Тест «TRAINING / DIAGNOSTIC» по английскому языку

Training / Diagnostic Grammar Test

1) Fill in the blanks with necessary articles where appropriate

___ Last Saturday was ____ day when everything went wrong. I wanted to go to ____ London to buy ____ book about ___ old churches. To start with I missed ____ 9:15 train and so had to take ____ longer route through Clapham Junction. Then, when I finally came to ____ London, I found that ____ specialist shop for ____ books on ____ architecture that I had planned to visit was closed. So, as ____ winter was coming closer, I decided to go buy ____ new coat for myself in one of ____ department stores in ____ Oxford Street. After I found and bought it, I had _____ quick lunch at _____ train station cafeteria and got on ____ 3 p.m. train home. After changing trains at Clapham Junction I was alarmed to find that _____ bag with my coat was missing. I took another train back only to learn that every _____ line there was closed because of _____ bomb scare. So I took _____ taxi to Clapham and when I came there I saw _____ lot of police standing around _____ object on _____ platform. I saw immediately that it was my missing bag – and with horror realized that it was my stupid bag that had caused _____ bomb scare!

2) Change direct speech into indirect speech

1. “Do you ever watch ‘ER’ on TV?” asked Louis. 2) “I may cook myself some spaghetti and then rest for a while,” replied Laura. 3) “Mind your own business!” snapped Bob. 4) “They will probably never decide which car to buy,” added George. 5) “I have wanted to travel to Hawaii my entire life,” confessed Barbara. 6) “I can find the way to the Embassy myself,” Gene assured me. 7) “Does Phil know anything about mountain climbing?” Alice wondered. 8) “I am going to bake some chocolate chip cookies,” announces Lisa. 9) “Don’t be alarmed, ladies, it’s just a short blackout,” shouted the policeman. 10) “You have to do something about this relationship,” insisted Arthur.

3) Write the plural form of the following nouns

capital, college, diary, purse, half, railway, comedy, potato, nucleus, ray, son-in-law, uncle, thesis, volcano, chef, chief, tooth, radio, passer-by, church, knife, ox, sportsman, curriculum, wife, sheep, fox, alumnus, phenomenon.

4) Insert the right form of the verb to be

1) _____ there any deer in the forest? 2) The scissors ______ totally dull. 3) Maths _____ my favorite subject. 4) The news _____ troubling. 5) The police ____ investigating the crime. 6) The spaghetti today ____ simply delicious. 7) There ____ different means to solve this problem. 8) Where _____ my money? 9) The United States ____ a great country. 10) The jeans ____ too long, and there ____ some sort of gunk in the pocket here.

5) Insert the correct form in either Active or Passive Voice

1) – Where is the old chicken coop? – It (to destroy) by a windstorm last year. 2) – We’re still looking for Thomas. – Oh, so he (to find) yet? 3) – Whatever happened to that fortune-teller? – I don’t know. She (to see) around here in a long time. 4) Diana is a wonderful ballet dancer. She (to dance) since she was four. 5) – Those eggs of different colors are very artistic. – Yes, they (to pain) in Russia. 6) What a beautiful dress you’re wearing! – Thanks! It (to make) especially for me by a French tailor. 7) Homer is in jail for smoking pot. – He (to tell) that it was against the law. 8) – The maintenance people didn’t remove the chairs from the ballroom. – Don’t worry. They (to remove) them before the dance begins. 9) Gold (to discover) in California in the 19th century. 10) It (to feel) that military spending is too high. 11) All planes (to check) before departure. 12) Katherine (to eat) at Bob’s house every night this week. 13) – Are the documents ready? – Not yet, but they (to type) right now, as we speak. 14) When I came in, the decision (to make) already. 15) Please, don’t worry. All the letters (to send out) by 5 p.m. tomorrow.

6) Insert correct prepositions

1) I usually prefer black tea _____ herbal tea. 2) Thanks! I’m really grateful ____ your help. 3) I am fond ____ chocolate, but I just went ____ a low fat diet, so I can’t have any. 4) I am not interested ____ listening to this nonsense. 5) I have always dreamed ____ traveling to Paris one day. 6) I expect the project to be completed _____ Wednesday. 7) I think soccer is a good alternative ____ playing football. 8) Halloween? It’s ____ October. 9) I usually have my lunch break _____ noon. 10) Valentine’s Day is celebrated ____ February 14. 11) Do you believe ____ flying saucers? 12) A milk shake consists ____ ice cream and milk. 13) A jack is used ____ changing a flat tire. 14) She insisted ____ coming with us, sorry. 15) I am not going _____ a date tonight; there is something wrong _____ my stomach. 16) Mozart wrote his first symphony ____ the age of 3 or 4. 17) Pilgrims came to America ____ 1620. 18) I am going to visit Mom ____ the weekend. 19) We’re too busy ____ the moment, try again ___ a week. 20) Sit down, I’ll be back ____ a moment.

7) Choose the correct form of the degrees of comparison

1) I am not sure who’s got (much) on his mind, Sam or Scott. 2) You’re much (good) at drawing than I am. 3) This is (bad) nightmare of my life! 4) They say, there is (little) chance for a person to be killed by terrorists that for a woman over forty to find a husband. 5) You have to find someone (intelligent) for this kind of work. 6) She is (adorable) creature I have ever seen! 7) Martin is probably (shy) student in the class. 8) I have never been (happy) in my life! 9) It was (gray) time of the whole human history. 10) You couldn’t get any (fat) if you tried with both hands!

8) Choose the correct form:

1) I am (used to /used to) living alone. 2) I will never (marry/get married) Tom. 3) He (hasn’t got /has no) a single penny to his name. 4) He (used to / was used to) watch kids play in the back yard. 4) Oh yes, she (is married / married / will marry) to Brian, poor soul! 5) (There are / there is) a lot of snow on the ground this year. 6) We (are having / have / have got) dinner, but won’t you come in! 7) It seems like (there is / there are) a lot of nice cars in this dealership. 8) I (will have / am having) apple pie a la mode, please! 9) She (has no / doesn’t have) clue about what to do next. 10) Normally we (have / have got) lunch at 1 p.m. 11) I (am not having / don’t have / haven’t got) this discussion now! 12) They (don’t have / aren’t having / won’t have/ haven’t had) their keys with them, I am afraid. 13) We (have got / are having /will have) some money for you next week. 14)

9) Use modal verbs in appropriate forms (can, may, must, to have to, to be to, ought to, should, need, will/would)

1) You _________ to pay a fine if you’re caught speeding. 2) People ___________ kill other people. 3) I am afraid I _____________ to help you next week, since I will be away. 4) You ____________ think such horrible things about your own brother! 5) _______ I trouble you for some water, please? 6) You __________ watch the fish but you ____________ touch or feed them. 7) My little sister _______ do 50 push-ups. 8) It’s getting late, we _________ be getting back. 9) I have invited her three times already, but she is too stubborn, she ________ come! 10) You _________ not be embarrassed. I won’t tell a soul. 11) _______ we really say good bye? It’s so cruel! 12) Officer Thornton ______ to report back to duty at 11:00 tomorrow. 13) We ________ have something for you, let me check. 14) She told me I _______________ come back in an hour. 15) During long winter evenings Grandpa _______ tell me lots of stories.

10) Choose the correct answer.

1) Мау I speak to Dr. Paine, please? – I’m sorry, he ___________ а patient at the moment. Саn I help уоu?

а. is seeing b. sees с. has bееn seeing d. was seeing

2) When are уоu going to ask your boss for а raise? – ___________ to her twice already! I don’t think she wants to give mе оnе.

а. I’d talked b. I’ve bееn talking с. I was talking d. I’ve talked

3) Do уоu think Harry will want something to eat after he gets here? – I hope not. It’ll probably be after midnight, and we ___________

а. аге sleeping b. will bе sleeping с. have been sleeping d. bе sleeping

4) Paul, could уоu please turn off the stove? The soup ___________ for at least thirty minutes.

а. is boiling b. boiling с. has been boiling d. was boiling

5) Is it true that spaghetti didn’t originate in ltaly? – Yes. The Chinese ___________ spaghetti dishes for а long time before Marco Роlo brought this type of pasta back to Italy.

а. have been making b. have made с. had bееn making d. make

6) – I оnсе saw а turtle that had wings. – Stop it, I ___________ уоu!

а. don't believe b. am not believing с. didn't believe d. wasn't believing

7) .The little girl started to cry. She __________ her doll, and nо оnе was able to find it for her.

а. has lost b. had lost с. was losing d. was lost

8) – Could someone help mе lift the lawnmower intо the pickup truck? – I’m nоt busy. I __________ уоu.

а. help b. will have hеlрed с. аm going to hеlр d. am helping

9).After ten unhарру years, Janice finally quit her job. She __________ along with her boss for a long time before she finally decided to look for а new position.

а. hadn't bееn getting b. isn't getting с. didn't get d. wasn’t getting e) hasn’t gotten

10) According to геsеагсh reports, people usually __________ in their sleep 25 to 30 times еасh night.

а. are turning b. turn с. have turned d. turned

11) When the hurricane __________ the coast tomorrow afternoon, it will bring a great destructive force with it.

а. reached b. will reach с. is reaching d. reaches

12) Janet ______ for the FBI until last spring.

а. had worked b. worked с. was working d. has worked

13.) The Age of Dinosaurs ______ much longer that the present Age of Mammals has lasted to date.

а. lasted b. was lasting с. has lasted d. had lasted

14) Jim, why don't уоu take some time off? Уоu ______ too hard lately. Take а short vacation.

а. worked b. work c. were working d. have bееn working

15) It's against the law to kill the black rhinoceros. They ______ extinct.

а. beсаmе b. have bесоmе c. are becoming d. bесоmе

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