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ГУ «Качарская средняя школа № 1»

Учитель английского языка: Костючик Елена Семеновна

Урок по английскому языку

Theme: Smoking is a slow form of suicide.

Lesson Objectives:

  1. Developing speaking skills.

  2. Discussing different reasons of smoking.

  3. Encouraging students to express their own opinions on the topic “Smoking”.

  1. Brain Storming. (Slide 1-2)

There are many different habits. Some people like sleeping much and it’s difficult for them to get up early. Others watch TV from morning till night and know all the latest news. Thirds can’t imagine their lives without computers. Children bite their nails and their parents swear at them.

These habits don’t seem to be very dangerous, because they don’t affect people’s health greatly.

What is the topic of our lesson? Try to guess.

(Slide 3) People who have this habit…..

- have many problems with their health;

- often have problems at work and at home

- sometimes can’t find jobs

Have you got any ides? Not yet? I think I haven’t given you enough information. Look further.

- look pale

- have unhealthy skin

-smell disgusting

- suffer from short breath, strong cough

- have bad , yellow teeth

- die from lung cancer, tuberculosis

So, what is the topic of our today’s lesson? Of course, smoking(slide 4).

Smoking is a slow form of suicide. We’ll discuss different questions connected with this habit, which considered to be one of the most addictive and dangerous .

  1. Firstly, let’s discuss who smokes today and why. (Slide 5)

Look through the first column. What do you see here?

People of different ages and, unfortunately, of different occupations depend on this habit.

Try to define who smoke on what reason?

  1. It’s very easy to buy cigarettes at any time and at any place nowadays.

  2. want to loose some weight,

  3. think it’s glamorous

  4. think smoking helps them to relax when they’re under stress

  5. want to loose some weight,

  6. smoke because friends and relatives smoke

  7. show the protest

  8. want to be independent

  9. think it’s cool & modern

  1. Training active lexis for our talk. (slide 6)

Work in pairs and try to match As & Bs. Write the word-combinations down.

Answers: (Slide 7)

  1. Heavy smokers

  2. Disgusting habit

  3. Highly addictive

  4. Different reasons

  5. Public places

  6. Cigarette companies

  7. Give up smoking

  1. Writing . Fill in the appropriate word-combination from the previous exercise: (slide 8)

1. Smoking is highly addictive, once you taste a cigarette, it won’t be easy to give up smoking.

2. Cigarette companies are no longer allowed to advertise their production on TV, radio and in modern magazines.

3. Smoking should be restricted in all public places .

4. People start smoking for a variety of different reasons.

5. It’s a pity, but you can find heavy smokers not only among grown-ups, but among teenagers as well.

Specialists say that smoking is especially dangerous if children begin smoking at a very young age.

  1. How long can you live? Statistics says (slide 9-10 )

More people in Britain die from smoking than from road accidents, murder and AIDS.

Every year 120,000 smokers in the UK die from their habit – about 330 people every day.

  1. Reading Comprehension. (slide 11)

You will read and listen to the text simultaneously. All numbers are hidden. Try to remember them.

According to statistics, in Kazakhstan, more than 27 per cent (4.2 million people) smoke today.

25,000 people die from smoking every year in KZ .

According to the World Health Organization, more than 5 million people will die this year in Kazakhstan from diseases related to tobacco, the victims of the tobacco epidemic are the most working-age population - men 30-55 years and women of reproductive age. More than 1,000 people die every day due to smoking.

  1. Post-Reading (slide 12)

Now you see only the numbers. What do they refer to?

  1. 27 2. 4.2 3. 25,000 4.5 5. 30-55 6. 1,000

  1. Let’s discuss the question how smoking influences people’s health (slide 13).

You know, the tobacco provokes

lung cancer

smoker's cough

heart attack

stomach ulcer

liver cancer

  1. Our government is seriously worried about this problem too (slide 14)

Ministry of Health has created a special project on people's health, which proposes to tighten measures against smoking in Kazakhstan.

It is proposed to ban the selling of tobacco products to persons under eighteen years of age and to prohibit smoking in the workplaces.

Additionally, it is proposed to tough measures for penalties for the sale of tobacco products in the wrong places and at the wrong time.

  1. Work in pairs. Ask your partner. (slide 15)If she/he smokes.

  1. If his/her father/mother smokes.

  2. If his/her best friend smokes.

  3. What he/she thinks about this harmful habit.

  4. What he/she can advise his/her friend to do if he/she decides to quit smoking.

  1. (slides 16-21) All ideas from the children’s dialogues can be added to these slides at the lesson.

  2. Reflection. (slide 22-24)

So, today we have discussed one of the most harmful habits. We have tried to prove that it is dangerous for the whole nation of our country. And if we want to live a happy and long life, to achieve something in future we should change our today’s life. What can you personally do?

How can the life of people who are smoking today be changed if they give up smoking.

Home task:

Create a poster, a slogan which can be used in the company against smoking in our country.

You must convince your friends or relatives that it is better to quit smoking than to die from a slow death!

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