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МОУ-СОШ с.Приволжское МОУ-СОШ с.Приволжское Презентацию выполнила Учитель английского языка Презентацию выполнила Учитель английского языка Васильченко Тамара Николаевна Васильченко Тамара Николаевна Что я знаю о Британии
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THE BRITISH ISLES • The British Isles is the name for a collection of about 4000 islands, including Great Britain and Ireland. The name, the British Isles, is usually only seen on maps. • Great Britain, known as Britain or GB, is the name for the largest of the islands in the British Isles. It includes England, Scotland and Wales. • The United Kingdom or UK is a political term which includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. All of these countries are represented in Parliament in London and the abbreviation UK is used on most official documents produced by Parliament. • Everybody from the UK is British, but be careful: only people from England are English. People from Wales think of themselves as Welsh; people from Scotland as Scottish; people from the Republic of Ireland as Irish and the people from Northern Ireland as either British or Irish.
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Содержание: • Английские нравы и обычаи • Общественные праздники • Рождество- самый важный праздник в году • «Первая нога» в новогоднюю ночь • Ведьмы и привидения
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House of Parliament Big Ben Houses of Parliament Elizabeth II The Queen- The double-decker bus London taxis are called black cubs.
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STREET FURNITURE There’s no place like home telephone box the lamp-post This bench was brought to London in1847. pillar box
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Britain Round the Calender There are only six public holidays a year in Great Britain: • Christmas Day • Boxing Day • Good Friday • Easter Monday • Spring Bank Holiday • Late Summer Bank Holiday
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CHRISTMAS • Santa Claus • Christmas tree • Christmas cards • Presents for members of the family • Sock or stocking for presets • Big turkey dinner • Christmas pudding • Christmas message from the Queen
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NEW YEAR IN BRITAIN • The luckiest type of first footing is tall, dark man with a piece of coal and a glass of water. • On New Year’s Day people make New Year’s resolutions.
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HALLOWE’EN • 31 st October • They say ghosts and witches come out on Hallowe’en. Children make lanterns out of pumpkins. Some people have Hallowe’en parties and dress as witches and ghosts .
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