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Tyumen is the first Russian settlement in Siberia. автор Макаров А.Д., преподаватель Тюменского нефтегазового колледжа
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the Tyumen coat of arms the flag of Tyumen
Слайд 3
Tyumen was the first Russian town in Siberia, founded in 1586 on the site of the Siberian Tatar town of Chimgi-Tura by the order the Russian tsar Feodor Ioanovich .
Слайд 4
Tyumen is the largest city and the administrative center of Tyumen Oblast, located on the Tura River flowing into the river Tobol.
Слайд 5
The T u r a is a river in Sverdlovsk and Tyumen regions of Russia. Its l ength is adout 10 0 0 km . T he towns of Verkhoturye , Turinsk are b ased on the river too . The T u r a is the main source of water for Tyumen. The T u r a The T u r a
Слайд 6
In the summer of 1586 Moscow voevodas Vasily Sukin and Ivan Myasnoi with military people and Cossacks marched into Siberia. On July 29, 1586 they laid foundation of Tyumen on the site of the destroyed Chimgi-Tura. Originally Streltsy and Cossacks made up majority of Tyumen population.
Слайд 7
The Trinity Monastery, the first stone building in the town.
Слайд 8
The industrial development of Tyumen began with the construction of the Trans -Siberian railway which connected Tyumen with the European part of Russia.
Слайд 9
During the Great Patriotic War numerous factories were evacuated to Tyumen from the European part of the Soviet Union. Lenin's body was taken by rail to Tyumen from Moscow where it was stored for the duration of the war in what is now the Tyumen Agriculture Academy.
Слайд 10
On August 14, 1944 Tyumen became the capital of Tyumen Oblast.
Слайд 11
Tyumen region - one of the largest in the Russian Federation, its area is 8.4% of the country. As part of the Tyumen oblast are Khanty-Mansi and Yamal- Nenets District s . T he Tyumen oblast is w ashed by the Kara Sea. The main river of the Tyumen oblast is the Ob . T wo thirds of Russian oil and gas are extracted here .
Слайд 12
I t was born anew of the Tyumen oblast on June 21, 1960, the day when oil was found ed near a little village of Shaim.
Слайд 13
Many world level oil and gas companies such as Gazprom, LUKoil and Gazpromneft, TNK-BP, Shell have their offices in Tyumen. UTair is also based in Tyumen.
Слайд 14
Tyumen is one of the Russian towns which have its own Technopark.
Слайд 15
Since the discovery of oil and gas Tyumen has grown fastly .
Слайд 16
Now it covers the area of more than 235 square kilometers and the multinational population of Tyumen is about 6 44 .000 people.
Слайд 17
Many beautiful parks, squares and historical monuments decorate the image of the ancient town. The central part of old Tyumen has many historic buildings.
Слайд 18
Several museums, many libraries, Palaces of Culture, the Puppet and the Drama Theatres, the Concert Hall, the Picture Gallery make Tyumen a cultural centre.
Слайд 19
Tyumenians like to visit places of entertainment: different bars, cinemas, and night clubs.
Слайд 20
Tyumen is the town of students. There are three universities, five academies and tens of colleges in Tyumen. There are about one hundred secondary schools in Tyumen.
Слайд 21
Tyumen is served by the Roschino Airport locates 13 km to West of the city.
Слайд 22
In 1986, in honor of its 400th anniversary, and for services to country the city was awarded by the Order of the October Revolution.
Слайд 23
During the period from 1867 to the present day the title of "Honorary Citizen of the city of Tyumen" got 46 people (8 people - before the revolution) , among them: Yuri Gulyaev Yuri Gagarin Erve Raul-Yuri Erve Raul-Yuri (1909 - 1991) is a legendary geologist who led the search and discovery of Tyumen oil.
Слайд 24
Famous citizens of Tyumen Vladislav Krapivin is the Russian writer, author of the books for children and about the children. Eugene Matveev is the People's Artist of the USSR Grigory Syatvinda , Russian film and theater actor Anastasia Kuzmina, the Olympic champion
Слайд 25
Tyumen is our native city, the best city in the world.

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