- Телемост Россия – Америка: Права и обязанности школьников

Конспект урока «Телемост Россия – Америка: Права и обязанности школьников» по английскому языку для 11 класса

Министерство образования Челябинской области

Муниципальное казенное образовательное учреждение

средняя общеобразовательная школа №4 города Аши

Конспект открытого урока по английскому языку в 11 классе

«Телемост Россия – Америка: Права и обязанности школьников»

УМК Spotlight-11. Авторы О.В. Афанасьева, Дж. Дули, И.В. Михеева.

Учителя: Семенова Г.М.

Генералова Ю.В.


Тип урока: обобщающий

Цель урока: обобщить знания по изученной теме «Права и обязанности»

Задачи урока:

  • Обобщить  лексический и грамматический материал, изученный по данной теме.

  • Совершенствовать и контролировать умения и навыки практического владения английским языком по данной теме по говорению.

  • Совершенствовать грамматические навыки говорения  (настоящие времена, модальные глаголы)

  • Стимулировать желание учащихся высказываться на английском языке.

Оснащение: доска, магниты, карты США и России, флаги США и России, проектор, экран, карточки с вопросами по теме, презентация с темой урока и основными тезисами (права и обязанности)

Ход урока:

  1. Организационный момент. Сообщение темы и типа урока, объяснение порядка работы.

Good morning, today we are having a spacebridge to discuss your rights and responsibilities. We have two teams: the team of Russia and the team of the United States. They will compare their opinions and discuss some questions we have prepared for you. Now, let me introduce you our host (ведущий – заранее подготовленный ученик, имеющий список всех вопросов; он следит за ходом обсуждения и направляет дискуссию) Andrey. Let our experiment begin.

  1. Host: Hello, everybody! Today we are holding a spacebridge between Russia and the United States. The main question to discuss is “Rights & Responsibilities in our countries: similarities and differences” I’m glad to introduce you our helpers and interpreters: Galiya Magafurovna and Yulia Vladimirovna.

Well, if we look into the constitutions of these two countries, we’ll find the

next thing: (показывает на слайд презентации)

We have rights

  • To be educated

  • To be safe

  • To live and work in a clean unpolluted environment

  • To be treated with respect

We also have responsibilities, such as

  • To respect others regardless of sex, age, ethnic origin, nationality

  • Not to bully/harm others

  • To obey the law

  • To look after the environment

I have some questions for you. The team of America, you are our guests, so you are the first to choose the question. (Подходит к американской команде, они вытягивают карточку с вопросом. Вопрос оглашается. Команда России совещается 5 минут, затем дает ответ на вопрос. Если есть какие-то дополнения у стороны, задающей вопрос, они проговариваются после отвечающей команды с разрешения ведущего.)

Реплики ведущего в ходе телемоста:

Now, I’m waiting for your answers. Yes, we’ve got the first one! What is your question? Let’s listen carefully, because we’ve got the answer, too. Any more answers? Is it quite clear? Thank you very much! It’s your turn. Hm, it’s an interesting question, thank you. Who would like to answer?

Вопросы для обсуждения:

  1. We have heard here, in the United States (in Russia), that in Russia (in the USA) there isn’t any law, and people can’t feel safe even when they are at home. Is it right? Don’t your police help you?

  2. One of the main rights is the right to work. What can you tell us about this? Can your teenagers get a job easily? Why do you think it is helpful?

  3. Sometimes we hear that teenagers protest against school uniform. They say it denies their individuality. What do you think about this?

Примерные ответы учащихся на каждый вопрос.

  1. Учащиеся могут привести реальные примеры для ответа на вопрос, либо воспользоваться изученным материалом из учебника.

Ученик 1: A couple of months ago I received a letter out of the blue saying I’d won a prize in an international lottery. I couldn’t even remember buying a ticket! Anyway, I contacted the people the letter was from, who asked me to send them a fee to process my winnings. Like an idiot, I fell for it and sent them the money, I realized it was a scam when I didn’t hear from them again. So, basically the prizes don’t exist! These terrible fraudsters are just trying to trick gullible people into sending them money. The police say they’ve been investigating this crime for a while now. But they haven’t found the culprits yet.

Ученик 2: Burglars recently broke into our house while we were sleeping upstairs! My sister and I heard a noise, so we woke up our dad, who called the police. By the time the police arrived, the burglars had gone. While we were checking what they had taken, a neighbour reported a burglary at their house too. The police caught them red-handed! My dad’s got to give evidence in court in a few weeks!

Ученик 3: I used to think crime was just something that happen to other people until I got mugged on the way home from school last year. The attacker just came out of now where, threatened me with a knife, grabbed my mobile phone and ran away. Fortunately I was able to identify the mugger from a photo at the police station. He was a well-known criminal in the area, so the police knew where to find him. Anyway, he confessed to the crime, the police arrested him, and he received a two year prison sentence! I was shaken up and bruised, but it could have been a lot worse. I even got my phone back!

Ученик 4: I something that looked like bird mess landed on my shoulder! Immediately, a so-called passer by appeared with a cloth to wipe it off. It wasn’t until I reached for my wallet to buy something that I realized it had been stolen. When I reported the crime to the police, I was told that this has been happening a lot lately. These people are professional pickpockets, who use any means they can to distract their victims. You can see that our police don’t stay away of the investigation and defense and help us when we need it.

  1. Ученик 1: Our teenagers can get a job while they are still at school, of course. Moreover, we think it’s a good idea. Teenagers who have part-time jobs gain more than just money from their experience. I believe that both parents and teachers should encourage teenagers to work part-time. It is important, because this teaches young adults to become reliable individuals and citizens. An employer expects you to do your job well, and when someone depends on you, you feel the sense of responsibility.

Ученик 2: A part-time job can teach valuable skills essential for your future career, such as learning to be on time, handing money and dealing with customers. In addition to this, teenagers who have a job earn their own money and this has several advantages. Parents don’t need to find pocket money for their children. Furthermore, when teenagers earn their own money, they are usually more careful when deciding how to spend it. In this way they learn how to handle money responsibly.

Ученик 3: On the other hand, some people argue that it’s unwise for teenagers to work while still studying. In particular, they fear that having a job can take up too much time and cause a student’s school work to suffer seriously. That’s why some teachers and parents are against teenager’s job.

The way I see it, teenagers learn both responsibility and independence through a part-time job. Why not learn important life lessons at an early age? After all, as they say, “Today’s teenagers are tomorrow’s adults.”

  1. Ученик 1: Is it a good idea for students not to wear a uniform? While abolishing school uniforms allows for freedom of expression and individuality, I believe that uniforms are very important in a number of ways.

Ученик 2: Firstly, school uniforms make it easy for students to dress every morning. Teenagers do not have to spend countless hours searching for something to wear. Moreover, even though uniforms are initially quite expensive, they save parent’s lots of money in the long run because they do not have to buy their children the latest trends. In addition to this wearing the same clothes makes children from different economic backgrounds feel equal.

Ученик 3: On the other hand many students argue that a uniform prevents them from expressing themselves and revealing their personality through their clothing. Also, some children state that they do not feel comfortable in uniforms. For instance, they dislike the look or the cut. Despite this, many still find ways of adjusting their uniforms to their liking, by rolling up their sleeves or flipping up their collars for example.

Ученик 4: In conclusion, I strongly believe that uniforms are important for displaying unity and give children a sense of loyalty to their school. School uniforms do not hurt student’s individuality or need for self-expression. Many schools have a choice of uniforms, so teenagers can express themselves in a small way. For me, school uniforms play a valuable part in school life as they help build school spirit and introduce a feeling of belonging.

Примерное дополнение к ответу первой группы.

Ученик 5: The reason for these things is that the possession of rights is not a monolithic concept: when one has rights, one also has responsibilities. In this case, you have the right to pursue and education at a government or private school. Whichever school you attend, your right to that education is balanced by the responsibility to follow the rules of that school. If that school imposes a dress code of any kind, including uniforms, you have the responsibility to follow that code or you encounter the third concept that goes with rights and responsibilities: consequences for your actions.
Furthermore, the right to wear whatever you want is also subject to other responsibilities, such as the responsibility to obey the law. Thus, if you decide that your clothing for the day will be a single strip of Scotch tape, you will quickly learn (if you do go to school like that) that you have also violated your responsibility to obey the law against indecent exposure, and will suffer additional consequences.

Ученик 6: I'm against wearing uniforms at school. Nobody should be allowed to decide how you look except you. Wearing a uniform makes you just like the other people - you can't express your personality if you wear the same like everybody else. Also, a grey uniform makes even the most beautiful girl ugly. Wear whatever you want!

Ученик 7: In an ideal society, uniforms are great. They give a sense of consistency to all of the students and help keep kids from being judged by their clothes. However, this isn't a perfect society. While a student would ideally express themselves by joining a club or taking a class office or something, most kids express themselves by their dress because it is something that everyone can readily see. Uniforms aren't going to eliminate cliques, peer pressure and social groups. While it does seem beneficial on the surface, most kids won't take to uniforms happily and most won't see the use of consistency and unity in a school. At a time when children most are finding out their place in the world and how they will fit in, a need for individuality cannot be discarded.

Ведется живое обсуждение, выслушивается столько ответов, сколько позволяет время, отведенное для урока. Ведущий с помощью учителя контролирует регламент. В заключение обсуждения он подводит итог выступлениям.

Ведущий: I think it was an interesting experience. We should consider, that our countries have much in common, though, of course, there are some differences. I must say that no matter in what country we live, we ought to respect each other’s rights and obey our responsibilities. Only in this case we’ll be able to have a decent life. Many thanks to everybody, hope to meet you again!

3. Подведение итогов учителем. Называются особенно активные

выступающие, их высказывания оцениваются. Учитель благодарит за

урок всех присутствующих.

Здесь представлен конспект к уроку на тему «Телемост Россия – Америка: Права и обязанности школьников», который Вы можете бесплатно скачать на нашем сайте. Предмет конспекта: Английский язык (11 класс). Также здесь Вы можете найти дополнительные учебные материалы и презентации по данной теме, используя которые, Вы сможете еще больше заинтересовать аудиторию и преподнести еще больше полезной информации.

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