvia I have been to. 7. Tim is _______________(intelligent) than Pat. 8. The heat is less _____________ (harmful) than the cold. 9. This song is _________________(beautiful) one in the world! 10. They are as ______________ (stubborn) as donkeys!
Слайд 16
6. Health is ……………….. (important) than money. a. important b. importanter c. more important d. the most important 7. This path is ……………. ( narrow) than the parallel one. a. a narrow b. narrower c. the narrowest d. more narrow 8. Luxurious hotels are …………….. (expensive) than those of economic class. a. more expensive b. an expensive c. the most expensive d. expensiver 9. The second part of the film is ………………. (boring) than the first one. a. a boring b. boringer c. the most boring d. more boring 10. This highway is ……….. (wide) than that highway. a. wider b. the widest c. more wide d. the most wide 10 points
Слайд 17
Correct answers 1. c 2. a 3. d 4. c 5. a 6. c 7. b 8. a 9. d 10. a
Слайд 18
Homework Ex14 on page 108 Evaluation of the pupils. 95 – 105 points – “5” 85 – 94 points – “4” 75 – 84 points – “3”
Слайд 19
Использованная литература 1 . English V II , О.В. Афанасьева, И. В. Михеева – Москва, «Просвещение», 2009 г 2. Dixon, R. M. W. (1999). Adjectives. In K. Brown & T. Miller (Eds.), Concise encyclopedia of grammatical categories (pp. 1-8). Amsterdam: Elsevier. ISBN 0-08-043164-X . 3. http://madrasati2010.bravehost.com/ 4. http://www.englishclub.com/grammar/

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