Конспект урока «Traveling» по английскому языку для 9 класса

Поурочный план конспект урока

Урок английского языка в 9 классе «Traveling», учебник М. З. Биболетовой 9 класс, 2 раздел,


Воспитательные: укрепление интереса к предмету, культуры родного края, расширение кругозора, эрудиция учащихся, эстетическое воспитание;                  

Развивающие: организация учебного процесса как речемыслительного поиска, развитие творческой деятельности, памяти, языковой догадки, воображения, способности логически излагать, работать в группах, парах, самостоятельно;

Образовательные: расширение словарного запаса, активизация употребления лексики в речи, тренировка в аудировании, говорении (диалогическая, монологическая речь), чтении с извлечением необходимой информации

Оборудование: картинки с видами транспорта, таблица времен глагола.


1.Организация класса и речевая зарядка -2мин

2.Семантизация новой лексики и ее первичная автоматизация-15 мин

3.Упражнения в автоматизации-20 мин

4.Домашнее задание-1 мин

5.Сообщение поурочного балла-1мин

6.Организационное окончание урока-1мин

Развернутый план –конспект

1.Организация класса и речевая зарядка -2мин

T:-Good morning, pupils!

P:- Good morning, teacher!

T:-I’m glad to see you, sit down please. How are you today?

P1:I’m Ok, thank you.

Речевая зарядка

T:Ok, now let’s remember some ways of travelling and play. I’ll throw you the ball and your task is to say what your favorite kind of travelling is. Then you’ll throw the ball to another pupil and ask him or her the same question. Are you ready? Let’s start!

T: What’s your favorite kind of travelling?

P1: My favorite kind of travelling is by car. What’s your favorite kind of travelling?

P2: My favorite kind of travelling is by plane

2.Семантизация новой лексики и ее первичная автоматизация-15 мин

The best way to discover Russia is to visit Russia. To know Russia is to love Russia. When the foreigners are going to Russia they have to ask a lot of questions to find out information about various things. The way they speak depends on the situations they are in.(formal, informal, neutral ).

It’ s useful to get information in travel agencies. Now you will listen to the conversation .

Visitor (V): Good afternoon !

Travel22 agent (TA): Good afternoon! What can I do for you?

V: I’m going to Russia in July. And I’d like to make the most of my holidays. What would you advise me to visit?

TA: Oh, there are a lot of special tours. They’ll take you to all the important historic places. I wonder if you could tell me what you are interested in?

V: Russian history and literature.

Do you know what the weather is like in Russia in summer?

TA: Most summer days are pleasantly warm.

V: Can you tell me what travel documents I need? Besides I’d like to know what the average temperature is in Russia at this time? Things like that.

TA: All that information you’ll find in this leaflet.

V: Thank you very much for your help. See you soon. Bye.

T:Учащиеся отвечают на вопросы.

P1: Hello, how were your holidays?

P2: Oh! Great, thanks! My family and I spent a month in Russia.

P1: Any idea what your strongest impression of visiting Russia was?

P2: Everything was so great that it’s hard to notice anything special.

P1: That’s really nice. I’d like to know if it is wonderful to discover new countries?

The best city in Russia is Moscow, I believe. I’d like to visit it someday.

P2: Yes, Moscow is fantastic. But people. They are very hospitable. By the way, I’d like to know where you have been this summer.

P1: I investigated our own country...

3.Упражнения в автоматизации-20 мин

T: Составляем туристический буклет о России. Проекты учащихся.

P1: Let’s dream a little. Imagine yourself in a plane flying over its territory. You will see wonderful sights: blue lines of the rivers, blue mirrors of the lakes and seas, green plains and forests and high mountains. Our country is huge in size. You will enjoy every minute of your flight.

P2: Yes, you are right. Let’s speak about the geographical peculiarities of Russia and their influence on Russian people and lifestyle. It will be the first page of our guidebook.

T: Thank you very much for your projects. They give us some new information and a clear explanation how Russia’s geography influences its people’s life.

There is a belief that some national characteristics of people are the result of the influence of geography on the country. What can we say about Russians? Are they different from the other nations?

T: The description of Russians is fantastic. We are all lucky to be Russians.

P8: There are stereotypes about different nations. The British are said to be polite, conservative, careful about almost everything. Americans are known to be risk-takers, to have a sense of optimism. Russians are considered to be tough, cautious, patient, to value stability, social order. Now we can say that understanding the differences and similarities between people and their behaviour in different countries is the first step to bridging them.

P9: Russians are supposed to think of themselves as having not just one motherland but two – Russia and some little places of it where they were born.

T: Thank you very much for your information about our country and its people.

4.Домашнее задание-1 мин

T: Your home task will be exercise 5 page 62 in your textbooks and exercise 1 page 24 in your Student’s book.


 5.Сообщение поурочного балла-1мин

T: I appreciate your work very much today. Your marks are:Makarova-5.Nosova-4.Nazarova-4

6.Организационное окончание урока-1мин

T:Now our lesson is going to continue. Thank you for the lesson.

Делая вывод, можно сказать, что, проведенный у 9А класса, урок английского языка был очень успешным и продуктивным.

Здесь представлен конспект к уроку на тему «Traveling», который Вы можете бесплатно скачать на нашем сайте. Предмет конспекта: Английский язык (9 класс). Также здесь Вы можете найти дополнительные учебные материалы и презентации по данной теме, используя которые, Вы сможете еще больше заинтересовать аудиторию и преподнести еще больше полезной информации.

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