Конспект урока «My Role Model» по английскому языку

Урок на тему «Пример для подражания» разработан учителем

английского языка МОБУ «Кемлянская СОШ» Кузнецовой В.А.

Урок « My Role Model»

Цели урока:

- познавательный аспект - увеличение объема знаний по теме ,

-развивающий аспект - развитие творческих способностей учащихся, способности к сравнению и сопоставлению полученных знаний, способности логически излагать;

- воспитательный аспект - выбор учащимися примера для подражания,

- учебный аспект - развитие речевых умений.

Задачи урока:

- совершенствование речевых умений по теме;

- совершенствование умений аудировать с целью извлечения необходимой информации;

- совершенствование умений читать текст с детальным пониманием;

- обобщение и систематизация

-знакомство с новой лексикой.

Ход урока.

  1. Организация класса. Объяснение целей и задач урока.

Teacher (Т):- Good morning, dear children and guests. We аге glad to see you at our lesson. Today we’ll learn about people who really can be the role models.

We also revise grammar material (Present Perfect), read texts and learn the new words.

  1. Активизация пройденного материала.

1) Lets work on your phonetics.


love-loved drop-dropped

work-worked pick-picked

live-lived pollute-polluted

watch-watched protect-protected

cook-cooked open-opened

paint-painted play-played

dance-danced brush-brushed




Be-was, were-been













a) Let’s revise the verbs. Do you remember the forms?

Bring, come, be, do, drive, fly, go, have, hit, know, make, see, read, sing,

sleep, stand, take, think, understand, write.

c) Describe the action ( Present Perfect)

3) Listening. (Ex.5, p.149)

a) Where has he gone?

1. to the shop

2.to the cinema

3.to the theatre

b) What has he done?

1.He has washed his hair.

2.He has cooked food.

3.He has bought fruit and vegetables.

4.He has bought the ticket to York.

5.He has read the newspaper.

6.He has written the letter to Misha.

7.He has cleaned the bedroom.

8. He has washed the windows.

4) Reading (Ex.4.p.203)


She was born in 1910 in Macedonia. She was a Catholic nun and the founder of the charity missions. These missions helped the poor and the sick. In 1979 she got the Nobel Peace Prize for her work. She had started
her work in Calcutta, but later her followers opened other missions in many other parts of the world. Today there are about (
примерно) 500 centres in different countries. These centres give food to 500,000 families and help
90,000 sick people every year.

He was born on 28 October, 1955, in Seattle. When he was thirteen,
his parents sent him to an expensive private school. In that school he met
his future business partner, Paul Allen, and started programming computers.
After school he went to Harvard, the best university in the USA. But he
never graduated. He left Harvard two years later and gave all his time to
Microsoft, the company he had started with Paul Allen in 1975. Today he
is a multimillionaire. His company, Microsoft, is the biggest and most
successful computer software company in the world.

He was born in 1711, in a little village near Arkhangelsk. His father
was a fisherman and couldn't read or write, but this boy was very unusual. He liked books and always wanted to know more. When he was 19, he left home and went to Moscow. He went to school there. Fifteen years later he became the founder of the Moscow State University. He was a great chemist,
physicist, writer and poet.

He lived in Scotland in the 13th century. He was twenty, when English soldiers came to Scotland, and the dark days began. The English wanted to take everything in the land, so he and his friends fought against the English,
and his enemies began to hate his name. He was only thirty-five when the English caught and executed him. He had given his life for the freedom of his country. His name lives in the heart of everybody who loves freedom. I learnt about him from the film "Brave heart".

b) Test (ex.A.p.207)

1. Mother Teresa was a) a nun b) a doctor c) a teacher

2. Bill Gates is a) a Scottish patriot b) a multimillionaire с) a great poet

3. Mikhail Lomonosov is a) Russian b) American c) English

4. The founder of the Moscow State University was... .a) Bill Gates b) Mikhail Lomonosov c) Alexander Pushkin

5. William Wallace fought against a) the English b) the Saxons c) the Vikings

6. Mother Teresa started her work in a) Macedonia b) Calcutta c) Seattle

7. ... got the Nobel Peace Prize. a) Mother Teresa b) Bill Gates c) Mikhail Lomonosov

5. New words (p.206)

hard-working — трудолюбивый, lazy — ленивый, mean — жадный, quality — качествоto, respect — уважать, generous — щедрый, modest — скромный, ambitious — честолюбивый, intelligent — умный, bossy — властный, serious — серьезный

6. Speaking (ex.10.p.201)


  • Answer the questions.

  • When did Scott leave England?

  • Where did he go?

  • How many men went with him?

  • When did Scott start the expedition?

  • How long did it take Scott to get to the
    South Pole?

  • Who was the first man at the South Pole?

  • Whose flag did Scot see at the South Pole?

  • Did Scott come back?

b) Say a few words about R. Scott.

7. The end of the lesson. (Marks and homework)

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«My Role Model»

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