Конспект урока «Stories to Read, Stories to tell» по английскому языку


План-конспект урока по теме: “Stories to Read, Stories to tell”. (Урок обобщающего повторения по теме “Stories”)

Образовательные задачи: 1. Проконтролировать речевые умения уч-ся по теме “Stories”.

(монологические и диалогические высказывания о прочитанных рассказах, писателях.)

2. Практиковать уч-ся в работе с текстом (чтение с полным пониманием). 3.. Проконтролировать знания уч-ся по теме “Past tenses” и умения применять их на практике.

4. Проконтролировать навыки и умения аудирования (задания типа Listen to the story and

complete the text.).

Воспитательные задачи:1.Развивать у уч-ся любовь к чтению, интерес к творчеству английских писателей.

2 .Развивать умения работать в группе.

Развивающие задачи: 1.Формировать у уч-ся креативное мышление.

2. .Развивать у уч-ся способность четко и логично высказывать свои мысли на английском языке.

Оснащение урока:

1.мультемедийная презентация по теме урока;

2.раздаточный материал по чтению(1 часть текста “The Blue Carbuncle”),

3.раздаточный материал по грамматике (2 часть текста “The Blue Carbuncle”),

4.раздаточный материал для контроля аудирования (задания типа Listen to the

story and complete the text.).

5.аудиозапись текста по аудированию (“ Arthur Conan Doyle”)


Ход урока:

. 1.Организационный момент.

а) приветствие,

б) сообщение темы, целей и задач урока

Our topic today is: «Stories to Read, Stories to Tell». We’ll talk about stories, their characters and writers. We’ll read a detective story and discuss it. We’ll listen to a biography of a famous writer. We are going to repeat some grammar rules about past tenses.

2.Речевая зарядка. Answer the questions:

1) Why do people read?

2) What kinds of stories can your name?

3) Where can we find stories to read?

4) What stories have we read during our English lessons?

5) What kinds of stories do you prefer? Why?

6) Do you like detective stories? Why?

7) What are the typical features of every detective story?

8) What detective writers can you name? What can you tell about them?

3 .Аудирование текста “A Biography of A. Conan Doyle.”

а) Комментарии учителя:

There is one more famous detective writer. I mean A. Conan Doyle. Let’s listen to the story

and complete the text with the necessary information.

б) Знакомство с заданием: Complete the text with the necessary information.

A. Conan Doyle was born in_________ in_______________________. His father, Charles E.Doyle, was_________________________ by profession but he worked as_______________. The father___________________ and the Doyle family was very poor.

Arthur got from his mother the talent of_________________ and it helped him when he became a writer. After finishing school Conan Doyle became a student of________________ in the University of Edinburgh. He began his medical practice in a small town of Southsea , where he spent__________ years. Here he also began his writing career. He wrote detective stories about _____________________________________________________________.

Besides detective stories, Arthur Conan Doyle also wrote______________________________________________________________________

. Conan Doyle also traveled a lot. He visited__________________________.

All his life Conan Doyle liked sports, his favourite sports were__________________________. He died in __________, but the famous detective

Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson continued to be the favourite characters of British literature.

в) Прослушивание текста:


Arthur Conan Doyle.

A. Conan Doyle was born in 1859 in the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. His father, Charles E.Doyle, was an artist and an architect by profession but he worked as a clerk in an office. The father died young and the Doyle family was very poor.

Arthur’s mother was a good story-teller and her fantastic talent he remembered all his life. The talent of story-telling Arthur got from his mother and it helped him when he became a writer. During his school years he read much and often told his friends long and interesting stories, getting cakes and sweets.

After finishing school Conan Doyle became a student of the medical faculty in the University of Edinburgh. In his third year of studies he went as a ship doctor to the Arctic and after graduating from the University, he again went by a ship to Western Africa.

He began his medical practice in a small town of Southsea, where he spent eight years. Here

he published his first detective story” A Scandal in Bohemia”. Its main characters were Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, and they became the most popular characters of many of Conan Doyle’s stories. The readers liked the stories very much. In 1901-02 one Doyle’s best stories “The Hound of Baskervilles” was published.

In 1891 Conan Doyle gave up his medical work and devoted all his time to literary activity. He also traveled a lot. He visited Europe, the USA and Egypt.

Besides detective stories, Arthur Conan Doyle also wrote historical novels, war books and anticolonial book about the Belgian Congo. His two fantastic books “The Lost World” and “The Poisoned Belt” were quite successful.

All his life Conan Doyle liked sports, played golf and went in for boxing.

He died in 1930. After his death, the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, together with his friend Dr. Watson, continued to be the favourite characters of British literature. Many tourists who come to London always go to visit Baker Street to see the house where Sherlock Holmes lived.

г) Контроль выполнения. ( чтение биографии вслух.)

4. Монологические и диалогические высказывания уч-ся (самопрезентации уч-ся

от имени Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона; затем диалог-расспрос о деталях


5.Работа с текстом “The Blue Carbuncle.”

а) Контроль понимания 1 части текста (контроль домашнего задания) :

Look the text through carefully. Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?

Make the false sentences true.

1. When on the second morning after Christmas Dr. Watson came to Sherlock Holmes, he at once noticed an old dirty hat lying on the chair.

  1. The hat was brought by Peterson, the door attendant.

  2. In the afternoon when Peterson was coming home he saw some thugs attacking a tall man with a goose.

  3. The door attendant wanted to help the man but he ran away.

  4. Running away the man dropped the goose and the wallet.

  5. Peterson brought the things to Sherlock Holmes and asked for help.

  6. It was easy for Peterson to return the goose and the hat to the man but he didn’t have time.


  1. When Sherlock Holmes examined the hat carefully he found a lot of clues, which could help then to find the man.

  2. The man had been poor but then he became rich.

  3. Dr. Watson believed Sherlock Holmes very quickly and the great detective didn’t explain him anything.

б) Работа со 2-ой частью текста:

-Can you guess what happened later? (уч-ся высказывают свои предположения);

-What tenses were used by Dr. Watson to tell the story?

-We should complete the 2-nd part with the right tense form (past simple, past continuous or

past perfect.)

The End of the Story.

After that Holmes________________ (to explain) all the clues about the hat to Watson .Then Peterson_____________ (to come) into the room .He brought a very large diamond which his wife_________________ (to find) inside the goose. Holmes realized that this was the famous diamond stolen from the countess when she was staying at a London hotel .Two hotel servants had been involved .One____________ (to be) the butler -James Ryder, and the other___________ (to be) John Horner-a plumber. .Horner had been working in the countess’s room, so he was arrested and put into prison. But he was not guilty. So Holmes_____________ (to advertise) about the goose in the newspaper. That evening a man appeared. It was Baker, he_______________ (not to know) anything about the diamond. He told Holmes and Watson that he___________________ (to buy) the goose in the small shop. When they_______________ (to come) there, they saw a man, who________________ (to ask) about the goose. It was Ryder-the hotel butler. Holmes took him back to his house and Ryder confessed that he______________________ (to steel) the diamond. After the crime he went to his sister and saw some geese in the garden, so he put the diamond into the mouth of one of them. Then he asked his sister for the goose as a Christmas present .Later

he______________ (to take) the goose home, _____________ (to kill) it, but there was no diamond there .He understood that he________________ (to choose) the wrong goose. So Holmes had enough proof to put Ryder into prison. But he let the man go. In the end Horner was released from the prison and the diamond was returned to the countess.

-Контроль выполнения (чтение вслух; исправление ошибок)

-Беседа по содержанию текста:

Whose idea about the end of the story was right? Prove it.

Is it really a detective story? Why do you think so? Prove it.

6.Обобщение страноведческого материала изученного при знакомстве с творчеством А. Kонан Дойла.

While reading and discussing stories about Sherlock Holmes we met some interesting notions,

We found out what their meaning. Now let’s recall what what Scotland Yard is. What is now

at 221”B” Baker Street. What do we mean saying “the real British Character”? What is Covent


7 Подведение итогов урока.


So we’ve read and discussed a famous detective story,

we’ve talked about its background and its author. Now I want to know your opinion do you

really like the story? Why? What do you like (dislike) most of all?

8. Домашнее задание.

-Now you’ve read some stories by Arthur Conan Doyle in English and in Russian, you’ve seen a lot of detective books. You liked some of them, while the others seemed dull for you. So what do you pay attention to when you see the book for the first time? What should an interesting book

contain? Let’s divide our group into two parts. The 1-part should think of the possible cover of

the collection of stories of A .Conan Doyle we’ve read and prepare their variant. The 2-nd group

should think about the possible contents of the book (stories, information about the author etc.)

and prepare the possible table of contents with all the necessary commentaries.

9.Комментированное выставление оценок.

Здесь представлен конспект к уроку на тему «Stories to Read, Stories to tell», который Вы можете бесплатно скачать на нашем сайте. Предмет конспекта: Английский язык Также здесь Вы можете найти дополнительные учебные материалы и презентации по данной теме, используя которые, Вы сможете еще больше заинтересовать аудиторию и преподнести еще больше полезной информации.

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